7 Decorating Design Trends To Avoid Heat

9 months looking forward to the good weather to enjoy the beach, the pool, the terraces… The heat is wonderful! But it can also become suffocating and unbearable, especially at home.Decorating Design Trends To Avoid Heat

Although taking advantage of the air conditioning and fans is a great help, the bill of the light does not usually please. Fortunately, there are cheaper and easier ways to turn your home into a much cooler place in summer. One of them, decorating. Therefore, today we tell you a series of decoration ideas to avoid heat. You can not miss it!

Light ColorsDecorating Design Trends To Avoid Heat

One of the keys of decoration to avoid heat is, without a doubt, to use light and cold colors because, apart from attracting less light, they make the house seem fresher ( placebo effect ). White and blue are referents in these types of colors, so their combination will immediately refresh the environment.

On the other hand, light touches of stronger tones such as pink or green or little ornate prints can also give vitality and dynamism to the home.

Change Of TextilesDecorating Design Trends To Avoid Heat

Summer ‘on’ mode: replace the warm winter fabrics with a cooler one that helps us combat high temperatures. Say goodbye to the wool, the skin, the chenille, the flannel and the velvet, prone to create a warm atmosphere, and receive with joy the linen, the silk and the cotton, that perspire better and do not retain the heat.

In the same way, natural fibers are ideal to increase the feeling of lightness and freshness, since they absorb moisture and reduce the sensation of heat. Thus, we can pick up those thick woolen carpets that they gave us so much gustito in winter and bet on some of this material.

The Plants As Best FriendsDecorating Design Trends To Avoid Heat

Federico García Lorca already said it in his ‘Gypsy Ballads’: ” Green that I love you green “. We must transfer this idea to the world of decoration, because placing indoor plants is another option that will help us to mitigate the heat.

The plants purify and refresh the rooms, oxygenate the environment and create spaces with greater humidity. In this way, we can place some in the room, like a ficus or a bamboo. Other alternatives are the areca palm, the mother-in-law language or the money plant.

Outside they also play a role against heat. For example, the vines on the facade will make thermal insulation, as well as the plants on the windowsill, which will minimize the entrance of heat to the house.

Blinds, Awnings And CurtainsDecorating Design Trends To Avoid Heat

The incidence of the sun through the windows of the house directly produces the rise of temperature in the interior. Therefore, another idea of decoration to avoid heat is to protect these heat inputs well by lowering blinds or placing an awning.

Another effective resource are the curtains. These should be of clear tonalities so that they prevent the heat from entering while allowing some light to pass through. It is also a good idea to opt for double curtains that have opaque fabrics so that heat does not enter during the day.

The curtains, on the other hand, are equally useful, because they let the air pass regulating the light and preventing the rays of the sun from overheating your home.

Ventilation, PleaseDecorating Design Trends To Avoid Heat

It is not a technically decorative idea, but it deserves to be commented given its great influence in increasing the freshness of the home. The ideal time of day to ventilate is early in the day, whose fresh air will make the air renew and the rooms refresh. Then, of course, we must close the blinds well, which will prevent the glass and the frames of the windows and balconies from heating up.

In the late afternoon, it is also a good time for outside air to enter. Whenever possible, it is advisable to open the windows crosswise, that is, by opening the opposite ones of the house. With this we will be able to generate current.

The evening breeze is also ideal to cool the atmosphere, so it is preferable to sleep with doors and windows open so that the air travels throughout the house.

InsulationDecorating Design Trends To Avoid Heat

Another idea of decoration to avoid heat is to insulate the house well, which will keep, as much as possible, the heat away from home. It should be noted that if your home is well insulated you can save up to 40% on the electricity bill.

An alternative, for example, is to install weather stripping on the windows. In addition, there is the possibility of using vertical windows, roof windows or external shutters.

Control The Heat SpotsDecorating Design Trends To Avoid Heat

The house has spaces, materials and appliances that are a permanent source of heat. An example are light bulbs. We can change the analog bulbs by LEDs, which heat less and do not generate waste heat. Another resource is to turn off the light and use candles that, in addition, will create a more welcoming and natural lighting.

The heat is also concentrated in the kitchen. Therefore, try to use the oven as little as possible and, in account, prepare cold dishes such as gazpachos or salads.

On the other hand, appliances also attract heat. If you’re not watching TV, it’s better to unplug it, because even if it’s off, it continues to generate current and, therefore, heat.

So far these 7 decorating ideas to avoid heat. But these are not the only ones, with time and imagination sure we can think of many more. In Indecortrends you will find all kinds of furniture to undertake this transformation of your home from winter to summer.

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