Color Trends 2022: Design Tips

Color Trends 2022: Design Tips Each fall, we learn about the color trends that will dominate the next year. With their help, brands, bloggers, entrepreneurs and online publications can choose their own unique color scheme and still remain in trend. In this article, we’ve rounded up 6 top color trends and ready-made Canva templates to help you create trendy designs for your projects.

Trend # 1. Cheerful colorsColor Trends 2022: Design Tips

For many, 2022 is associated with the end of a difficult period of months of isolation, uncertainty, and economic instability. In 2021, we are faced with so many restrictions in different areas and are so tired of the dullness and routine that now designers are offering us some fun. For example, an abundance of bright, optimistic, energetic and rich colors is expected on fashion catwalks this spring.

Optimistic colors

About the “optimistic” color trend speaks of the world authority in the field of design – the Pantone Color Institute, which each year determines the current palette of New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. In its selection, the Pantone Institute is guided by the processes that take place in society: from fashion and social media to marketing and politics.

According to the experts of the Pantone Institute, bright and saturated colors will be in trend at New York Fashion Week: golden orange, heavenly, sunny, deep blue, green, coral, refreshing menthol and teasing color of raspberry sorbet.

Pantone Color Institute CEO Leatrice Eisman said the shades combine comfort and serenity with energy that inspires, uplifts, and makes you want to experiment with your wardrobe.

Use the New York Color Palette to create an upbeat, vibrant and energetic design. If you’re already planning promotional material or content for 2022, go for the joy of color theme. People are so tired of the gray everyday life that I will be happy with saturated fashionable colors.

Spring garden colors

The upbeat color trends continued in the London Fashion Week palette, which was also presented by the Pantone Color Institute. The brightest fashionable colors according to Pantone are delicate pink, optimistic orange, energetic lava, turquoise sea in the tropics and bright blue.

“The range of hues reminiscent of blooming spring gardens awakens our spirit, revitalizes our interest in color, inspires much-needed optimism. A flexible color palette that you can work with all year round combines our desire for comfort and relaxation with energy and determination, ”said Pantone CEO Leatrice Eisman.

The trendy colors of a spring garden are ideal for creating designs that will surely attract attention and evoke good emotions. For inspiration, check out 100 ready-made color combinations that will appeal to the right audience.

Trend # 2. Technological colorsColor Trends 2022: Design Tips

Global digitalization and technical innovation in the next few years will be fertile ground for the development of a large number of trends, including they will determine the fashionable colors of the next season.

One of the most technologically advanced palettes was presented by WGSN Company – a global leader in forecasting trends and fashion trends. Last year, the company launched its own Coloro color system, and this year it has introduced five key colors that will define the spring-summer 2022 season.

According to WGSN and Coloro, the main colors for next year are Quiet Wave, AI Aqua blue-gray, Lemon Sherbet yellow, Oxy Fire red and Good Gray. The company presented every color in the trend with the help of inspiring and technological videos.

One of the features of the Coloro color system is the unique seven-digit code that is given to each color. With it, you can use any trendy colors from the new palette.

Good Gray 122–66–02

Eco-friendly gray is reminiscent of a raw blended shade that comes from recycling different materials together. It is the most neutral shade in the palette and one of its missions is to balance and balance the brighter colors of the spring palette. However, it can also be used on its own as it embodies the idea of minimalism and allows you to create a cohesive design with a soothing mood.

Lemon Sherbet 046 – 85 – 28

For a long time, yellow has been considered a risky choice for commercial design, but in recent years there have been more and more successful examples of the use of this shade. Lemon Sherbet is a soft and discreet version of yellow that recalls the warm sun and has a soothing effect.

Oxy Fire 015 – 50 – 36

Fiery, intense and extroverted red is sure to evoke a reaction from the viewer. Oxy Fire will replace the classic red and orange trendy colors that have already proven their commercial worth.

AI Aqua 098 – 59 – 30

This is one of the most technologically advanced colors in the palette, which was named after artificial intelligence – AI Aqua. The color, which is capable of being sporty, fashionable and futuristic at the same time, is expected to be a great commercial success, analysts say.

Quiet Wave 072 – 69 – 24

In recent years, there has been a great interest in the topic of ecology, and therefore green invariably takes its place in the palette of fashionable colors. However, this season we are offered a fresher, paler and more relaxed version, which is inspired not by nature, but by technology.

Trendy tech colors in 2022 are perfect for social media designs. With this palette you can create a stylish, sporty or futuristic design for your website, presentation, Facebook or Instagram. Try using tech hues combined with a gradient effect.

Rich tech colors look great in animated designs. Try this template, which will definitely grab your audience’s attention.

Trend # 3. Cozy colorsColor Trends 2022: Design Tips

The pandemic has affected all areas of life, including interior design. We were forced to spend so much time at home that we began to look at the living space in a new way and significantly increased our requirements for the level of comfort. And this is reflected in color trends.

Comfortable palette

The choice in favor of a comfortable palette was made by the world’s largest paints and varnishes company Behr, launching the Color Trends 2022 palette of 21 shades – from neutral tones to bright sunny ones. Each shade aims to create a meditative, calm and warm atmosphere.

Calm colors from Behr

Erik Welfel, Vice President of Behr, says the sublime expression of comfort goes beyond the traditional shades of beige, gray and green. ” The palette is composed of six color themes: Everyday Comfort, Optimism, Fine Focus, Quiet Zone, Safe Harbor, and Fresh Air Escape.

Another way to create trending designs is to look for meditative and soothing shades. We are surrounded by so much information that sometimes calm colors can get much more attention than flashy ones. Experiment with the Behr palette to select multiple meditative hues.

Muted shades

In 2021, for many, the house has become not only a place of relaxation, communication with loved ones and entertainment, but also a place for work and study. And according to the American paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore, next year there will be a trend towards expanding the functionality of residential areas and choosing more universal shades in the interior, which will be reflected in the choice of fashionable colors.

Benjamin Moore’s Color trends 2022 palette consists of 12 trendy colors, with Aegean Teal taking the lead and the other 11 accompanying it.

According to Andrea Magno, director of color development and marketing at Benjamin Moore, Aegean Teal acts as a bridge between cool and warm colors. After all, the blue-green shade easily adapts to the environment, looks peaceful, while it has its own character and can act as an accent color in the interior.

The other 11 trendy colors share a muted character. These are natural natural colors that seem to have faded in the sun. They are surprisingly versatile as they create a cozy atmosphere and at the same time perfectly combine with each other.

If you are using muted shades in your design, but want to add a bold accent, Aegean Teal is perfect for this. Learn more about the psychology of color in order to choose the right one for your design.

Soothing colors

The German manufacturer of car paints BASF has published its forecast for fashionable car colors for the next few years as part of the annual Automotive Color Trends survey.

In its forecast, BASF analyzes the impact of the constraints we face due to the pandemic and concludes that next year automakers will prioritize warm, soothing and emotional hues that create a positive mood.

The main palette ranges from pastel greyish green and lamp beige to warm beige and rich gray. These trendy colors are a source of inspiration for automotive designers to create vehicles that will hit the road in three to five years.

Calming trendy colors can be used as a calm backdrop for the main message. For example, if you want to post a quote or some text, try choosing a photo with pale colors or try this template.

Trend # 4. Earthy ColorsColor Trends 2022: Design Tips

Soft natural shades will retain their positions next year. For example, sandy beige, gray, brown and shades of yellow, which allow you to feel closer to nature and create a sense of harmony with nature. This color trend is also followed by Dulux, which chose the natural earthy shade of Brave Ground as the key fashion color for 2022.

According to colorists, this warm and balanced earthy hue creates a sense of stability and tranquility, providing a sense of a solid foundation for change and creativity.

Use trendy colors to create harmonious designs in natural shades. For example, beige shades look neutral, stylish and at the same time modern, so it is suitable for both a company website and a fashion blog or business presentation.

Trend # 5. Warm paletteColor Trends 2022: Design Tips

Color trends continue to include a palette of warm hues that help us regain balance, recover, reboot, and create an island of safety. For example, British paint brand Farrow & Ball will   turn its attention to trendy warm colors like Deep Reddish Brown and Tanner’s Brown in 2022.

The warm palette includes both brighter and more subdued colors, so you can find the right shade for any graphic task. We recommend that you study the color wheel and learn how to choose colors so that the design always looks harmonious.

Trend # 6. BiophiliaColor Trends 2022: Design Tips

The biophilia trend continues to shape our spaces, creating the much-needed sense of closeness to nature. For example, Sherwin Williams chose Urbane Bronze as the main color of 2022 – a bold, understated yet neutral natural color. Rooted in nature, it has the unique ability to enliven a space with organic appeal and convey a sense of serenity and meditation.

The Sherwin Williams collection also features other trendy biophilic colors (such as light shades and foliage) that go well with each other.

Discreet biophilic colors always look neutral and calm, which is why they are often used by large companies and international brands. If you want to create designs that will inspire confidence, try Urbane Bronze.

Fashionable colors are already found in collections of clothing and accessories, in the design of presentations, websites and social networks. Pick the shades you like best and create your own unique designs with Canva.

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