Hallway Design 2023 – Top trends in stylish interior design

Hallway Design 2023 - Top trends in stylish interior design A well-thought-out design project for the entrance hallway 2023 is the first thing to start with if you are starting a renovation in your apartment. There are rooms (living room, bedroom, kitchen), which are conventionally considered the main ones in the house. However, do not forget about auxiliary rooms, such as an entrance hall, a corridor, a dressing room or a study. A cozy and functional entrance hallway is the heart of the house, on the correct layout of which a lot depends. Visiting guests, friends or just acquaintances, entering the house, see this room first, and the first impression is the most faithful and lasting. In the article, we will take a closer look at how to make the interior of the hallway 2023 turn out not only functional and practical, but also truly stylish.

Hallway 2023 – important trends in interior decorationHallway Design 2023 - Top trends in stylish interior design

One of the most difficult problems in the interior design of a hallway is, as a rule, its small size. But this does not mean that this room does not need to be given proper attention. The interior design of the hallway 2023 should be extremely functional in order to accommodate everything you need in a limited space.

When developing planning solutions, the first thing to focus on is the choice of furniture. The most common option is to install a beautiful wardrobe in the hallway, which will not only decorate the room, but also diversify the color palette. This will be a good solution for small hallways.

If there is enough space in the apartment, then the ideas and photos for organizing the fashionable design of the hallway 2023 presented in the article will be very useful for you. There are many ways to use this space efficiently. You just need to choose the right option in accordance with your preferences, habits and lifestyle (focus on individual elements or make them neutral and invisible).

Large hallways and corridors are often unused squares of living space. By filling in the voids, you add hospitality and coziness to the ambience. A spacious entrance hallway provides additional opportunities for placing comfortable poufs and armchairs with a coffee table. Thus, it becomes a space for relaxation, reading or listening to music with the possibility of privacy.

Advice! If space allows, in the hallway, you can organize a working corner by placing a table, a computer, small shelves for storing books in it. If there is a lack of natural light, provide good artificial lighting.

Hallway layout 2023 – home improvement tipsHallway Design 2023 - Top trends in stylish interior design

The beauty and practicality of the hallway 2023 is a prerequisite for competent planning of the interior design of an apartment. Unfortunately, in modern housing planning options, there are often options with a narrow or uncomfortable hallway, which can be corrected by a successful design solution. The task of a specialist is the correct selection of colors, materials, accessories and decor items. For a small hallway, you should choose a style that visually enlarges the room. Sometimes an increase in the size of the room is achieved by connecting to the storeroom and redeveloping the housing.

TambourHallway Design 2023 - Top trends in stylish interior design

Tambour is a common type of hallway in apartments of both old and new layouts. Due to the small size of the vestibule, zoning of space can be a good solution. A small room should be as functional as possible, and fit all the necessary things of the owners – shoes, bags, umbrellas, outerwear.

To increase the space in the room, built-in wardrobes can be dismantled and replaced with sliding wardrobes, hanging hangers and shelves.

Sometimes a vestibule of a very small size has to be expanded at the expense of other rooms or an increase in the doorway in the form of an arch. In the hallway, as a rule, there is little natural daylight, so you should take care of bright multi-level lighting.

To create this effect, the luminaires can be attached to walls, cornices or ceilings. Mirrors in the interior not only fulfill their main function, but also visually increase the space and illumination of the hallway 2023. With a high ceiling, suspended mezzanines will be a good solution, on which point light sources can be placed.

Long (narrow) hallwayHallway Design 2023 - Top trends in stylish interior design

If the hallway is long and narrow, then it is best to divide it into two zones. One of them will serve as the hallway itself, the second is used as a hall. You can make space zoning by using different finishing materials. A suitable covering for the area near the entrance will be dense linoleum, and for the hallway – parquet or laminate.

The fashionable interior of a narrow hallway 2023 will look more impressive if you combine different colors and textures of the flooring. If the floor level in the entrance area is slightly lower than in the rest of the premises, then the hallway will be separated from other parts of the apartment.

On a note! To make the transition between the zones convenient, one or two steps are installed between the hallway and the hall. A deep and wide wardrobe at the entrance can serve as a dressing room. A mirror on the cabinet will visually increase the space of the entrance area. The most functional in the hallway area is multi-level lighting.

Light colors visually expand the room, so painting the walls or decorating them with light elements will look advantageous in narrow hallways. The hallway design should match the overall design of the apartment. For beauty and convenience, you can put an armchair, a coffee table or a vase in it.

Wide hallwayHallway Design 2023 - Top trends in stylish interior design

This layout option is quite rare in modern apartments. All rooms in such a hallway are divided into separate rooms, leaving a lot of empty space. You can take up free space in the spacious hallway with shelves with books or partitions.

A functional solution would be to install wardrobes for outerwear, shelves for shoes and hats, and hangers. The combination of different types of lighting and finishing materials will help to make the zoning of the room.

Open hallwayHallway Design 2023 - Top trends in stylish interior design

It is more common than the wide and long version. The main drawback is that all the rooms of the apartment are clearly visible from it. To fix this, you have to close the door to each of the rooms. In 2023, the most common way to redevelop this type of hallway is to divide it into two functional zones.

The entrance area can be decorated with a beautiful wardrobe with a large mirror and multi-level lighting. The recreation area will be decorated with upholstered furniture, a small table, decor items – figurines, vases, clocks or ornamental plants. This zone can be done in a retro style with a chest of drawers, large clocks, paintings, semi-antique lamps. The division of the hallway into two parts can be done using an arch, different types of flooring or floor levels of different heights.

How to create a beautiful and modern hallway design 2023Hallway Design 2023 - Top trends in stylish interior design

Hallway 2023 can have different configurations, but above all it should be attractive and easy to use. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, use warm colors in your interior design.

An improperly positioned front door can reduce space. A mirror will help to make it visually more. Wooden wardrobes, which today are actively used to organize spacious storage systems, are perfectly combined with doors trimmed with valuable species of wood. There are several varieties of them.

Ottoman – furniture is optional, but, nevertheless, with its appearance in the hallway, everyday life becomes much more comfortable and pleasant. Hallway floor tiles are sure to make your life easier in terms of regular maintenance.

The right lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in the hallway. Lamps and natural light can create interesting and impressive lighting effects.

Sockets and light switches are parts that need to be matched in the same style. Opt for wood switches because they go well with, for example, oak parquet flooring. The smart switch will amaze you if you are a hi-tech enthusiast.

The main trends in the interior design of the hallway 2023Hallway Design 2023 - Top trends in stylish interior design

Think carefully about what style will be chosen for the decoration of the hallway. Loft, country and eco-style will look very organic and fashionable this year. The main thing is that they do not contradict the general mood, philosophy and interior concept.

The modern design of the entrance hallway 2023 with light rustic motifs immerses us in rural life, pleases with rustic elements in the hallway, textiles on the windows, wicker baskets for umbrellas, wooden benches and handmade decor.

For an original interior, decorative elements with a futuristic appearance will come in handy. These can be custom-made doors with decorative stone inserts. Stone and wood add natural warmth to the space.

In a large hallway, soft armchairs with an elegant floor lamp placed next to it will look appropriate. A fireplace built into the wall in the cold season brings not only warmth, but also a touch of romance.

Whether your design is traditional or contemporary, a fireplace adds a touch of sophistication to the outside. There are many types of fireplaces, each time they become more and more innovative, so take the opportunity to equip your hallway with this elegant symbol of comfort.

A beautiful rug would be a great addition to the 2023 hallway decor. It would be better if it contrasts with the flooring while making modular furniture stand out. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures and patterns.

Curtains and drapes in precious metal colors will make a beautiful entrance hallway in a private house more comfortable and elegant. Combine light curtains with heavy curtains. As a result, sunlight will easily enter the house during the day, and heavy curtains will provide good protection from prying eyes at night.

You can also use the hallway for your favorite events. If you are an art collector, make the hallway a small gallery of paintings and sculptures that will evoke fond memories every time you enter or leave your home.

In addition, in the corridor you can draw, model, sew on a sewing machine, use this area as a play area for a child. The hallway can become a library (depending on size), a place for a spectacular composition of family photos./

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