Interior Design Trends For The Year 2022

Interior Design Trends For The Year 2022 Do you already know the interior design trends in 2022? If you want to renew your spaces within your home, then this article is for you, so you can stay and read on.

If you think about how interior design has changed over the decades, you will notice that trends change. The decoration of the houses when we were in the 60s, 70s is not the same as it is now.

We can also think that there is a range of colors, textures, elements that make the difference between one decade and another. For example, in the 60s the shades of yellow, blue and green were used to decorate.

At this time, due to a context of modernity, the colors that set the tone are focused on sobriety such as white, black, gray, navy blue, silver. Although also the shades in brown are accepted.

Another important point to take into consideration and that has been developing, so that it will continue to do so throughout 2022 is minimalism. Understanding that less is more, have simplicity as a guideline, use what is necessary and remarkable details.

Additionally, more and more furniture and textiles that are friendly with the environment will take a greater role.

Now without going into the matter further, let’s get into the subject to begin

Interior design trends for 2022

In harmony with nature

Unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, live plants, ceramic and wicker furniture.

For many years, natural materials have not lost their relevance. Wood, glass, stone and metal still squeeze the eco-friendly plastic out of interiors, and synthetic fabrics in upholstery and decor are being replaced by natural ones.

Interior Design Trends for 2022: Particularly popular this season are unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, living plants, ceramics, and wicker furniture.

Decorative elements and patterns also gravitate towards nature. Images of animals, birds, leaves and flowers appear more and more in modern urban interiors.

Vivid tropical motifs and an intense floral print, which will not leave the walls and decorative elements this year, became the unconditional hit of 2021 and will continue to set the fashion for 2022.

Power of color

One of the main trends in color is the emphasis on bright palettes and rich colors in the design of furniture, lamps and accessories. Pastel shades, inspired by Scandinavian style, fall by the wayside.

It’s no wonder the Pantone color institute chose Ultra Violet as the main color for 2022.

Violet is a complex and dominant color that is unlikely to go mainstream as it looks more like a bohemian one.

For lovers of more sober tones, the interior also has recommendations for the current colors of the current year: dusty pink, terracotta, honey yellow, mustard, green and Oceanside (or blue-gray-green).

Metal facets

The metal inside is not only practical, but also a stylish technique. If earlier this material was mainly found in the bathroom and kitchen, now it is used everywhere.

Warm metals like brass, bronze, and copper are still very popular with designers.

Metal lamps combine perfectly with marble, glass and concrete, and coffee tables and tables will be advantageously surrounded by dark brown wood and velvet furniture.

Interior Design Trends for the Year 2022: All kinds of black metal siding are quickly becoming stylish. Strict and elegant, this color fits perfectly into any interior and gives the room a sculptural graphic.

Textured walls

Another common trend in apartment design is the complexity of the interior wall architecture with additional elements. Wallpaper and decorative plaster give way to expensive fabric upholstery.

Warm metals like brass, bronze, and copper are still very popular.

Also at the peak of popularity are a variety of wall panels, especially precious wood.

Its textured surface recalls the proximity to nature and creates additional thermal and acoustic insulation in the room.

Interior Design Trends – The Luxuries of Furniture

The so-called modern style in the interior is gradually changing. The trends of 2022 refer us to elegant luxury with art deco elements from the 20s of the last century.

The individual elements of the style gain a second wind: symmetrical organization of the space, golden details, noble colors, many mirrors.

Again at the peak of popularity, expensive fabrics, marble, precious woods and metals.

The sophistication of the 1920s coexists comfortably with the classics, contrasts perfectly with the minimalism of the Scandinavian style and emphasizes the brutality of the loft.

Again at the peak of popularity, expensive fabrics, marble, precious woods and metals. When it comes to upholstery, there is undeniable leadership behind velvet.

Many furniture designers have included velvet upholstery in their covers this season, especially in the color of precious stones such as sapphire, citrine, emerald and amethyst. Hence the new style of vintage furniture.


Oddly enough, but the biggest trend of 2022 in design requires simply ignoring these same trends, personalizing the space and adjusting the interior primarily for yourself.

In this individual approach to design, everything that is wanted by residents is concentrated, their interests and tastes are taken into account. The interior is no longer limited to the framework of a style, but mainly follows the needs and preferences of the owners.

In light of this path towards individualization, designer furniture is gaining more and more popularity. Famous designers, artists and style sculptors become creators of armchairs, sofas and rugs.

The collaborations come out in small series, emphasizing the elitism and uniqueness of the product.

If you don’t have the opportunity to buy unique designer furniture and decor items.

The mass market now also seeks to produce products that can be easily customized for you, simply by changing, for example, the location of lamps, shelves, modules.

But most importantly, do not forget: the interior should be a comfortable space for its inhabitants, even when your ideas about beauty are contrary to style trends.

Color trends for 2022

The final choice will always depend on the style of your home and above all on your personal preferences.

Whites, grays and much more daring bets await us around the corner. Get ready for a new decade of amazing colors and contrasts!

If in the end you did not decide to paint the house in summer, then do not hesitate: September is the right month for it. With the change of seasons, it is inevitable that we yearn more and more for a renewal, a change of scenery.

That is where color comes into play, your most faithful ally when it comes to getting a style right and giving a radical change to any of our rooms.

To do this, if we want our house to be up-to-date, we must be aware of trends in colors for the house, something that will make it easier for us to choose the right color trends for the house.

Obviously, the final choice will always depend on the style of your home and especially on your personal preferences, but it is always useful to have a reference guide to find inspiration.

Design Trends – The Styles That Will Reign

The trends in the home during 2021 have brought us colors such as sky gray and pearl tones and easily combined with different styles of decoration, from the most classic to the most minimalist, retro or industrial.

Another of the chromatic ranges that will continue to be very present during the new year will be that of neutral and light colors, a safe bet that is becoming stronger and stronger: we refer to whitish, beige or light gray.

And it is undeniable that these tones always give greater visual amplitude and luminosity to our rooms, so it is not surprising that they continue to rise during 2022.

On the other hand, and for those who prefer to bet on more daring and original colors, the star tones of what is coming in decoration go through colors such as olive green, terracotta or cobalt blue.

Interior design trends for the year 2022: As they are very intense colors, they are not usually applied to the entire room as a whole.

Rather, they are combined with more neutral tones and are used to provide color at a specific point, as a decorative element that we want to highlight, or that wall that receives more light and to which we want to give prominence.


Another of the colors of the moment, beige also emphasizes that ethereal component of natural spaces.

As the new Zara Home catalog already ventured, in 2022 beige will return with more force and with different textures, which emphasize that search for comfort.

Spaces in which the ephemeral presence of certain decorative elements in darker tones stands out, such as the earth color.

Dark blue almost black

A fresh and cheerful color that adapts very well to warm climates, and that, combined with other neutral colors, gives our rooms a touch of personality and very sophisticated warmth.

Combined with furniture and decorative elements in ocher tones, the result is sensational.

Coral or terracotta

The shades of orange, earth colors and browns will be very present during the autumn season, but we can also see them during the spring, if they are combined gracefully.


It is possible that from the beginning they cause us some rejection, but the truth is that it is a great option to change the appearance of our walls.

You can choose an intense, strong and vivid orange that fills your mornings with energy, or a more subtle pastel tone that will give our rooms a summery look.


A very natural color that fits perfectly in spaces with very different styles. Mixed with wood and natural fibers, we will achieve a balanced decoration and provide a sense of tranquility to our rooms.

The textured surface recalls proximity to nature and creates thermal insulation.


Yes, they have been entering our houses for a long time, but with some difficulty, due to the fear that they usually have that they may collide with the rest of the decoration.

However, silver walls, in just the right amount, can give a very elegant and original touch to any corner.


A fresh and cheerful color that adapts very well to warm climates, and that, combined with other neutral colors, gives our rooms a touch of personality and very sophisticated warmth.

Combined with furniture and decorative elements in ocher tones, the result is sensational.


The most basic and traditional of all colors manages to provide that sense of comfort and tranquility typical of serene colors, and emphasizes the natural and human element that the purest shades of white lack.


For all those who want to continue betting on the Nordic and minimalist style, gray, which could be thought of giving darkness to rooms, is actually a very fresh color with unmatched elegance and style.


As we said, despite the soft colors and pastel tones will be taken, in 2022 we will not be able to avoid an unbridled desire to give way to the most daring colors.

Among them, mustard will be one of the unmistakable protagonists of this new decade, perfect to fill our home with light and life.

Design Trends – Conclusion

What do you think will be the most fashionable items next year? It seems to me that again, bright colors will play an important role in decoration, as in the 60s and 70s. What do you think?

If you find it difficult to harmonize colors and textures at home, you can ask an architect friend or an interior designer for advice, because honestly it is not an easy task, since each space has its own personality.

Anyway, there are also computer programs where you can design and decorate your house so that you can guide yourself.

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