Beautiful Wallpaper Trends for Interior Decoration in 2024

Wallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration Today you will get to know the best in Wallpaper trends for this year. You anticipated that we have prepared the best Internet article with the latest trends in decoration with tapestry in rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings, staircases and bedrooms. In addition, we tell you what is wallpaper, the Costs of the tapestry, how to install a tapestry step by step and of course if you have decided to change the design of your tapestry, we will tell you how to remove the tapestry from the walls. You should not stop reading this article until the end, it will surprise you.

We know in advance how important it is to create welcoming spaces, that’s why today’s Interior Decoration Course, we bring to you, one of the trends for interior design, which has returned with great force, for this 2024… Wallpaper for decorate walls, super chic, elegant, tropical, with geometric figures, able to give a touch of glamor and instant warmth to any part of our home. So let’s get involved, with the best tapestry designs that come loaded with style for this one 2024.

Wallpaper or tapestry, a decorative element to cover the walls of a home or office, capable of giving a unique aspect to the space. During this year, the experts in interior decoration, recommend unleashing creativity and imagination in our home, and wall up walls with a dramatic twist. We know that an image says more than a thousand words, so I propose to see the next gallery of wallpaper to decorate a home.

You have already seen it, the Wallpaper Images that we have seen in the previous gallery show us modern, elegant designs, some play with sobriety, others are very loaded with tropical touches. The best thing is that there are no limits to decorate spaces with tapestry, being perfect both the walls of bathrooms, kitchens, rooms and rooms.

What is wallpaper?Wallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

But what is wallpaper?… The tapestry or wallpaper is an element that is used to decorate spaces; It is not a new trend, because for years it has been used for decoration carpet. Nowadays the tapestry not only covers walls to decorate spaces, but also adds style to stairs, ceilings and furniture, so do not be afraid to include it in your home, as it is a trend that returned quite strongly.

Advantages of decorating with wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

During 2024 the idea of decorating spaces with wallpaper was a bit relegated, however entering the new year, this material returned to the ring, but with more dramatic and daring effects. More than offering disadvantages to decoration, the tapestry gives summation points to the design and even when decorating simple spaces, whenever you add Wallpaper, you will achieve that it rises automatically…

Come with me to know the advantages of decorating with Wallpaper, a space in your home:

  • There are endless designs, which besides looking amazing are very original.
  • The carpet has long durability and high resistance.
  • You can use vertical striped wall hangings to add visual height to the walls.
  • They are very easy to clean.
  • There are 3D designs that provide more realism in the set.
  • Offers textures without complications.
  • The light carpet offers more light to the rooms.

Wallpaper costsWallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

The Costs of the Wallpaper have increased considerably, due to the popularity of the product. If the comparison is made with its strongest rival, the painting, rest assured that we will be frightened. For example, a gallon of wall paint that is washable costs about $ 260, while the Costs of the Washable Wallpaper per square meter is $ 600.

If you are a simple girl and as such you like more subtle decorations, the cost of simple wallpaper is $ 200 to $ 400… If we compare it with the wall stickers, our fear would increase, because the price of these decorative prints exceed without Any problem the $ 1000, so choosing a Wallpaper is a good choice, you just have to adapt the design to your budget. Without any problem you can get tapestry for dekora in decora, a company dedicated to interior decoration.

How is the wallpaper installed?Wallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

Whenever you choose a tapestry to decorate a room, you will stand out for its design, regardless of whether it refers to a bathroom, living room, hallway, bedroom or dining room. Honestly, the aspect that gives the tapestry to any space, it would be impossible to get if you did not add this element. If you have already decided to use this material for your remodeling project, you may be wondering how is the wallpaper installed? What does it take to install the wallpaper?

Below you will find the most used process or technique of How the wallpaper is installed, in order to make its application effective; He advised you to take care of the order, because this ensures a better method:

  • Take everything inside the room, that way you will not spoil things and second, it will allow you to better appreciate the tapestry.
  • Maybe you’ve asked yourself how the wallpaper is installed ?, the answer in simple, prepares first the walls with the help of a sealing compound and sandpaper on it if there are holes.
  • Choose to start with the decoration of the tapestry, an area that is not very visible in the room, because in case of making an error, it will not be so visible.
  • Let’s see how to calculate the amount of wallpaper… First measure and divide the walls exactly and do not follow the ceiling or the floor, as they could be asymmetrical. The meters of the walls will help you to know approximately how much paper you will need.
  • Place a layer of glue on the wall, ready to receive the wallpaper, this will make the upholstery adhere more efficiently to the wall.

How do you remove the wallpaper from a wall?Wallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

Maybe you are looking for ideas to remove a tapestry and put a new one, so we have prepared a section to teach you Step by Step How to remove the wallpaper from a wall…. I anticipated, that this task can be a bit tedious, but if you use the right technique and tools, the process of removing the tapestry from your walls will be a piece of cake.

  • Before starting to remove the wallpaper, it is best to cover the floor with black plastic bags, cloth or newspaper and ideally cut the electricity in the room, to remove the plates of the switches if necessary.
  • After this, you must moisten the glue of the carpet that is installed with a little vinegar and hot water, placing the mixture with an atomizer.
  • With a sharp object you will make several holes on the paper.
  • Surely you are still wondering how to remove the wallpaper from a wall?… The answer is simple, you will begin after having soaked with the mixture, to remove the carpet in sections, always starting from the bottom up.
  • With the help of a spatula remove the paper in those areas where it is very attached.
  • Once you have removed the carpet, ideally clean the walls with the same mixture of vinegar and hot water.

Decoration with wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

Within a home, one of the sites with the most influence in interior decoration, are the walls, so their absence translates into a lack of well-defined boundaries that communicate where one zone begins and another ends. So you always have to look for the idea of functionally integrating walls and walls into the architectural design of a house. However, the design of this is also vital, so today I bring ideas in Decoration with wallpaper for the walls of your house, it is an element that in any room, will look amazing.

Living rooms decorated with wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

Let’s see then tips of rooms decorated with wallpaper with a tropical design that is super fashion. Likewise, you can choose a decoration for your room with geometric figures, because the retro return and with great force for this year. As a simple girl, when choosing the tapestry for the Decoration of Rooms, you have the possibility of saying goodbye to paint, slabs and even wood coatings, and she assured you, you will achieve dazzling appearances.

Decoration of ceilings with wallpaper

Just at the beginning of our article, we talked a little about the evolution of the tapestry in the world of interior decoration, emphasizing that nowadays, this material is used to cover everything that comes to your mind. Today we will see Decoration of ceilings with wallpaper, a commitment to modernity and the original touch within your home.

Decoration of the stairs area with wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

Every area of our home deserves to always look presentable, so it has occurred to us to collect the best ideas in Decoration of the stairs area with Wallpaper, which will make your home look incredible. It is a new alternative to decorate and cover steps, that although, it sounds a bit daring, the final result is fantastic.

Bedrooms decorated with wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

The room is the sanctuary for relaxation and rest, so making it look beautiful and extremely comforting should become a priority rather than an option. If we are talking about wallpaper to decorate, we could not stop showing the best Bedrooms decorated with Wallpaper, which you anticipated: You will love them!

Wallpaper to decorate the kitchenWallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

Nowadays, the decoration of a kitchen goes from being something simple, to something extremely nice and cozy. The wallpaper to decorate the kitchen, offers a unique touch in the decoration of this place, even when the design of this one is very simple, it will always look amazing. Today I present you with modern proposals to decorate a kitchen with a tapestry that will make your space a unique place.

How to decorate the bathroom with wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2019 for Interior Decoration

We know that the bathroom is one of the places with the highest humidity, but that’s not why it should look beautiful and totally in trend. Let’s see how to decorate the bathroom with wallpaper in key places to prevent moisture from damaging the wallpaper. Remember to use a wall away from your shower or, include separation of the shower and the area of the sink by means of bathroom doors.

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