Bedroom Curtains – Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

Bedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023 Can’t decide which curtains to choose for the bedroom? Then you have definitely come to the right place! In this article we will show you how to make the right choice, discuss possible sizes, colors, materials and consider great bedroom curtains design trends 2022-2023 in multiple photos. Let’s start in order.

Modern design ideas for bedroom curtains for 2022-2023Bedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

For furnishing a bedroom, good and high-quality curtains are an integral part of the interior. You can turn to a professional who will offer you a photo catalog with a wide range of fabrics and color palettes, containing interesting designs, real photos that will not leave you indifferent.

But we can also cope with this task on our own and choose fashionable ones. To begin with, let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions: “Which ones are in fashion now?”, “Which ones to hang?” etc.

At the moment, such material as jacquard is very popular. Chic modern options from such material, combining light patterns, will not strain the appearance of the room.

Such curtains look attractive on any window, since they have a very beautiful fiber plexus, they perfectly protect against the penetration of a large amount of light.

These are very interesting curtains. Their chic look creates an image of conviviality and sophistication. Despite their majestic appearance, they are very comfortable to use, easy to wash and iron without causing any hassle.

Timeless classics – silk options. The style of such beauties will always fit into the interior. You can choose imitation or natural silk to transform your room.

To visually expand the room, light shades of curtains are very suitable: beige, “coffee with milk”, but if we want to complement a dark shade, then we should take a closer look at the emerald color, this year it is very popular. Such options will look good on a baguette cornice.


Curtains will look beautiful in a bedroom of any size. At the moment, the design of the curtains is very relevant in the Japanese style. This style offers sophisticated straight cut fabrics.

A panel with beautiful embroidery or curtains in the form of noodles is perfect for a room. Go for lighter shades without huge patterns.


The modern question is often: “How to choose a curtain rod?” Many factors influence its choice, from the size of the bedroom to its design. Let’s try to figure out this difficult matter.

The most popular option is under the ceiling cornice, this type visually makes the walls high, letting them in from the ceiling, like a “flowing waterfall”.

This kind of curtain rod, due to its fastening, will evenly distribute the load of curtains, even from the most durable and heavy fabrics.

Modern options also require a modern approach to correct suspension. A semicircular cornice is suitable for non-standard windows in the bedroom, such cornices often have a metal base.

It can fulfill its functions both for bay windows and canopy. For lovers of classic antiquity, the canopy in the bedroom has not lost its relevance, such a cornice will cope with its task, holding any fabric on itself, and your room will look romantic.

Curtain rod

Another option that you can hang curtains on in the bedroom is a rod. It is a round tube made of different types of materials.

The best type of rod is metal stainless steel. The barbell color style will depend on your overall interior.

Curtains plus bedspread

The bedroom is our comfortable resting place, where everything should be perfect. For a complete image of the room, in addition to furnishing, special attention must be paid to textiles.

To recreate the design of your dreams, you can choose a set of curtains and bedspreads. The advantage of such a kit is that its components are made of the same material and the same color.

In this case, try not to combine such a set with wallpaper, if it is with a pattern – choose curtains and a bedspread of calm monochromatic shades.

The curtain and tulle option will fit perfectly into the bedroom. Here they should not be identical, the tulle should be very different in density from them. It should be made of materials such as organza, veil, mesh, etc.

Tulle can be lace or smooth in light colors. The curtains here will be made of dense non-transparent material, their color scheme depends on your overall interior.

Now the market offers a huge selection of kits, you can buy ready-made bedroom kits or make tailoring to order. Designers will take into account your taste preferences and make for you the most interesting options that will respect the elegance and modern style.

Curtains and plaid

We considered a great option for a bedroom earlier – a set of curtains with a bedspread, but a curtain paired with a blanket is also far from the worst. Country style in their performance will perfectly fit into your room.

It contains creative color schemes, for example, a crocheted knitted blanket with bright options to match will give the bedroom a bright holiday. In such a room, you can put a bed with forged patterned headboards.

Without curtains or instead of curtains

To get creative with the arrangement of the bedroom, you need to use interesting non-standard solutions. Just for this room, a dressing room with curtains instead of doors is an ideal solution and very practical.

In a room where there is already a lot of textiles, it is important to close the built-in wardrobe with clothes or shoes, where instead of the cabinet doors, a non-translucent dense fabric of any color is suitable.

Another idea to use curtains for zoning a room is to use them instead of an American-style partition.

In this way, it is easy to separate any area, for example: rest from work, the fabric can be made of light or heavy texture, the main thing is to fit the overall style of your interior.

And options made of beads will make the design more creative – such a solution will speak for itself, you will see.

One tulle without curtains looks good in the bedroom. Making a window without them implies the choice of a tulle that will fit into the entire interior and not play against the general background.

For a small bedroom, tulle with a horizontal pattern is suitable, it will visually expand the boundaries. Thick tulle made from a material such as organza is suitable for a room where a minimum amount of light is needed, especially matte organza should be preferred.

For a good sleep, you can pick up tulle without night curtains, provided there are blinds in the background. Viscose tulle with a printed pattern or inserts of dark stripes will fit well. In any case, the window without them looks no less stylish if you choose everything tastefully.

What should be combined with?

With what to combine curtains, when the furniture has already been bought, and everything is in place, such a question is often born in the minds of consumers. It seems that you can buy any and “voila”, but for complete harmony it is necessary to provide for the idea of choosing the right colors.

Combining them with wallpaper is a non-standard solution, but a doable task. If the wallpaper is light shades, then it is better to choose the curtains of the same colors, or slightly darker. Options to match the walls will make the atmosphere very calm.

For a room in gray, which is considered modern at the moment, Roman blinds on windows in dark shades are ideal. If your furniture is dark gray, then match them perfectly – it will look very stylish.

And, of course, the easiest option is to combine curtains with decor items – paintings, pillows and much more in a pair can be a very bright accent in a room.

How beautiful to hang?

Over time, curtains become a familiar attribute in the bedroom, but it’s never too late to update your interior, hang them so that the room evokes new emotions.

Which ones can be used and how to hang them beautifully, we will now analyze in more detail. If we want to choose options for a white room, then the choice here comes from its parameters.

If it is not large, and there is a need to visually expand it, light-colored curtains are suitable for us, a texture of decorative linen, satin or chintz is appropriate here, such beauties on the windows will give a fluffy look.

For the design of a bedroom with the function of “blocking the windows from the light”, heavy curtain materials such as velor and velvet with patterns will suit us.

These options can be beautifully hung using rings, hooks, and also a design decision – to make the top in the form of long fabric loops, which will be 5-6 centimeters wide.

If you need to decorate 3 windows of the same shape in a room, then any options for curtains are suitable here, but the most common ideas are rolled curtains with original lacing in the same color scheme.

Tulle with lambrequins is also suitable here. Sewing it all together, as if on one large window, the whole composition will look very nice, but only if you do not want to select the number of windows.

How to decorate the curtains in the bedroom?Bedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

Original ideas for decorating curtains in the bedroom can be spied on the Internet. Modern fashion offers a lot of unusual decorative elements for window openings.

Lambrequins with various options for drapery, blinds, double, triple, plain and contrasting, from dense curtain fabric or flowing organza curtains, and many other original options.


Considering the options for decorating a window in a room, you need to take into account some points:

  • Which side do the windows face and how long is the room sunny during the day?
  • What kind of windows are these (large tall windows “Stalinok” or small windows of a private house built in the middle of the last century, etc.)?
  • What floor is the apartment on?
  • Who is it for?

Only by answering these questions, you can deal with the design of the windows of the room.

There are a huge number of options for decorating a window in the bedroom. The most common styles today are “Provence”, “high-tech”, and never aging, classics.

Earlier, in one of the articles, we have already examined in detail how the Provence style can be presented in the interior of various rooms and premises, if you are interested, be sure to check it out!

The decision on how to decorate the window with curtains must meet the general requirements of the interior of the apartment. For example, you cannot hang heavy long curtains of gray noble color on the windows in the nursery when the wallpaper is on the walls of a cheerful pink color with beautiful bouquets of lavender.

This combination can not only spoil the impression of the general appearance of the room, but also cause insomnia.

In difficult cases, a professional designer will help you decorate the bedroom window beautifully. The design agency will select several options for window decor, based on the wishes of the customer and the general interior of the apartment.

The beautiful decoration of the windows can visually improve the impression of the general appearance of the room and hide the imperfections and imperfections of the walls and window sills. At the same time, the ill-conceived design of window openings can destroy all the charm.

Modern fashion offers interesting curtain design ideas:

  • Multi-layer (double or triple), which are composed of several different materials. Great for bedrooms as if necessary, you can easily create twilight in the room. The color scheme of such sets can be contrasting or monochromatic.
  • Kiseya – decorative filament curtains. They practically do not block sunlight, usually used as window decoration in combination with blinds or shutters.
  • Elongated ones are used in the classics, they are 10-15 cm longer and lie on the floor with beautiful folds.
  • Blackout is a relatively new direction of window decoration. Light-proof textiles do not transmit up to 90% of the sun’s rays, which makes them indispensable for use in the room.
  • DIY designs are always at the height of fashion. Crocheted or knitted ones are especially good in children’s rooms. Original curtains with beautiful embroidery on the bottom and top edges, perfectly complement the “country” style, and for the premises in the country, you can make curtains in the “patchwork” style. Beautifully selected scraps of fabrics, decorated in the same color scheme with rugs and pillows, create a unique charm and comfort.
  • Photocurtains are a beautiful and unusual solution for window decoration.

How long and wide should the curtains in the bedroom be?Bedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

The hostess decides which curtains to choose for the bedroom, but there are some general recommendations:

  • The standard length is 5 cm shorter from the floor surface – this is dictated by the convenience when cleaning the room and visually familiar to the European eye.
  • Shortened to the windowsill are allowed as an exception, when there is a dressing table or lounge chair by the window.

When choosing which is better, you need to remember about their functionality. Floor-length options with the ability to shade the room are more suitable for this room.

The width of the curtains is determined by the width of the window opening, sometimes the curtains occupy the entire width of the wall. This is great in narrow bedrooms with high ceilings.

A wide curtain of 3 meters, covering almost the entire wall, visually “pushes” the room, can hide minor flaws on the wall and window sill.

What are the different types of bedroom curtains?Bedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

Curtains in the bedroom can be conditionally divided into three types:

  • Shadow machines, their function is to create twilight and protect from bright daylight. For this purpose, multilayer blinds, blackout, Roman and Japanese options are excellent.
  • Curtains for window decoration – it can be lambrequins, handmade design options, Austrian and French with beautiful drapery. Amazingly beautiful interiors are created by the Roman.
  • Stationary – the canvas is rigidly fixed and does not move to the sides. They perform a decorative function, they are very convenient when you need to create the illusion of a window in the attic rooms converted into a bedroom or in a room after redevelopment. Photocurtains are ideal in such cases.

What are needed is decided based on the purpose of the room (for children, an area for adults, etc.), the cost of curtains and the location of the room.

To the nursery

The curtains for the child’s bedroom are selected to match the wallpaper on the walls, preferably in neutral tones.

A prerequisite is the presence of “shadows” for a restful daytime sleep, which can be replaced by blinds. Not superfluous in the nursery is the use of natural, hypoallergenic materials for their manufacture.

For girl

The curtains for the girl’s bedroom are selected in calm pastel colors of pink, sand, pistachio colors.

A 10-12 year old child is already forming his own ideas about comfort and coziness, so it doesn’t hurt to consult with a girl, find out her desires and preferences, and only then make a decision.

Of course, bright flashy tones of curtains in the bedroom are inappropriate, but it is better to fulfill the child’s reasonable desires or find a compromise. You can hang two or three-layer curtains, with one of the colors chosen by the child.

For boy

The curtains in the boy’s bedroom can be more aggressive in color and pattern. The child’s room is his own room, where he spends most of his time.

Typically, this room contains a study desk, play area, etc. Depending on the size of the room, they can perform the function of zoning the room.

On the windows, double-layer curtains with an original “masculine pattern” look beautiful, and for dividing into zones, you can use “rope” made by yourself.


Curtains in a teen’s bedroom should be functional, durable and comfortable. It is better to take care of the choice with the child, since this is very important in the period of adolescent maximalism, the room and everything in it should please the teenager and meet the practical requirements of safety and comfort.

Roman is an excellent option for a teenage zone, especially if there is a desk by the window. Roll or roman are very easy to use. Easy to raise and lower, colors are striking in variety.

Blinds can be a great alternative for curtains. They shade the room well, are easy to use and relatively cheap.


The curtains for the girl’s bedroom are chosen in pastel calm colors, always with the ability to shade the room. The materials of the curtains are silk or satin for romantic natures, linen or organza for young mischievous women.

The interior of the room can be complemented by curtains-screens for zoning the room into a bedroom place and a work area.


The best selection of curtain designs for a teenage boy’s bedroom is:

  • Roller – excellent protection from sunlight. It is also important that some models offer remote control, which will really please a teenager.
  • Roman are easy to use and the industry offers a wide range of colors.
  • Photocurtains – original design and the ability to order and choose an attractive model from ready-made ones.
  • Ordinary models with rings or hinges.

Do not overload window openings in a teenage room with scallops, draperies, lambrequins, etc.


Curtains in the bedroom of a young girl are, first of all, an expression of her personality. Heavy curtains that tightly close the window openings will be inappropriate in a girl’s light room.

The room will be decorated with light joyful tones of curtains made of flowing organza or bluish-gray subtle options made of natural silk. A beautiful combination of pink or sandy silk and light transparent tulle.

Photocurtains will be an original solution, especially if necessary to shade the room. In country houses, where large rooms function as bedrooms, the girl’s room is often both a resting place and a small living room.

Light gauze curtains or original “rope” curtains-screens help to zone such a room.


Curtains in the bedroom of a young man should be in harmony with the overall look of the room.

Easy-to-use and non-marking models that shade the room well or interesting options for roller views with remote control are best suited.

In the men’s

The decoration of the bedroom of an adult single man has a number of features and curtains are an important part of the room’s decor. Men usually choose dark gray, brown, navy or black tones from practical, wrinkle-free materials.

The minimalism characteristic of the stronger sex, in the choice of curtains, manifests itself in monotony and adherence to the classics.

Rarely are aesthetes who prefer white classics in bedroom decor with soft fluffy carpets and light golden or silver curtains. Also in high esteem among men are photocurtains and roller options.

For an adult bedroom

The choice of curtains for the bedroom of adult married couples is quite large. Usually it is a neutral classic or an amazing modern style, which is always in fashion.

The choice of an adult couple is more likely aimed at convenience and the opportunity to have a good rest, therefore shade curtains, blinds or Roman options will be mandatory attributes. Lambrequins are beautiful in the bedroom, especially if the room has large windows and high ceilings.

To the sunny side

A bedroom on the sunny side requires a more careful choice of the design of window openings. For a comfortable stay in a sunny room at any time of the year, you must choose a dark color of curtains with a solid color and beautiful drapery.

In a sunny bedroom, it is better to hang options from a material that is resistant to fading. Classic double layers are perfect for a southern room. An excellent choice that meets all the requirements for a sunny area is the curtains made of opaque blackout textiles.

Zoning and dividing the bedroom with curtainsBedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

It is necessary to divide the room with curtains into a bedroom and a living room when there is only one large room in the apartment.

A partition with curtains is the most economical decor option. Well-chosen, they will suit almost any interior.

The choice of curtains themselves is also impressive:

  • Fabric partitions.
  • Jalousie.
  • Japanese options.
  • Thread made of various materials (sometimes made by yourself).
  • Tulle.
  • Thick curtains.
  • Rolled.

The choice of the room zoning option depends on the wishes and capabilities of the customer, the quantitative and qualitative composition of the family.

For example, the bedroom and living area should be separated by thick opaque curtains if the family has children, especially heterosexual ones. A family of two can afford sheer curtains.

DIY options for sewing bedroom curtainsBedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

It is quite possible to order curtains according to your sketch in the workshop. Models made according to the author’s design look simply gorgeous, because they take into account many individual factors: the height of the walls, the footage of the room, the design of the room as a whole.

Sewing workshops carry out individual orders, as well as realize finished design work.

Craftswomen who have sewing skills may well sew them on their own. It is important to combine the desire to sew elite options with the ability to scribble material, perseverance, perseverance.

Even a novice craftswoman is quite capable of sewing Austrian curtains. The algorithm of actions is very simple:

  • Cut out of previously steamed material.
  • Mark with chalk the location of the scallop ribbon.
  • Be sure to process the sidewalls.
  • Baste tape, iron and sew.
  • Sew the top edge carefully and sew on the tape.

The main thing is to follow the sequence of work and iron the product well. Each hostess can make her curtain unique by decorating the bottom with fringe or original ruffles.

With a little skill, you can also sew French ones. Sewing instructions of any kind can be found on the vast expanses of the Internet.

But do not forget that expensive and stylish curtains for the bedroom can be bought in specialized stores, can be ordered in an online store or at a tailor shop.

On the website of specialized stores, catalogs of beautiful options for decorating a room are presented, where you can choose a sample to your liking.

An interesting design technique is a curtain on the windows for zoning a room, and bedspreads made in the same color scheme, or even from the same material.

Samples of kits can also be spied on the Internet, and a zealous hostess can do this work on her own.

A home craftswoman, pondering how to sew such a kit correctly and beautifully, must take seriously the choice of fabric, show patience and the result will delight her and family members for many years.

How to choose curtain fabric?

Sewing curtains for a bedroom begins with answering the question of which fabric to choose for them.

It is best to choose natural fabrics: linen, cotton, silk. They breathe well and which one is best for your room depends on the preferences of family members and financial capabilities.

So, the best curtain fabric should:

  • Do not cause allergies.
  • Easy to wear off.
  • It is good to shade the room.
  • Drape well.
  • Do not fade in the sun.
  • Like the mistress of the house!

How to sew by yourself?

Sewing a set of curtains in the bedroom itself is the dream of any housewife. Choosing the color and texture of the material yourself to match the overall decoration of the room, creating an original single set, which will include curtains and a bedspread, choosing a carpet on the floor is a creative process for more than one day.

Beautiful options, sewn on your own, will give a unique charm to the bedroom. It is worth taking the time to check out online retailers, watch YouTube videos, and look at handicraft brochures to decide which to sew.

On the Internet there are a lot of webinars and master classes “We sew ourselves”, attending which will help novice needlewomen to make their dreams come true.


In order to sew curtains with your own hands, you need to decide how much fabric you need. The footage of the product determines its cut.

Want long ones with nice drapery? Look at sketches on the Internet or go to a curtain sewing atelier, talk to the order clerk and, only then, buy fabric.

Cozy linen curtains with small floral patterns are perfect for a bedroom. These will make the room elegant, calm tones will not interfere with night sleep and daytime rest.

Successful sets of “curtains + bedspread” are made of fabric of the same texture, but different colors. These sets give the room’s decor a finished look.

You can also try to make cheap beautiful options from organza yourself. Organza looks great on windows, is beautiful and drapes perfectly. Among all the materials, it is practically the cheapest.

But housewives need to take into account its shortcomings:

  • Organza curtains must be “overlocked” or carefully hemmed by hand, otherwise the fabric will “crumble”.
  • They let the sunlight through unnecessarily, so you definitely need “shadows” on the windows.

What color to choose curtains for the bedroom?Bedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

Tips on how to choose the right curtains by color can be found on interior design websites.

But, in order to determine which color is suitable for the bedroom, you need to consider:

  • Who will relax in the room, pink or beige tones will suit a girl or a young married couple, bright drawings will appeal to teenagers, etc.
  • Where the windows go, and what function they should perform – beautiful photo curtains can decorate a room and close the unsightly view from the window.
  • The general style of the room interior – so for the Scandinavian style, linen options in a cage in blue and red are perfect, and dark brown silk or jacquard curtains will be appropriate for the classics.

Earlier, in one of the articles, we already examined in detail how the Scandinavian style can be presented in the interior of the bedroom and other rooms. If you are interested, go ahead and study!


The purple curtains are amazingly beautiful. They successfully set off a room with light wallpaper and create a serene mood after daytime worries.

The interior of the room with purple curtains has a unique charm, and their combination with a light bedroom set makes the room a real work of art.

The green bedroom with purple curtains looks original. The addition of purple bedspreads and posters to the design gives the room an unusual look.

Green wall decoration (“matting” or water-based paint with a “green color”), a spot of a houseplant and a two-color bedspread give a feeling of coolness even on a hot summer day, and in winter they create a summer mood.

Variants in purple tones successfully accentuate attention and hide minor flaws in the interior.

Dark purples are a great find for a bachelor bedroom. This color of the curtains, complete with lighter bedding, will fill the room with energy.


Lilac curtains in the bedroom interior create a fabulous atmosphere. The design of such a room may not differ in variety, but curtains in lilac tones will make the room unusual.

In large bedrooms of country houses, heavy dense jacquard curtains of lilac color are appropriate. An interesting addition to such curtains will be airy, white or beige tulle.


Green curtains are the fashion trend of the 2022 season. Light green wallpaper on the walls with green options and a bedspread looks original. The soft diffused light of the sconce will add charm to such decoration.

Green design bedroom curtains should be used very carefully as a lot of poisonous greenery can cause “green longing”.

Beautiful dark green shades of curtains, on the contrary, even in the heat give the feeling of a shady oasis. And the combination of white walls and posters depicting flowers gives a wonderful mood for quiet family evenings.

Various shades of green curtains can transform the bedroom and make it cozy. The designer’s idea is looking for unusual combinations of color and texture of fabric for elite options. The long velvet curtains in dark green and the white room create an amazing picture.


The chic gray color of curtains in the interior of the bedroom is a classic that is always in fashion.

Light gray curtains match almost any wall color and add nobility to even simple furniture.

The design of the room in gray tones allows the use of blue-gray tones of the curtains. Curtains and a bedspread made of fabric of the same texture in gray tones look exquisite.

Dark gray transparent organza curtains with irises are unusually beautiful.

The beauty of gray and its compatibility with the interior of the room make this color in demand in the textile market.


Turquoise curtains and bedspread in the bedroom interior are an unusually harmonious combination. Turquoise visually enlarges the space of the room, fills it with air and makes it brighter.

Options in turquoise colors are a great solution for small dark rooms. In the gray area, turquoise curtains, complete with bedding, emphasize the sophistication and nobility of gray splendor.

In a white room, turquoise emphasizes the beauty and ease of furnishing the room.


Various shades of blue curtains in the interior of the bedroom are quite common.

In the white area, the blue options look just great, especially with contrasting furnishings.

Blue curtains are versatile because suitable for any style of room.

The richest view of the blue and gold curtains in the baroque bedroom is unforgettable. The palatial splendor of the interior and navy blue velvet curtains paired with blue-gold silk linens are truly admirable.


Emerald curtains are usually paired with original wall finishes in the same color. These can be shelves and drywall niches, covered with fabric.

Floral bed linen combined with emerald curtains create a summer holiday mood in the bedroom, even in winter.

If you are interested in the options for combining different shades in the decoration of the premises, then rather go to the article by the link below, there we have already once analyzed the tables of color combinations in the interior of various rooms in simple language.


Lilac curtains are a pretty daring combination for the bedroom. Long options of lilac look good in a room with beige wallpaper and thin flowing curtains made of colored organza.

Depending on the selected organza color, these curtains look great in a shaded room or sunny.


Burgundy curtains in the bedroom interior is a difficult decision. Such a design is good with high ceilings in the room and an abundance of sunlight, then they fill the room with the colors of dawn.


White curtains in bedroom interiors are common. The white color is universal, they can be made of thin flowing tulle, and jacquard, and linen – everything will be equally beautiful.

But keep in mind the “hospital ward effect” and always need a few contrasting color items.

For white curtains, beautiful wooden curtain rods in black or dark blue are suitable.


Brown curtains in the bedroom interior look very original if certain conditions are met:

  • High ceilings.
  • The location of the room is on the sunny side.
  • Wall decoration is lighter by several tones.

Gray-brown options in the interior in brown tones create the original decor of the room.

Dark brown curtains and brown walls in combination with a matching bedding set are a great option for decorating a vamp woman’s zone.

Curtains in beige and brown tones are acceptable for the bedroom of an adult married couple when peaceful sleep and comfort in the room are appreciated.

The light brown color of the lambrequin options looks amazing in the youth room.


Red curtains in the interior of the bedroom are a very difficult choice. The design in red tones is bright saturated and therefore red and white rather than completely red are suitable here.

An interesting innovative combination of solid red curtains made of dense material and a black background of the bedroom walls. Recessed ceiling lighting creates a starry sky and gives it a mysterious allure.


Soft pink tones of curtains are a classic for a girl’s or young woman’s bedroom. The pink tones of the morning dawn look amazingly beautiful in the gray area.

In a pink interior, gray-pink or beige-pink voile curtains look great.

The design of curtains in the bedroom can be played up not only with color, but also with various fasteners. Good pink with lambrequins.

An amazingly beautiful room with pink curtains made of shiny organza, sparkling in the sun, in the Empire style.


Lavender curtains look great in the interior. They are the perfect addition to the Provence style room.

Earlier, in one of the articles, we already examined in detail how your Provence-style bedroom might look like, we advise you to carefully read it at your leisure!


The gold of the curtains shining in the sun makes the decor incredible.

To create an amazingly beautiful gold-colored interior, you need to follow some rules:

  • There should be two or three other shades in the room.
  • The curtains are strictly to the floor.
  • High ceilings with large windows.

Gold-colored options are very beautiful with gold thread embroidery or oriental-style ornaments.

In the interior of the bedroom, golden curtains with soft draperies and lambrequins are used in combination with light tulle or white organza.


Beige curtains are versatile for any bedroom. Curtains in beige tones perfectly shade the room, hide minor design flaws and visually enlarge the room.


Dark curtains in the bedroom interior are always appropriate, because well shade daylight.

At night, dark blackout curtains are pulled apart, and transparent muslin or neutral tulle allow you to enjoy the evening coolness and the view of the starry sky.


Terracotta curtains in the bedroom are not often used, because the color is somewhat aggressive.

But such curtains are great for a bedroom-living room and can serve for zoning a large room.


The cool blue color of the curtains looks great in the bedroom, which is located on the south side of the house.

Amazingly beautiful sets of “curtains and bedspreads” in gray-blue or just blue give the room a festive look and are able to decorate any recreation area.

Blue and white curtains in the interior of a bedroom in blue tones are a great option for decorating a small dark room, they visually raise the ceilings and make the room brighter and higher.

Feng Shui color

It is recommended to choose the color of curtains for the bedroom according to “feng shui” based on the energy of one color or another.

Green and blue colors, or their shades, are most suitable for this room, they act relaxing, calming and tune in to a restful night’s sleep.

Pastel shades of sand, peach or pink have a good effect on the human psyche.

But the shades of red, orange, act excitingly, so these colors for curtains in the bedroom should be chosen carefully.

The second approach to the choice of color according to “feng shui” is based on the doctrine of the elements of the four cardinal points.

According to this theory, a suitable window curtain color would be:

  • East and southeast – green, blue, black, light blue, brown and beige.
  • West and northwest are all shades of gray and gold, as well as beige, brown and terracotta.
  • The northeast and southwest are terracotta, all shades of brown and beige, red, orange, yellow, pink and ocher.
  • South – all shades of red, orange, yellow and green.
  • North – blue, black, blue, gray, silvery and shades of gold.


The aqua curtains are extraordinarily beautiful. Most often they are used in two or three-layer sets of curtains.

Combinations with gray, blue and brown tones are especially good. Soft white tulle also goes well with dense nautical curtain fabric.


Mint curtains in the interior of the bedroom have a pacifying effect on the psyche, relieve emotional fatigue and help restore deep sound sleep. This shade is a kind of color therapy for people prone to insomnia.

The mint color is surprisingly well suited for a small bedroom in a city apartment, and for large rooms in country houses.


In the interior of the bedroom, olive-colored curtains create a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Even in the most cloudy weather, olive curtains give the illusion of a sunny morning outside the window or a warm sea night.


Peach curtains are perfect for a cozy honeymoon bedroom or nursery. Peach-colored curtains decorated with scallops with soft drapery made of natural materials will make the decor of the room light and cheerful.

An excellent solution for creating a new image of the bedroom will be a set of “curtains + bedspread” in peach tones and a fluffy soft carpet on the floor made of artificial fur, delicate apricot or peach color.


Silver curtains in the bedroom interior are ideally combined with white furniture. These options are perfect for small rooms with low ceilings. they visually expand the space and “raise” the ceilings.

The silver of the curtains will be set off and ennobled by metal forged cornices. Silver curtains in combination with blue-blue tulle look original.


Orange bright curtains are usually chosen for children’s bedrooms. Adults come to this room to relax and bright colors interfere with them, and the nursery is most often a leisure room for the child.

It is worth using this color in two-three-layer curtains, while trying to make the second color more soothing tone. Orange curtains are good in shaded rooms.


Yellow curtains in the interior are a real trend of the season. The use of this color in the bedroom has several features:

  • You need to choose muted tones – straw and pale colors are great.
  • To create a unique decor, enough bright patterns in the oriental style or floral ornaments on tulle.
  • For complete darkening, you can use the night blackout fabric.
  • Two-tone fabrics – yellow with gray, brown, blue or green are a great option.

An ensemble of yellow curtains, cushions or bedspreads are a stylish finish to decorating a bedroom.


In the interior of the bedroom, chocolate-colored curtains are a win-win option. Pleasant tone that does not interfere with night sleep and daytime rest, which has an excellent relaxing effect.

But it must be remembered that the chocolate color is not appropriate in small low rooms. The curtains of the color of chocolate are perfectly combined with the gray-blue range of colors, silver wallpaper and white tulle.


The noble color “coffee with milk” transforms the bedroom from an ordinary room into an exciting, fabulous bedchamber.

Usually floor-length curtains are combined with flowing curtains made of organza, tulle or voile.

Such curtains are so beautiful and create such splendor that they do not need additional decorations in the form of scallops, ruffles and fringes.


The beauty of pistachio curtains cannot be overstated. A calm, relaxing atmosphere reigns in the bedroom with these options.

Light curtains of pistachio color with barely noticeable floral ornaments combined with white tulle transform the room and make it cozy.


The coral color of the curtains in the bedroom will ensure comfort, as well as give lightness and airiness to the room. Such options go well with white pastel walls, light ceilings and floors.

A bedspread of orange-pink or violet color matched to the curtains will emphasize the warm summer colors.


Black silk or velvet curtains in the bedroom interior are a classic that never goes out of style. The black and white room looks chic and sophisticated.

The main task when choosing black curtains is a reasonable combination within the same room.

Black curtains in the bedroom should be long, floor-length. An excellent result is obtained by a combination of dense curtains and thin tulle, or muslin in a contrasting color.


Milky curtains look great in the interior of the bedroom and give a romantic look to the most ordinary room.

With their help, you can visually increase the height of the ceilings in the room.


Plum curtains are one of the most sought after fashion trends in interior design for bedrooms and living rooms. The juicy color of ripe plum is especially popular when choosing curtains for zoning large rooms in country houses.

Stylish curtains attract attention and are able to hide minor interior flaws. Despite the brightness and expressiveness of color, they are combined with almost all shades of walls and ceilings.


The powdery bedroom is a collective name. Almost all shades of pink, only muted pastel colors.

The pastel pink color is versatile, at times almost invisible and therefore comfortable. Curtains of this color are kind of “chameleons” in the world of curtains. They look appropriate in a room of any style and color.

The light pink range of curtains is an effective solution for an aggressive red bedroom interior, delicate white or cream decor, black or burgundy room decoration.


In the bedroom, lingonberry curtains are most often used in multi-layer combinations.

Light sheer tulle in a neutral light tone and shade curtains with a light floral pattern are ideally combined with a rich lingonberry color. Such a curtain structure is perfect for a summer residence or a country house.

The lingonberry color of the “multilayers” allows them to be used to decorate bedrooms in a variety of styles and colors.

Fuchsia colors

Fuchsia curtains for the bedroom are a controversial option, but the tone is at the height of fashion and the most “advanced” fashionistas have “put forward” the color as favorites.

Beautiful, no doubt, the color of fuchsia is aggressive and therefore, you need to follow the rules when choosing such curtains:

  • Combine long fuchsia color options with neutral transparent curtains in white or pink.
  • Highlight a light green color if possible.
  • Bed textiles in a contrasting color can be used as additional accents.


The bronze color of the curtains creates a truly chic atmosphere in the bedroom. Soft drapery enhances the beauty of the bronze curtains and their appearance attracts all the attention.

Small flaws in the design of window openings and walls become less noticeable.


Mustard-colored curtains are spectacular against the background of light-colored walls, they fill the bedroom with sunlight. The mustard color is especially relevant for rooms that face the north side of the house, or are very shaded.

Calm shades of mustard look noble and unobtrusive.


Cherry bright saturated color of curtains in the bedroom should be used carefully.

It is best to use two-layer curtains with a dense curtain fabric of muted colors (brown, beige, gray) and a juicy cherry-colored flowing organza or tulle with floral patterns.


Crimson curtains in the bedroom made of tulle or muslin perfectly convey the colors of summer, a warm day, but do not save you from the heat outside the window. Choosing such curtains, you need to attend to the presence of “shadow workers”.

The modern textile industry offers a large selection of blackout sun protection fabrics. The combination when using these materials in the bedroom gives an incredible effect.

Dusty Rose Colors

The “dusty rose” curtains can turn an ordinary bedroom into a designer masterpiece, make it cozy, and at the same time, exquisitely refined.

There are many shades of this amazing and extraordinary color, and whatever tone is used in the interior, the result is equally incomparable.

How to choose curtains in the bedroom to the wallpaper (walls)?Bedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

The combination of curtains and wallpaper in the bedroom is a very important touch for creating a complete decor in the room.

What are they selected for:

  • The general style of bedroom decoration.
  • Color of wallpaper, ceiling, floor.

Pink wallpaper – what curtains?

White satin curtains, preferably with a pale pink border, are perfect for pink wallpaper. Beige curtains look good.

For the bedroom, “shade curtains” are required, therefore, if there are no blinds on the windows, double curtains are required. This is where you can experiment with color.

The unusual contrast of pink walls and curtains in black is amazing. Silver or gray options look harmoniously under the wallpaper of pink shades.

These curtain colors will give the bedroom a sophisticated, aristocratic look, give a feeling of coolness on summer nights and visually make the room taller.

Green wallpaper – what curtains?

Neutral cool tones of curtains, as well as the timeless classic “white”, are suitable for green wallpaper. The finished picture of the bedroom in green tones is given by curtains to match the walls.

Numerous decor sites and our modest blog will help you choose which curtains are needed in the bedroom with dark green wallpaper, and which ones in the light green room, but there are a few general rules:

  • Green color options must be chosen one tone darker than wallpaper, then the window decoration does not merge with the general view, but attracts the eyes to itself.
  • As a “shadow” you can use a solid, dense curtain cloth of green color with floral ornaments.
  • Tulle, muslin or organza can be white or light green, plain or with a floral pattern.

The final choice of which ones are suitable for the wallpaper is made by the hostess.

But it must be remembered that the color of the curtains in the bedroom should not only be pleasing to the eye, but also contribute to quick sleep and a good full night’s rest.

Blue wallpaper – what curtains?

Curtains of all shades of gray and beige are perfect for blue wallpaper; all shades of blue with a monochromatic pattern create a wonderful effect.

The choice of the color of curtains for wallpaper in blue tones depends solely on the preferences of the hostess and the overall ensemble of the room.

Tip: if you don’t have time for design delights, choose blue curtains and tulle in white in a classic color – the effect is amazing.

Beige wallpaper – what curtains?

With beige wallpaper, curtains in a delicate lavender or peach color look perfect. The bedroom is transformed and gives a feeling of peace and comfort.

A good option for wallpaper in beige tones would be chocolate, especially if the room faces south.

Wallpaper beige with a pink tint will sparkle with new colors with cappuccino-colored curtains.

A beige bedroom is a wide space for the embodiment of various ideas for curtain decor, an acceptable color palette includes a lot of shades, from cream or vanilla to brown and black.

Curtains made of golden material look original and luxurious. They are especially suitable for a classic beige and gold bedroom.

Gray wallpaper – what curtains?

Curtains of any color are suitable for wallpaper in gray tones. It is important to follow a few rules:

  • To create a classic bedroom with gray wallpaper, white or cream-colored options are quite suitable; curtains in the color of a dusty rose are good, especially if it is made in the Provence style.
  • Cool gray with hints of blue or steel goes well with curtains of gray, blue or light brown.
  • Warm gray walls and delicate turquoise curtains with pale pink tulle will give the room a cozy and sophisticated look.

Monochromatic light green curtains or with a floral border at the top are perfect for wallpaper in gray tones with floral patterns.

Light gray, almost smoky wallpapers visually increase the space and floor-length curtains made of tulle or organza will create an amazing ensemble in the bedroom interior.

But when choosing this option for decorating windows, you need to take care of shading the room. Blinds can be used for this purpose.

What curtains to choose for a gray bedroom should be decided based on the location of the room and its functionality.

The girl’s bedroom will be transformed with a choice of pink curtains, and for an adult man, thick satin curtains of brown or black are more suitable.

Blue wallpaper – what curtains?

When choosing curtains for a bedroom in blue tones, you should take into account the presence of a pattern on the wallpaper. The decor rule says: “plain walls – curtains with a pattern, ornaments on the walls – plain curtains”.

You also need to know: it is better to choose light options for wallpaper in dark tones, otherwise the room will be gloomy and dull.

Gray or silver curtains look amazing, an excellent addition to which will be a light transparent tulle in blue or white.

Peach wallpaper – what curtains?

Peach wallpaper in the bedroom gives a feeling of warmth and comfort, but such decor definitely needs some “dilution”, otherwise instead of an oasis in the house you can get a “desert”.

Under the wallpaper of this tone, curtains of cold shades will be a great addition: purple, blue, indigo.

In a dark, small bedroom, curtains of warm colors are quite acceptable: orange, olive, etc.

A good design move would be to use options in neutral white, gray or cream.


It is quite difficult to find the perfect curtains for lilac wallpaper. The trend of the season is the combination of tone on tone – this is a good combination for a small bedroom.

Monochromatic transparent curtains made of tulle or muslin of pale lilac or lavender color look especially stylish with lilac wallpaper. This combination visually increases the space and raises the ceilings.

It is interesting to combine different shades of lilac in double or triple curtains.

A rich lilac color looks good in large bedrooms of country cottages, and thin nylon curtains of white give such a room a fresh look.

With purple

Beautiful purple wallpapers will look good with lavender or white curtains. The subdued pistachio color of the curtains or the dark green canvas of the floor curtains creates an amazing effect in the bedroom.

Another interesting option for a purple bedroom is thin white or light blue curtains with a floral purple pattern to match the wallpaper.

To golden

The golden wallpaper on the walls of the bedroom is perfectly combined with the beige curtains. Curtains of all shades of green will create a beautiful view.

You can create a pleasant cool atmosphere in the golden bedroom by hanging blue curtains on the windows.

To yellow

Bright yellow wallpaper is rare in the bedroom. This positive color is emotionally energizing and therefore not conducive to relaxation.

In this room, you can rather find pastel light yellow tones. Curtains in such a room must be selected very carefully.

Before buying, you need to think over all the details of the interior, it is best to dwell on the green range of colors. Curtains of blue or blue colors, as well as all tones of purple, will be good.

A very interesting solution would be thin curtains with a floral pattern in white or cream. But choosing such a design solution, you need to attend to creating a shadow in the bedroom, it is best to use blinds.

The trend of the season is the yellow zone with photo curtains or blackout options.

To brown

Thin curtains made of solid tulle in colors from snow-white to deep brown look great in the bedroom under brown wallpaper.

To protect from sunlight in such a bedroom, it is permissible to use roller blinds to match the wall decoration.

To light green

Light brown curtains are suitable for the light green walls of the bedroom. The curtains in deep coffee color will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Light green walls go well with golden or bronze curtains. An interesting solution would be in such a room curtains made of tulle or organza in cream, beige or pearl color.

But the favorite, emphasizing the beauty of the light green shade of the walls, is white. The classic combination of white muslin or tulle and dense “shades” to match the walls of the bedroom is an ideal design solution.

For turquoise

The choice of curtains for a turquoise bedroom is an important design move. The color scheme in cold tones will give a feeling of coolness and light sea breeze even on the hottest day, the warm tones of curtains, on the contrary, will create a warm cozy atmosphere on cold winter evenings.

Neutral gray curtains are perfect for turquoise wallpaper. For double curtains, dense plain curtains and sheer blue tulle curtains are ideal.

Under the light

Various shades of white curtains are universally combined with light wallpaper in the bedroom. It can be milky, cream, beige tones.

The lilac color of floor-length curtains is amazingly beautiful and unusually mysterious. A classic-style room with light wallpaper will benefit from a pairing with golden options.

The light gray walls of the bedroom go well with the silvery shades of the curtains. Light blue or white wallpapers look great with deep blue curtains.

Bright light orange tones of the walls are most often used in the nursery, and the curtains here should also be selected in a cheerful life-affirming color. Silvery or blue patterns on tulle look great in decor.

Light wallpaper in the bedroom and black and white silk curtains will give the room an elegant sophisticated look. Double-sided black and white fabric, decorated with various clips or bows, will look great.

Curtains of various shades of brown are often used to give a bright bedroom a complete design.

Under the dark

Curtains of various shades of white are perfect for dark wallpapers in the bedroom.

An unusually beautiful combination of delicate peach color options and dark room walls.

Blue organza or tulle curtains, soft beige variations, or turquoise curtains will do.

Advice: if it is difficult to remember all the combinations or there is no time to study all the stylistic intricacies, remember a simple rule – the darker the wallpaper on the walls, the lighter the curtains should be and vice versa.

With mint

When choosing curtains for the mint walls of the bedroom, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • We select the color to match the wallpaper or one brighter.
  • Monochromatic wallpapers or with a small dull pattern are combined with large-pattern curtains and, conversely, large patterns and patterns on the wallpaper are monochromatic curtains without patterns.


Under the wallpaper of pistachio color, curtains are perfect to match the walls or one brighter. For a pistachio bedroom, dark options are acceptable.

A light curtain to the floor of a rich green or brown color made of tulle or organza is complemented by “shade curtains” to match a denser texture.

To the green walls

The green color of the walls in the bedroom is favorably combined with curtains a tone lighter or darker and white tulle. Turquoise or blue curtains look great.

Nice combination of delicate green walls and yellow or orange curtains on the windows. In this case, preference is given to curtain fabric, or tulle, with a border in a contrasting color.

To create blackout in the bedroom, it is permissible to use blinds or roller blinds.

Pink walls

Pink walls are usually made in a girl’s bedroom or a teenage girl’s room. Depending on this, curtains are chosen.

Curtains of pink tide from organza or muslin to match the walls will give the room romance and sophistication.

100% in such a bedroom a girl will dream of beautiful princes or knights on a white horse. Dense “shade” you can choose light brown or beige.

Gray walls

Gray walls in the bedroom are perfectly combined with blue, beige, chocolate curtain colors. The choice depends on the preferences and age category of the owner of the premises.

The general rules that will help determine the choice of curtains are:

  • It is advisable to choose options for the bedroom on the floor.
  • If it is necessary to free the window sill, then it is better to use rolled ones.
  • Blackout curtains are great for creating semi-darkness.

Neutral gray is “omnivorous” and any creative solutions for combinations of curtain colors are possible with it.

Into a bright bedroom

When deciding which curtains to choose for a bedroom with light furniture, you need to remember some rules:

  • They should be calm, soft colors; bright aggressive colors are not acceptable.
  • Even if the choice fell on light transparent curtains in the room, “shadows” should be provided.

The design of the curtains for the bright bedroom is diverse. For the classic, dense curtains are suitable for the entire wall in combination with transparent tulle.

Modern designers advise Roman or roll-type options.

Blinds are often used. Creative thread is very common. For a room in light colors, this is a real find.

3D printed curtains made a splash in the interior. These curtains look luxurious and will decorate even a very modest environment.

Into the white bedroom

Curtains of various colors and shades are suitable for the universal white color of the bedroom, with white or cream furniture sets. Modern design involves the widest selection of curtains of any length, shade and texture.

Their color depends on the general style of room decoration. White pastel shades of “Provence” are in good harmony with sand or light green curtains with a “blurred” pattern.

Scandinavian style with white walls and light wood furniture looks great with blue or light blue curtains, while minimalists will love metallic curtains or blinds.

Contrasting black and white options or deep blue colors look amazing. Numerous articles on the endless expanses of the Internet and this small article on modern design will help you evaluate the curtains (which are best for a bedroom in white).

To the gray bedroom

The gray tone in the bedroom is the king of colors. The nobility and purity of the gray palette is the best fit for this room.

Most often, its neutrality is taken as the basis of the decor, and then gray is diluted with other colors.

Warm tones (yellow, orange, coffee) are appropriate in cold shaded rooms, and a blue or silver palette is an excellent solution for a bedroom with south-facing windows.

In the gray and white area, beige, milk or cream curtains are ideal.

Into the turquoise bedroom

In the turquoise bedroom, nylon curtains to match the walls are perfect. The lightness and airiness of turquoise is perfectly emphasized by white tulle or cream muslin.

A new trend in curtain fashion is color transition options. Amazing delicate and beautiful curtains with a gradient from white at the top to dark lilac at the bottom create a unique effect in a turquoise bedroom.

In black and white

In the bedroom in black and white, the design of the curtains is not difficult. There are three classic options for decorating windows in such a room:

  • White options.
  • Black.
  • Black and white from double-sided black and white fabric.

There can be many interpretations of these options: white curtains with black patterns at the top or bottom of the curtains, black with white patterns at the top or bottom of the curtains, fabric variations with a color transition, double black and white short or floor-length, etc.

In beige

Deciding what curtains are needed in a beige bedroom is quite simple. The beige room recognizes almost any color, the main thing is that it is combined with the main leitmotif of the room.

There are a lot of shades of beige. With beige wallpaper, options with a shade of sandy color, the color of coffee with milk or cream look good.

White curtains are a favorite for compatibility with a beige bedroom. The orange curtain color goes well with beige walls, but this combination is more suitable for the youth zone.

Green, blue, blue tones of curtains are equally interesting for a beige room.

In a gray-beige bedroom, curtains of gray or gray-blue color, all shades of brown from light brown to rich dark chocolate, are quite acceptable.

To the bedroom in pastel colors

The pastel-colored curtains fit perfectly into the bedroom in beige, white and gray.

Amazingly beautiful room with curtains in pink and ash colors. In such a bedroom there can be curtains of any color, the main thing is that these are “blurred” shades of one or another tone.

To the light green bedroom

The light green color of the bedroom is beautiful and calm, so it is not difficult to choose curtains to match the wallpaper.

Very beautiful blue or light blue curtains with light green walls. Always a win-win option – white nylon curtains.

Blackout curtains for shading may well be light green or even a tone darker than the walls.

In cream

The cream bedroom is a visually tall room with a warm atmosphere. The color range of curtains is wide enough.

All shades of white are great for a bedroom in cream tones, caramel and purple curtains look good.

Into orange

The orange bedroom is an ambiguous design move. The orange room is too bright, so it is worth dimming this color with calm tones of beige or gray curtains.

An orange and white bedroom with a white and orange pattern of tulle or muslin curtains looks beautiful.

Into the dairy

A bedroom with milky wallpaper is ideal for a relaxing break. The neutral milky color is good both in hot and cold winter conditions, it is equally suitable for large and small rooms.

The curtains in the dairy bedroom can be of a wide variety of shades from snow-white tulle to deep dark brown.


The lavender bedroom is associated with a sophisticated Provencal style and the curtains should be chosen according to these impressions.

The lavender-colored walls are perfectly combined with the sheer lilac tulle curtains. For dense curtains, a light purple fabric is quite suitable.

White light curtains in light green or light blue will also be a great addition to a lavender bedroom.

In pink

It is both easy and difficult to choose curtains for a pink bedroom. Easy, because it’s already a common cliché – pink room / girlish. White and pink or just pink options immediately come to mind.

And that’s why it’s difficult too. After choosing a pink color, you still want to create an original unusual interior.

A few tips:

  • Make a kind of collage of light pink and dark pink wallpapers.
  • They also have a lighter and less light tone.
  • Use not just curtains, but a set “curtains + bedspread” in one color scheme.

As always, getting creative is amazing, you’ll see.

The combination of bedroom curtains with furnitureBedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

A few rules for combining bedroom curtains with furniture:

  • It is better that the upholstery and curtains match in color, relate to soothing tones, and the pillows, in turn, serve as bright color accents.
  • If you’re dreaming of a monochrome interior, play with texture. You can also use different shades of the same color.
  • Play with the ornament. For example, a floral pattern. On the pillows – large colors, on the curtains – a pattern of smaller flowers, but then the upholstery should be done in a calm color, for example, white or beige.

With light

If you have light-colored furniture in your bedroom, then curtains should be chosen in light or neutral colors.

The most popular light colors are white, beige and shades of green (pistachio, olive, etc.).

White and beige expand the space, however, it is better to choose a dense fabric, as they can transmit sunlight. Green shades add freshness to the room.

Two-tone curtains are used to visually increase the height of the room. However, pay special attention to correct color matching.

With dark

If in your bedroom dark furniture acts as a color accent, it is better to choose discreet curtains. For example, sheer tulle or roman neutral shades.

If dark furniture is an element of decor, and the color accents include, for example, bright pillows, it is better to choose them in the color of these accents.

It will not look pretentious, but, on the contrary, elegantly complement each other.

Wenge colors

Wenge is a type of wood native to Central Africa, distinguished by high quality indicators, but also by an appropriate price. There are different shades, but they all belong to the noble dark tones.

There are several options for interior design with furniture of this color:

  • Wenge + light background. In this case, it is better to choose simple and light curtains from light airy fabrics.
  • Wenge + bright background or bright color accents. Then they should be in the color of the accents.
  • Wenge + pastel colors. Accordingly, the curtains should be either pastel colors, or play the role of color accents. However, in the second case, you need to very carefully choose the color.

To white

For white furniture, a win-win option for curtains would be to use transparent tulle and dense options in the color of the room’s accents. A minimalist style option is also possible.

This implies either monochrome style or using only two colors. Classic – black and white. However, there may be other colors as well.

If you dream of a monochrome room, then play with the shades of the chosen color, and also do not choose a color that is too bright.

To brown

Brown refers to the basic, classic colors. Therefore, for furniture of this color, you can choose almost any curtains, and the furniture itself can be entered into any interior.

They can be both minimalistic and bright, or with the use of different decorative elements.

Remember, though, brown furniture and curtains love white or light colored walls.

With beige

This season, beige is not only one of the basic colors, but also one of the most fashionable and stylish solutions.

In this regard, the question arises: which curtains are suitable for a beige headset? The answer is almost anything!

You have at your disposal all the variety of shades of beige, as well as all the bright colors that will create bright accents. The main condition is the combination of style.

Variations of curtains in the bedroomBedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

The curtains that you can pick up in the bedroom are of a huge variety. The main condition is the combination of style. Main styles: classic, provence, hi-tech and minimalism, country, modern.

As for suitable models, a universal option is to use transparent tulle and curtains made of dense material that fit into the color scheme of the room.

Short or cropped curtains are available. Roll, Roman and Japanese are also gaining popularity, but they fit better with minimalism and hi-tech.

Floral motifs are suitable for Provence and country styles. An even more modern and stylish option is to use combinations. Examples: double.

This refers to two separate canvases that can act as independent curtains. If you choose them of different density, then this will create a darkening of the required degree.

A combination of roll and regular is also possible. However, this combination is suitable only for modern style.


Options for short curtains to the windowsill, suitable for the bedroom, are very diverse and numerous.

The main condition is that they must fit into the design of the room.

  • The first option, which can be adapted to almost any interior, is curtains with short tulle. The simplest will be to use these in Provence or country-style rooms. They are also perfect for small windows. It is quite possible to do such options with your own hands.
  • Further, more modern options, but not suitable for all styles. These are roll, Japanese, Roman, blinds and bamboo. They fit better into hi-tech, minimalism, eco.


Cropped curtains are great for small rooms. They will complement the interior and give the design completeness.

Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • If you want to create a romantic room design, use light pastel-colored fabrics decorated with ruffles that gently descend like waterfalls.
  • If your room is eco-friendly, take a look at bamboo curtains. They will go well with wicker furniture.
  • For country or Provence style, choose transparent tulle and blackout curtains with a floral print or a check.

With lambrequin

Curtains with a lambrequin are not suitable for every design. They should be chosen by those who love the classic style.

They will fill your room with sophistication and elegance that no others can provide without lambrequins.

The main types of curtains with a lambrequin:

  • Hard or “bando”. They completely cover the cornice and are made of dense fabric, often on a non-woven basis.
  • Soft. Made of soft and lightweight fabrics. They are divided into two subspecies: “swag” and “frill”. “Swag” is executed in the form of clear falling folds, and “frill” in the form of arbitrary ones.
  • Combined. They are a combination of the previous two, that is, elements of both hard lambrequins and soft ones.

With bandeau (hard lambrequin)

Lambrequins are a very important decorative element. Visually, they enlarge the window and expand the wall.

Bando, or hard lambrequin, is not suitable for every style. Best of all, it will fit into the classic and complement the already majestic atmosphere, add chic and luxury.

The advantages of a rigid lambrequin are that it perfectly holds its shape, and therefore it is possible to create much more interesting and unusual design elements.

In addition, the amount of fabric spent on a hard lambrequin is much less than on a soft one.


Roman blinds will fit into almost any design, thanks to their simplicity and brevity. However, they can add some seriousness and formality to the room with the wrong color scheme.

Tulle will help to soften and romanticize the interior a little. Rolls with tulle are an excellent option for both adults’ and children’s bedrooms, and the versatility of this option allows them to be used in a room for both a boy and a girl.

If you have a bedroom with a balcony, roman blinds will also work for you. For example, there are several photos from 2022-2023.


Night curtains are designed to prevent sunlight from entering the room. In connection with their purpose, special attention is paid to the fabric from which they will be sewn.

The fabric should be UV-resistant. At the same time, samples of night options have other advantages: long service life, sound insulation properties, fire resistance, resistance to dust and dirt.

Roller blinds can also act as night blinds, but in this case, white colors will not work at all, give preference to a darker and very dense material.

Night curtains must be in the floor. In this regard, they are not suitable for every design. Best of all, they will fit into a classic style or modern.


Double curtains are new for 2022-2023. They are not only an excellent stylistic solution, but also a standard of practicality.

For the design of these, two canvases are used: one of a very dense, dark and heavy fabric, and the second layer is something in between tulle and dense, providing partial darkening of the room.

If the curtains have a lining of a different color or texture, they are called double-sided.

Roman can also act as bilateral. Then two rolls of different colors and degrees of shading are used.

Double rolls consist of two rolls fixed on different wooden frames, each roll being individually rolled.

For clarity, several photos of new double curtains are presented, which you can either sew yourself or buy.


Of course, single curtains are still relevant when designing your bedroom.

They are more suitable for lovers of the classics, they are easier to combine with the surrounding space, and thanks to the many design options for such curtains, they can be selected for any style and interior.

On the eyelets

Eyelets are rings on which curtains are hung. Most of the eyelets are metal and sewn directly into the fabric.

Thanks to the variety of colors, materials and rings, you can pick up beautiful curtains on eyelet rings for absolutely any design.

Among the curtains on the eyelets, such novelties as double ones are popular. That is, two canvases that fit into the overall interior in style and color are combined into one composition.


Roller blinds consist of a solid dense fabric and a shaft on which they are wound. The main advantage of such options is the ability to set the required length, which regulates the amount of light.

In the interior, rolls look very beneficial, as they are distinguished by simplicity of design and laconicism.

If the style of your room provides for great romance and tenderness, you should give preference to a combination of roller blinds and tulle.

Roller blinds options:

  • Standard: shaft up to 30 mm.
  • Lux: pipe 35-70 mm.
  • Mini-cassette: shaft up to 15 mm.
  • Open mini options.
  • “Zebra day-night”: the combination of stripes of varying degrees of darkness allows, by combining them with each other, to change the illumination of the room.


Blackout roller blinds are used to block out the sun. These are, as a rule, non-transmissive, solid and dark, made of dense fabric.

Almost all opaque options are made of polyester, and natural fibers are also available.

It is clear why exactly dark fabric is used, it better limits the flow of sunlight. However, the use of lighter colors is also possible.

This is due to the fact that when performing blackout curtains, a special coating is used that does not transmit ultraviolet rays.


Lightweight roller blinds are also often used. When you only want to slightly limit the UV rays while leaving the room bright, these are for you.

Literally airy roller blinds can be hung on the balcony door. Although this option is more an element of decor than practicality.


Blackout curtains are used to completely limit the flow of sunlight.

To fulfill this property, the fabric is coated with a special substance, and also due to the special design of the canvas, this becomes possible. The blackout options are 100% polyester.

In the interior, such curtains are quite easy to combine. Tips on how to choose blackout curtains in the bedroom are limited to the rule of selection for the style.

They are perfectly combined with the usual variations or tulle, due to which it becomes even easier to fit them into any design.


The peculiarity of the design of two-color curtains is that two fabrics are used for sewing: one on the front side, one on the wrong side.

They can differ in color or texture, or both. The combination of two colors allows you to create a unique design and easily fit them into the interior.

And the double layer makes the curtains denser and allows much better performance of the function of limiting the flow of light.

How do you combine them?

  • First, you need to take into account the main purpose: limiting light penetration, accent color or maybe a simple decoration?
  • The next step is to choose the right colors for the setting. If you choose the right colors, then all the imperfections of the room can be visually corrected.


Tricolor is another option for combined curtains. This option will definitely make your bedroom much more interesting and more unique, but with the wrong colors it can look awkward and cumbersome.

For example, when combining vertical stripes of different colors, the design of the curtains will visually increase the distance from the floor to the ceiling.


Solid curtains are irreplaceable classics. This option will perfectly fit into any style, from classic to minimalism.

Absolutely different options for designs and colors, styles and shades allow each person to choose their own.

As a rule, monochromatic curtains mean not bright, but close to pastel colors.

These colors will not allow you to make a color accent on the window, but will create a sense of calmness and comfort in the room.


Colored curtains are used to create a color accent or harmonize the interior.

The best option would be to match the bright curtains with the colors of small items, such as pillows or lamps, while the rest of the room will be calm, nude shades.

One side

Curtains on one side of the window are an excellent stylistic solution that allows you to hide all window flaws or, if they are absent, add style to the room.

This design allows you to use any decoration options without feeling bulky.

Single-sided curtains are a great option for both large and small rooms. They will give the room a finished look, while not taking up much space.

Two windows

If you have two windows side by side in a large room, then curtains for two windows will be an excellent stylistic solution to combine them. In this case, it would be a good option to focus on the windows.

If you are a fan of minimalism or high-tech style and want to choose roller blinds, combine the windows with common tulle – this solution will ensure that the windows are combined into a single stylistic element.


Triple curtains look very interesting and stylish when properly selected in style and colors. However, this option is not suitable for every room.

In a small room, they will look bulky and only overload the space, so in this case you need to be careful.


Layering is a very interesting stylistic solution. It can be achieved in several ways: using curtains of different colors, different types or different uniformity of fabric.

Multi-layered curtains are difficult to fit into the interior of a small room, as they are rather bulky. They are included in the list of new products for 2022-2023.

Among multilayers, two-layer ones are the most popular, since they are much easier to combine with space than others.

Another interesting option is a three-layer bay window for the bedroom. The latter option allows you to combine several windows into a single stylistic element.

Colors can be very different. If you want to make a color accent, use a combination of different, distant colors. For example, white and crimson curtains will look gentle and bright at the same time.

If you want to create a more relaxed interior, you can use different shades of the same color.

Roll curtains

Roll curtains are the second name for roller curtains. These options in interior design began to be used quite recently.

They conquered designers with their simplicity and versatility. These properties allow you to combine this type of curtain with other, more interesting curtains. This is what allows them to fit into any interior.


Tulle curtains do not have the function of limiting the flow of sunlight. They only scatter light around the room.

However, thanks to the lightness of the fabric, they give the room an airy, flying image, completing the interior design. For those who love the abundance of sunlight, these curtains are a real find.


Summer curtains differ from ordinary ones in their lightness. They do not have to be solid and presentable, on the contrary, they are valued for their simplicity.

Density and shade are selected depending on climatic conditions, but it is better to give preference to light colors and bright ornaments.

Delicate summer curtains will give you a good mood and allow you to tune in to a well-deserved rest.


Crocheted curtains will add a touch of antiquity and comfort to your home. Of course, this look is not suitable for every style.

If your home is dominated by country style, knitted curtains are just a godsend. However, if minimalism or high-tech, they will not fit at all.


Openwork curtains look very interesting and cozy, they fill the room with warmth. However, they are not suitable for every style.

The asymmetrical version of openwork curtains looks especially interesting, because in this case the interior will not be overloaded.


Fringe curtains will perfectly complement the classic style. In order not to overload the space, use the principle of asymmetry.

Then your room will look more stately and noble.

For bed

Bed curtains, or canopy, visually create the feeling of the bed being fenced off from the rest of the space. They are hung over the bed, covering it from one, two or all sides.

This bed option will perfectly fit into the classic style and will look majestic. In this case, it is better to choose a color that is the same as the bedspread, as the image will be complete.

On hinges

Curtains on hinges look softer and more romantic than on rings or lambrequins. These can easily fit into any interior, including a capricious eco style.

The only condition for eco-style is the natural fabric of the curtain itself, for example, linen. For the rest of the styles, choosing this one is not difficult.


Asymmetric curtains have several advantages over conventional curtains. Perhaps the most important thing is the possibility of using these in a small room.

Also, a very important advantage is that the asymmetry hides all the flaws and imperfections of the window and the approximate space, as an interesting design draws attention.

Also, such curtains can be safely supplemented with various accessories. Due to their asymmetry, they will not look overloaded.

On the whole wall

If the space of the room allows you, curtains for the entire wall will be an interesting design option.

  • First, they hide almost all the flaws of the room.
  • Secondly, they do an excellent job with their main barrier function. However, don’t choose bright colors. This type of curtain rather acts as a background than a color accent. But various accessories, such as lambrequins, can be of bright colors.

In the bay window

In a room with many windows, a prerequisite for the design is to combine them into a single stylistic element.

In this case, the curtains in the bay window will help you. Their choice should be taken very responsibly.

  • Firstly, such in any case attract attention, so you should not overdo it with color.
  • Secondly, such can both mask flaws and emphasize them.
  • And thirdly, if they do not fit into the overall style of the room, because of their size, it will look much worse.


The curtain-arch is a very interesting decorative element. Of course, it will not suit any style, but, for example, in the classic it will be very beneficial and stylish to look.

It focuses on the window already due to its non-standard shape, so you need to be careful with the color and choose not very catchy shades and not very dense fabric. It performs more of a decorative function than a light-limiting one.


Popular curtains in two colors are one of the combined options. Other options combine different fabrics, more colors, or different decorative elements.

If you want to accentuate, white and any bright will be a great combination. Complete the room with small objects of the same vibrant color and create a subtle background.

This interior design option looks very stylish and unloaded, while stylish and complete.

Another option is the choice of pastel-colored curtains, with the help of which we get a monochrome interior. It’s worth playing with the shades and accessories here.


Many people associate the floral print with the countryside, although in vain. When executed correctly, curtains with a floral print will perfectly complement the country or Provence style.

Depending on the flower arrangement, these perform a corrective function. Small-flowered options will visually increase the space.

If space allows you, you can choose curtains with a pattern “flowers” in large sizes.

It will look even better if there is one large flower on the fabric, which in color or motive resonates with the elements of the room. For example, fabric with poppies, roses, orchids or irises.


Straight curtains are the most popular type of cut. This is due to its versatility. These look strictly in their normal state, vertical folds visually increase the height of the room.

If necessary, they can be assembled on one side, diversified with any accessories and diluted with a serious atmosphere.


3D curtains have appeared relatively recently. Interest in them is caused by a very realistic print.

Depending on the pattern you choose, you can adapt the curtains to any style and fit into any interior.

To the big window

A large window opens up great possibilities for its decoration.

Let’s consider several options:

  • Elongated. They are made 5-15 cm longer than the distance from floor to ceiling, and therefore their edge remains on the floor. The advantage of these options is that they soften the rigid line of the window frame, add tenderness and romance.
  • Double. There are many possibilities for combining colors and materials.
  • Blackout. Curtains made of this fabric will completely limit the flow of sunlight into the room, giving you the long-awaited calm rest and the opportunity to sleep.
  • Thread curtains can be an interesting addition to the interior.
  • Lambrequins look much better and more harmonious on large windows, besides, the risk of overloading the space is minimized.

Half window

The option of half-window curtains is possible and very successful in a small room.

Also, this option is appropriate when styling a room for minimalism.


Shade curtains are used to restrict sunlight from entering the room. They are different in tissue density, respectively, and in the degree of permeability.

If space permits, you can combine shade curtains of varying degrees of permeability into double shades. It will look stylish and very practical.


Corner shades are used on two windows when the latter are separated by a corner. Any can be used as corner ones: from tulle to rolled.

At the same time, the composition looks very cozy and in this corner it is quite possible to place a work area or a table for evening tea parties.


Striped curtains have an amazing quality – the correction of the surrounding space. If you choose thin multiple stripes, they enlarge the room.

If you choose vertical stripes, they make the distance between the floor and the ceiling larger.

Horizontal visually expand the room. It remains only to choose the right color and style.


A few tips for choosing curtain curtains:

  • If you are the owner of a spacious and light room with windows facing south, it is better to choose thick curtains.
  • If your room is dim, choose fabrics like satin and silk.
  • Patterned fabrics are what you need to accentuate furniture.
  • If your wallpaper is patterned, give preference to options with one curtain and an unloaded print.
  • If you want to create sharp folds, choose a thick fabric. If you are dreaming of flowing waterfalls, choose a soft fabric.

For a low bedroom

For a low bedroom, vertical striped curtains are the best solution.

At the same time, pay attention that a couple of centimeters remain from the bottom edge of the curtain to the floor – this will also increase the vertical line.

From the sun

Blackout options are most practical as sun shades. They limit the sun’s rays by 95%.

This is due to the processing of the fabric with a special substance, as well as the design features.

The most practical solution would be to combine two or three canvases with varying degrees of light transmission. This will allow you to dim the room.


Heavy curtains will not fit a small room at all, as they will look bulky and inappropriate.

Heavy curtains will give spacious rooms a stately and noble look. Perfect for performing light-shielding functions.

Mansard type

The curtains for the roof window have a number of features:

  • First, a much more light enters a room with a mansard roof, so they must regulate this.
  • Secondly, the angle of inclination is very large, and therefore there is a need for correct fastening. Otherwise, the curtains will hang shapelessly to the floor. In attic bedrooms, roll-ups are a winning solution.

The design of a room with an attic ceiling should be very simple and unobtrusive. This is due to the fact that there is already complexity in the interior on the attic floor and it is not worth overloading the room with details.


Curtains on ceiling cornices will be an excellent solution for rooms with low ceilings. Such cornices do not steal the height of the room, but, on the contrary, increase it.

There are 4 types of ceiling curtain rods:

  • Strings are thin metal wire suitable only for lightweight curtains.
  • Sticks are a thin metal or wooden strip.
  • Round – the curtain rod is attached to the ceiling with brackets.
  • Profile – a universal type.


In many rooms, the best stylistic solution would be to use blinds instead of curtains.

  • First, this is the most practical option. Blinds take up much less space and are easy to clean. They do not need to be washed and ironed frequently.
  • Secondly, they are easier to fit into the interior. This is due to their simplicity of design and brevity.
  • Thirdly, it is much more convenient to regulate the amount of light entering the room.


If you do not want to darken the room and the curtains are a decorative solution for you, then the veil is for you. It will give the room completeness and lightness, while it will not “steal” the space as much as heavy dense curtains.

A universal option is the usual transparent tulle. However, if you want to make the room more interesting, you can create a combination of a veil of two colors, and this will not harm the overall space in any way.


The curtains on the north side should be different from those on the south. This is due to the degree of illumination of the room itself.

The northern rooms are not so exposed to the sun’s rays, and therefore the curtains are more of a decorative element than a functional one.

This means that here you can give free rein to your imagination and not think about how to combine beauty and practicality.

With photo printing

Curtains with photo printing have appeared relatively recently. Like 3D, they differ in their realism.

This is also their zest. You can choose a drawing that you like, it will add a touch of individuality to the interior of your home and, as a significant thing, will affect your psycho-emotional state.


Chameleon curtains are rare. Their peculiarity is that under different lighting conditions, their color is different. It is this feature that complicates their use.

However, if you take a closer look at the possible colors of these options and choose the appropriate color scheme for the room, you will certainly be pleased with the result.

Besides the fact that it will look stylish, it will also change depending on the lighting, as if you were hanging new curtains every time.


Slanting curtains are a special case of asymmetric. They are suitable for small rooms, which is their undoubted advantage.

Also, as in the case of asymmetric ones, they can be decorated with various elements and accessories much easier than ordinary ones. Such curtains can be made from ordinary ones, if you collect them on one side.


Day curtains differ from night curtains in the density of the fabric. They perform a decorative function, and therefore are made of more flying fabrics of light shades.

They are also distinguished from the night ones by the print. The pattern of daytime curtains is brighter and more cheerful than the restrained strict lines of the night ones.


Curtains with lace are an interesting stylistic solution. True, these are quite difficult to fit into the interior.

They are ideal for styles such as country or Provence, but there is absolutely no place for them in eco, high-tech or minimalism.

On arched windows

As a rule, due to the non-standard shape, arched windows take on the role of an accent in the room. Curtains should help to arrange them correctly, draw attention to them and hide flaws.

The design options for such windows can be very different. For them, both long on the eyelets and short translucent curtains are suitable.

The only thing that is hardly suitable as curtains for arched windows is roller blinds. This is due to the complexity of the fastening.


Translucent curtains are used in rooms where daylight does not need to be restricted. They perform to a greater extent a decorative function, although they have a scattering effect on ultraviolet rays.

It will not be difficult to pick up translucent ones. Since they are simple and versatile, the main thing to consider is color.

Also, translucent curtains can be combined with denser ones or with the same density, but different in color or shade.

With tassels

Tassel curtains add elegance and luxury to the room. Brushes, as a decoration, look much more harmonious on dense, massive fabrics.

Do not forget about compliance with the overall style of the room. Here the classic style is the best option. If the brushes are small and neat, they can go with country or Provence.

For a bedroom with slanting windows

It is better not to overload curtains in a bedroom with slanting windows. The complexity of their execution is already taking on the role of decoration, while curtains are assigned the role of favorably shading the window from the rest of the space.

Here, the best solution would be translucent or curtains with an unpretentious print (provided that the rest of the background is made in calm colors).


Recently, noodle curtains are back in fashion. They consist of many threads, and the threads can be of the same or different colors.

The possibility of decorating and draping them certainly captivates people with a lot of imagination. It is also worth noting that by creating vertical lines, such curtains visually increase the height of the room.

With ornament

Among the curtains with ornaments, geometric shapes are the most popular. Various rhombuses and triangles, squares or well-known peas will fit, if not all, then most styles.

Since ornate curtains are eye-catching, you can make them the main accent of the room by choosing the colors you want. These need minimal addition and look stylish even on their own.

Curtain cabinet

When you need to shield some part of the room, visually turning it into a separate island, curtains will always come to the rescue. This also applies to the cabinet.

As soon as you fence off the shelves for clothes with a curtain, visually, this part of the room will turn into a dressing room.

The advantages of this option are simplicity in execution and the ability to choose any color that fits into the surrounding interior. However, it is better to choose dense fabric.

Bedroom curtain options in various stylesBedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

Modern fashion trends allow a wide variety of types of curtains in the bedroom. Floor-length, short, roll-up curtains in a wide variety of styles add coziness and comfort to the room.

In english style

English-style curtains for the bedroom create a unique charm in the room. They are rectangular fabrics with smooth edges.

Decorated with fringes or ruffles, curtains in the English zone are made of dense fabric.

Jacquard or taffeta is a great option for such curtains. For double curtains in the English style, organza or tulle are used.

Provence style

The design of the curtains in the Provencal style is distinguished by delicate pastel colors made from light materials – chintz, satin, fine muslin to match the furniture, wall decoration, flooring and ceiling.

The interior of the Provence bedroom is complemented by wooden cornices.

Japanese style

Japanese curtains in the bedroom interior give an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. On-screen Japanese options are straight strips of fabric, 50 – 60 centimeters wide.

They completely cover the window and are fixed to the ceiling strip. In a room, the design of windows with Japanese curtains can differ favorably in texture and color.

Delicate, soft and pastel tones of Japanese curtain stripes with subtle images of flowers or abstract lines are great for large and small spaces.

Classic style

Classics in the design of windows in the bedroom are always relevant. Classic curtains made of silk, linen, cotton, organza are amazing and very durable.

The trend of the season is “curtains and bedspreads” sets in one style solution. Beautiful options in a classic style make any bedroom a real masterpiece.

Loft style

Curtains in the “Loft” style are an original know-how, because initially the decoration of window openings in an industrial style was not intended. But they should be “a priori” in the bedroom.

It is best for Loft to use natural light-colored fabrics that freely let in the sun’s rays. Linen curtains look great, tulle or transparent organza are also suitable.

Crisp flat panels highlight the elegance of an industrial style. Variants in the “Loft” style are distinguished by minimalism, laconism and maximum functionality.

The ideal curtains for a loft bedroom would be roller blinds. They go well with brickwork or a concrete-painted wall. The color of roller blinds can be from white and beige to brown and black.

For “Loft” Roman are perfect. The practicality and functionality of these curtains will emphasize the features of the “industrial” and add comfort and warmth to the interior.

Beautiful weightless tulle on a metal cornice will add a special charm to the loft area. The best option for decorating windows in the Loft room are blinds. It provides excellent protection from bright sunlight.

Photo curtains look interesting and unusual in a loft bedroom. In addition to sun protection, they support the overall industrial look.

A good decor can be created using double options. Floor-length double curtains in a contrasting color shade and diffuse direct sunlight.

The original design is created by thread. Such curtains somewhat soften the deliberate rudeness of the “Loft” and improve the overall appearance of the room.

Earlier, in one of the articles, we have already considered in detail what your loft-style bedroom can be, be sure to study it!

If you are interested in this style not only within the recreation areas, but also in other premises, follow the link below, where we discussed how the loft style can be presented in the interior of various rooms.

High tech

High-tech style in the bedroom assumes high-tech interior items, including curtains. The trend of the season is teflon-coated curtains.

Such options are hypoallergenic and durable, they perfectly protect from the sun and do not fade.

The “Hi-tech” style in the room is emphasized by straight long canvases of straight curtains, without folds or frills – roller blinds, Japanese or blinds.

Earlier, in one of the articles, we have already examined in detail what your high-tech bedroom can be, for anyone interested – be sure to study at your leisure!


The curtains in the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style are decorated in light colors.

The main features of modernity are:

  • Layering.
  • Asymmetry.
  • Drapery.
  • Floor length.

The colors can be very diverse.

Scandinavian style

A Scandinavian-style bedroom is a maximum of comfort and calm monochromatic curtains.

Soft tones of cotton or linen are ideal for a Scandinavian-style interior.

Roman or bamboo roller blinds look original. They perfectly protect from the very bright sun and, at the same time, fill the room with air.


Patchwork-style curtains in the bedroom are a beautiful modern accessory that creates a good mood and harmoniously complements the interior. In addition, this is a budget option for decorating window openings with your own hands.

The patchwork technique leaves room for creativity and the manifestation of imagination of the hostess of the house, and makes it possible to make your home unusual.

Country style

The country-style curtains in the bedroom are close to Provence. These are beautiful curtains made of linen, satin or cotton with floral patterns: greenery, orange or yellow flowers, red roses or poppies, etc.

The combination of these with white or bluish tulle gives lightness and comfort. Often in the country style fabrics with small or large peas, soft cages, etc. are used.

Such ornaments go well with white or beige. “Country” is a rustic style, so various ruffles or frills are appropriate. Usually this style is used to decorate a bedroom in a country house or in a country house.


Baroque-style curtains are decorated with a lot of additional accessories: bugles, tassels, fringes. These are long to the floor, heavy from satin, brocade, velvet.

Such splendor is appropriate in large bedrooms of country cottages. Fastening the curtains with lambrequins gives them additional grandeur.

The window opening visually increases, the room seems to be higher and larger. The beauty and originality of the Baroque style is complemented by vibrant colors.

Emerald, ruby, sapphire tones of the curtains give the bedroom an unusual luxury.

In oriental style

Oriental style in bedroom interior design is the trend of the season. Oriental curtains decorate the room regardless of size, ceiling height and width of window openings.

To create such curtains, calico, satin, silk and brocade are used. One-color, multi-layered, brocade with intricate ornaments or airy curtains made of colored tulle in an oriental style are beautiful and unusual.


Neoclassical bedroom curtains suggest elegance and sophistication. Cotton, velvet or silk are usually used to make curtains.

As an addition, grips are used, often windows are decorated with lambrequins.


The curtains in the bedroom with a minimalist style must meet some requirements:

  • Outstanding texture.
  • Lightweight materials.
  • Dull colors in the same range with the wall.

Modern style

Modern trends in the use of curtains in the bedroom must meet two main requirements. Curtains should protect from bright sunlight and provide a cozy, calm environment.

The modern style is quite democratic, they can be made from various fabrics – transparent tulle, velvet, organza.

Curtains for bedrooms in various buildings and premisesBedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

Bedroom curtains come in a variety of types and colors. To choose the type and quality of curtains, it is important where exactly the room is located, in a large country house, in a country house or in a city apartment.

In a wooden house

A bedroom in a wooden house is most often decorated in a country style. Wood and rustic style are harmonious in decoration. Chintz, satin, linen curtains with small floral patterns are beautiful and unusual.

In a wooden room, patchwork options look great and unexpected. Housewives can sew such cute curtains with their own hands. Economical and original, they give the wooden house an unforgettable charm.

The Provence style curtains emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the wooden walls and ceilings. Natural pastel-colored fabrics for curtains are an excellent choice for a summer cottage or a country log house, smelling of fresh wood.

To the bedroom with a balcony

The design of curtains for the bedroom with access to the balcony is an extremely relevant topic, especially for city apartments in multi-storey buildings.

When developing ideas for curtains for a window and balcony door, you need to consider some important aspects:

  • Tulle and options without folds, ruffles, etc. So that they do not interfere with the free exit to the balcony.
  • The material for shade workers must be dense and durable.
  • On the balcony window, curtains up to the window sill are acceptable.

It is quite possible to hang asymmetrical L-shaped curtains on the balcony block. A bedroom with a balcony door stands out for its extra space.

Very often, in such cases, the balcony is designed as a place for daytime rest and night sleep, therefore, the balconies themselves are glazed and hung with blinds or photocurtains.

A window with a balcony door can be decorated with vertical fabric blinds. A window with a balcony with Japanese curtains looks original. They consist of several sheets of fabric with vertical movement.

Classic curtains made of transparent tulle and dense shade curtains are beautiful. You can hang an additional canvas on the door and move it as needed.

To the dacha

The walls of country houses are often decorated with “clapboard”. In the bedroom, curtains in the “Russian hut” style are perfect for the lining.

In Russian national motives, they are sewn from cotton, linen or chintz. These are usually attached to a traditional single-rod cornice.

Curtains in the style of “country”, “Provence” and “patchwork” are also well suited for such bedrooms.

To the house

New homes in the private sector usually have high ceilings and large windows. Bedrooms in such buildings often combine dual functions: boudoirs, living rooms, sometimes even an office.

And the curtains are chosen depending on the functionality of the room. But there are several rules for choosing curtains for the bedroom of a country house:

  • Natural fabrics are used for sewing (linen, cotton, satin, silk).
  • Floor-length double curtains.
  • Light colors, elegant and light.
  • Wooden cornices.

To Khrushchev

Khrushchev’s bedroom has small standard windows, so you should pay attention to the recommendations of the designers:

  • They are selected two or three tones lighter or darker than the walls, or you need to use a contrasting color scheme.
  • The cornice and curtains are made in the entire wall.
  • The curtains are long to the floor.

To the dressing room

Often a combination of dressing room and bedroom. This design technique is used in large apartments with an improved layout or country houses.

The curtains that separate these rooms are usually floor-length, made of beautiful fabric on the cornice of the original decor or the cornice-string.

To the apartment

Curtains on the windows in the apartment are selected in accordance with the overall design of the room and the bedroom is no exception. It must be remembered that they must meet the following requirements:

  • Options to match the overall decor of the room.
  • It is obligatory to use shade workers.

Blinds, roller blinds, photo curtains, as well as blackout options are often used as curtains in such a bedroom.

To the kindergarten bedroom

When choosing which curtains to hang in the kindergarten bedroom, you need to remember that they should be made of high quality hypoallergenic material.

They should not only protect the room from direct sunlight during the daytime sleep, but also have an attractive, calm design.

Calm pastel shades of curtains and light tulle are well suited.

On the corner window

Designers have developed several general rules for decorating corner windows with curtains:

  • They accentuate the unusual silhouette of the window.
  • A special curved cornice is used.
  • Lush and rich decor looks great.

Types of bedroom curtains on the windowsBedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

Bedroom curtains are used to darken windows and create a beautiful, unusual interior. Depending on the general style of the room and the design features of the window openings, the curtains can be long, short, with lambrequins, ruffles, straight and draped.

Blackout can be made of roll-type blackout fabric. Very often, blinds, photo curtains, multi-layer curtains, etc. are used for this purpose.

On a narrow window

Narrow windows visually narrow the room and let in little sunlight, so when choosing curtains for such a bedroom, you need to take into account some of the nuances:

  • Choose fabric with a horizontal pattern.
  • It is advisable to place the structure on the entire wall and above the ceiling itself.
  • Use floor-length curtains in gradient fabric with shades from light to dark from top to bottom.
  • Use multi-layer curtains with different cuffs, tiebacks, etc.

On a small window

The design of curtains for a small window in the bedroom has its own characteristics. Roll, roman or classic double curtains with sheer tulle and thick night curtains are best suited.

An interesting solution for a small window in the bedroom is short wide curtains that visually expand the space of the window opening.

On a semicircular

Beautiful semicircular windows scare customers with their parameters, and it seems difficult for them to choose curtains. In fact, such windows are unusual and original curtains can decorate a room and make it unforgettable.

They can be hung above or below the arched opening. The location below the window opening allows sunlight to enter the room, which is not always acceptable in the bedroom.

The curtains above the opening create the illusion of a large window and high ceilings. An excellent solution for such windows is pleated.

The curtains are 2 tubes with polyester stretched between them. Thanks to their design, they fit exactly into the window opening, and when assembled, their width is only 5 cm.

The modern industry offers special curved cornices for semicircular windows. Curtains are attached to such a cornice on special runners.

Curtains in bedrooms of various sizes and shapesBedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

When deciding which curtains are best for the bedroom, you need to proceed from the overall size of the room, its functionality and overall decor.

In a small

Design variations for a small room should create maximum comfort. It is best to use plain, dense straight curtains that do not let in sunlight.

Blinds with sheer curtains, as well as roman or roller blinds, would be an excellent option.

When using classic curtains, it is better to choose two-layer curtains with thin tulle and dense shade curtains.

Into the narrow

In a narrow bedroom, you can visually expand the space using curtains that are short to the windowsill and wide throughout the wall.

An interesting solution in such a bedroom would be blinds or roller blinds to the windowsill.

10 sq.m.

In a 10 meter bedroom, light air curtains or roller blinds, blinds or Roman blinds look good. A small room will visually increase with the choice of white or cream color options.

A mix of several dark curtains is a fashion trend this year. To create such an interior, different shades of dark colors are chosen, but from the same material. This type of curtain looks great in any bedroom.

Into small

The design of curtains for a small bedroom has several features:

  • It is better to choose plain light curtains without ornaments complete with blinds or shade curtains made of dense light fabric.
  • Use straight structures without folds.
  • Ceiling cornice.

Light curtains visually enlarge the room and create a sense of spaciousness in a small bedroom. Using white muslin or white tulle, you can achieve an unusual effect, and use blinds to darken.

Unusual original curtains can be sewn with your own hands in the village area. For this purpose, you can take chintz, calico, satin and build wonderful curtains. Photos of new curtains can be spied on the Internet and in this article, of course.

In a small bedroom with two windows, the curtains can be placed on one long cornice, covering the partition. When the windows are angled, you can use the corner cornice.

Bedroom curtain materialsBedroom Curtains - Modern Ideas And Design Trends For 2022-2023

When choosing material for curtains in the bedroom, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • The durability of the fabric.
  • Practicality, because the fabric should be cleaned or washed frequently.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Density.


Velvet curtains in the bedroom interior give the room a special romantic atmosphere. Velvet is especially beautiful in large areas of country houses with high ceilings.

Velvet options perfectly protect from sunlight, they do not fade in the sun and do not lose color for a long time.

But these curtains need frequent cleaning. They also make the room visually smaller.


Satin curtains in the bedroom create an aristocratic look and their unusual decor will please the most sophisticated consumer.

Satin fabric is beautiful, strong and durable. Curtains made of this fabric drape perfectly, repel dust, are hypoallergenic.


In the interior of the bedroom, the thread options are very beautiful and original. Thread curtains shimmer amazingly in the sunlight and under the moon. They are not suitable for darkening the room and therefore they are usually combined with blinds.

Kisei curtains are in great demand in the market, as they:

  • They let in the light, but perfectly hide what is happening in the room from prying eyes.
  • Strong and durable.
  • They go well with classic curtains, roller blinds and blinds.
  • Easy to care for.


Linen curtains are an excellent solution for the bedroom, they are hypoallergenic and very durable.

Linen drapes well and perfectly maintains the microclimate in the room.

From nylon

Nylon curtains are very beautiful, practical and their low price is quite satisfactory for the average consumer.

The light tones of nylon curtains are perfectly combined with dense shade of jacquard, satin, velvet.


Chiffon curtains are an ageless trend in bedroom curtains. An original design move is to use chiffon tulle over shade curtains: thick curtains, Roman or rolled Day-Night models.

An amazingly beautiful visual effect is created. Plus, chiffon is very malleable and looks great in a wide variety of styles.

With the help of chiffon curtains, elegant draperies, beautiful scallops, etc. are created.

Chiffon options:

  • Create a feeling of lightness.
  • Perfectly draped.
  • Suitable for creating multi-layered compositions without weighing them down.
  • Freely let in the sun’s rays.
  • Fresh air is allowed to pass freely.


Amazingly beautiful – flowing organza, besides, a relatively cheap material and therefore is often used to make curtains for bedrooms.

But it must be remembered that this is a transparent material and for darkening in the bedroom it is necessary to additionally use dense shade curtains or blinds, a role or photocurtains are also acceptable.


The mat is a durable natural fabric with a checkerboard weave of threads; curtains made of it are a real trend of the season. It organically fits into eco-style, despite some roughness of the fabric.

Matting options protect the room from sunlight 100% and create a cold twilight even on the hottest days.

Matting curtains are dense and light, plain or printed, double-sided. Such curtains are decorated with lace.

Do-it-yourself lace fillet frills are especially valuable. They give the curtains an unusual look and special sophistication.

From the grid

Net curtains are a real brand, they are unusual and beautiful. There is a huge assortment of this material on the modern textile market.

It is most often used to complement the interior of a window in the bedroom, but is sometimes used on its own.

The main advantage of the mesh material is the ability to maintain its original shape and not succumb to mechanical damage.

The mesh curtain comes in a variety of colors, but the most beautiful is still white, it is amazing and can decorate any interior, visually enlarges the space.


The silk curtain decor in the bedroom is very beautiful, it emphasizes the elegance and luxury of the environment. These are ideal for shading and keeping the room climate or cool.

The color range of silk curtains is quite wide, they are practical and durable, do not electrify and practically do not attract small particles of dirt or dust.

Next, we suggest watching a video, which contains pictures and slides of design options for bedroom curtains. Happy viewing!

Well that’s all – it’s time to finish. We hope that after reading this article, you have finally decided which curtains to choose for the room. It remains only to implement the ideas. Great luck!

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