Bedroom design 2025: 4 main trends for beauty and comfort


Bedroom design 2023: 4 main trends for beauty and comfortFor many, the bedroom is the only place to hide from problems. We invite you to find out what a truly fashionable bedroom design should look like in 2025 and introduce you to 4 of the most relevant trends.

Bedroom design 2025: Cozy textiles and distressed finishesBedroom design 2023: 4 main trends for beauty and comfort

No one will deny that the main direction of modern interior design is minimalism. However, experts agree that the trend next year will be a 2025 bedroom interior with grunge elements. As the name suggests, this is a chaotic layout. 10 top trends in bedroom design 2025

However, this is not to be taken literally. Creating a 2025 bedroom interior is not a cheap pleasure. With the help of expensive finishing materials, high-quality textiles and wooden furniture, visible simplicity and even a kind of “desolation” is created.

Modern bedroom 2025: grunge surfacesBedroom design 2023: 4 main trends for beauty and comfort

Grunge style wall decoration should imitate its absence. Suddenly? However, this certainly corresponds to the philosophy of this design direction. Historically, Grange eventually came into being after the wealthy Parisian bourgeoisie moved to the abandoned aristocratic estates of the province.

Because they would not receive guests from outside the city, many former Parisians did not undertake repairs. They only brought luxurious furniture and textiles from their city apartments.

When creating a modern grunge bedroom interior 2025, you can use special wallpapers. They look worn and leave the impression of wear and tear from years of wall decoration with crumbling plaster, scratches and chimney soot. By the way, since these wallpapers are rare and only offered by a few well-known brands, they are expensive.

The “dirty” bedroom design of 2025 also requires the use of “shabby” parquet for the floor. It can be successfully replaced with a laminate with a special visually “aged” pattern.

Textiles and curtains for the bedroom 2025 in grunge style

The modern bedroom design of 2025 adds an eclectic touch to the design. If last season knitted bedspreads were considered a feature of “Scandinavian” bedrooms, today they are also recommended for “grunge” bedrooms.

Combinations of “sloppy” walls with an elegant snow-white bedspread with a long pile look unusual. Curtains for the bedroom 2025 made of natural fabrics complement the grunge interior. They must be of good quality and leave a strong impression.

A combination of tulle with a denser fabric is acceptable. For example, velvet in elegant tones such as chocolate or aquamarine.

Bedroom design 2025: color

If previously minimalism was associated with monochrome, today you can decorate the ascetic-modern interior of the 2025 bedroom with calm colors.

Bedroom furnishings 2025 in neo-mint color

The trend color for 2025 is Neo Mint. This is a pastel green shade that is perfect for a bedroom as it calms the nervous system. Neo Mint goes well with white. It is also possible to use the Neo-Mint duo plus gray or graphite.

Modern bedroom interior 2025: shade melonBedroom design 2023: 4 main trends for beauty and comfort

Tired of cold tones? Modern bedroom design 2025 can be done in a light yellow melon tone. This design looks stylish and unusual. You can combine the melon color with white or play with its contrast with black.

It is not recommended to add other bright colors. After all, the bedroom is not the room in which the currently fashionable maximalism can be applied. But there are also exceptions. The most daring can use combinations of melon with Neomint. These new bedroom designs for 2025 are suitable for people who are not afraid to experiment.

In this case, the main melon should be melon, and it is better to use menthol as an additive. For example, a few decorative pillows in this color, a wall covering, the upholstery of a designer chair, etc.

Modern bedroom design 2025 with pink and purple atmosphere.Bedroom design 2023: 4 main trends for beauty and comfort

No, no, this is not a flashy Barbie-style interior or a glamorous 2000s-style boudoir. Designers suggest complementing the monochrome bedroom design 2025 with light mauve or fuchsia accents. They go well with gray and even better with silver.

This color scheme suits a luxurious design with features of neoclassicism. A bed with purple-pink textiles will look especially beautiful against a wallpaper background with silver textiles and huge mirrors.

New in bedroom design 2025: spacious and open

Nowadays there is a trend worldwide to minimize living space. People are rarely at home, so they don’t need large apartments. Very often, successful young people prefer to turn standard apartments with small rooms into a studio.

Arrangement of the sleeping area in the studioBedroom design 2023: 4 main trends for beauty and comfort

A bedroom design in 2025 should have a well-thought-out layout. In 2025, the following zoning options will be relevant:

  • two-story design by installing a podium;
  • Using a glass box;
  • Create a niche.

There is already a noticeable trend today that representatives of many professions are becoming self-employed. This means that for many people the workplace is a home, in this case a study.

The original idea is to install a platform in front of the “extended” studio window, which will shield it from the lounge area with a large workbench. This creates a small study in the apartment. At the same time, your costs will be minimal and the interior will be modern and stylish.

The novelties of bedroom design in 2025 are zoning with the help of a large wardrobe. It is installed along or on the other side of the study and protects the bed from prying eyes. The result is a kind of niche, the entrance to which can be decorated with curtains or a transparent sliding glass door. The lighting in such an improvised bedroom contributes to the coziness.

Small bedroom design 2025Bedroom design 2023: 4 main trends for beauty and comfort

There are many people who are not ready to give up the traditional design of their home. In this case, you need to think about how to combine it with the main requirement of modern interior design – spaciousness.

Designers suggest using the minimalist design of a small bedroom 2025. In order not to clutter up the space, it is recommended to avoid storage systems. They can be moved to the loggia or hallway.

In the bedroom it is enough to install only a bed, a bedside table and an original toilet counter. Visually increases the space of the mirror. Once again, small bedroom design 2025 can be made more comfortable with a walkway bed. Designs with boxes for storing clothes are ideal. As in previous seasons, Japanese minimalist design is relevant. In this case, the traditional bed is replaced by a tatami.

Curtains for the bedroom 2025 will help meet the second requirement of creating a fashionable interior that provides excellent natural light. They should be as simple as possible, without lambrequins and complicated curtains. At night, the blinds protect the room from prying eyes.

Interior bedroom 2025: “modern” light and the latest technologyBedroom design 2023: 4 main trends for beauty and comfort

Designers have long made light one of the tools for zoning and decorating rooms. Bedroom design 2025 includes a variety of lighting. These can be ceiling chandeliers, recessed lights, LED strips, etc.

An interesting feature is the use of LED strips around the entire perimeter of the ceiling and each of the walls. This is how you visually raise the ceiling and separate the walls.

High-tech design solutions.Bedroom design 2023: 4 main trends for beauty and comfort

High-tech is not just a design that gives the feeling of being on board a spaceship or the home of someone from the future. The style implies the use of technical innovations. For example, touch panels can be used to illuminate a bedroom be used.

Miniature architectural spotlights will look unexpected in the interior of the bedroom. With their help, you can draw attention to the picture on the wall or to another decorative element.

Now you know the main fashion trends for the bedroom in 2025. We hope this article will help you create a modern and cozy interior for your home.

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