10 Paint Color Trends to Bet On 2020

Paint Color Trends 20202020 arrived and, with it, the atmosphere of daring. Although it is a universal theme, the free use of colors has never been so high in the creative circles, so much so that experts estimate that this year people will dare as never before in their homes. That is, those walls that have always been white will probably be dyed by shades full of personality – the floor and ceiling, surfaces for years forgotten when decorating the house, should also enter the chromatic dance.

As usual, Pantone announced its color of the year 2018: Purple Ultra Violet, as well as the ink marks and even the writing house of Vogue made their bets. Now the WGSN, a bureau of trends that knows everything about the subject when it comes to fashion and decoration, has released its list of 10 chromatic paint color trends that will invade your home during the year 2020.

The cool thing is that, although it is a eclectic list, there is coherence between all the predictions mentioned above: all these colors combine very well with each other and are included in this year’s major chromatic trend: the Modernist Palette, which brings back, with fresh clothing, the powerful and vibrant tones that dominated aesthetics between the 1930s and 1960s. See below and choose your favorite color!

1. Orange Apricot (Apricot Orange)Paint Color Trends 2020

Whoever thought that Millennial Pink was going to say goodbye to the spotlight, it was ugly. The darling color of everyone evolved and gained a dose of orange in its composition, getting a little less smooth and more energetic. One good way to make the apricot orange work well is to blend it with browns, blacks and whites in the decor, just as did our style director Adriana Fratini in this editorial in which earthy tones blend with tropical elements.

2. Moody MaroonPaint Color Trends 2020

In 2020, red will be one of the strongest colors, but it will emerge in darker, rich tones, close to reddish brown. Woody and warm nuances should be seen in both large furniture and smaller items, continuing the use of a darker palette in the decor, which remains in vogue.

3. Pigmented terracottaPaint Color Trends 2020

The earthy tones are a very strong palette at the moment and promise to remain in evidence for years to come. In 2020, the terracotta color gains more humor and personality by absorbing pigments: add to it an extra dose of burnt rose and find the perfect example to decorate both residential and public interiors.

4. Pale & mattePaint Color Trends 2020

Lightly toned whites on frosted surfaces gain power in 2020 as they are the perfect complements for very light or very dark environments. The palette that is formed is next to the candy colors, but is softer and presents colors that, at a first glance, do not seem to draw so much attention.

5. Metallic BlackPaint Color Trends 2020

Mainly black environments have never been so high – even worth painting the ceiling! To make everything more interesting, surfaces that bring the metallic glow are joined to other well matte ones to create a game of perception.

6. Green Military Acid (Acid Olive)Paint Color Trends 2020

Moss green was one of the main colors of 2019 both in fashion and decoration. In 2020 it appears more acidic and close to the pistachio

7. Golden YellowPaint Color Trends 2020

The yellow drawn for gold began to appear in fashion in mid-2019 and is already listed as one of the strongest trends for 2020 in decoration. Luminous and applied to tactile surfaces – the velvet will continue to reign! this tone promises to bring vintage and energetic atmosphere at the same time.

8. Deep EmeraldPaint Color Trends 2020

Greens near the emerald, but belonging to a darker and bluer palette promise to take care of the full walls in a deep ambiance.

9. Saturated BluePaint Color Trends 2020

Full of life, blue appears saturated to punctuate energy in environments through unexpected splashes of color.

10. Color blocking (Clashing pairings)Paint Color Trends 2020

Remember when the fashion trend of the moment was color blocking? It’s time for the interiors to embark on this joke. Having vibrant colors contrasting in the same environment is the order of the day – and they can appear in both wall graphics and geometric prints as well as bold styling combinations. The sky is the limit!

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Interior Color Trends 2020

Last December, Pantone put an end to the terrible suspense that keeps us going each year by revealing its color of the year 2019. The Living Coral dethroned purple, the flagship of the year 2018. But here we are already in the throes of waiting for the verdict for the trends of the year 2020 ! By December, several tracks are at our fingertips to be sure to be in the trend of next months colors.

Stylish offices and major brands of painting or decoration have already made their choice. Here’s what you need to know to make yours.

Trend # 1: Green, a safe betInterior Color Trends 2020

Safe, and even unavoidable. In the wake of the current craze for green indoor plants, green is needed with its procession of nature evocations. Green, therefore, to adopt without moderation, in the form of paint, textile, crockery or decorative accessories more or less dark. These empire green velvet table armchairs add a chic touch to a dining room

But preferably in muted shades, especially when it comes to covering a large area. The plates in green sandstone create a table resolutely in the trend of colors 2020. For the winter of 2020, it will be found in the green hunter or forest, gray green, bronze green and, it is new, emerald green.

The tsar velvet green sofa is inspired by the 30s. Perfect to stick in the trend 2020 while maintaining a retro side!

The fir green sofa comes in several materials. Its tapered feet sign an ideal piece for a trendy living room in 2020. With its polyester yarns and velvet, the emerald green lamp serves as a touch of trend color 2020 in an interior. The green will decline from next spring in hues more vivid, neo-mint in mind. The neo-mint is a shade tinting towards turquoise elected by the English institute WGSN.

Those who prefer muted tones will turn to sage green. Between pastel mint and lime green, neo-mint green is very luminous. Discover the shades of green trend and other novelties in our article on decor trends 2020.

Trend # 2: Pink, again!Interior Color Trends 2020

If the bulk of the wave of the “millennial rose” of 2016/2017 is past, its traces remain very present as shown by the decorative collections of winter 2019-2020.

IKEA atmosphere in pink and blue, to discover in the autumn / winter 2020 catalog. We do not complain! The rose softens the decorations, illuminates, poets and gives elegance…

Vases, cushions, bed rolls and linen, lampshades… If you’ve fallen for pink pieces in the last two years, do not put them aside! The rose will still be very trendy next year for decoration. Paint walls, change sheets, buy new cushions… Why choose? IKEA offers a trendy decoration in shades of roses

Powdered, in touches or in total look, associated with pastel or dark shades, the rose always works wonders. The  pink for the walls is associated with natural brown shades for this atmosphere IB Laursen

In the coming months, it is in pink version “macaron”, always powdered, but bright enough, that we will often find it.

Declination of roses associated with plum, brown and golden yellow at IB Laursen to create the 2020 color trends

If your cushions are pink rather girly, do not put them in the closet for as much. This year, to be in the trend color tone, associate them with gray, green or dense blue. Even a dark yellow: an association that matches !

Trend # 3: yellow in spicy versionInterior Color Trends 2020

Like last year, yellow is not the color that dominates in the catalogs of winter 2019/2020. But if it does not jump to the eyes, it is none the less present.

And if it is relatively discreet, it will be used this winter in particularly warm shades, pulling mustard, ocher or walleye. Sofas, throws, bed linen, lampshades, curtains are illuminated, appearing on neutral backgrounds like gray, or dark, like dense green or duck blue.

Velvet and black metal for this chair. A way to stay in trend 2020 colors with little touches. Warm yellows in the 2020 Madam Stoltz palette. A good way to introduce this trendy color into an interior. Cotton and mustard yellow linen for a living room sofa well in the trend. Its warm color revives all interiors. On the marriages side of trendy colors, yellows are also associated with more or less bright roses in very current mixes.

Mustard yellow combines very well with gray, pink and blue. If you have a gray sofa like this, consider coloring it with cushions. And if you hesitate to repaint your wall or you do not intend to change your pretty blue-gray sofa, opt for a warm yellow carpet. The set will definitely be the best effect.

With its jute and fringes, the mustard yellow carpet has a very boho look. A night blue pillow, an illuminated yellow background, a golden wall lamp: the winning trio for a trendy bedroom in 2020. Finally, it is in more pastel shades close to yellow vanilla that will be found at the arrival of spring.

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Trend # 4: browns and rusts to warm up the winterInterior Color Trends 2020

Pulling red or gray depending on the case, ranging from glossy brown to dark brown through the terracota, brown shades will still be present in the coming months.

But especially in associations, especially with shades of dark yellow, as in these moods of rooms. Red Tuscan earth and yellow turmeric join together for a cozy atmosphere in this room. The linen duvet cover has a significant “comfort” advantage: it does not retain heat!

The brown shades are in perfect accord with the “nature ” trend that characterizes our era and infuse the taste of neutral colors, evocations “raw” type Corten steel. The browns also convey a certain image of elegance and classic chic. Icy brown, dark brown and ocher: a warm combination for cushions and very cozy plaids

Note that if he is comfortable in the living room, the dense brown is more difficult to use in small spaces that it tends to shrink. Unless you use it sparingly and in combination with a bright or bright color. The lighter shades of brown can be very bright. This is what Amber Honeyshows that the paint brand Dulux Valentine has chosen as the color of the year 2019.

Trend # 5: blue picks upInterior Color Trends 2020

Some said it was losing momentum last year. But it is obvious in the forecast charts for the coming months!

Maisons du Monde has made it one of its five 2019 color themes with the Cozy Blue collection. Canadian paint brand Behr has also chosen a blue as the color of the year 2019. This school year 2019, it is the American brand PPG Paints has elected a blue “Chinese porcelain” as the color of 2020.

China porcelain is a shaded orchid blue, with a purple hue. This trendy painting gives depth to every room in the house. And he whispers (loud enough) at Pantone, whose well-kept secret may have leaked, that the flagship color of 2020 would be related to the marine environment… Du, or blue (s), then?

It is true that the Australian creative agency Jack + Huei reproached Pantone for having forgotten with his Living Coral 2019 that the coral is dying with global warming. They suggested that pale blue, the color of dead coral, replace it to make the world aware of this loss. Will pale blue be in our 2020 palette ? Answer in December…

Blue also remains one of the most symbolic colors of Scandinavian atmospheres, in its muted or pastel shades. In its 2020 collections, IB Laursen declines its range of washed linen cushion covers in a darker blue

But it is especially the blue peacock or duck, pulling towards the turquoise that one notices while leafing the notebooks of styles and the catalogs 2020. An ideal blue to wake up the dark days without creating discordant effects!

It illuminates the decorations as well in background color as in keys, via seating or accessories, on a lighter background. The night blue is also a nice place in the catalogs decor, illuminated with touches of yellow, ocher or gold. As for the famous Klein blue, a deep and bright ultramarine, it is said everywhere that he will do more than ever talk about him in the coming months!

Trend # 6: eggplant touchesInterior Color Trends 2020

A tinge both intense and neutral that had its heyday in 2015 and came back to the fore in the winter of 2018/19.

It must be said that aubergine tones have a major advantage for decoration: that of allowing a variety of weddings. Sublimated by the softness of the materials, ottomans and eggplant canapés are adorned with a particular chic. Bo Concept combines the dark bronze green of the sofa with an aubergine hanging for a “boudoir” result

On the wall, in carpets, in the bathroom… The vogue of the Art Deco spirit with velvet and fringes galore fell right to serve this trendy color. However, it is becoming rarer in 2020 color charts. The eggplant hue tends this year towards pink or red. An aubergine plaid raises a wedding of roses at Bloomingville in the new decorative collection coming out this autumn

Trend # 7: Red, a solid challengerInterior Color Trends 2020

At the beginning of 2019, the red became relatively discreet by adopting deep hues that are reminiscent of Asian influences.

In its catalog winter 2019-2020, AM.PM declines its products in a range of dense reds. Cherry, drawing towards the plum or spicy version more orange, the red, with its ability to enhance any decor, found a place of choice in the 2020 color trends. The bed linen is also available in red for a warm night space. Linen sheets are very chic

But it is rather candid in the first photos of the IKEA catalog for the year 2020. The red is associated with pink, but also with green and yellow. Vermilion red for this atmosphere to discover in the new IKEA catalog. In furniture or painting, red finds its place. Red brings warmth to a mind-blowing bathroom universe. Through textiles, red adds light to the room

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December is the perfect time to play the red card without reservation! From vermilion to burgundy red, it’s the color of the holidays! Take the opportunity to discover the latest Christmas trends.

Trend # 8: Black is back!Interior Color Trends 2020

We are far from the baroque ambiances that dominated the early 2000s. But it is clear that black makes a noticeable reappearance in the color trends of the coming months. If we are told that black is not a color, force is yet to see its impact in a setting.

Black brings the sophisticated touch, highlighting pastels, golds or flashy hues, but also anthracite gray. It will be used this year in main shade or in keys. The dining room is dressed in black at IB Laursen through matt furniture. Baroque evocation in black and gold at GIFI for a hairdresser or a salon. A deco resolutely at the forefront of color trends in 2020!

Crockery, chairs, side table… The black touches bring out the other colors of a room. Used for larger pieces of furniture, even in main color, it gives power to the decor.

Black and white in a cozy atmosphere to discover in the IKEA catalog: furniture with decoration, black is a place in our interiors. It is in the kitchen especially, but also in the bathroom that the black will settle mainly in our houses this winter. Black and marble for this AM.PM bathroom ambience. The vanity unit in marble and metal brings a very chic note to the room.

Trend # 9: and the gray, always…Interior Color Trends 2020

More neutral than black, gray, meanwhile, continues its course without fault as trend color in 2020. Elegant, timeless, particularly easy to marry, it is plebiscite in all its nuances, from anthracite to almost white. The Danish brand Madam Stolz devotes a chapter of its new catalog to anthracite gray, here lit by white vases. Walls or furniture is adorned with the trendy hue

Anthracite, black and gold for a very winter staging of Madam Stoltz. Candlesticks, tables or paintings are available in dark hues. As comfortable in the living room as in the bathroom, it also shines by its ability to marry all styles.

If the shabby interiors gave it a lot of attention a few years ago, the gray today dresses the walls of contemporary spaces, the salons Scandinavian spirit or the rooms loving mild sobriety. For this autumn, the brand House Doctor comes out a collection “softness” where the gray dominates associated with some very neutral keys, light or dark

It is associated of course with structuring black keys, but also with warm yellow and gold, with red, with pink or with green. And now, it’s up to you! The palette is large enough to play with envy with colors and choose the ones that look like you. Nice mixes in perspective.

We put on associations colors trend

The depth of dense greens or a duck blue associated with roses or golden yellows for weddings that are both rich, refined and smooth. Staging of very trendy charm associating the rose with a bronze green

The warmth of a combination of warm tones, from golden yellow to ocher and red brown, enhanced by black touches. In small touches, trendy colors combine very well in any interior

The power of black, softened by pastel shades, including pink and gray, or lit with golden touches or warm yellows. Trendy associations for your decoration in 2020. In a bedroom or living room, mix the 2020 trend colors for a fashionable result.

The timeless elegance of the shades of gray highlighted by a soft pink or yellow as a peacock blue or emerald green.

2020 color trends that blend to perfection in an urban or rustic interior

The punchy atmosphere that brings some touches of red to a background of neutral hues. Bright red combined with dense green: an association to discover in the IKEA 2020 catalog. We do not deprive ourselves of some unusual associations with the trend colors 2020: pink and yellow, red and purple…

In textiles or furniture, some new mixes of trendy colors refresh the mood.

As long as you respect a rule that underlies the color choices for 2019-2020 : adopt neutral shades of natural inspiration, stone, sand, rust… To which will be added more marked or pastel colors.