Popular Interior Paint Colours 2024

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2019 As we all know, colours are one of the most effective ways to inject dynamism and personality into spaces, whether they are included one by one or combined two or three. For that reason today we present the paint colours for interiors 2024 that have more to offer in the walls and modern decoration.

The key to success in decoration, is that although we can be inspired by the colours that are fashionable, they should be of your total pleasure. You can choose beautiful colours and think of some strategic way to make your walls a guard or design, not very complicated but that provides style. This is a simple way to transmit energy and fun to spaces without requiring too much furniture or accessories.

Interior paint colours 2024

One of the suggestions for 2024, comes from the hand of Behr. We will see next a palette of colours very varied, that will allow us to decorate our interiors in diverse styles.

Color of the year: bluish greenPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

The colour of the year chosen by the company, is “In the Moment”, a calm colour, composed of blue, gray and green. A beautiful colour that evokes a sense of sanctuary and relaxation. It is versatile and perfect for both exteriors and interiors. It can also be applied to different decoration styles, whether traditional, modern or coastal. It is ideal for these times, since it reduces stress.

Light palettePopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

This combination of colours also provides a lot of serenity, since it is inspired by nature, using shades of blue, green and beige.

Dark palettePopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

Dark colours can add a touch of mystery, while bright colours give us the feeling of space. For this reason you can combine, for example, use bright neutral colours in furniture, floors and other decorative elements, creating a nice contrast with dark walls.

Neutral palettePopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

These colours are also perfect for turning our home into a sanctuary. The bedrooms and bathrooms are private spaces, a perfect refuge from the outside world. Blue and different shades of gray can help us create very peaceful and relaxing environments.

Energizing palettePopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

Colours have the power to change our mood. If you are looking for energizing and positive colours, a mixture of oranges, blues, greens, yellows and reds will help you in this purpose. A deep blue provides a note of tranquility, while some touches of orange, white and wood can balance it with its warm notes. The yellow encourages fun.

Colours for transitionPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

The green colour can be used to make an impact in a transition area, a corridor or a hall. They can also give life to a window or a door.

Colours for interior decor 2024

The colour trends planned for 2024 include everything a bit, from warm tones to the most icy tones. These are some of the colour palettes that we are likely to see for interiors, as well as the famous world chain of paint shops, Sherwin Williams.

Night tonesPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

It is a series of tonalities that evoke the night, that recreate a space to direct the gaze inward and recharge the spirit. Bearing in mind the melancholy, is driving a new romanticism marked by medieval prints. The dark tones establish a way to achieve this sensual space. This range is rich in purples, nordic blues, neutrals and golden yellows.

Holistic coloursPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

These are tonalities that evoke calm, peace, that recreate in some way the current tendencies of holistic centers of healing and spiritual elevation. The roads of this trip are lined with neutral arctic colours, blush pink and natural browns.

These organic tones of cleanliness foster connection, health and life. Simple tones that promote balance and the basics. Soft, romantic, like dusty yellows, natural greens, authentic as well as earthy, like earthy red browns.

Gray is still going to be popular, this time aiming to make an appearance in a slightly hotter hue. This urban gray cement mirrors, evoking clean lists and new beginnings. It acts as a great backdrop of striking tones.

Youth coloursPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

Impatient for social and political change, everyone on the planet is reinventing ourselves. That is why they propose this type of bold, vibrant and daring palettes. There is a combative energy in our present time, arriving in fiery tones and vibrant colours.

Youth is an attitude, not an age. In 2024, it is expected to see the colours of celebration, where technological advances are mixed with nature. A yellow and black orange bring a strong sense of vitality.

GlobalizationPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

Global immigration is redefining borders, national identity and our sense of coexistence. The communities are much more connected. The design must be adapted to more diverse populations. The global conscience is a mural painted in earthy mustards, sea blues, corals and mud.

We are more connected now than at any other time in history. This connection will bring impressive colours inspired by all nations and cultures. Thanks to social networks, there is a constant evolution of the global connection. We will see colour palettes from China, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East.

Red is an important colour for many cultures: it symbolizes action, confidence and value.

Paint colours for interior wall decor 2024

We will show you the trends of paint colours for walls and decoration in general with regard to 2024 . The colours you can choose are undoubtedly very varied, but keep in mind that the colour of this year is white.

Simply whitePopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

This is the “colour of the year 2024”. Blanks in layers that enhance the diffuse light that draws shapes with their dark shadows and clear. It is a basic colour but one of the classics in decoration, and this will be its year. Different shades of white will be used to enhance the shapes and depths.

It should be noted that this colour combined with natural woods looks beautiful.

White with black or dark grayPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

This colour is used to create contrasts, define the lines. The angles and edges become clearly defined, and obviously, are colours that combine perfectly with white.

White with vibrant coloursPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

They are used to achieve the same effect as mentioned above, to complement the target, define lines, shapes and angles, but at the same time, give an energetic touch to the environment.

Lilacs and purplesPaint Colours 2024

Many people believe that these colours look too childish, but when used correctly they can add a level of sophistication and warmth to any space in the home. The combination of these warm tones with cool tones, such as gray and blue, can make a room look very attractive and elegant.

Blue and light blue

WornPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

This is a rather European trend, which is gaining popularity and this year will be a favorite of many designers, the shades of milky blue, worn. It is a colour that brings a lot of serenity.

Pure and vibrant tonesPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

This type of blues achieve a different effect, although they also have a relaxing effect they are a little more vibrant.

BeigesPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

They are neutral colours, which are perfect combined with white.

Green, red, orange and yellowPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

If we want to give life to certain spaces, we have these energy options that are trending in 2024.

Combinations of colours for interiors

As we all know, painting the house is not easy, let alone imagine how it will look, when we will manage with more than one colour. For this reason, we will give you some advice about what colour combinations to use for the walls and decoration in general, with the guarantee that they will have a good result.

Black and WhitePopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

The most classic combination of colours is that of white and black. Both represent the most opposite possible and in turn allow, if you add some strong colour in the decoration of the rest of the furniture in the room, generate a feeling difficult to match.

Blue and whitePopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

This combination is very popular, for being soft, not assaulting the eyes, being less monotonous than others, and even relaxing.

Brown and BluePopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

Believe it or not, we assure you that two shades, dark brown and soft blue, combine wonderfully and not only that, they are also two very easy colours to combine with extra elements of the surrounding decoration, especially if they are in colours like orange, yellow, silver and purple.

Turquoise and RedPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

They are two energetic colours, but without overdoing it. They give joy to the room and are very used in the decorated contemporary style.

Pink and greenPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

It is a combination especially for a female bedroom. It has a spring air, fresh and soft, ideal for homes in areas that have warm climates all year round.

Blue and lime greenPopular Interior Paint Colors 2019

It is another energetic combination, somewhat stronger than others, ideal for playing rooms for children. The navy blue is the one that achieves the best accent of the space, combined with wooden furniture and being able to be a white ceiling.

White and gray silverPopular Interior Paint Colours 2024

The elegance of the 21st century is expressed in these two colours. You get a space that gives the feeling of cleanliness, simplicity and glamor at the same time. The black furniture contrasts remarkably, while the carpets in gray or cream tones also help.

Walls in two coloursPopular Interior Paint Colours 2024

Walls painted in a single tone are more traditional and can often generate a formal appearance in a room. While this classic look is very beautiful, let’s see a very interesting and modern look, the two-tone. This is done with the help of painter’s tape, to separate the two zones.

It is beautiful to look at when the tones are used to maintain a feeling of spaciousness of a room, in addition to a bit of colour and contrast. This is best achieved by using a lighter colour on the top and a darker colour on the bottom.

How to choose colours for interiors

A layer of paint can give life to a room that looks old and boring. There are so many colours that you can choose to paint interiors, which is easy to get confused. The selection of colours does not have to be an overwhelming task. Following a few simple rules, you have the possibility to choose paint colours that complement each other and bring beauty to a room.

1) Decide the colours of the furniture and accessories

Before deciding on the colours of the painting, there are some decisions that must be made first. You must decide on the furniture, carpets or rugs, wallpaper, tapestries, fabrics and any other element that you intend to place inside the space to be painted. It is much easier to choose the colours of the walls if you already know the colours of the carpet and the furniture of the room.

Once you have the decoration of the room more or less resolved, you must take into account that the colours of the walls must match the colours of the decoration.

2) Cold and warm colours

Keep in mind that colours such as blue, green or violet will make a room look wider, and colours like red, gold, orange or brown will make the room look smaller.

3) Define what the room will be used for

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing colours is to determine what the room will be used for. Warm colours, such as dark yellows, encourage play and fun. Fresher colours, such as blue or dark purple, encourage reflection and serenity.

To achieve a balance, it is best to use both warm and cool colours in a room.

You must analyze the room and how you expect to feel in it. You must decide if you want a quiet space to concentrate, vibrant to keep you active, harmonious to relax, etc. The sensations you are looking for can be infinite, it would be good for this if you report how each colour affects decoration on the mood of the people: Meaning and psychology of colours in decoration

You should also reflect on the current decoration of the room. Look at the room and decide if you want a darker colour than it already is, if you want a brighter, more relaxing, more cheerful colour, etc. This will help you get even closer to what you are looking for and make sure of it.

4) Room style

It is important that you know several styles of decoration to inspire you and decide better. For this, there are many sources that can be helpful as searching the Internet, in decoration magazines and interior decoration television programs.

5) Conduct a test first

To be sure that the colours will work, you can buy a small amount and paint somewhere on the wall to verify that it is the colour and tone you are really looking for. You must paint with the same technique and number of layers you will use when you paint the entire room. Remember to wait for the paint to dry before deciding on the colour.

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