Dining room wall design: Tips and tricks on how to transform this important room into a jewel in the house!

The dining room should be the jewel of the house. It is the special place where people come together and want to be pampered. The dining room wall design is the cover for all your ideas and contributes significantly to creating the desired atmosphere, be it a relaxed room for a shared breakfast or a luxurious banquet hall for an evening feast.

What should you consider when designing the dining room wall?

You can read about what needs to be taken into account when designing the dining room wall

When it comes to designing your dining room walls, there are a few things to consider:

  • the size of the room,
  • the type of furniture you have and
  • the type of decor

In this article, we will look at some of the best tips and tricks for designing your dining room walls. We have some great ideas for that!

Be bold with wallpaper

Wallpapers are suitable for dining rooms, whether you go for something simple or for a detailed design

If you want to visually enhance the room, you shouldn’t just limit it to the ideas for the dining table. Include the floral patterns and colorful accents on the walls too. Wallpaper works really well in dining rooms, whether you’re going for something simple with a lot of texture, like wallpaper. B. Oilcloth, or go for a detailed, intricate design if you have a good ceiling height.

Make the room shine with a mirror

You can make the dining room shine with a mirror

When thinking about lighting a dining room, you should also think about how you can make your lighting stand out even more. Mirrors are a great way to reflect candle or dim light. They make the room sparkle and reflect flattering light onto your guests. For a smaller dining room, you can add a round mirror to the wall. This creates the illusion of space, the light is reflected and creates a beautiful contrast to the sharper lines in the room. Large mirrors that cover the walls work well in larger spaces, creating an elegant and somewhat unusual aesthetic.

Dining room wall design with curtains for coziness

Dining room wall design with curtains for coziness

Since they take up a large portion of the room from top to bottom and side to side, curtains are always one of the most important wall decor elements to consider. If there are many windows, we focus on window decoration. When it comes to dining room wall decoration ideas, curtains ensure that the room is provided with plenty of natural light during the day while providing a cozy, intimate ambience at night.

Use bright colors to transition from day to night

Use bright colors to transition from day to night

Another option for dining room wall designs that are suitable for all times of day is to keep the decor bright and cheerful – even the popular gray dining room ideas can border on white. People always tend to decorate a dining room in bold, dark colors. This can look great, but if you want to make the room a little more flexible, you can choose something lighter, which will make the room suitable for breakfast and lunch as well as dinner.

Invite guests with a picturesque wall covering

Invite guests with a picturesque wall covering

Wallpaper can provide the visual interest you’re looking for, but for pure escapism, consider wall mural ideas too. A picturesque wallpaper is a perfect statement that will transport you and your guests. It takes you to unexpected places. Murals have a place in dining rooms for the same reasons as works of art.

Add shimmer with shiny walls

Try adding shimmer with shiny walls

When choosing a color for the dining room, you shouldn’t just think about your color ideas – the festive nature of the room also allows you to experiment with alternative finishes. The dining room is ideal for decorative wall painting because it doesn’t get as much traffic as other rooms. You can use high-gloss or varnished paints, which create a very special atmosphere in the evening by reflecting the candlelight. If possible, use them on both the ceiling and walls for the ultimate effect.

Contemporary chinoiserie for a calm scheme

Contemporary chinoiserie in the dining room for a calm scheme

This wall design for the dining room is a gentle interpretation of the design classic, which is characterized by lavish decoration. Dark charcoal colors and dark wood, metal and leather furnishings add pizzazz to the scheme and provide a pleasant contrast to the soft decorative lines of the wall covering. A light rug underfoot makes the room feel light and airy, as do the sleek lines and elegant proportions of the chairs and table legs.

Captivate your guests with works of art

Captivate your guests with artwork in the dining room

Artwork is important in a dining room because guests sit for long periods of time. It’s a great way to enjoy a special and well-loved piece. You can build the space around art by incorporating motifs or colors from the work. The abstract style of the works fits perfectly into modern dining rooms, but historical works of art also make a great addition to traditional and contemporary spaces. Old family portraits or antique pieces that have been in the family for years also work very well. They are a wonderful addition to a wall and add character and seriousness to the room.

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