Small Bathroom Design 2024

Small Bathroom Design 2024 Recent trends have affected many places in the apartment. Small bathroom design 2024 is no exception. For this, many of the most original and non-standard solutions have been found. The interior of a small bathroom requires a competent and balanced approach.

Small bathroom design ideas 2024

Knowing a few fairly simple tricks, you can always make this space more free, comfortable and functional. There are technical ways to increase the area. For example, combine a toilet and a bathroom. If redevelopment is not possible, modern ideas will come to the rescue, taking into account the latest trends.

Doing a bathroom design project yourself or entrusting it to qualified designers is your choice.

In fact, designers will create an interior in line with trends in a short period of time. After all, good specialists are aware of novelties in the field of plumbing and decoration, they know world trends in the field of decor and furniture.

The specialist will take into account all wishes, from color preferences to project budget issues. He will also help with the choice of design style, advise good and high-quality materials.

Many designers work directly with suppliers of finishing materials and plumbing. This means that by ordering a bathroom project from a specialist, you can save a little on decoration and interior items. After all, buying materials in the store is much more expensive than from wholesalers.

Designers often work with construction and renovation contractors. You do not need to separately hire a specialist to perform certain works, such as laying tiles, installing a stretch ceiling, etc.

Of course, you can also create a bathroom interior design and purchase materials, furniture and fixtures yourself.

Finished projectsSmall Bathroom Design 2024

Often design companies offer a choice of ready-made solutions for small bathrooms.

On the websites of such companies, you can find photos of design projects, in particular, new products for 2024. If you have made your choice and you like some option, you need to apply. Thus, you hire a team to implement the desired design for your small bathroom in accordance with fashion trends.

Individual layoutSmall Bathroom Design 2024

Each owner, when planning a project, must thoroughly approach the issue of planning. Indeed, in such a small space it will be necessary to place plumbing, ensuring the convenience of its operation. In addition, interior and finish elements should look as organic and beautiful as possible.

Sometimes the area of the bathroom is so small that it does not allow you to place everything you need in it. In such situations, it is undoubtedly necessary to take into account all the nuances of the layout.

A balanced design solution will give you the opportunity not only to follow the trends of 2024, but also to place all the conceived plumbing fixtures, and possibly household appliances, in a small bathroom.

When developing a design, first of all decide on a style that is as close as possible to the overall interior of the apartment and your personal preferences.

Small bathroom design 2024: style options

There are many different styles of finishes that will add originality to a small bathroom and help visually expand it.

The most popular designs in the modern market are loft, high-tech and fantasy designs.

LoftSmall Bathroom Design 2024

Loft-style bathroom design in 2024 includes predominantly cold shades and minimalism in interior items and decor. Today, small apartments and studios are often decorated in this style.

High techSmall Bathroom Design 2024

High-tech style has gained wide popularity among trends due to the rational filling of the usable area. It is based on functionality and pragmatism in interior design. But this is exactly what you need – to fill a small space as efficiently as possible.

BohemianSmall Bathroom Trends 2024

Bohemian is an abundance of bright decor elements with exotic and rule-breaking solutions. Creates a fabulous atmosphere. This style is also quite popular today in interior design of small apartments.

Small Bathroom Ideas 2024: Plumbing

The choice of plumbing should be approached very thoroughly.

The toilet bowl, sink and bathtub can be made of porcelain or faience. The first option is more expensive, the cost of faience products is lower. Consider your finances here.

FaienceSmall Bathroom Trends 2024

Faience is also strong and durable if you buy goods from trusted suppliers. You can give preference to one or another manufacturer by studying the characteristics of the products and reading customer reviews.

It will be very disappointing if you invest a lot of money in plumbing, and after six months the bath will lose its crystal whiteness due to poor quality coating.

Of course, if you have the funds, it is better to install better plumbing. And if the budget is limited, budget analogues will come to the rescue, which, in terms of their characteristics, are slightly inferior to the positions of brands.

Design Options

When it comes to design choices, there is now an incredible variety of models. In any specialized store, you can easily find compact plumbing fixtures suitable for a new interior.

Color spectrumSmall Bathroom Trends 2024

As for the color scheme of plumbing, with a small bathroom, preference is given to the traditional white tone. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules. But the finish is still better done in bright colors.

Design for small bathrooms 2024: finishing

In the bathroom, light and cold shades will visually enlarge the space, it is only important not to make a mistake with the combination.

In addition to the color scheme of decoration, the room can be visually enlarged by focusing on contrasts. Marine motifs and tones are becoming more and more popular. Some of the examples include flake tiles, imitation water reflections, wave color or milky coastal sand.

Bathroom interior design, according to leading experts, should be created using an optimally small amount of ceramic tiles.

Designers recommend ceramic finishing solely in order to highlight a certain area in a room or fix a smooth transition from one point of the room to another.

CeilingSmall Bathroom Trends 2024

If you plan to install a stretch ceiling in the bathroom, then a canvas with a glossy surface will be the right solution in a small room. Such a ceiling has reflective properties, which means it expands the area to some extent.

Glossy stretch ceiling perfectly complements bright lighting. Not one, but several lamps at once can give a special expansion effect.

Upon completion of the finishing work, the bathroom will sparkle with new colors, and will no longer look so small and gloomy.

LightingSmall Bathroom Trends 2024

Minimalism in design is essentially a piece of art in keeping with the 2024 small bathroom trends. The most mundane items will sparkle in a new way if you wrap them with simple architecture and use a monochrome color scheme.

Cream shades help to create a warm atmosphere while maintaining a minimalist design.

When it comes to lighting fixtures, the key is to keep the lines simple. It is better to use ascetic and simple spot models, cube-shaped spotlights, which in turn will be an excellent finishing touch to the overall atmosphere.

Depending on the chosen design path, it is necessary to choose a suitable luminaire for general lighting. It is good, for example, to use a suspension with one light bulb. It would be useful to complement the room with a small number of cube-shaped lamps in the color of the overall interior.

The main thing is not to overdo it.

Small bathroom trends 2024: sanitary ware and furnitureSmall Bathroom Trends 2024

A small bathroom is not always well designed in terms of placement of plumbing and furniture. Of course, cluttering such a small space is undesirable.

In the design of small projects, the bathtub is often replaced with a shower stall, and the sink is installed above the washing machine.

Progress in the modern world does not stand still, and in order to optimally fill the space, there are various variations of ceiling structures. They allow you to hide unaesthetic pipes and practically fill the room.

Small bathroom decor 2024

Design projects for small bathrooms not only visually increase the space. In ideas, plumbing, furniture, appliances are optimally selected so as not to clutter up the room.

ColorsSmall Bathroom 2024

The right color scheme for small bathrooms allows you to visually transform the space. Avoid rich color palettes. In such rooms it is not recommended to use more than three color shades.

But, you can make some bright accents in the decor. Here again, try to avoid contrasting shades, especially on one wall.

Interior itemsSmall Bathroom 2024

Also, the bathroom can be visually expanded due to the reflective ability of individual interior items. In addition to the main mirror, you can install additional mirrors or use decorative elements with a mirror effect on the surface of the walls or floor.

Now the market is saturated with all kinds of offers of finishing materials, plumbing, household appliances and furniture for small apartments, where you can easily find what you need.

Many manufacturers carry out individual orders. Even without design experience, you can easily bring to life a beautiful interior.

A small apartment with a small bathroom is no longer a problem. Properly approaching the issue of the interior, you will not only visually expand the space, but also significantly increase its functionality.

Bathroom trends 2024Bathroom trends 2024

A well decorated bathroom gives a very special charm to the house. Knowing this, it’s important to always keep an eye out for news. Check out news about bathroom trends 2024!

Industrial style

The industrial style combines rustic and minimalist elements with some modern touches, which may seem contradictory, but it works super well. It’s a way to get away from the more classic style and stay within the most current decoration proposals.

This style has features such as exposed brick, cool colors and earthy tones, exposed piping and rustic furniture.

The most popular colors for exposed pipes are copper or aged metal, but more striking colors like black, white, yellow or red are options for those who want something more modern.

As for the decoration, bet on rustic furniture, such as a burnt cement bench or a brick coating. The demolition wood details also go well with this style of bathroom.

Now, if your desire is a modern industrial look, opt for bathroom trends 2024 with a more minimalist design with geometric patterns and more vibrant colors.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture and shelves are another trend for bathrooms. The light wood furniture will combine very well with the brightest and brightest bathrooms.

In this design, to match the furniture, choose the lightest shades. For the walls, choose coverings or light colors such as white, off white or beige, on the floor I bet on light gray tones and to finish, the steel accessories combine perfectly.


Marble is always an excellent option for decorating the bathroom and it will always be in fashion.

Marble has numerous practical advantages such as durability and ease of cleaning, but it also has an aesthetic advantage as it is always in fashion and can be combined with other styles.

Marble countertops are often seen in bathroom decorations, but the big news is using this type of material for the coating and the floor. And the pieces used don’t always have to be white, darker pieces are being sought after.

Black pieces and accessories are a perfect match for marble designers and create a super modern look that is super on trend.

Bathroom trends 2024: Small SPA

In a busy day-to-day life, it’s important to be able to take advantage of every little moment to relax. Thinking about it, one of the biggest bathroom decoration trends is to transform the environment into a private spa.

The SPA bathroom values a relaxing environment, with minimalist decor and light colors. This designer’s big bet is the bathtub, but for that you need to have a good space in the bathroom.

But the bathtub is not the only necessary element. The furniture must have a minimalist pattern, made with wood, marble or porcelain in light and cold tones. Shelves are replaced by wall niches and accessories can be made of steel.

And to create an environment with more natural features, it is possible to make a different coating on the wall behind the bench. As this style is inspired by SPAs, this coating can be made with natural stones or a green wall with natural or artificial plants.

Niches and shelves

Perfect for organizing your bathroom, niches and shelves are in for next year! The pieces don’t take up much space and look great in any decor. You can organize by decorating, and you don’t even need to renovate your entire bathroom to follow this trend.


Featured mirrors Bathroom without a mirror is impossible! It usually doesn’t stand out much, but that will change in 2024. They help to value and increase the space in the bathroom, which is usually the smallest room in the house. He deserves prominence in his decoration!

You can give the mirror focus in several ways: betting on different formats, placing lighting from behind, or even adding a nice frame. Like the niches, changing the mirror doesn’t require a major bathroom renovation, which is great if you just want to change it up a bit, without a break.


More and more, the bathtub has gained a prominent role in the decoration of the bathroom. Curved lines, different formats, styles and colors allow the bathtub to completely change the look of the room. The one in the photo has its own space for it, which looks wonderful!

Same coating on wall and floor

This trend also helps to increase the feeling of spaciousness, working very well in small bathrooms. By having the same coating on the wall and on the floor, there is no break in color or texture and the room seems infinite. But remember to always moderate, to avoid the opposite effect and make the bathroom feel cramped.

Hexagonal tiles

A trend that already appeared this year and is here to stay, hexagonal tiles give a modern touch to your bathroom decor. If you want a more discreet option, opt for tiles of this format in classic white. But if you really want a super modern look, opt for black tiles or, like the ones in the photo, in different shades of gray. Either way, it looks wonderful and super innovative.

Subway tiles

Another tile style that will dominate bathrooms in 2024 is subway tiles. Its name means subway tile and it is called that because it is precisely the type of tile found in American and European subways. With a slightly retro vibe, they are rectangular, thin and can be fitted in many different ways. You’ll have fun choosing your favorite! The best thing is that he is so versatile that he matches the most traditional to the most modern bathrooms.

Industrial Design

Speaking of retro, industrial design is also super hot! It emerged there in the 1950s, when abandoned warehouses in New York began to be converted into lofts, unique apartments with a large integrated space. The main features of the style are concrete, metal and rustic wood. You can see the inspiration in that bathroom, can’t you? The burnt cement on the wall, the iron details on the sink and the exposed pipes: all of this creates an incredible look that transforms your bathroom into a little piece of New York in the 50s!

Burnt cement

Accompanied by other elements of industrial design or alone, burnt cement will also dominate bathroom decorations in 2024! It looks a lot like exposed concrete, but it’s much easier to apply, since it’s a coating. It combines with all colors, from the most neutral to the vibrant ones, and brings a lot of sophistication to your bathroom.


Another coating that grows more every year is wood. Rustic or modern, light or dark, it doesn’t matter: wood is back to stay in decoration! She leaves the bathroom very elegant and cozy at the same time. It’s no wonder she’s one of the hottest trends for bathroom decor in 2024!


Of course, he couldn’t stay out! On the countertop, on the floor, on the wall… Marble is one of the favorite finishes for the bathroom. Previously restricted to more luxurious homes, today it appears in all types of homes, bringing a lot of sophistication to any room, especially the bathroom.

Were you in doubt which trend to follow and apply in your bathroom? Don’t worry! As you can see, most trends complement each other and are used together, creating an amazing and stylish environment. And, of course, in all bathroom decorations, there is something very important that cannot be left out: the toilet seat.

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