10 Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

We welcome 2022 in a ‘decor’ key, saying goodbye to a year, a tough 2020, but which has made us love our home more. The coronavirus has shaken our lives up and down and it is not surprising that our interiors have become shelters, where we can find comfort and safety. The decoration trends for 2022 are in line with all this, seeking our well-being, but also that of the planet. Natural and cozy materials, handcrafted decoration and recycled objects, workspaces that are integrated into the home without losing style and art in all its manifestations are some of the trends that will dress homes this year.

1. Multifunctional spacesDecoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

The return of the screens and other separating elements gave us the clue of what was to come: a clear commitment to multipurpose spaces, with more than one use, capable of housing the gym near the bed, the classroom in the kitchen or the office in the living room. The curtains will become clever allies, to separate rooms without partitions and provide the privacy and autonomy that a particular corner needs.

2. Cozy and comfortable textilesDecoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

That they create ‘ cocooning ‘ atmospheres, as appetizing as they are warm. In addition, at this time of year, with temperatures below zero, it is even more appreciated that the furniture and house fabrics cover and favor a less cold thermal sensation. The velvet has definitely lost its classic old – fashioned image and becoming an all basics of interior decorating. Its ribbed version, more groundbreaking and modern, is ideal for a chic and elegant ‘look’. Another material that will be welcome to our home in 2022 is ‘bouclé’ wool(curly). Although it has been with us since last winter, it continues its rise and consolidates itself as the star material of the season. It is found in seats, cushions, blankets, sofas, blankets, bedspreads, and even rugs.

3. Green staysDecoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

Although it was not chosen the color of the year by Pantone, green has been very present in 2020 and will continue to be so in 2022. Directly connected with nature, it is the tonality of the environment and the symbol of eternity and rebirth. It is not surprising, then, that we find it, particularly in the khaki version, everywhere ready to put a note of hope in our interior decoration. By the way, plants also enter this trend in favor of green, its freshness and vitality.

4. Art in all its manifestationsDecoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

Art in general tends more and more to democratize in our interiors, decorating not only our walls and our furniture but also our cushions or bedding. Among this artistic trend that sneaks into the house of 2022, the Face Line Art trend stands out, a new trend that loves graphic and minimalist works, representing faces in vases, cushions, posters, wallpapers…

5. Natural and untreated materialsDecoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

The natural is more than a decorative fashion, it is an authentic philosophy of life, which recovers the relationship with nature in a simple way. The passion, even devotion, for plant fibers, from cane to rattan or bamboo, is maintained and has more and more followers in all decorative styles. Without a doubt, they fit perfectly with the ‘slow’ decoration and the rise of environmentally friendly products. Of course, in 2022, they will take on character when accompanied by raw materials such as concrete, lime and cement. The wood is another essential. Timeless and responsible, this year bets on contrast. So you will see a lot of untreated light wood, like this proposal for the new interior designer, but also pieces and accessories made of black woods such as burnt wood or yakisugi, inspired by Japan. The secret of your success? It fits well in both classic and modern styles, Nordic or industrial.

7. Second chances ‘deco’Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

The coronavirus has shaken many things, but it has also given us the opportunity to rethink our lifestyle and the way we interact with others and with the planet. It has also changed our consumption habits: now we consume less, but better. For this reason, during 2022, the things  recovered, such as the sideboard of this Ábaton project,  and the recycled objects will break into our house, showing us that whoever had, retained and that recycling is a good way to give everything a second chance. what deserves it. It’s time to get down to business and say yes to DIY.

8. Contemporary craftsDecoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

Handmade objects contain great power, demonstrating that imperfection and uniqueness were always beautiful and unique and possess the gift of moving, as this proposal by Decor 2020 shows. Such is its magic that it has gone from being things from artisans and small firms to standard bearers of big brands that work with artisans from all over the world in many of their collections. Let yourself be seduced by ceramics in all its forms and uses, clay (a true all-rounder), basketry, kilims… Something that will be present at  Decor 2022 : “The presence of elements and handicrafts will be more palpable, thank you to the recovery of ancestral trades, which today are the new luxury, because each piece is unique and unrepeatable ”, he advances general director of decor, on this year’s edition.

9. Rounded shapesDecoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

In 2022, the decoration continues to soften by adopting furniture with rounded and curved shapes. Synonymous with comfort and softness, the lines are more generous and sensual. We also noticed the appearance of sculptural forms in the furniture, which became authentic works of art, the lamps and some accessories.

10. The (home) office reinvents itselfDecoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2022

With confinement and teleworking mandatory for many of us, the workspace has grown in our interiors, making a space in the living room, the guest room or the marriage bedroom. For this reason, in 2022 it will be at the center of interior decoration seeking to create spaces that are as comfortable to work as beautiful, so as not to clash. More and more ergonomic and designer desks are sought, as well as the creative and stimulating use of storage, which inspires our daily lives.

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