The Best Colors for Bathroom Renovation In 2024

The bathroom is a key space in our house. Decorating it with style and making it comfortable and welcoming is a priority and color has a lot to say about it. Painting the walls, or choosing the tiles to cover them, can be the first step to completely renew it. Take note of bathroom renovation colors 2024 that will help you decide on the color.

These are the best colors to renovate the bathroom in 2024

Keys to hitBest Colors for Bathroom Renovation In 2024

If you want to give your bathroom a new look, changing the color of the walls can be a great idea. But to choose the tonality you have to take into account some aspects that have some relevance.

– Think about lighting, both natural and artificial light, as both will have an impact on the way the colors you choose for the walls will look. If you don’t have a big window in your bathroom and you usually have the light on, look at the color tests under a lamp to get an idea of how it will look in real space.

– One color or several? Although one of the trends that triumphs in the bathrooms of 2024 is that of single-color spaces, that does not mean that you cannot combine two or three tones. Two neutral colors can work wonders; or you can create contrasts with a light and bright color and another intense and powerful.

– Don’t be afraid of dark tones. You do not always have to opt for light colors, even if your bathroom is not very spacious. Dare yourself!

Black and white, an infallible combinationBest Colors for Bathroom Renovation In 2024

Although this color duo is not new, it will be a winning option in 2024 as it is elegant and modern. The key is to abandon total white in the bathroom to incorporate black to a greater or lesser extent.

The black color on the walls adds character and sophistication. Combine it with white to prevent the result from being too dark, as in the bathroom proposed by Farrow&Ball.

Another less radical option is to leave the walls white and add black to the floor, the taps (the black ones are still a trend), the accessories and the profiles of the shower screens. It will be a sure hit.

Pink, the new neutralBest Colors for Bathroom Renovation In 2024

Choosing pink to decorate the walls of the bathroom is a declaration of intent. If you decide on a pale and dusty pink you can use it as a much-needed neutral color in these small spaces.

Combine it with white and you will get a cozy and bright environment. You can paint the walls pink (use a paint suitable for wet areas), choose wallpaper in this color or tile covering.

Another option is to choose pink for the sink or accessories. If you need other colors to complement pink, besides white, go for gold or black.

Grey, elegant and versatileBest Colors for Bathroom Renovation In 2024

It is one of the colors that triumph in 2024 and not only in the bathroom, but in any space in the house, from the living room to the bedroom through the hall or even the kitchen. It brings charm and elegance to the bathroom in all its nuances.

Light grey, bright and neutral, will achieve a greater feeling of spaciousness. Dark greys, such as anthracite, are deeper and more striking, so it is worth taking advantage of their decorative power and enriching a wall with them, for example.

To complete the decoration of the bathroom, combine gray with white, with wooden furniture that provides a warm note and with details in gold.

The thousand shades of blueBest Colors for Bathroom Renovation In 2024

There are different versions of the color blue that will help you update the decoration of your bathroom, whether you use it to paint the walls or to add certain touches of color to the accessories and complements.

If you choose a powdery and pale color, it will bring serenity and calm to the space. The most intense and electric tones create dynamic and very attractive spaces. As an example, this space decorated with Annie Sloan painting.

Green, the force of naturebathroom renovation colors 2024

If there is a special color to decorate the bathroom in 2024, that is green. It is the color of nature and acquires great importance thanks to its versatility and the many nuances it can show.

The really complicated thing will be choosing between the different shades. Triumph, among others, the sage green, fresh and bright, and the darker and more powerful greens. You can choose to decorate all the walls in green, or combine different elements as in The Curious Department’s proposal in the photo, where it has been chosen for the wallpaper on the wall, the ceiling, the sink cabinet and the towels.

Imaginative turquoisebathroom renovation colors 2024

Halfway between blue and green, turquoise is an inspiring alternative that can be used in a thousand different ways in the bathroom. If you want to paint the walls, you can make yourself a gradient like the one in the image. According to this idea by Annie Sloan, the darkest color is placed at the top of the wall and gradually varies until it reaches the bottom that exhibits the lightest hue.

Very Peri, the color of the year 2022bathroom renovation colors 2024

It is the color of 2022 according to the prestigious Pantone Institute: a kind of purple that results from combining blue with a purplish red. According to these color experts, the Very Peri exudes optimism. It is a vital and cheerful color that symbolizes change, the deep transformation that our world is experiencing.

In fact, it almost always enhances any space, including the bathroom. To achieve this, you can combine a mosaic covering in purple tones with walls painted in a color from the same range as in the bathroom in the image proposed by the firm Tile Club.

Mustard, a universe of warmthbathroom renovation colors 2024

Mustard yellow is a cheerful and warm colour, super decorative, which looks great in the bathroom. It’s a fantastic way to generate good vibes every morning and to replenish our optimism levels.

In addition, it is modern and chic. You just have to be careful when combining it with other colors, which can sometimes be difficult. Pair it with white or blue and you won’t go wrong. Gray or green can also be good options.

Bathroom trends 2024Bathroom trends 2024

Bathroom decoration is a detail that makes all the difference in this environment, but with so many options for sinks, coatings and decorative styles, it is very difficult to choose what fits best in the environment.

So, if you want to renovate your home or are moving to a new house, want to rock the look and have a functional place, this bathroom trends 2024 is the ideal tips!

Instagram decor is also ideal, where you can find out about the best news in the world of decoration, trends and still not miss anything about our store’s products and promotions.

Take some nature

One of the ways to make your bathroom decor more distinctive and intimate is to bring some plants and flowers, making the environment cheerful and facilitating the air circulation in the room.

Here it is worth using a suspended species, such as fern, vases with succulents next to the sink or any other space you have. It’s even worth using the artificial plants!

In addition, use and abuse wood, whether natural or as a coating and also items made of synthetic fiber in organizing boxes, baskets, among other objects.

Golden details can be interesting

One of the trends we ‘ve already talked about here is objects with a golden finish, and bathroom decor is no different. Use it mainly in more neutral environments to stand out and make the environment even more sophisticated.

A good suggestion is to use this resource mainly on metals, such as in the finishing of showers, mirrors, soap dishes, towel racks and toilet paper, among others.

Monochrome bathroom decor

Another 2024 bathroom trends is to bet on a monochrome bathroom to make an impact and have a unique environment. Using all elements in a single color, with various shades of it, creates a sense of originality and more spaciousness.

In the case of the bathroom below, the different tones and textures of gray with the black toilet created a unique effect.

Or you can still insert elements of another color and even textures to give a little break. As is the case of this bathroom, where the wooden sink and small white objects make it less “monotonous”.

Black is the color of fashion!

It is possible to have a clean environment, but still full of sophistication and innovation. This is thanks to the use of black in the details of objects and furniture in the bathroom. A good choice is matte black, which goes well with ceramic coverings.

How about the burnt cement walls with the details of the box, closet and door frame in black?

Use coatings that are in high

Currently, there are many types, colors, sizes, textures, coating models, making it very difficult to choose the one that best suits the bathroom decor.

Before we present the types of coating, it is important to know that the best option is the one that combines good aesthetics, durability and functionality.

Marble and granite

One of the biggest bathroom trends 2024 is the use of marble as a high-end coating. In addition to the traditional use in sinks, a good option is to use them as a floor and on the walls, giving the feeling of much more glamor to the environment.

The finish on the piece is very interesting and differs from more conventional coverings, as the joints are practically imperceptible, giving the impression that the stone is in one piece on the wall. But be careful, because this material absorbs fat and liquids, so it’s important that you do a waterproofing first of all.

The big difference between marble and granite is in texture, shine, resistance and porosity. While marble has crack-like marks and is less shiny, granite is grainier and shinier.

Regarding resistance, granite is harder than marble, but that does not mean that one is better than the other in terms of fragility. Finally, marble is more porous than granite, so be careful with the moisture absorbed by the stone, as it can end up staining.

Porcelain tile

Beautiful and resistant, it is a good option to place in the bathroom, as it is not slippery, making it great for the wet area. It is possible to find models for all tastes, with the most varied textures.

Of course, you need to pay attention to the correct model, as bathroom-specific ones have non-slip properties.

A model that is on the rise is the one that imitates wood. In order not to make the bathroom look too heavy, using this coating on a single wall, continuing on the floor, like a strip, can be a very elegant alternative.

In addition, you can have a sink made of masonry, covered with a woody floor. That’s the result!

Hydraulic tile

This tip is for you who like a more retro style. Hydraulic tiles have many striking colors and designs, so you have to be careful not to overdo it, ending up mixing styles and ruining your bathroom decor.

How about combining the tiles with burnt cement? This could be a perfect pairing!

Or an environment with white coating on the sink wall to balance with the super cool designs on the floor…

Marble and granite

Oh! Marble appears again here. Including, he and granite are the most conventional options when we’re talking about bathroom sink.

You can follow the trend and carve the tub directly into the sink, leaving the drain invisible, with a drop or even straight, as in the inspiration below.

Or choose to place a ceramic bowl under that marble sink.

How about integrating your suite?

Everyone already knows that the open concept has been widely used, but have you thought about applying this idea to your suite? This model with few divisions between the bedroom and the bathroom, only being separated by a low wall or even without any element.

In this case, the option to “separate” the environments were the sink, but without losing the concept.

Other tips and inspirations for decorating the bathroom

If you are looking for a modern, colorful and relaxed bathroom decor, bet on fishscale tiles. This seabed climate goes perfectly with the blue, green and turquoise hue.

The towel is an element that you may not give much importance to, but by mixing colors and textures, it is possible to create a very beautiful composition to add to the environment. Form a color palette with this item and that’s it: everything will be in harmony!

Vertical niches are also bathroom trends for 2024. You can use them inside the box to organize shampoos, conditioners, soaps and all your items, or even outside, to use towels, for example. So put dividers to make it easier when you pack everything.

Wallpaper and fabrics have also been widely used, mainly with designs linked to nature. Those that imitate foliage are a great choice!

Using the box to the ceiling is also a modern option.

Or how about a box without any frame, entirely made of glass? With this, you will have a very clean and minimalist bathroom decoration.

Taking advantage of the wave of natural elements, a slatted panel is a very elegant option.

Concrete can also create a very beautiful and cool environment, even more so if contrasted with white crockery and a wooden sink.

So, did you like our tips? So, now put your hand in the dough and start changing your home environments.

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