Color Palette Trends for the Walls that Triumphs in 2024

Color palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024 The color palette that we choose when painting the walls has a lot to say in the decoration of a space. It can achieve amazing effects, to improve the final result or to ruin it, so it is essential to take into account some important factors before deciding which one is best for us. One of them is the trends of the moment: these are the color trends that, according to experts, will triumph in 2024.

How to choose the colors of the walls?

Several factors come into play in the final decision that we must take into account if we want to get it right. To begin with, you have to assess the characteristics of the space, the amount of natural light it receives and if it is a small room that you have to try to visually enlarge.

After taking all this into account, the trends of the moment when it comes to the choice of colors are also important. Interior designers, experts and professionals from the most important paint brands make their predictions at the end of the previous year.

For this year they have opted for basic tones but with a lot of character. Some are versatile and easy to combine. Others show an overwhelming personality. Here are the colors that will decorate the walls of 2024.

The naturalness of earth tonesColor palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024

We start with a very versatile first alternative, which will give us a lot of room when it comes to painting the walls. If you are one of those who prefer to paint all the rooms in the house with the same color, earth tones will be your allies.

You can choose from the full range of browns and chestnuts, ochres, etc. Inspired by nature, they offer you the perfect wild card for the living room, hall and bedrooms, as they are very warm. Combine them with neutrals such as white and raw, even with a palette of light grays.

Yellow, a touch of sunshineColor palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024

It is the brightest color of all those that will stand out in 2024. Cheerful and bright, it is perfect for the daytime areas of your home such as the living room, the kitchen or the hall.

Beyond enhancing the natural light of the spaces, we must highlight a very important advantage that you will achieve if you paint the walls yellow: it is a color that transmits optimism and that is just what is needed today.

In addition, you have several great options to choose from if you go to the catalog of the big paint brands. Farrow&Ball has chosen a bright and bold yellow: the Babouche, capable of filling any space with light.

Sage green, the delicacy of muted tonesColor palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024

The chromatic range of green is so wide, so attractive, that it is not easy to choose which shade of color we are going to stick with. For this year, most painting and decoration firms have agreed to opt for somewhat muted tones such as sage green.

It is one of the trend colors, versatile and fresh. Deeply rooted in nature, it is a green with a grayish touch that is very easy to combine with other colors such as raw, beige and ocher.

In the image, the tone chosen by Leroy Merlin for the new season: Sage 3 green, a color that conveys calm and serenity.

‘Very Peri’, the Pantone betColor palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024

Each year the Color Institute Pantone declares what, in the opinion of its experts, is the color that will triumph in the next twelve months. And in 2022 the chosen color has been Very Peri, a very special blue that includes a marked touch of purplish red.

The result is an intense and cheerful color, very vital. Perfect for this stage of reinvention and new beginnings that the world is going through after the months of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

If you don’t feel optimistic enough to use it to paint the walls, you always have the option of choosing it to upholster the sofa in the living room or any other decorative accessory.

Deep red, pure showmanshipColor palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024

It is a warm, powerful color that will not leave anyone indifferent. While it won’t always be the perfect option for painting every wall in the house, it can be invaluable in adding interest and magic to a given room.

In any case, it is convenient to know how to use it so as not to abuse and saturate the space. Look for crimson reds, intense and bright and with that original dramatic touch. Like the color Incarnadine from Farrow&Ball.

The empire of grayColor palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024

Talking about gray when it comes to wall decoration is nothing new. It is a color that has been starring in interiors for some time now. And it is logical that this is the case, since it boasts tremendous elegance and modernity.

Also, if we choose it well, it can be very versatile and we will have no problem combining it accurately with different colors. Bet, for example, on a medium or dark gray and give it more light by combining it with raw or yellow. The lighter grays go wonderfully with shades of green, for example. The result is a perfect palette for any space in the house. Take advantage of it!

Fresh and light blueColor palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024

It has nothing to do with the Very Peri chosen by Pantone, but it is not for that reason more unpopular. Quite the contrary, since it is easy to integrate into any environment. It is a timeless blue, which can be lighter or more intense, and which is perfect for decorating bedrooms and rest areas, as it conveys peace and a feeling of relaxation. The Bruguer firm has named it Fresh Air and has decreed that it will be the color of 2024.

More intensityColor palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024

If blue is your favorite color but you fancy a more intense tone, in 2024 you will find perfect alternatives to paint the walls. Like the Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball, a bright and more striking color, with a very marked character. If it loses something in versatility, it gains in personality. Instead of combining it with white and neutral tones, try to accompany it with warm colors as in the photo: you will be right.

Don’t forget the neutralsColor palette trends for the walls that triumphs in 2024

After this brief review of the colors that are a trend in 2024 to paint the walls, it is important to make a reminder to claim the importance of neutral tones.

They do not go out of style as they continue to be a key element when using color in decoration. You will find them very useful to combine with any of the colors mentioned above, to give more light to a space or to nuance that intense and striking touch of fashionable shades.

White, raw, beige… Keep them in mind when choosing the color for the walls of your house.

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