New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom

Today there are a huge number of wall decoration options. The bathroom is a special room with a specific microclimate, which is characterized by high humidity and significant temperature changes. Therefore, making out the design of the room, many people choose tiles and PVC panels. However, a good alternative with distinctive positive characteristics is the bathroom wallpaper, to which this article is devoted.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
Thanks to modern technologies, increased moisture-repellent properties and special impregnation, wallpaper is absolutely not inferior in reliability and aesthetics to competing materials

Wallpaper for the bathroom : the advantages and disadvantages of finishing material

When choosing a lining for a bathroom, first of all, one should be guided by the special microclimate of the room. Wallpaper is characterized by the appearance of blisters and stains under the influence of water vapor on a paper base, which subsequently will cause the appearance of fungus and mold on the walls. Therefore, wallpaper should be chosen exclusively waterproof.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
With the help of wallpaper, without significant costs and efforts, you can change rooms beyond recognition and create stylish and beautiful interiors

The characteristic advantages of moisture resistant bathroom wallpaper:

  • low cost of material and work;
  • the gluing process is not laborious, which allows you to do the work yourself, without the involvement of specialists;
  • the ability to quickly transform the room, which is limited to a few hours of work;
  • a wide range of different options and high decorative characteristics make it possible to embody any design idea;
  • the ability to quickly update the premises, which is associated with easy dismantling of the wallpaper;
  • the finish does not need special care;
  • after contact with water, streaks do not remain on the surface of the wallpaper.

    New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
    Due to the constantly high level of humidity, not all bathroom wallpapers can be used in this room.

This facing material has its weaknesses. First of all, for the bathroom, you cannot use simple paper wallpapers, which will quickly lose their original appearance and the possibility of further use, which is associated with the constant exposure to high temperature fluctuations and moisture. Due to its high hygroscopicity, the material, under the influence of water vapor, will accumulate moisture and swell, which will subsequently attract the product to peel off.

You should not choose regular glue for wallpaper. It will absorb moisture, swell and ruin the appearance of the cladding.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
An important advantage of wallpaper is that it is not necessary to involve specialists for their installation, it is quite possible to glue them with your own hands.

Helpful advice! For wallpapering in the bathroom, you should choose an adhesive that has an anti-fungal composition and increased adhesion.

There are several types of moisture-resistant wallpaper trends that can be used for rooms with high humidity. These include: vinyl, detergent, self-adhesive, liquid wallpaper and glass wallpaper.

Washable wallpaper in the bathroom: budget and reliable wall cladding

The most affordable option is to use washable wallpaper as a bathroom finish. The material can be made on a different basis. A special moisture-resistant coating is applied to the surface of the product, which is not afraid to come into contact with water. Dust and dirt can be easily removed from such a surface. There is no soil for the development of microorganisms, which excludes the possibility of mold and mildew formation. Washable wallpapers are able to withstand high humidity and maintain an attractive pristine appearance for a long time.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
Washable, moisture resistant wallpaper is the most affordable option.

This material is characterized by the following advantages:

  • due to its strong structure, the wallpaper is highly resistant to mechanical damage;
  • the material is characterized by a long service life;
  • has good adhesion, thanks to which the product can be glued to a concrete base, plaster or paint;
  • the wallpaper does not need special care, the surface can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge;
  • easy and quick installation and easy dismantling of the product.

    New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
    Washing wallpaper on the surface has a waterproof film that prevents moisture from penetrating into the inner layers of the material

The main disadvantage of washable wallpaper is its low vapor permeability, so the bathroom needs good ventilation and regular ventilation. You can buy washing moisture-resistant wallpaper in the bathroom for an average of RUB 1100 / roll.

Labeling Washable Waterproof Bathroom Wallpaper

Depending on the degree of moisture resistance, washable wallpapers are divided into several types, each of which has its own marking:

  • one wavy line indicates a slight moisture resistance, which excludes active washing of the surface;

    New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
    Washable wallpapers have their own characteristics and are presented today in various models and markings
  • two wavy lines define a moisture resistant material that can be treated with mild detergents;
  • three wavy lines represent a moisture-resistant and durable material that can be cleaned with aggressive detergents;
  • marking in the form of a brush and a wavy line indicates that the product can be acted upon with a stiff brush without fear of violating the integrity of the material;
  • the brush with three wavy lines represents a dense and durable material that can be safely treated with aggressive cleaning agents and a stiff brush.

    New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
    The main plus of washable wallpaper already follows from the name – such canvases are not afraid of moisture and can be cleaned even with a wet sponge

Helpful advice! It is better to choose washable wallpaper in a calm color scheme, since bright colors can quickly lose their original appearance with frequent cleaning of the surface.

Bathroom Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers are available on a non-woven or paper backing. The top layer of the products is presented in the form of polyvinyl chloride, which can withstand high temperatures and moisture without losing its original appearance.

Vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom (photos clearly display various options) can be of the following types:

  • flat vinyl is represented by a product with a solid pattern, which is applied by means of embossing;

    New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
    Washable vinyl coverings are the most widespread and popular, due to their relatively low cost and a wide range of choices.
  • shiny smooth or embossed silk-screen printing with imitation of silk threads;
  • foamed vinyl with a pronounced embossed surface, especially resistant to mechanical stress and dampness, and in terms of strength, similar to porcelain stoneware;
  • polyethylene in the form of a multilayer material that can withstand high humidity and washable well;
  • hard vinyl is a unique material that can remove harmful substances from the walls.

Important! Foamed and embossed vinyl is able to hide all the imperfections of the base, and silk-screen printing can visibly emphasize.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
Vinyl coverings are quite dense and thick, which makes their surface very resistant to moisture

Pros and cons of waterproof vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom

Vinyl wallpapers have characteristic advantages:

  • are environmentally friendly and safe material;
  • the product contains antifungal components;

And x technical and operational characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Recommendations for the choice of dye.

  • heavy vinyl allows you to hide surface errors and uneven walls;
  • due to its strong structure, the facing surface is resistant to mechanical stress;
  • the surface does not need special care, it is easy to clean and is not damaged when exposed to cleaning agents;

    New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
    An important advantage of venil wallpaper is that it does not require special preparation of the wall surface before gluing.
  • upon contact with water, the lining does not lose its color;
  • a wide variety of colors, textures and embossing of products.

Helpful advice! Due to the fact that when glue is spread on the wallpaper, the product stretches, and when it dries, it shrinks, it is necessary to choose a special glue for vinyl wallpaper that is used for this type of facing material.

The main disadvantage of vinyl wallpaper is the high cost of the product. However, despite this, the finishing material is in great interest and in high demand. This is due to the fact that the wallpaper is easy to glue and has a long service life without losing its original appearance. You can buy moisture-resistant vinyl-based wallpaper for the bathroom from 1200 rubles / roll.

Distinctive features of self-adhesive wallpaper for the bathroom

Self-adhesive wallpaper is a special kind of vinyl product. The material is presented in the form of a water-repellent film that does not allow moisture to pass through. An adhesive layer is applied to the back of the product at the factory, so there is no need to purchase glue for further wallpapering on the wall. This allows quick and easy installation of adhesive wallpaper. The material has high strength, which allows it to withstand moisture well without violating the integrity of the product.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
Being a kind of vinyl, self-adhesive wallpaper is quite expensive in price, but somehow it will last much longer.

Before gluing a strip of wallpaper to the wall, the back should be moistened with warm water in order to allow the glue to swell. The strip is pressed tightly against the wall. To avoid distortions of the product, it is strictly forbidden to stretch it. The next canvas must be glued close to the first, avoiding overlapping stripes, which is especially important for obtaining a clear pattern in the bathroom.

Self-adhesive wallpaper requires a perfectly flat base, since after pasting the wall on the surface of the cladding, all base errors will be noticeable. This type has a more limited assortment, which mainly includes models with various types of imitation of natural stone and some types of wood. You can buy self-adhesive wallpaper for the bathroom from 900 rubles / roll.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
To glue self-adhesive wallpaper, perfectly flat walls are needed, since this type of coating will only emphasize all the roughness

Helpful advice! You can get a stylish and unique room with the help of harmonious combinations of self-adhesive wallpaper with other cladding materials.

Varieties of self-adhesive wallpaper: the role of products in room design

Wallpapers of this type are presented in three types:

  • wallpaper with a cork covering;
  • satin wallpaper;
  • simple films.

    New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
    Self-adhesive wallpapers of a wide range of colors, materials, textures for every taste are offered on the modern market.

The structure of cork claddings is presented in the form of natural cork. For additional protection, the front layer of the material is covered with a special wax-based compound, on which a PVC film is applied, so that the material can be used in rooms with high humidity.

The appearance of satin wallpaper is similar to that of a fabric covering, which makes it possible to create attractive classic interiors in the bathroom. Plain films have high-quality technological and operational characteristics. In this category, you will find wall murals for the bathroom with various images. Their main disadvantage is that the decoration of the premises is carried out with artificial material.

The surface of the product can be glossy, matte, metallized or rough. Using wallpaper with a metal surface, you can create an unusual visual effect. Many modern manufacturers are striving to expand the range of self-adhesive products. Self-adhesive wallpaper for tiles, stone and wood is very popular.

In the construction market, you can find stained glass, fluorescent and mirror compositions, films with a 3D effect, which allows you to embody unusual design ideas. With the help of mirror and stained glass canvases, it will be possible to visually expand the dimensions of the room. Fluorescent compositions glow in the dark, and with the help of 3D canvases, you can correct the geometric imperfections of the room. The main disadvantage of such products is the high price of self-adhesive wallpaper, which starts at RUB 1,500 / roll.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
Modern designers are increasingly resorting to bathroom decor with moisture-resistant 3D photo wallpaper

Helpful advice! When choosing a product, you should pay attention to the recommendations from the manufacturer regarding the nature of the base on which the self-adhesive wallpaper will be glued.

Liquid wallpaper for the bathroom

One of the latest trends in modern technology is liquid wallpaper in the bathroom. Reviews of the material indicate the unique quality of the products, due to which the wallpaper is applied to the wall like a putty. Liquid wallpaper is produced in the form of dry mixtures, which include silk and cotton fibers, binders, mineral components and gloss. Before application, the material should be diluted in water in a certain proportion. Next, the mixture is applied with a spatula to the previously primed surface.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
The main plus of liquid wallpaper is environmental friendliness, active chemicals are not used for their production

Important! When applying liquid wallpaper indoors, you should observe the temperature regime – no more than 15 degrees.

After complete drying, a coating is formed that has high technical and operational characteristics, has a presentable appearance, which is clearly displayed in the photo of liquid wallpaper in the bathroom, and a long service life.

Helpful advice! To enhance the moisture resistance of the coating, the surface can be additionally coated with acrylic varnish.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
Initially, liquid wallpaper is a dry powder and when applied to the wall, it must be thoroughly mixed with water

Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom is characterized by the following distinctive advantages:

  • environmentally friendly material;
  • applied to the surface in the form of an even uniform layer without joints;
  • do not require the use of glue, which is part of the material;
  • do not need preliminary leveling of the walls;
  • you can correct minor defects and minor irregularities in the walls by filling them with wallpaper;
  • easy and fast process of applying the material to the surface;
  • do not have a static effect;

    New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
    Liquid wallpaper has a number of advantages, which makes it possible to use it in almost any room.
  • a damaged or heavily soiled place can be soaked, easily removed and replaced with a new composition;
  • have sound and heat insulation properties;
  • have a high degree of air permeability;
  • the original color remains for a long time;
  • protect mirrors from fogging.

The disadvantages include the high cost of liquid wallpaper and the instability of the surface to abrasive cleaning materials.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
The resulting mixture of liquid wallpaper dries quite quickly, so you need to apply it to the walls immediately

Glass wallpaper for the bathroom : an outstanding type of finishing material

The product is woven from fiberglass, which is formed from the finest threads that are drawn from molten glass heated to 1200 degrees. Further, the material is impregnated with a special composition based on modified starch. Glass fiber is characterized by high strength, environmental friendliness and durability. Products withstand contact with water and a sharp change in temperature, are not able to absorb moisture, attract dust, burn, are resistant to mechanical damage and the effects of abrasive agents, are not the basis for the development of mold and mildew.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
The glazed surface of glass cloth wallpaper is a thin layer of glass, which is completely waterproof and perfectly cleaned from dirt.

A special quality of such a coating is the ability to paint the surface with latex or water-based paints up to 20 times. Various color options can be seen in the photo of the bathroom finish. This is done in the same way as painting the walls. Heavy glass wallpaper is glued to the base using a special glue that is applied exclusively to the wall. Further staining can be done after 24 hours.

The facing surface in the form of glass wallpaper does not need special care, since the material is based on glass, which does not require the use of detergents for cleaning. Manufacturers produce a wide range of products, from which you can choose from plain, smooth, embossed glass wallpaper and ornamental products. You can buy wallpaper for the bathroom for an average of RUB 1,500 / roll.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
Fiberglass material used to make wallpaper

Style and color palette of modern wallpaper in the bathroom

Modern wallpaper for the bathroom is distinguished by a wide variety of colors, ornaments, textures, images and patterns, with which you can decorate any style of the interior of the room.

Helpful advice! Wallpaper with embossed and embossed texture will hide significant irregularities in the wall surface.

The color scheme is selected taking into account the size and shape of the room, as well as the personal preferences of the owner. The most popular is blue and all its shades. A room decorated in this way is filled with freshness, cleanliness and coolness from the inside. Despite the fact that the blue palette refers to cold tones, the room charges with vigor for the whole day, and in the evening it gives a feeling of weightlessness and lightness. In such a palette, the marine style of the interior is made out, which is clearly demonstrated by the photos of the bathroom finish.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
Brighter tones of the wallpaper should be combined with neutral colors for a harmonious interior and a comfortable stay in the bathroom.

Pink is the epitome of sensuality and romanticism. When choosing wallpaper in pink, it is better to give preference to options with exuberant floral motifs, which will allow you to recreate a light and airy Provence in the bathroom.

To give the room naturalness and naturalness will allow green wallpaper in the bathroom. The photos clearly show the various finishes in a calm and serene palette. Bright, juicy and sunny shades of yellow, which will dominate the decoration of the bathroom, will help you recharge with positive and good mood. Photos of rooms decorated in classic and country style show how lively and natural the atmosphere in a closed room can be.

The room looks stylish and aesthetically pleasing, decorated in light colors using beige, milk, ivory, which will expand the dimensions of a small room by breathing air into it. But so that the bathroom does not look boring, bright accents in the form of various ornaments, patterns and images should be present in the wall decoration. Wall murals on various subjects look interesting on a light background in the bathroom.

A bold and original solution is to decorate the room in shades of red or orange. However, in order to defuse the contrasting atmosphere in the room, which can quickly become tiresome, it is necessary to harmoniously complement the decoration of the room with light colors, which can absorb unnecessary excitement.

New trends for wallpaper for the bathroom
It is imperative to choose wallpaper based on the overall style of the bathroom.

Wallpaper is a versatile material for interior decoration. Among the variety of colors and textures, you can find not only traditional motives, but also choose the necessary pattern with imitation of stone, brick, marble and wood. You should also be guided when choosing wallpaper for the bathroom by consumer reviews, which represent the real characteristics of the products, and will help determine the type of material for a particular case.

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