10 Home Decor Trends 2025

Renovation requires a lot of effort, time, money, energy and knowledge. You want the interior design that pleasant, trendy and practical?

Many home decor trends 2025 will be relevant for more than one year. We have put together a useful guide for you about functionality, colors, textures, ideas, innovation and sustainability.

It is important to understand that the general ideas about design have not changed this year either. Naturalness, functionality, environmental friendliness and minimalism are still popular, but at the same time they have gained depth and versatility.

1. Smart technologies

Home Decor Trends 2025Technologies are developing very rapidly, which sometimes you do not have time to keep track of all the new products. But, undoubtedly, they make our life easier, more interesting and even safer. Every year, smart gadgets become more and more affordable. Already, probably, you will not surprise anyone with a smart kettle, slow cooker, robot vacuum cleaner or smart speaker. And thanks to personalization, only certain people can control this gadget. For example, the same smart speaker will not be able to light a fireplace when a child asks to do so.

In addition, the smart home system is closely related to security, which includes smoke sensors, water leakage, door opening and closing, etc. A separate place is occupied by a video surveillance system, to which you can connect remotely and monitor what is happening at home in real time.

Technological solutions in your home should be taken with the same seriousness as choosing the color of walls or furniture, since some of them must be included in the project in advance, even before the repair begins. We talked in detail about the “smart home” and its amazing features here.

2. Natural and tactile materials

Home Decor Trends 2025Glossy materials are becoming a thing of the past, and matte materials with a natural structure take their place. They will create home comfort. At the same time, naturalness in forms, materials and textures is a real trend that will be relevant for more than one year. When choosing materials, you should pay attention to tactility. The transition from straight lines and smooth surfaces to natural and imperfect forms is a trend in the interior, which came from the Japanese japandi style and the ability to see beauty in its original form.

Imperfect shapes with natural roughness make the interior visually deeper and more complex, and when in contact with hands and feet, stimulate the brain.

The following materials are popular:

  • wood, including raw and unpainted;
  • rough unpolished stone with all its irregularities;
  • marble with natural chips;
  • clay, etc.

3. Eco-friendly

Home Decor Trends 2025The problem of ecology is reflected in the next trend for environmental friendliness in everything. Designers from all over the world are trying to create materials and interior items with respect for nature and natural resources. Emphasis is also placed on biodegradability and the possibility of processing raw materials. In addition, eco-materials have a long service life. For example, cork, which is used on the floor, walls and even the ceiling. And recycled tiles and wood can be used in facades.

4. Soft shapes and rounded corners

Home Decor Trends 2025The trend for naturalness is also visible in the design of furniture and decor. If we talk about furniture 2025, then there are “soft” lines in the interior: round and oval shapes of chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs, sinks, mirrors, etc. Parents of young children will especially appreciate this fashion trend. The main rule when using such forms is not to overdo it, since the interior can not only be made softer, but turned into a “childish” one.

5. Colors

Interior Design Trends 2025Color trends in the interior are represented by monochrome, various shades of brown and precious metals.

  • Monochrome is a modern trend in interior design that does not go out of fashion and will continue to be relevant. Gray and beige are visually simple and calm colors. It is possible to use shades of the same color. They will create a single space, and you can diversify them with various textures that will add expressiveness to color. For example, use stone and concrete as cool colors or wood and wool as warm colors. You can always dilute the color scheme with various accents in the decor.
  • Precious metals and stones have always had rich and interesting colors and hues. Thanks to their depth, nobility and elegance, your interior will look more expensive. Among the cold shades, you can use silver, mother-of-pearl, azure, quartz, malachite, and among the warm ones – gold, ruby, amber, bronze, copper.
  • The palette of beige-brown, red and orange shades goes well with natural fabrics, wood, stone and brick. The use of such colors is possible in different rooms of your home. White marble with black and gray veins is replaced by a warm print in copper onyx. Tiles of this color are a trend in the interior of a bathroom or kitchen.
  • And only the most daring will decide to add colors of optimism and expression to the interior.

6. Personality and handmade

Interior Design Trends 2025Handmade interior items make it warm and at the same time add zest. Interior decor trends allow you to add character, depth and uniqueness to the exterior of your home. Moreover, even the most unusual ideas can be realized in this way.

Bold shapes, unexpected materials, bright colors and combinations can be used to personalize the interior. This applies to lighting, furniture, wall colors, and decor. The main rule is not to overload the situation. Better 2-3 harmoniously combined objects than ten that create chaos.

7. Multifunctionality

Interior Design Trends 2025A “tasty” interior is not only a beautiful shell, but also a functional one. Of particular importance is the versatility in the interior of the kitchen and living room or bedroom and study in one room, or when several zones need to fit in a small room.

8. Lighting

Interior Design Trends 2025Due to different lighting, the same interior will look different. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this item in your apartment or house. Properly selected interior colors along with lighting will help you relax or, conversely, gain energy, as well as, if necessary, create a romantic or festive atmosphere.

Only one chandelier in the center of the ceiling is something that is no longer modern. With the help of lighting, you can highlight individual elements and decor items. Functional spotlights are located around the entire perimeter of the room or in separate areas.

Particularly relevant are lamps that are hidden from the eyes. This is the 2025 lighting trend. They give a beautiful diffused light. In addition, this solution looks stylish, is comfortable for the eyes and adds air to the space.

Environmental friendliness, functionality and naturalness are also trendy in lighting. LED lamps are especially relevant due to their low power consumption. And the materials used are bamboo or recycled glass. At the same time, each lamp can carry its own function and it is not necessary that they all look identical.

9. Lots of greenery

Home Decor TrendsPlants can become accents, while they will definitely give liveliness to your interior. Such pets saturate the room with oxygen and release phytoncides.

10. Vintage

Home Decor TrendsVintage fashion has become relevant again against the backdrop of a trend towards reasonable consumption. These things have a certain history and can be used in the interior both in restored form with elements of the author’s design, and in original form. Vintage will give the interior notes of nostalgia and uniqueness.

Trends in colors, textures, materials, functionality are only a small part of what has to be taken into account when preparing for and carrying out repairs. In the eternal pursuit of fashion trends in the interior, do not forget about yourself and your preferences. By purchasing something that resonates in your soul, you fill it with positive emotions and emphasize your taste.

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