2024 Trends for Living Room Curtains – 30 Inspiring Ideas

Trends 2019 for Living Room Curtains Curtains and blinds are among the most beneficial elements of interior design when a homeowner wants to create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere, whatever the room he wants to decorate. Their practical side of protection against the sun, combined with the aesthetic effect they create, plays a role of paramount importance in the design of contemporary interior decor. And when it comes to the room where we receive our guests and where we spend a lot of time with family, namely: the living room, their importance and even major. In this article, you will discover a gallery of ideas for living room curtains trend in terms of colors, fabrics and ways of hanging. Explore them and find inspiration for your own unique decor in contemporary living room curtains!

Trendy living room curtains to make a strong style statementTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

The right choice of living room curtains, floor mats, upholstery, decorative cushions and so on, can totally change the framing of a given space and create miracles in terms of attractive interior design. And if wall painting and living room furniture are basic elements that you simply can not change every year, the sheers are more easily replaceable when you’re fed up. That’s why you do not have to choose a simple, classic color model, but you can also opt for large or bold color curtains.

Patterned and colored living room curtains matching cushions, carpet and mirrorTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

When choosing curtains living room, there are, in general, 2 ways to follow. The most obvious choice is to choose curtains and curtains in style and color corresponding to the rest of your decor. You can complete the basic scheme in the classic style room, for example, by adding dramatic draperies in a chic light color such as beige, pearl gray, sand-colored or ivory. Everything depends on the furniture, the wall color, the floor covering and the rest of the textile in the room.

Black and white striped living room carpet and armchairs, refreshed by green curtains and yellow doorTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

On the other hand, we have an alternative solution, more artistic, but also a little more risky. This is the choice of curtains living room style completely mismatched to the rest of the decor. This is not something totally extraordinary, as in recent years eclectic designs are becoming more and more popular. This original approach adds an unparalleled bohemian touch to any living room layout.

Crystal chandeliers, chocolate-colored living room curtains and white curtains for panoramic windowsTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

The living room curtains can also be an aesthetic accent to take the viewer by surprise. If the living room is spacious and bright enough, you can opt for dramatic blackout curtains in dark color. The same goes for the living room in white or the one with light wood furniture. Velvet and other thick fabrics add even more dramatic effect to this design.

White blinds and ivory curtains with large width and length with rope and tassels embraceTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Do not miss that the type of the curtain head, the pleats and the hanging technique are as important as the choice of fabric or color, sometimes even more. Sliding curtains do not create the same effect as a balloon curtain or a floating model. The presence of a valance or curtain embrace, the choice of an exposed rod, a rail or a bar hidden behind a decorative cornice, the length and width of the curtains – these are all details that ‘prove essential to successful design.

Grommet living room curtains, patterned black and white carpet and eye-catching armchair in petrol greenTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

For example, curtained living room curtains are among the most popular choices because of their versatility. That is to say, these models are suitable for both the classic living room and the contemporary one. Flemish-style living room curtains have a super-chic and traditional appearance, the leg and eyelet variants are considered rather modern, while the knotty version is most often, but not exclusively, used in the kitchen, thanks to its air tidy with Provencal touches.

Taupe wide-width curtains with cornice in graphite colorTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Logically, the number of folds depends on the total width of the curtains with respect to the width of the rail or the bar. The choice of round (simple), hollow or pinch folds is not, in general, determined by the style of your living room, but rather depends on your own preferences and taste. About the installation of the rod, it is either wall-mounted, or wall-to-wall, or the ceiling and comes decided especially according to your conditions of interior architecture.

Beautiful shades with a shaded effect – a gradient of white, burgundy and navy, matching the sofasTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

In the photo gallery to follow we will examine even more examples of aesthetic decoration that is based essentially on the right choice of curtains and curtains. One of our favorite ideas comes in the form of eye-catching shaded curtains. This immaculate white gradient, deep burgundy and navy blue, the latter matching the sofas, is a magnificent idea! So, we have a living room with bohemian touches that takes the observer by surprise and puts the eye full!

Blackout curtains in anthracite, seagrass and pearl gray sofa in the super chic living roomTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

If, on the other hand, you are an admirer of living rooms with classic beauty, you will love the design above. The blackout curtains in anthracite and the super chic pearl gray sofa are the stars par excellence. Their nobility is complemented by black lampshades and metal art objects here and there. The symmetrical arrangement of the furniture contributes to the canonical effect of the space, while the seagrass carpet and the tree trunk side table crown it with a charming nature spirit.

Oriental kilim and red leather design armchairs blend with orange living room curtains and white sheersTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Then we discover a living room equally elegant, but also exotic, thanks to the many touches of colonial spirit. The kilim of Orient and chocolate leather cushions are the most remarkable elements breathing the exoticism of far-away countries. But the Barcelona chairs in tufted leather tiles, which also marry the living room curtains in tropical orange, do not give in to any attraction either!

Central opening curtains in ivory and broad-striped duck-blue fabricTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

The following proposal illustrates a super chic cottage living room where the light color scheme is dominant in interior design. The off-white, pale blue, ivory and cream look very delicate and create a very aristocratic background. However this analog range needs a touch of dynamism to not seem too homogeneous and visually boring. The lifebuoy comes in the form of wide-striped central opening curtains in duck blue. We can safely say that it is a deco solution absolutely great!

Trendy 2024 living room curtains in blue with decorative patterns matching upholstery fabricsTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Finally, whatever the colors, patterns and decorative accents chosen for your living room curtains, stay true to your own personal preferences and listen to your intuition! In addition, decorate boldly with lots of inspiration and you will not be disappointed by the results! In the end, the ornaments of the windows can be replaced every few years and too much care when they are used for nothing. And if you run out of inspiring ideas, you can always check out some article from indecortrends.com and find the right solution!

Simple sheer curtains, silver-patterned white curtains and a monolithic natural stone cube tableTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Blackout curtains in dark colors and orange accents, matching the rug patternTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Modern white sheers and cornice curtain rod with indirect lighting in the living roomTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

White curtains and double curtains living room in graphite gray, in harmony with the tones of the contemporary paintingTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Chic cottage-style living room with white interior shutters and trendy blackout curtains in navy blueTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Red living room curtains with rings, matching furniture and warm flooringTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

White and blue striped living room curtains and white and blue striped curtains with headband and eyelet headTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Trendy living room curtains, combined of sorts and floral wallpaperTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Trendy window coverings – sheer curtains and white Roman blinds, matched with chic furnitureTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Blue painted living room with matching furniture and white living room curtains with gray pattern and black borderTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Super stylish living room with tidy patterned white drapes and comfortable upholstered furnitureTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Trendy black and gray patterned curtains 2024, pearl gray corner sofa and black and white photosTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

The vertical striped curtains highlight and exaggerate a bit the double height under ceilingTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Oil-colored living room curtains with exotic patterns, matching the wall moldingsTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

White floral patterns on a metal effect background look super chicTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Super Salon where every detail has its own unique and elegant colorTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

Zen striped living room curtains with golden horizontal stripes and symmetrical arrangement according to Feng ShuiTrends 2019 for Living Room Curtains

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