Latest Home Interior Decor Trends 2021

Latest Home Interior Decor Trends 2021 In this article, we will help you understand the main trends in interior decoration in 2021, so that, relying on this material, you can create your own unique interior, taking into account all the new decor in 2021, if you do it yourself. Or they could communicate on the same level with the professional designer with whom you work, and understand each other perfectly. Decor in the interior plays an important role. Especially in the home interior.

As we know, little things are everything. And the decor in the interior can both emphasize the individual features of the owners of the house and create a special atmosphere in the room, and bring disharmony into the interior. That is why it is necessary to responsibly approach the choice of home decor in the interior in 2021!

Raise your hand if you are a lover of constant changes, and your home is a creative platform for constant experiments with interior design!

In this article, we will help you understand the main trends in interior decoration in 2021, so that, relying on this material, you can create your own unique interior, taking into account all the new decor in 2021, if you do it yourself. Or they could communicate on the same level with the professional designer with whom you work, and understand each other perfectly.

As in fashion, every year new trends appear in home decor that inspire us to update something in the interior of our house without changing it completely.

On the one hand, “trends” are changing and developing, on the other hand, there are some trends in home decor that have been popular for many years.

For example, the Scandinavian trend. It has been with us for many years and continues to amaze and delight. But there are key colors that become central to the decor of the interior of our houses.

Read on to find out that many of our key trends for spring / summer 2021 offer new ways to update your existing decor. This means that you do not have to remodel the whole house to be on the wave of the latest styles of interior design.

2021 home interior decor trends

It is important to understand that there are no departing trends – from popular shades of paint to the choice of furniture – everything that creates the interior of our houses is influenced by wider trends.

Nevertheless, in 2021 there is something to pay attention to. We have summarized the most popular trends in interior decoration to help you keep your home fresh this year.

Trend 1. Abstract energyLatest Home Interior Decor Trends 2021

This is a fun, loose trend in interiors that draws inspiration from abstract expressionist works. Thanks to bold geometries, hand-drawn sketches, and playful color blocks, this image is an expression of individuality in our homes.

The goal is to evoke emotions and create a mood.

Bold patterns and vibrant colors give a more playful approach to decorating. As in the expressionist art movement, this trend marks the imperfection and fluidity of hand-drawn forms – line drawings play a key role in this image.

Color palette

Here color comes to the fore. This trend allows you to be bold with flowers, even in combinations – try red with blue or mustard with purple

Where to use it

In any room where you want to emphasize. This direction is best realized by flat pillows, duvet covers, carpets for arranging bright accents and wallpaper patterns.

This fabulous design certainly won our hearts. It perfectly demonstrates the artistic flavor of this new trend and includes the tactile details popular last season.

Trend 2. Structured SimplicityLatest Home Interior Decor Trends 2021

This style evolved from the 2019 Nordic Return trend.

The goal is to create a calm, cozy, chilled space to relax. The interior decor is chosen to make our home safe, creating a space for relaxation and recreation.

Was there a gray day or setbacks at work? New natural elements of decor warm, create a calm atmosphere, creating a space in which one could relax from the outside world.

Change bold and vibrant colors to soft and neutral.

Where to use it

This style of interior decoration works in any setting, whether in a rustic kitchen or in a small modern bathroom, but especially at home, in the living room or bedroom, paired with a dark color in the form of accents from the decor elements.

When to choose

You like a simple, restrained style, but still you want a house that is not too minimalistic, but where you would feel relaxed and comfortable.

Color palette

Move away from cool gray, with more yellow neutrals. Embrace warm neutral colors. Beige returns as the perfect base color. Accent colors remain soft. Check out Dulux 2021’s new color, Calm Dawn.

Trend 3. Honest ComfortLatest Home Interior Decor Trends 2021

The top layer is made of comfortable pillows, knitwear and faux fur so that any space instantly feels attractive. This approach will allow you to survive the winter and at the same time it will be bright enough to see your house fashionably dressed and ready for spring.

Color palette

The emphasis on natural pigments remains at the heart of this trend. Try a mixture of cool blues and gray in combination with accents of warmer pinks and browns. This organic color palette can be complemented by decorative elements such as washed teapots and mossy greens, which can easily be turned into a relaxed, neutral pattern.

Comfortable textures, soft colors and decorative details are key to textiles and bedding this season. Think of quilted rugs and bedspreads, as well as thick woolen blankets with decorative fringe, tassels and trim.

When to choose

Your home is your comfort. A personal shelter that you like, that you do not treat as a temporary shelter. The furniture is comfortable and attractive, with comfortable sofas, sinks and shower tables so the family can gather around. You enjoy a low-maintenance look with weathered wood, faded tones and time-worn finishes.

Where to use it

This home look is ideal for places with character, whether it be an old estate or a rural cottage, this style looks good in combination with parquet flooring, exposed beams and bare bricks. A style with a mixture of vintage and new home purchases to add charm.

Trend 4. Eclectic GlamorLatest Home Interior Decor Trends 2021

The transition from the Retro Renaissance last season is a bold, confident and impudent transition to the 2021 glamor trend. Rising to a new level, this rethought trend is an adult look that guides the sophisticated elegance of the thirties with a little seventies-style sexual abundance thrown in. Here, slender furniture with rounded curves and flowing shapes is central to this elegant theme.

Color palette

Choose rich tones for key figures such as royal blue or ruby mixed with warmer tones of ocher, rose and bronze. Glitter layers with metallic touches – think of sparkling gold, polished copper, brushed brass and bronze.

Where to use it

Any room where you want to make a real statement of style, because this trend is not for the faint of heart. Show your bright side with a chic cocktail cart in the living room, extravagant wallpaper in the dining room, plush textiles in dark colors and a characteristic armchair with an accent in the bedroom.

In this image, Deco meets the mid-century with a collection of chairs with an accent, combined with presentation buffets, cocktail cabinets, bar trolleys and tables made of polished brass and glossy marble.

Velvet reigns over the next several seasons, especially when it comes to furniture.

Perfect Home-style Tip: Install a plush sofa in combination with a pair of cocktail chairs in contrasting colors. Create space with accents of gold and brass on furniture, lighting and pillows.

Trend 5. Japanese styleLatest Home Interior Decor Trends 2021

Over the past few seasons, the Japanese design style, which is characterized by a rich silk texture, elegant bird motifs, stylized oriental prints and structured forms of furniture, has firmly entrenched in the interior collection.

Combining elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity, Japandi is a hybrid trend that combines the best of these two favorite styles.

This trend is for you, if your house is your sanctuary, and you do not often use free spaces, clean lines and a calm, muted color palette.

Color palette

Keep the color palette soft. This interior design style is dominated by soothing tones of pale blue, muted green, light gray and pink with accents of more saturated shades such as tea, indigo, rust, emerald and black. For furniture, mix the pale, light Scandi forest with Japanese-style black and dark forest to bring depth.

Where to use it

This image will work in any room. Choosing quality over quantity will give small rooms more space. At the same time, Japanese-style decor works just as well in large rooms and open spaces.

Combining elements of the Scandinavian “gigge” and the Japanese “wabi-sabi”, this trend in interior design finds light beauty in simple things.

Lighting in the form of an interior decor such as a Japanese-style lantern, for example, like this bamboo floor lamp, helps to add soft ambient light that will always maintain a state of calm in the house.

To summarize briefly.

Most of the trends in interior decoration in 2021 are aimed at creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere in the house, in which you can relax at the end of the working day, relax and get distracted from the outside world.

The interior design in 2021 is  characterized by warm colors and decor elements associated with the comfort and warmth of the hearth.

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