10 New Interior Design Trends For 2024

New Interior Design Trends For 2024
The priority of the interior-2024 is the optimal functionality and comfort in the apartment.

The pandemic has become a trigger for a complete rethinking and creation by Americans of a new space in their apartments. Now the priority is optimal functionality and comfort.

It is no longer a bed with minimal comfort or a design with an emphasis on receiving guests. In 2024, following the interior trends 2023, a philosophy of housing is being established that gives a sense of security and is filled with welcoming energy. Space, more air are valued, rational consumption, family ties and love for nature dominate.

Interior design trends 2024: Zoom location with a “standing desktop”

As in the whole world, in US today every request for apartment design comes from the need to work at home. Even in one-room apartments in new buildings, the question arises of how to functionally divide the space into work and personal.

At the same time, it is often necessary to create several Zoom locations with appropriate technical equipment and lighting in one apartment. There should be no distracting accents in the semantic content. Experts advise organizing a “business” space with a neutral background – in no case should it be a kitchen or bedroom, especially if numerous Zoom meetings are expected.

New features this year are elevating desks for those who constantly work at the computer, as well as the organization of noise isolation so as not to disturb the family, for example, during nightly Zoom meetings.

New Interior Design Trends For 2024
The workspace is meant to be a neutral backdrop for Zoom conferences – by no means should it be the kitchen.

Hi-tech in the interior and new solutions

Since Americans spend more time at home, one of the obligatory attributes of everyday life is modern technologies for cleaning and ordering. And this is both an air cleaner and a robot vacuum cleaner that needs to be integrated into the interior, said interior designer.

“For the new “member” of the family, it is necessary to organize space, a convenient approach to the recharging station. In the end, the presence of a “smart” vacuum cleaner led to orders for furniture with high legs, which is also in trend now,” the expert explained.

Many families have been ditching television in recent years, especially during the pandemic, when people have begun to value socializing, evenings out, or board games more.

New Interior Design Trends For 2024
A full wall projector allows you to host parties or a family cinema

“In the design project, we no longer even consider whether there will be a TV,” says the designer. — On the other hand, requests from customers to install a full-wall projector have become more frequent. If you want the right atmosphere, you can arrange movie nights. The projector is compact and more aesthetic, it can be easily folded or moved from room to room,”

Shower room for pets

As a result of quarantine restrictions, Americans have begun to have pets more often, which also dictates design changes. Someone orders anti-vandal walls, and someone allows pets to be a little naughty.

If we are talking about cats, then the main task is to install cat walkers, organize places for feeding and toileting.

“But for dogs there are options for organizing special showers in the corridor for washing their paws after a walk on the street. We are preparing a project: we are making a human-sized shower room at the entrance, but here the main request is facilities for washing paws,” the designer noted.

Interior style 2024: retro, boho and ecoNew Interior Design Trends For 2024

Over the past two years, both in Europe and in US, homeowners are moving away from the “cold” minimalist style. The homely atmosphere and comfort relieve stress and give a sense of security, so people are returning to retro, boho style.

In addition, the main narrative this year is closer to organics, to nature. In decor and decoration, natural materials are in great demand. Especially untreated coarse fibers such as corn or rattan baskets.

“Before, they were bypassed – it was believed that they were not very practical and expensive. And now people spend a lot of time in the apartment and need decor made of eco-friendly materials that would please the eye,” the designer explained.

In 2024, all raw and organic materials are in fashion, such as rattan or corn baskets.

Moreover, according to her, the philosophy of life is becoming more organic, respectful of nature. People are increasingly leaning towards responsible consumption that does not litter the planet.

The design of new residential complexes, as a rule, includes the option of sorting garbage – for this, more space is allocated for containers. Cheap disposable artifacts are not in trend – it is better to buy natural, more expensive, but something that will last longer, or repair something that my grandmother used.

Walls in interior design: imperfect and textured

Wall preferences have also changed dramatically. Yes, they should make the space more voluminous, lighter, but at the same time not resemble office or hospital premises.

“Today it is fashionable to refuse perfectly flat surfaces. Sometimes we just paint ordinary plaster – it gives a textured surface and roughness. And, in the end, if the color gets bored, you can always change it. Such “non-office” interiors are considered warmer, more comfortable,”

The color of the walls is selected individually. But more often they still order light colors so as not to overload the space with accents.

“In a bright room, the color will play much better thanks to bright details – textiles, vases, a chandelier. In the end, if necessary, they can be easily replaced and update the mood of the apartment. Although there will always be clients who want a bright environment – with the colors of Haiti, ”

According to the expert, the latest trends on the walls in the nursery are very pleasing. In America, they are gradually moving away from bright walls. Light neutral monochrome spaces nurture aesthetic taste. At the same time, the room can always be filled with bright puffs, toys that will change as the child grows.

In the Americans interior, there is a wabi-sabi style, the aesthetics of which was formed under the influence of Zen Buddhism. Despite the fact that the philosophy of style professes the aesthetic principles of Japan – simplicity of life and admiration of antiquity – the walls of wabi-sabi are very reminiscent of a Americans hut-hut. And it, in turn, is easily combined with natural materials and Trypillia jugs. The interiors of his studio have repeatedly won international competitions.

New Interior Design Trends For 2024
The interior of WABI SABI APARTMENT became the winner of the Americans IDA Awards.

Scandinavian home lighting

Many refuse spot lighting. To a greater extent, this is the tradition of the Scandinavians – they usually do not have at home not only spot, but generally overhead lighting. All the light is lined up thanks to warm floor lamps, sconces, table lamps, lighting and candles.

“This trend is now manifesting itself in America. Not everyone refuses the overhead light. But often this is one small chandelier – like an accent and a lot of floor lamps, sconces. Basically, the light is either neutral or warm. The main task is to make the home atmosphere even more homely. As for the working area, of course, it should be highlighted separately,”

Ethno style is also in fashion

In general, Americans ethno has become very popular. Firstly, high-quality samples of home decor in a large assortment from domestic manufacturers have finally appeared on the market.

These are wallpaper with ornaments, and hand-made woven carpets, and pottery, ceramics and dishes, and wooden furniture and decor, and even chandeliers with embroidery, which are integrated into a modern space.

Wooden decor is often ordered from Americans manufacturers.

The top colors in the decor are closer to eco: green (light green, herbal, emerald), blue sky. Yellow and warm red shades are also popular: orange, pink, terracotta.

New Interior Design Trends For 2024
It is popular to use Americans motifs in the interior, in particular Trypillia ornaments.

Vintage in the interior

As in the rest of the world, orders for vintage have become more frequent in America, both in decor and in furniture. A restored grandmother’s chest of drawers or chairs from the 70s, old mirrors look completely organic in a modern interior.

Today, you no longer need to visit “flea markets” for this. Many services have appeared on the network that bring vintage to America and sell it. It may just be things with history. Or stylized decor of famous designers at a high price.

In Lviv, for example, you can buy vintage trifles in the showroom of the Replusbureau workshop. Old things are bought and restored here, giving them a new life: it can be old Viennese doors, 100-year-old tiles from Austrian times or candelabra. These things with history acquire a special charm in the interior.

New Interior Design Trends For 2024
Refurbished authentic carpet in the interior.

More vegetation in the house: here’s a decor and a hobby for you

It is impossible to imagine a homely post-pandemic atmosphere without a green corner. Therefore, to make the interior relevant, designers recommend adding live plants. Under the mini-greenhouse, you can allocate space both in the living room and on the balcony. Shelving with ivy-like plants is also recommended. And some even advise decorating an entire wall with ivy.

Among plants, monsters, ficuses, ferns, rafidophores, various types of orchids are popular. Increasingly, microgreens are grown in the kitchen or in the balcony area – a hobby that also fits into the idea of smart consumption.

New Interior Design Trends For 2024
Under the mini-greenhouse, you can select a corner in the living room or on the balcony.

Balconies are also changing. Finally, the fashion of their glazing departs. Many people want an open space, equipped with a table and a mini-garden, to drink coffee in the morning and watch the sunset in the evening.

Fashion furniture: the rougher the better

In the design of the new space, there are no longer connoisseurs of large-sized furniture. Preference is given to dressing rooms – there are no wardrobes with clothes in the living room. This frees up living space for recreation and work areas.

Many connoisseurs find furniture and decor made of rough wood – as if it was hewn in a village workshop. And the rougher and “more natural”, the better.

New Interior Design Trends For 2024
In the trend, furniture and decor made of rough wood – as if it was carved in a rustic workshop.

Perfectly fit into a modern interior restored chair or bookcase from childhood.

Perhaps people now really felt a greater need for kinship: for warmth, for memories. Or maybe we have come to what has long become a tradition in Europe. If you look at vintage interiors in French, Italian houses, then there are no perfect plasterboard ceilings and walls. But the old parquet made of good wood has been restored. And each thing has its own history and warmth.

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