Modern ideas for the living room 2025: The biggest trends in decoration and furniture



Modern living room ideas 2022

Most people spent more time in their own four walls last year than ever before. We don’t know when everything will go back to normal, but one thing is for sure: we have started to appreciate our homeland even more. If you spend most of your day in your living room and want to make it even more comfortable and stylish, you’ve come to the right place. From choosing a new sofa to decorating your walls, we’ll show you the best modern living room ideas for 2025. Get inspired by our image gallery and transform your room into a cozy oasis.

Modern living room ideas 2025: designModern living room ideas 2022

Before you tackle beautiful furnishing ideas for your living room, first focus on the practical aspects and especially on the room layout. Whether you’re starting from scratch in a new space or just renovating, the arrangement of furniture can influence your interior design decisions.

When it comes to living room design, we tend to push everything against the walls, put a coffee table in the middle of the room, and put everything on top of the TV. However, if you want to deviate from this stereotype, move the furniture away from the walls and you will find that the room seems airier than ever.

The open living roomModern living room ideas 2022

This great trend of the last few years is also current in 2025. The kitchen and dining room integrate perfectly into the living room. This arrangement is suitable for both large and small apartments where you want to save space.

separate surfaceModern living room ideas 2022

However, this year a different design is popping up and it’s called Broken Plan Living. There’s a reason for that. People who work from home are looking for a place to relax after the work day. The fragmented design plan is to divide open spaces into different areas with the help of fireplaces, movable partitions, bookshelves and plants.

The small modern living roomModern living room ideas 2022

In smaller apartments, open or semi-open floor plans are often not an option. For these narrow living spaces, we have also put together some ideas for modern, comfortable and warm living room outfits.

materialsModern living room ideas 2022

The materials used in the design of the living room play a crucial role in the overall impression of the room. This applies not only to upholstery, but also to floors, wall coverings and furniture. These are the materials that will shape the trends of the modern living room in 2025.

Pure nature: wood and natural stone in the spotlightModern living room ideas 2022

Natural materials such as wood and natural stone create a warm atmosphere in the living room and bring nature into your four walls. You can bring them into the house in the form of furniture, decorations or floor and wall coverings. This effect can also be achieved without much effort with wallpaper that imitates wood, stone or concrete. Brick and marble are also welcome.

Glass will make a comeback in the modern living room in 2025Modern living room ideas 2022

Whether in the form of a transparent table top or an impressive chandelier, glass will be one of the most popular trends for the modern living room in 2025. The material quickly becomes a real eye-catcher in the room. and fits perfectly with all interior styles. If you are not planning any major changes to your interior, but just want to give it a small update, small accessories such as a glass vase or a side table are recommended.

Organic materials and fibers.Modern living room ideas 2022

Organic materials and fibers have become very popular since last year. Anything that has to do with nature is allowed. Furniture made of rattan or with linen, silk or hemp upholstery, as well as decorative items, lighting and much more, are particularly popular. In short, the more natural and untreated, the better.

Combine materials and texturesModern living room ideas 2022

What all trendy materials for the modern living room 2025 have in common is their special texture. In fact, combining different materials and textures is highly recommended by interior designers. Whether you choose a soft plush carpet, a smooth glass table or a rough natural stone wall, it is important that the surfaces in your living room influence your sense of sight and touch. The result is a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to rest and relax.

Colors and patterns in the modern living room 2025Modern living room ideas 2022

The choice of color and pattern almost always determines the overall decor of a room. The color can also be added a little later with small decorative elements or furniture. The year 2025 has many colors to offer, especially for interior design. Gray (Gray Ultimate), for example, is one of the two colors according to Pantone’s flagship institute. This classic shade can be found in many hues that add dimension to the living room. Other very popular colors this year include beige, warm terracotta and green tones and the grey-beige combination greige.

Beige and other neutral tonesModern living room ideas 2022

Last year we spent more time at home than ever before. For this reason, emphasis was placed on creating warm and inviting spaces in which you feel comfortable. And which colors can appear warmer than light, earthy tones?

Color trend 2025: GrayModern living room ideas 2022

What do you get when you mix a cool tone with a warm tone? The perfect balance. This is how we can describe the color greige. If you choose this color combination when furnishing your living room, the harmonious atmosphere of the room is guaranteed. Brown tones are perfect for adding a few dark accents.

Do you want colors? Blush, terracotta, green and navy tones are ideal for the modern living roomModern living room ideas 2022

Whether you just want to add a few accents or opt for colorful wall coverings, warm terracotta, light green and dark blue will do just the trick. By the way, pastel shades are no longer as popular as they used to be and are being replaced by other shades such as blush.

Modern living room ideas 2025: the most popular patternsModern living room ideas 2022

The natural feel again plays an important role in the patterns in the decoration. When it comes to wallpaper, we rely on floral designs, leaves and natural stones. Geometric patterns are still popular in textiles.

The decoration styleModern living room ideas 2022

Interior design style can have a big impact on the ambience of a living room, but why limit yourself to just one concept? Particularly popular this year is the combination of furniture with different designs, often called “mix and match”. However, Scandi style, urban boho and modern vintage are still at the top of the list.

Scandinavian style and boho styleModern living room ideas 2022

old modernModern living room ideas 2022

The vintage style also includes the so-called grandmillennial style, where the interior details are inspired by the houses of our grandparents (or rather, the grandparents of the millenniums).

Furniture in the modern living room in 2025.Modern living room ideas 2022

If you are thinking about completely renovating the room and don’t know where to start, we have some advice for you. First, choose the sofa of your dreams and match the rest of the furniture to it. Looking back, the sofa is the most impressive piece of furniture in the room and as such influences the overall decoration. Then comes other furniture such as the coffee table, dressers, bookcases, shelves, etc. After all, these are easier to coordinate with the sofa than the other way around. Below you will find the most beautiful modern living room furniture ideas 2025.

The retro sofa is once again the focusModern living room ideas 2022

After the glamorous velvet sofa that was all the rage a few years ago, retro sofas are back in 2025. Rounded shapes and fabrics such as corduroy and wool give the sofa a touch of modernity. They fit wonderfully into the natural living space trend. In the coming months we will also be celebrating the return of the recently banished corner sofa.

Furniture with rounded edges for a modern and chic living roomModern living room ideas 2022

Now is the perfect time to buy that modern curved sofa you’ve been wanting for months. Curves and rounded edges are very trendy and go well with some of the currently popular natural materials. Plus, this trend doesn’t just apply to sofas. Combining a square sofa with a curved coffee table can also make a statement. It’s about creating contrasts and bringing materials and design into harmony.

The homemade minibarModern living room ideas 2022

With restaurants, clubs and bars closing, many are bringing entertainment into their homes. For this reason, the home minibar is currently one of the biggest trends in modern living room furnishings. In this context, it is up to you whether you buy a special piece of furniture with a cool box or convert a simple side table.

multifunctional furnitureModern living room ideas 2022

Furniture with multiple functions is also the focus in the modern living room of 2025. This could be an ottoman with storage space or a sideboard that can be converted into a desk. Wall niches and built-in desks in closets (cloffice) are also trendy this year.

Modern living room lighting 2025Modern living room ideas 2022

Anyone planning to remodel their living room should think about the lighting concept early on. Good lighting can really make your space stand out. So it’s worth taking the time to plan how many lights you’ll need and where you’ll install them. In addition, light sources can also make a statement and act as real decorative objects. A trend that has gained momentum recently is lighting with woven and knotted textiles. There are also chandeliers and floor lamps made of glass and rattan. The following applies: the more eye-catching the design, the better.

Decoration and accessoriesModern living room ideas 2022

If you don’t want to completely renovate your living room, but want to give it a touch of freshness, it’s a good idea to install some decorative elements. Now we bring you the best living room decoration ideas for 2025 that you can copy quickly and easily.

ArtModern living room ideas 2022

This year, everything from old posters to paintings or large-scale abstract drawings are being used to personalize our spaces. Whether you shop online, look for antiques in specialty stores, or even frame your own artwork, you certainly can’t go wrong!

graphic imagesModern living room ideas 2022

overlapping carpetsModern living room ideas 2022

Minimalism still beckons us in 2025, but a designer coffee table, side table or fireplace surround gives an impression of abundance and comfort. This is because the easiest way to add dimension to a room is to cover the floor with overlapping rugs. It is creative, aesthetic and also protects your floor.

Houseplants and dried flowers in the modern living room 2025Modern living room ideas 2022

The best way to bring nature into your home is with indoor flowers and plants. Depending on your decorating style, you can opt for live or artificial greenery and place the dried flowers and herbs in beautiful containers.

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