25 Most Wanted Trends in Interior Decoration for 2025

Accessories, furniture, materials, colors, compositions? Find out what will be the trend in home decoration in 2025.

If there is something in common between these 25 trends in decoration for 2025 is comfort. The house is a physical and psychological refuge in front of an unstable and stressful exterior. For that reason, the forms become curved and more enveloping and the materials soften. The key to getting the decoration right is to feel good, that is, to make your home happy. A topic not always easy to achieve.

Top trends in interior decoration for 2025

1. Texture on wallsTrends in Interior Decoration For 2019

Bored of the usual tiles? Increasingly, brands think in 3D, and in addition to colors, adding volume to the proposals. But …, where to use the tiles? Undoubtedly, the bathroom or kitchen island are two good places if you do not want to take risks, but you should not give up using them in the bedroom, for example.

2. The roof claims its placeTrends in Interior Decoration For 2019

The decoration of floors and walls is increasingly enriched with colors and textures, but the ceiling claims in 2025 more prominence through wallpaper, vibrant colors or plaster moldings.

3. Exquisite patterns on the floorExquisite patterns on the floor

As we have said, the roof takes center stage. Did you think the ground was going to be left behind? Absolutely. In fact, complex patterns of different materials, such as marbles of different colors or the successful couple that form marble and wood, are successful.

4. Sculptural lampsSculptural lamps

In the most functional light and, generally, goes unnoticed it is good to add lamps of sculptural forms that become the protagonists of the space.

5. Superimpositions of side tablesSuperimpositions of side tables

This is one of those furniture that is always good to have several at home. Even if you change your decoration, they are very versatile pieces. The tendency is to group them forming combinations of various heights and shapes as a coffee table.

6. Ceramic stools throughout the houseCeramic stools throughout the house

Another of those versatile pieces that serve everything … and are pretty rabid. As bedside tables, coffee tables, auxiliary furniture on one side of the sofa, in the bathroom, in the hall, in a corner. Bet on the ceramic stools and, if possible, group them.

7. Classic busts of colorsClassic busts of colors

If you want to add a piece in principle so serious and classic to the home decoration, do it in colors that break everything and turns this gesture into an act of rebellion. Do not hesitate, it isthe perfect surprise element to add character to the decoration (and to take away a smile).

8. The Juju hatJuju hat

Until now they were pieces with which only the bravest dared in their homes. However, its soft and warm texture, and the difficulty of finding them (handcrafted by Cameroonian tribes), make them an essential object of desire in 2025.

9. Golden, pleaseTrends in Interior Decoration for 2019

For a long time we have been desperately looking for golden handles, golden faucets, golden bathroom fixtures, but there is no way to find the variety and forms that fit a current decoration. We are convinced that 2025 will be your year. Let the shopping begin!

10. Large mirrors and trompe-l’oeilLarge mirrors and trompe-l'oeil

Our well-being at home depends largely on natural light and the feeling of space. The mirrors help to solve possible deficiencies in this regard. For example, well-used multiply the light, create the false effect of having a window where there is nothing or add depth in a narrow room.

11. Furniture with gridFurniture with grid

The return of the natural and the artisanal is evident. In this sense, the grid has been sophisticated to adapt to the new times. Until now we have seen it in chairs and armchairs, but it is increasingly used in showcase doors or cabinets and in screens.

12. Cane furnitureCane furniture

Yes, we look for a natural finish, but obviously, not everything goes. In 2025 triumph more elegant models, inspired by the Chinese style, as these chairs, but also comfortable or Regency style tables.

13. Mid Century furnitureMid Century furniture

The Nordic style is over. It welcomes the pieces of Italian and French style, much more elegant, curved, enveloping, upholstered with velvet or finished in bright lacquers and with daring colors. The cozy luxury arrives!

14. Marble tilesMarble tiles

Every time we tend to bet more on noble and luxurious materials and marble is one of our favorites. More and more, we discover it in the form of small tiles, with different geometric shapes, creating very suggestive walls and floors.

15. Gresite or the pixelation of patternsGresite or the pixelation of patterns

Returns the gresite, but now in trendy colors and combined with each other to create complex patterns that enrich the finishes. Its small size also allows you to pixelate any image that you want to reproduce.

16. Combine Memphis-style colorsCombine Memphis-style colors

Their daring colors and impossible combinations have again spilled the trends, but it is very important to choose the colors tones well to create a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere: millennial rose (of which we will speak soon), aquamarine green or yellow pineapple are among the chosen ones.

17. Dream WallpaperDream Wallpaper

Now that wallpaper has become an ally for anyone who wants to renovate their house, the papers that come are enriched with more realistic or more complex drawings. They take, above all, those who invite to dream about magical places.

18. Plants invade the interiorPlants invade the interior

Because they oxygenate and clean the air. In addition, it is the best way to bring nature to the interior of the house. Exotic plants are our favorite: delicious monstera, palm trees, banana tree …

19. The sophistication of the ‘tropical chic’sophistication of the 'tropical chic'

If until now we have seen the wildest version of this style, its normalization leads to calmer colors, less exaggerated wallpapers and suggestive shapes that take us to other latitudes, but without shrillness, favor.

20. Colored KitchensColored Kitchens

The total white kitchens still taste, but increasingly we see options such as tall white cabinets and low furniture in pearl gray, for example. This combination visually enlarges the space … and new colors are increasingly introduced, such as navy blue, green or yellow.

21. The millennial rosemillennial rose

The importance of colors this 2025 lies in the tones and not in the colors. Do not you like pink? Okay, but not all are the same. The new generation of roses has to do with shades like the one in this image: fun, modern, warm, soft and that combines with the rest of the colors that are going to be a trend, like yellow pineapple.

22. Oil greenOil green

Another of the tones that we will see in walls, furniture and decoration accessories will be this green oil that sometimes looks green and others, blue; sometimes it is used in a darker tone, sometimes lighter. There lies its attraction: it is a color that changes according to the light (and according to the eyes of the one who looks at it).

23. Yellow pineappleYellow pineapple

We’ve shown it before (two photos above) next to the millennial rose and we love it! But next to the green aquamarine or the gray green it refreshes and makes the day happy. It is a warm yellow tone, which wraps in the cold months and provides vitamins in the hottest months.

24. Deep blueDeep blue

Almost black. This is the tone of blue that will take most in 2025. It is elegant, deep, sober. In addition, it invites relaxation and recollection. Precisely for that reason, it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or walls where it is sought to provide a sense of depth and seriousness.

25. Coral redCoral red

Another one of those perfect tones for the whole year. Of course, reds are warm, but this is also a sweet red, not aggressive and ideal to bring warmth and joy to the home in winter.


Of all of them, which one do you like the most? Do you want to apply them in your home? We are waiting for your comments and ideas

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