Interior design 2022 – fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

Interior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods The processes of globalization, climate change, concern for the environment, an active dynamic life in society have a huge impact on interior design. All fashion trends in this area in 2022 are associated with the search for the perfect solution to create a harmonious comfortable space, in accordance with the realities of our day.

Style in modern interiors 2022Interior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

The emergence of a modern style is due to the fact that society seeks to move away from traditional clichés and rigid frameworks. Classic styles have unconditional values, but they connect the flight of the designer’s imagination and reduce the possibilities for an individual approach to decorating your home.

Eclecticism, which is fundamental in the modern interior, is the main trend; in accordance with it, fashionable style develops and will continue to develop in the next season. It is interesting that a completely new, non-standard vision in interior design 2022 is closely related to all the baggage of the historical cultural heritage, the styles that have developed to date.

Interior design 2022 in eclectic fashionInterior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

In principle, eclecticism is essentially a competent mixture of several interior design styles at once. Elements of hi-tech, minimalism coexist with classics, baroque, rural styles. However, in our time, this term has been given a slightly different interpretation, more free, although the essence of this does not change.

Eclecticism is especially striking for its amazing ability to perfectly combine completely seemingly incompatible objects. However, one should be careful, as it is impossible to make a mistake when combining colors, textures and shapes. The slightest discrepancy will turn harmony into chaos. Scales and different proportions must also be considered. Contemporary design implies that its creator understands what the historical styles were and mixes with the styles of recent years.

If you, say, have a ready-made minimalist living room interior, you can add decorative elements from historical styles to it. Adding antiquity to the interior will make the room cozy and modern. If, on the contrary, your room is decorated in a historical style, you can complement it with modern details. When decorating a room, it is best to emphasize the walls and floor coverings, creating a clear contrast.

A very good effect is achieved by a combination of antique and modern furniture, modern lighting fixtures and antique decor items. A very interesting result is obtained if you decorate the ceiling with ultra-fashionable spotlights that zone the space and a traditional crystal chandelier.

By combining different styles, we bring into practice a unique, inimitable, individual interior design 2022. For example, until recently, country was considered the antipode of high-tech, as they thought that the style brings us back to the “simple life”.

But now the country style in residential premises is combined not only with minimalism, but also with high-tech. When arranging a kitchen, you can not hide modern kitchen appliances behind the doors, but combine, say, the details of Provence with minimalism.

The emergence of a modern style in interior design 2022 suggests that the price of an individual, her self-expression is very high. What matters here is that any person has the opportunity to choose for himself exactly what seems to be close to him.

Mixing old and newInterior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

This interesting trend is not at all like the simple use of antiques in the modern interior space. Its deep meaning is to give another chance for life, for seemingly obsolete furniture, antique details, original fittings.

By the method of restoration, careful alteration and decoration with our own hands, we can extend the life of very useful and unexpected things. In this way, we not only revive our home, but also save resources that are not spent on purchasing new things.

Today it is considered normal to explore the possibilities of reusing different materials and make something new from obvious waste. In the process of restoring old things, you can use, say, a reflective surface: changing colors and glossy metals, stained glass, resins and ceramics with various non-standard textures.

Usually, items that are kept in families for years have their own value, personal history. For example, a restored grandma’s chest in a modern teen room will look chic. An antique buffet will brighten up any living or dining room.

Antiques, which are often sold at a flea market, sometimes at a low price, can be used very outside the box. They are carefully restored, decorated with a new one: for example, covered with matte paint, patinated or something else. Old houses are being renovated in the same vein. To the preserved historical elements, they boldly add what came to us from hi-tech and minimalism.

Closer to natureInterior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

Today man wants to be closer to nature, which is absolutely normal and natural. Apartments in new houses will certainly have a balcony, in which the owners almost always arrange a mini – garden, and do not use it as an additional storage room. The trend towards closeness to nature continues in fashionable interior design.

Furniture that looks like garden furniture (such as straw or vines) can proudly decorate the living room today. Naturally, all the rooms in the house are lined with plants. A large palm tree in the corner of the room in a white flowerpot is the undoubted and fashionable interior trend of 2022.

Today, when decorating interior design 2022, the use of common and available local natural materials is approved: not only wood, but also stone. All this should be environmentally friendly, vegetable and organic.

For example, cork, rattan, terracotta, are considered a fashionable highlight when decorating rooms. Jute rugs, large and small, are popular. Natural materials can emphasize the exclusivity of your style.

Choosing, for example, wood for finishing, you can always use a careful or, on the contrary, rough processing, which has a clear fiber structure. All natural cotton fabrics such as linen or calico, chintz, flannel or poplin can and should be actively used when decorating a room.

Interior 2022 – smart designInterior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

Nowadays, all intelligent applications used in everyday life are gradually becoming not sophisticated and complex, but on the contrary, simple and convenient to use. Technology nowadays plays a huge, sometimes even key role in interior design 2022.

For example, if you properly optimize the quality of the circulating air inside the apartment, you can not only make your life comfortable, but also turn your home into a blooming garden.

The influence of emerging technologies is also evident in the field of interior design, it is becoming noticeable not only in the kitchen, which will soon look like a spaceship. Lamps can simultaneously serve as speakers, and bedside tables near the beds are equipped with wireless chargers.

Sofas that are able to remember the individual characteristics of family members sitting on them have come into fashion. There are even beds on sale that slightly nudge the sleeper into a different resting position when we start snoring.

Choosing a colorInterior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

Of neutral colors that can be taken as a basis for interior design, dark shades of beige are in fashion. This color goes well with green and white, creating a palette that is pleasing to the eye. Green is used to complement neutral shades of white and beige and gray. The last shade will still be in vogue, although it has somewhat “lost ground”.

If we talk about trendy shades in interior design 2022, then we should first of all name the mint color. It is interesting that it seems to be very modern and bright, but at the same time it is always associated with wildlife, rather, with a spring garden in the early morning.

The interior of 2022 looks very modern and stylish, one of the walls of which is painted in mint color. This solution will be right for the kitchen or bedroom. It is advisable to combine mint color with geometric patterns. In the bedroom, you can add a romantic charm to the interior by making one wall mint, the other with a non-flashy floral ornament.

Among the fashion trends of 2022 in the field of interior design is the use of navy blue. Designers advise using it as a bright color accent, which is good for diluting the aromatic interior. Many pleasant natural associations are associated with this color: sky, sea, water. White looks best next to the sea wave.

Dark shades of blue and green are relevant today. Blue color, due to its large variety of shades, is often found in interiors. In terms of its emotional content, blue has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, it calms and balances. Blue also blends harmoniously with other colors.

In the living room, it is good to use burgundy color, which is also fashionable in the upcoming season. Curtains, textiles in this shade look gorgeous. The most daring lovers of fashionable interiors can make one burgundy wall. If the room is large and light, it will look perfect.

Important things in interior design 2022Interior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

Nowadays, when we demonstrate in our homes a new approach to interior design and freedom from conventions, some seemingly small things can play a very important role.

Asceticism and accuracyInterior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

These two concepts used in interior design are, in fact, a trend. Today, all strategies for organizing are popular, the denial of excessive consumption and the habit of limiting only to vital furnishings and things.

Modern interior design 2022, whose fashion trends must be traced in every little thing, should not be “overloaded” with anything. Affordable and simple prefabricated furniture is in great demand, and in the same style, small, compact and comfortable elements. Such furniture can be put in almost any room, and it will always be in place.

Small console tables, folding small tables or small shelves provide a sense of complete order in your daily life. Bunk beds so adored by children are also in trend today. The mezzanine floor in the room and the mezzanine for the sleeping place are also a fashionable detail of a beautiful interior.

ComfortInterior design 2022 - fashion trends, current trends, stylish design methods

Today, a comfortable environment is important not only for the bedroom. It would seem that asceticism and comfort are interchangeable concepts, but in reality they are not. When there is nothing superfluous in the room, and what is, is carefully thought out, everything is harmonious and ergonomic, then this is comfort.

Nowadays, a comfortable hammock, in which it was always pleasant to lie down and relax in the garden, can easily move into an apartment and hang in a real winter garden. Stools and small benches with soft natural fabric upholstery add coziness and comfort in the kitchen, which is combined with the dining room.

For example, small rooms will seem more spacious if you choose furniture and decor in the correct geometric shapes. And to create the illusion of space, you can buy an air ionizer purifier, it will fill the room with fresh air.

Flexible solutions

Rooms today can move from one to another, zoning has not gone out of fashion for several years, it continues to be super relevant. It is for this reason that, as mentioned above, multifunctional furniture is needed, which can mark the boundaries of zones or, on the contrary, separate them from each other.

A table that can easily turn into a dining table is considered fashionable. All cabinets not only store things, but also zone the living space. The entire interior should embody something that can be flexibly and simply changed at any time.

So, along with wardrobe items, clothes, interior design acts as a means of expression for the owners of the house. Our image is made up not only of the way we leave the house, but also of the way we live. Compliance with fashion trends in interior design 2022 helps us keep up with life, and always be in trend.

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