Latest Trends In Wall Decoration 2022

Latest Trends In Wall Decoration 2022 If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’ve been thinking of giving a space a twist for a while, and you’ve thought about the walls first. You have guessed right, the walls are an element to which, giving a change, will notably help to improve the overall appearance of the space.

That is why, in our section on the latest trends in wall decoration, we will help you guide the new appearance based on new decoration trends.

Many times we want to carry out an image wash to our house, and fine-tune your walls based on the latest trends in wall decoration of that year. To do this, we look in this way, one of the most used resources is the color of the walls or adding materials or objects. But not only change the color, you can also completely change the appearance of a room by introducing a texture, such as brick, rock or even wood. For example, stone, paper, or one of the techniques that is having a lot of impact, illustrations and stickers.

The use of all these resources will significantly improve your stays. It will give you and your guests the feeling that you are in another house, without having to make excessive changes. Below, we offer you our selection of the latest trends for wall decoration this year.

Wall decoration trends “Paper and stone, good allies”

The use of stone is a technique to break the monotony, or the homogeneity of a room. In addition, it transmits sensations that will give a different and even exotic touch to your walls, far from the traditional walls of a single color, thus being one of our most studied and latest trends in wall decoration.

The truth is that it may seem complex, but it really is very easy to install, in addition to providing greater protection to the wall. On the other hand, it is much better preserved than other materials, making it more durable in the long term. Style wise, it doesn’t have to be rustic. The stone has many more options, without having to fall into the traditional appearance, thus giving a unique wall decoration trend that our team loves.

The dark stone walls give a modern and super elegant touch, and are ideal for separating areas of the social areas of the house. Another advantage is the light. The reflection in these types of walls, depending on the tone, can generate warm environments taking advantage of natural lighting. The most risky and metropolitan, will not be able to resist natural and “bare” stone. It will give that relaxed urban air to your entertainment rooms. And, taking up the play of light on the wall, not only the stone allows you to play with natural light. Using lighting, such as spotlights shining a gray stone wall from below, will create a modern and relaxing atmosphere.

Of course, wallpaper still continues to be at the forefront. It is a coating that does not go out of style, although its shapes and colors change according to trends. Thus, this type of decoration is among the favorites of those who are passionate about interior design. These coatings tend to generate more minimalist, neoclassical or etc. environments. In the end it will depend on the correct choice and the approach you want to give it. Some trends that 2019 has brought have been papers with a 3D effect, painted, or ethnic.

Trends in wall decoration with “Vinyls and illustrations”

A trend increasingly used in homes, due to its simplicity and speed when making changes to rooms, is vinyl. In addition to being quite inexpensive, there is a great variety among which you will surely end up finding the style that your home needs.

Another trend in wall decoration, increasingly used, is illustration. There are many good artists, who will manage to transfer your idea to that white wall in which you imagine so many things. This technique will allow you to create unique creations for your home, turning the room into a magical corner.

One good thing about this technique is that, at another time in your life, you will be able to quickly and less expensively change the appearance of your wall, either due to another trend on another material or another illustration.

Undoubtedly, this is another of the trends that our team most like to recommend, since, for each type of audience, sensations of space and essence, a type of illustration, color and different textures will be recommended.

Trends in wall decoration with photos “Photography makes home”Latest Trends In Wall Decoration 2022

It is one of the trends in wall decoration with photos that we bet the most, since this type of simple decoration provides a lot of cleanliness in the decoration.

Without a doubt, in any type of style, photographs always have a place. In addition to generating an endearing atmosphere, or filling the walls with memories, if you know what frames and what type of photo to use, it can create beautiful visual effects, being also one of the trends in wall decoration with photos that we bet the most, given its minimalism, elegance and simplicity.

Black and white photography will add elegance to your rooms. On the other hand, collages with color photos will fill it with life. Another trend, for those who like a more rustic or casual style, can be creations with wooden sticks and ropes, with those Polaroid photos in the purest vintage style.

Another option that can help you recreate an atmosphere, such as the sea or the countryside, can be wall murals. A landscape helps to unburden a room, making it more spacious and bright. Also, the mural can become the protagonist of a room, acting as a vanishing point.

As you can see, a small change in a wall or wall can generate a complete transformation of the environment. Thus, your rooms can become authentic works of art without the need for major renovations, or avoiding remodeling.

At indecortrends we believe that human beings are happier when they live and interact in beautiful spaces. When it comes to home, there is nothing like combining the magic of memories with aesthetics.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your next project, we will offer you the best solution adapted to your needs and tastes.

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