Apartment Design 2023: New Trends From Famous Designers

Apartment Design 2023: New Trends From Famous Designers The sphere of interior design in US is flourishing. This is largely due to the construction of new elite multi-apartment buildings with improved planning.

The owners of such real estate want to create an interior that reflects their high social status and individuality. This article will tell you about what the newest apartment design 2023 should be.

Apartment design 2023: StylesApartment Design 2023: New Trends From Famous Designers

The design of the 2023 apartment should be chosen depending on the lifestyle of the owners. As practice shows, successful young people prefer modern interior design.

People of mature age order design projects in the Modern, Neoclassical styles and with features of the historical directions of apartment decoration.

The choice of a particular option is also influenced by the presence of a family and the number and age of children.

There is no diktat in terms of style. However, it is not recommended to choose the design of the 2023 apartment in Provence, Mediterranean or one of the ethnic styles. If they attract you, then leave such experiments for a summer residence or a country cottage.

In addition, the architecture of the building is important. For example, you should not try to choose a Loft for a house with high arched windows or try to recreate the classic Modern in a building with panoramic glazing.

Trending contemporary styles include Scandinavian, Minimalism and Eco-friendly. Ethno-design or Maximalism can be recommended as a more colorful alternative. Of the conventionally historical trends, the most relevant are Art Deco, Neoclassicism and English style.

By the way, many studios offer to mix 2-3 styles. Please note, this is not an eclectic design for your home. When developing the design of an apartment 2023, it is recommended to organically combine a couple of styles, for example, to create a design in the Neoclassical style with elements characteristic of Art Deco.

Apartment design 2023: ColorApartment Design 2023: New Trends From Famous Designers

Although the choice of color largely depends on the style chosen, designers offer their own color palette for each year.

American studios call the color “Night Watch” the favorite of 2023. This noble and rich shade of dark green is perfect for historic interiors. However, they do not recommend overusing this color. It is enough to decorate them with only one of the walls or use textiles of this color.

Shades of color of motor fuel are also in trend. They will look especially original in combination with muted greens.

A combination of white and aqua is considered a win-win. White-blue or white-blue interiors, typical for Scandinavian design, should also be considered trendy.

If you prefer timeless classics, then pale beige and powdery shades are at your service. Such interiors do not tire the eyes and will be relevant for more than one season.

Eco-design and MinimalismApartment Design 2023: New Trends From Famous Designers

The desire to get closer to nature is a long-term trend. It is associated with the global trend of striving for a “responsible” world, where each person will try to conserve the already scarce resources of our planet.

As already mentioned, the current design of an apartment in 2023 can combine several styles. In particular, the ideal choice is a mix of Minimalism and Eco-style. Next year, designers recommend using a lot of green plants for interior decoration.

And we are not talking about banal racks with pots and pots. Climbing plants should be an element of decoration. For example, you might have a green wall in your living room. Such a decoration, previously characteristic only for the facades of houses, today is suitable both for a living room and, for example, a bathroom.

Another trend is the use of natural stone, which must be combined with wood.

You should not use various photomurals with forest landscapes and with the image of bamboo thickets. Such “decorations” are not suitable for creating a status interior.

Panels made of natural stone with decorative lighting will become a real hit next year. In particular, such onyx decor will make the design of the 2023 apartment unique, since there are no two stone slabs with an identical pattern.

Scandinavian apartment design 2023Apartment Design 2023: New Trends From Famous Designers

Although Nordic design is no longer a novelty, it will continue to be relevant in the coming year. And this is quite understandable, since such a design meets the requirement of non-mixing of styles. In particular, in this case, a mix of Minimalism and Ethno is clearly traced with a drop of European retro, originally from the 60s and 70s of the last century.

Scandinavian apartment design 2023 should be created using handcrafted home furnishings.

Next year’s motto is “Modesty + Imperfection”. Home furnishings that are made in a handicraft way are relevant. The presence of various flaws on wooden objects and deliberate roughness of processing are encouraged.

Furniture of the “IKEA” type is relevant, but such that it is easy to read its natural texture. In addition, it is recommended to use indoor plants installed in classic clay pots as decoration.

The trendy Nordic design of the 2023 apartment can be adorned with recycled carpets. This advice is in tune with the trend towards conserving natural resources, and also aims to give the interior a light touch of retro.

MaximalismApartment Design 2023: New Trends From Famous Designers

Do you want to create a bright and extravagant apartment design 2023? Choose Maximalism. For the second season, this style, with the light hand of Italian decorators, is considered one of the most relevant.

Note that this is a kitsch-style design that blurs the lines between taste and tastelessness.

You can use the most incredible color combinations in the design, and feel free to install the marble figurine on a super fashionable absolutely transparent rack with a futuristic design.

 Ethno-styleApartment Design 2023: New Trends From Famous Designers

The ethnic design of the apartment 2023 will allow you to add variety to the interior design of your home. It is especially suitable for people who travel a lot and bring original souvenirs from their trips.

Experts do not advise mixing everything in one boiler. You should choose a theme, for example, hunting, and use ethno-products of different peoples to decorate the room. In addition, you can mix authentic items of different cultures, selected in the same color scheme.

For those who just want to revive the minimalist interior a little, we can recommend including a couple of African masks or Japanese fans in the number of decor items. They will add charm to the design and create an atmosphere of romance of distant wanderings.

Neoclassicism and Art DecoApartment Design 2023: New Trends From Famous Designers

Among the clients of design studios, there are traditionally many who are accustomed to luxury and seek to emphasize their high social status in any way. They can be offered a trendy design of a 2023 apartment in the neoclassical style, mixed with Art Deco.

The newest trend is the use of blue or blue-green velvet in the interior. They can be upholstered in armchairs, sofas or curtains.

Black is one of the trends in this design. You can opt for a totally black kitchen. Please note that such an interior is only suitable for kitchens where food is rarely prepared, since it is extremely impractical.

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