Flower Arrangement for Home Interior Decor: Popular Trends 2022-2023

Flower Arrangement In The Interior: Popular Trends 2022-2023 From lonely monstera leaves to luxurious compositions of roses and peonies – how to decorate your home with flowers in a modern and stylish way? Let’s talk about the favorite trends of flower arrangement for 2022-2023.

The key themes of recent floral trends are seasonality, minimalism, practical solutions, calm and romantic palette. There are fewer and fewer bulky, lush bouquets in interiors. Florists prefer monochrome and simplicity. Practical and durable compositions of dried flowers, grasses and artificial plants often become favorites of interior designers. What else is relevant in home floristry?

Warmth And TendernessFlower Arrangement for Home Interior Decor: Popular Trends 2022-2023

Who doesn’t want to plunge into them? Modern florists are increasingly using shades of a warm, earthy palette: light coral, mustard, brown, peach, orange, dark pink, flesh. The main color of 2022, according to the choice of the Pantone Institute, is especially popular – Living Coral.

Fresh peonies of this shade, together with orange berries and brown lisianthuses, look very gentle and cozy. Such bouquets bring an extra degree of warmth and comfort to the house. Visually, earthy shades add a bit of depth.

Guests From Fields And GardensFlower Arrangement for Home Interior Decor: Popular Trends 2022-2023

The eco-trend has not spared floristry either. Small, modest bouquets with the inclusion of field and garden flowers are welcome: daisies, cornflowers, zinnias, asters, marigolds, etc. With the right approach, they can turn out to be chic compositions that are not inferior in aesthetics to proud roses and pampered orchids.

In a bouquet with expensive, varietal flowers, garden and field plants will remove unnecessary pathos and give the composition a zest, relying on the tenderness and beauty of the wild.

Beautiful AsymmetryFlower Arrangement for Home Interior Decor: Popular Trends 2022-2023

Her floristry “picked up” from the world catwalks, where models showed extravagant asymmetrical outfits. Now it is not necessary to carefully align the head of the bouquet: on one side, the stems may well protrude more than the others, or the color scheme may be brighter than on the other side. Such unusual compositions are quite ready to replace an art object in interior decor.

The fashionable asymmetrical bouquet is well suited for modern styles: eclecticism, postmodernism, avant-garde, fusion, pop art, grunge, etc. Such compositions will definitely attract attention, so they can be placed on key areas in the interior.

Herbal PickleFlower Arrangement for Home Interior Decor: Popular Trends 2022-2023

From ordinary ears of corn to South American pampas – what kind of herbs are not used in bouquets! This makes the compositions appear lush and rich in texture. Many traders in the field of floristry note an increase in interest in herbs in 2022 and predict the development of the trend in the next year.

In minimalist interiors, bouquets are often found that consist entirely of decorative herbs or even single leaves. They look stylish and unusual. Trending herbal plants for 2022-20: wild oats, palm trees, miscanthus, haretail, brunia, fern, ruscus, etc.

The popularity of the South American pampas is growing. Of these, designers create bold, voluminous compositions that are suspended from the ceiling. The grass dries well and can last in this form for more than one year.

Refined MonochromeFlower Arrangement for Home Interior Decor: Popular Trends 2022-2023

It’s not about a bouquet of roses of the same color. The focus is on analog or related shades: for example, pink hydrangeas along with purple carnations, coral peonies and fuchsia bush roses. For freshness, add white flowers and greens.

There can be many options for such a monomix. Thanks to the smooth iridescence of one color, the eyes do not get tired of it. The compositions are restrained and touching. With their help, you can soften contrasting tones in the interior and make a smooth transition.

Oriental ZenFlower Arrangement for Home Interior Decor: Popular Trends 2022-2023

The culture of the East has been fascinating for many years. Japanese minimalism has firmly taken its place in contemporary interior art along with the sophisticated art of ikebana. Ornate and at the same time laconic combinations of colors and natural materials do not lose their relevance.

Where ikebana is, there is bonsai – another echo of the culture of Ancient Japan. He is also loved by modern designers and included in projects in minimalist, oriental, neoclassical, Scandinavian and even industrial styles. Western florists have recognized the apricot mini-tree as the favorite of this year.

Practical Dried FlowersFlower Arrangement for Home Interior Decor: Popular Trends 2022-2023

If a few years ago dried flowers occasionally supplemented fresh bouquets, then this year mixes of dried flowers have become a fashionable interior decor, which is likely to continue its development in 2023. Both small and large bouquets with dried lavender, poppies, eucalyptus, oats, yarrow, ears of wheat, etc. have confidently settled on the windowsills and coffee tables.

Despite the fragility and lack of aroma, dried flowers are more economical, do not require special care and can delight the eye much longer than natural flowers. And if they are placed behind glass and hung on the wall, then their service life is practically unlimited. It is important to add dried tropical fruits to the composition of dried flowers. In addition to classic vases, bouquets can be beautifully hung, covered with a glass bell, assembled in a wicker basket, mug or wall panel.

Hot TropicsFlower Arrangement for Home Interior Decor: Popular Trends 2022-2023

Echoing the trend of tropical flora in decoration and decor items, florists suggest including exotic plants in home interiors: all kinds of palm trees, orchids, frangipani, succulents, citrus fruits.

Orchids are increasingly being placed in clear plastic or glass containers to expose intricate root plexuses. Thanks to this, the plant looks more natural, and the container does not visually burden the interior.

Silk FlowersFlower Arrangement In The Interior: Popular Trends 2022-2023

Today artificial flowers, like dried flowers, are not bad manners. Thanks to high technology and modern materials, latex and silicone plants are increasingly difficult to distinguish from real ones. International traders have noted this year an unprecedented demand for artificial flowers to decorate private homes, shop windows and buildings. Aesthetics have become much more practical.

Massive BaseFlower Arrangement In The Interior: Popular Trends 2022-2023

And finally, let’s talk about containers for plants. Classic, minimalist glass and ceramic vases are still relevant. But it is increasingly difficult for them to compete with brutal containers made of concrete, brass, copper. A light touch of time on vases is in fashion, which is achieved with the help of special aging procedures of the material.

Vases and containers with strict shapes and volumetric geometric patterns will perfectly fit into modern interiors.

For Christmas, florists are predicting a boom for copper leaves and 1970s-style hexagonal vases.

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