Newest Interior Design Trends 2025

Interior trends are constantly changing, over the past ten years significant changes have become noticeable – the transition from complex to simple. But the common feature of design schemes remains – individuality. Interior design 2025 will stand out against the background of template solutions. Consider the current interior design trends in 2025, which can be added.

New Interior Design Trends 2025

Interior design 2025: New trends

Fashion is fleeting and trends quickly replace each other. Classics are always relevant, but sometimes there is a desire to decorate the room in a more modern style. Both options have drawbacks, so sometimes you need to go for tricks so that timeless concepts prevail in the interior of your home. Then you won’t have to improve it every time, as soon as new trends appear in the world.

New Interior Design Trends 2025

The design of the future should reflect the current trends in society, when real human relations come to the fore.

It can be seen how the design of the interiors of houses has changed as society has been transformed. If earlier it was relevant to use massive furniture, such as leather chairs, large tables made of precious wood, now the emphasis has shifted to rational consumption and environmental friendliness. Moderation, minimalism, but also the preservation of modern trends are the characteristic features of the design of rooms in an apartment or house in the Japandi style. It combines Scandinavian style and Japanese minimalism. But it is not necessary to take as a basis the signs of these directions, you can apply the very principle of creation.

Soft minimalism

New Interior Design Trends 2025

The style of minimalism has been used for a long time, it does not lose its relevance, because it combines all the basic needs of the society of the current generation: it provides more free space, eliminates clutter. Its advantage is the reduction of unnecessary expenses. But for many, style is associated with facelessness, coldness. This perception is gradually changing.

Now the term “soft minimalism” has appeared. It represents 2 trends: reasonable consumption and the creation of a cozy interior with the condition of maintaining free space. This is a softer version of the minimalism that was used before. Thanks to innovations, the style has become even more widespread. It can be personalized.

What are the differences:

  • key – pastel, soft colors; if you want to add colors, then choose muted red, orange, yellow;
  • less contrasting shades;
  • use different textures of natural materials (textile, wood);
  • preference is given to round objects and furniture with rounded corners.

Soft minimalism is combined with other trends. It is customary to combine it with the Scandinavian style, boho, country and even classic.

The “little brother” of the smart home

Modern technology has developed so much that it can replace many human functions. A smart home system brings them all together, but the cost is often beyond anyone’s expectations. If this goal is not a priority, only a number of ideas can be implemented: install remote-controlled curtains, make an automatic lighting system, use devices that take on the cleaning function (robot vacuum cleaner, etc.). Moreover, the interior design trends in 2025 will include these features.

An automated heating system, lighting, motion sensors, underfloor heating – all this together or selectively will become part of the project. It is called the “little brother” of the smart home. Another advantage is the rational use of the area of the house. Those small closed corners, niches that used to be used as a makeshift pantry, where unnecessary things accumulated over the years, are now being rebuilt. They can be given for technical premises: a dressing room, a dryer.

Back to the Future

New Interior Design Trends 2025

If you study modern trends, you can notice a trend towards the return of the past, but not in everything, but in design projects. This style known to many is retro. But the design of the premises in this way does not occur to the full extent, as it was 20-40 years ago, but partially according to the same principle.

What will fit:

  • grandmother’s dressers;
  • crystal chandeliers;
  • lamps;
  • leather armchairs;
  • sideboards;
  • secretaries, etc.

Be sure to introduce modern decor into the project. It is recommended to restore things of “those times”. If there is no furniture that matches the style, you can artificially age it using finishing materials. But in this case, it must match the style of past years.

Color combination: from monochrome to bright accents

New Interior Design Trends 2025

There are different color schemes, but over time, three have remained the most relevant.

  • Bright accents: a long-standing technique, involves the introduction of interior items, finishing materials, furniture, decor of bright colors into the project, but flashy tones have already become a thing of the past, soft shades (red, orange) are preferred. The presentation of such a technique in the interior of the house is also different – bright accents do not take attention to themselves, but set off with contrasting achromats.
  • Monochrome: In 2025, the trend of strengthening neutral colors as base colors (nude, gray, light lilac, olive, light brown) will continue. This is a timeless trend, but to compensate for the simplicity of a monochrome style, it is better to consider textured materials or small accents (visual beacons).
  • Natural elements in the interior: shades of precious metals – silver and gold – are used as a basis (as basic colors) or as an auxiliary accent. Any natural materials can be considered, including stones (ruby, jasper, sapphire, malachite, carnelian, etc.).

Due to the successful combination of thin fabrics with different types of weaving, plaster, wallpaper, the play of light and a suitable range, we get real luxury, but without unnecessary decorative elements.

New solutions from the “non-standard” category

Individuality, which was discussed at the beginning of the article, is one of the most important criteria in the development of modern design projects. You can use different accents. An example is the combination of two rooms – a kitchen and a living room. This is not a new solution, but it is still popular today.

Choosing furniture

New Interior Design Trends 2025

In 2025, minimalism, environmental friendliness, reduced consumption, returns to lightness. This means that all interior elements, or part of them, must be the same. This also applies to furniture. Large chests of drawers, tables and chairs are no longer considered. Heavy decor on furniture, classic wide cabinets are not welcome.

Will be used:

  • open mobile hangers;
  • furniture with mirror and sliding elements to expand the space;
  • open shelves.

Lighting layout

New Interior Design Trends 2025


  • main system;
  • auxiliary.

Bulky lamps rarely fit into the interior, which is based on criteria: free space, a minimum amount of furniture, decor. It is better to pay attention to spotlights, sconces. The former will help organize the main lighting system, the latter are used for zoning. Spotlights, as before, are relevant in both cases, but they are used as part of an auxiliary lighting system.

Decoration with accessories

New Interior Design Trends 2025

This is one of the key trends that gives personality to the room. But in order for the room not to be decorated out of order, you need to make sure that the details used are combined with the style of the interior. The second criterion is moderation. An excess of decor and accessories can spoil the look and atmosphere created with the latest trends in mind.

Interior design trends 2025: Decoration materials

New Interior Design Trends 2025

In the process of developing the project, not only traditional materials are used, but also predominantly natural: glass, ceramics, wood, metal and recycled materials. This will allow joining the new trends in reducing consumption.


New Interior Design Trends 2025

When choosing a style based on the principles of freeing up space, you have to choose the details carefully. Moreover, textures help to make the interior more comfortable based on the style of minimalism. Smooth surfaces are a thing of the past, the combination of materials of different textures will be relevant: coarse knitting, fabric, wood.

The design of the future obliges to create accents on environmental friendliness in everything – when choosing furniture, accessories. There is a common leitmotif – the transition from perfectly straight lines to natural imperfections (you can use handmade products).

Sustainable design

New Interior Design Trends 2025

The economic term sustainability (“stable”) implies a basic approach to the choice of materials, furniture, accessories, taking into account factors: production technology and the degree of ease of use. It is not enough to know that the material is environmentally friendly. The task is to buy those that do not cause damage to nature even during production, are renewable resources.


New Interior Design Trends 2025

The design of the future is not imagined with traditional finishes. The tasks that are set are forcing designers to look for new ways – to create other materials.

To understand what is at stake, you can consider examples:

  • mushroom mycelium skin;
  • improved concrete based on several types of plants, sand;
  • kombucha for furniture.

The original approach is the use of objects created using 3D printing technology.

Apartment design 2025: The main trends

Among fashion trends, we highlight the trends that are relevant in 2025.

  • Good furniture layout.
  • The multi-level interior, moreover, according to different criteria: in the setting, wall decoration, ceiling, floor, but moderation must be maintained so as not to overload the room.
  • Ease of design.
  • Free space.
  • Soft colors, monochrome.

To imagine what the interior of 2025 should be like, photos are studied even before the development of the project begins.

Biophilic design

New Interior Design Trends 2025

At the heart of projects with this name is love for nature. Natural shades and light colors. This is a capacious definition that combines all the criteria presented. It is possible to dilute the urbanized space thanks to plants – only living ones. Such items will look great in rooms, on balconies.

Well-being in the apartment

New Interior Design Trends 2025

The high speed of modern life often leaves no time to take care of yourself. This means that you need to create a space that preserves posture, cleanliness of the body, etc. For this, a modern style and the right ergonomic furniture, air humidifiers are suitable. Provides access to air and light.

Voluntary refusal of modern technologies

New Interior Design Trends 2025

When people talk about the development of new materials, devices that make life easier, this does not mean that they should replace human functions. The trend of using natural materials, home-made accessories, the assumption of imperfectly even and smooth surfaces, lines is gaining momentum and gives hope for the soon return of paper books and similar things that have been replaced by gadgets. Design that includes them is associated with a voluntary rejection of technology.

Mixing styles

New Interior Design Trends 2025

When fashion is planned for this year 2025, trends allow us to conclude that the scope for decorating rooms is expanding. Schemes have become multicomponent, and those that are compiled according to one type are irrelevant. Increasingly, the mixing of styles opens up possibilities, allows for creativity, and provides space for “fresh air”.

Return to the classics

New Interior Design Trends 2025

Moving towards the future does not mean abandoning the past. In fact, items that have long gone out of use, accessories can be returned. But there is a rule – they are combined with current trends. If you do this correctly, the risk of falling into a design that is difficult to distinguish in style is reduced.

Eco-friendly design

New Interior Design Trends 2025

It must be remembered that materials that are considered natural or safe do not differ from modern ones in terms of comfort of use. The difference is in the structure, properties and production technology. And since the materials do not differ in comfort, they become interchangeable, provided that they correspond to the conditions in which they are used.

More comfort

New Interior Design Trends 2025

If there is a choice between soft, comfortable furniture and made in a formal style, preference is given to the first variety. The trends of 2025 are based on the use of materials, interior items with properties: environmental friendliness, ergonomics, etc., providing comfort, lightness.


There are no rigid frames in relation to the design. No one will give recommendations on how much or how little you need to use accessories, decor, because different factors play a role: the area of the house, the style, the number of people at home, the purpose of the room. Excess and obvious deficiency are easier to recognize. It must be remembered that moderation in the design of rooms is when there is no internal discomfort when looking at the interior.

New Interior Design Trends 2025

The design of the premises next year can become diverse, this is even welcome. But there are a number of recommendations that will help make it close to perfect. They free up more free zones, use natural materials, organic design elements, home-made objects, accessories and furniture with roundings, mix styles, relying on minimalism with a manifestation of monochrome – there are many trends, it is important to find “your” option.

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