Fashionable Interior Trends In 2023

Interior Trends In 2023 Over the past two years, about 50 thousand new apartments have been commissioned in US, which means that finishing work is coming in all of them! I decided to help the new settlers a little and collected the most current trends in interior designs 2023.

Popular interior styles 2023Interior Trends In 2023

In our age of “redundant information”, “islands of calm” are of particular value – and the house becomes exactly the place where you want to take a break from visual noise. Therefore, in 2023, one of the most popular interior styles remains minimalism. Its conciseness, simplicity, “undemanding” and variability perfectly meet modern needs.

True, refined minimalism can hardly be called cozy. Therefore, a modern minimalist interior, as a rule, complements elements of other stylistic trends. Japanese, Scandinavian, even classic – all these combinations will be fashionable in the interiors of the next year (or even several years).

Classic minimalism can hardly be called cozy

Another interior style that is gaining popularity is retro 70s and 80s. For some reason, practicality, clear geometry and bright accents of the “disco” style are finding more and more admirers.

Most likely, the interest in it is due to psychological reasons: the current 40- and 50-year-old people begin to yearn for the passing era, for their childhood and youth – and try to return to this time by creating “that” atmosphere around them. According to the designers, the refrain “when the trees were big” is not only getting louder, but will also sound in interior fashion for at least another five years…

Of course, this style is also transforming – less furniture, less colors, less “noise”. But, nevertheless, it remains recognizable.

In the style of the 70s

And, of course, the list of fashionable interiors includes time-tested classics. Classic-style interiors are still relevant – their harmony, proportionality and symmetry also help to streamline the surrounding chaos, “reboot” and take a break from visual noise.

Of course, the classics embodied in modern apartments does not imply the creation of a palace interior – its modern interpretation tends to be as simple as possible. But all the main features of the style (in particular, pairing and symmetry) are preserved.

Another nuance: the use of natural finishing materials characteristic of the classics helps to create an up-to-date “ecological” interior. But not “wild”, as, for example, in ethnic styles, but processed and ennobled. Civilized

The classic remains relevant

According to designers, the favorites of past seasons will also be relevant in 2023: loft styles, hi-tech and modern.

Trendy interior colors 2023Interior Trends In 2023

The inclination towards nature and naturalness, characteristic of recent years, also determine the current palette of the interior. White and pastel, muted natural colors and shades remain as the base color at the forefront of fashion: sand, beige, gray. But as accents at the peak of popularity, deep blue and green in “cold” shades.

Designers also note the revival of the popularity of red accents – but they must be used very carefully and pointwise so as not to “overload” the interior and not make it “flashy”.

Another trendy feature is mixing colors to create an accent. But not “rectilinear”, but smooth – using the gradient or ombre technique.

Yellow color adds sunshine and good mood to the interior. But it’s important not to overdo it.

Unexpectedly, yellow also burst into interior fashion: daffodil, mango, straw. Psychologists say that this color uplifts the mood, gives a feeling of inner joy, relieves stress, calms and stimulates creativity – apparently, therefore, the yellow color has become one of the “favorites” of interior fashion 2023. But it is important not to overdo it with it, since an excess of yellow in the interior can have the opposite effect and, conversely, increase irritability.

Fashionable furniture trends 2023Interior Trends In 2023

Fashionable interior design is heading for functionality, simplicity and environmental friendliness. From here, the “ideal formula” for filling the space with furniture is derived. It looks like a proportion of 70:30 or 80:20, where the first number is the free space of the room, and the second is the furniture and decor.

Simply put, today a fashionable interior is an interior that is about two-thirds free. Actually, such a trend is quite understandable – “empty” space is an ideal “switch” that allows you to slow down, turn away from the outside world and look inside yourself. And today, more than ever, it is important for many people.

At the same time, a minimum of furniture is not at all a synonym for discomfort – its small amount is more than offset by functionality. So, huge wardrobes are being replaced by more spacious dressing rooms, a cozy sofa can easily be transformed into a comfortable sleeping place, and all kitchen utensils are hidden in the floor-to-ceiling kitchen wall without any problems.

Furniture is raised off the floor

An interesting nuance is that the most fashionable furniture today “breaks away” from the floor a little. Modern armchairs, beds, even kitchen sets – all these pieces of furniture are “raised” above the floor level by 5-10 centimeters. This fashionable chip hides quite utilitarian functions. First, create the appearance of volume in the room. And, secondly, to provide access to mechanical home assistants to all corners of the apartment. Robotic vacuum cleaners have become commonplace today, so the furniture has “raised” a little

Another trend in furniture fashion is the attraction to the “rough” natural texture. Hewn wood, forging, weaving – furniture with such elements remains popular in 2023.

Furniture is actively used for space zoning – and in 2023 this trend has reached a new level. It is becoming more and more fashionable to divide a room into zones with the help of plants. Floor pots with greenery, vertical gardening – all this reflects current fashion trends.

“Green Partitions” conquer the interior Olympus

By the way, recently interior designers have begun to allocate another functional zone in the space of the apartment – a zoom zone, a zone for going on the air.

Top interior decoration 2023Interior Trends In 2023

Permanent lockdowns have taken interior decor options with plants to a new level – and in 2023, “green decor” will become one of the most relevant interior accents. Flowers in vases, plants in flowerpots, climbing, lancet, flowering and deciduous – any representatives of the kingdom of flora will come to court in fashionable interiors.

Of course, when choosing plants, it is advisable to select them in accordance with the volume of the room – in a tiny room, a giant palm tree in a floor pot will look spectacular, but out of place. And, of course, you need to choose not only a plant, but also its “home” – a flower pot or planter should support the style of the room and not conflict with other design and decor elements.

Plants are important, but they don’t have to take up the entire living space

People’s desire for air and the sun has given rise to a trend in interior design to reduce the amount of textiles in rooms – or rather, on windows. Fully open windows or light sheer curtains are the hottest trends in window design. In principle, this trend is also quite understandable – in the conditions of a “deficiency” of vitamin “D”, every ray of sunshine counts 🙂

At the same time, you should not completely refuse textiles in the premises. Blankets, rugs, upholstery – all this creates the overall impression of the design. The retinue plays the king, remember? And since our “king” is heading for environmental friendliness, then his entire “retinue” should also be as natural as possible. Linen, cotton, jute burlap, silk are the most fashionable textile decor materials in 2023. And their main feature is fringe, which is coming back into fashion.

Polka dot print is at the height of fashion

If we talk about prints, then designers consider the most relevant – “polka dots”. Large and small, filled and “stroke”, built “in order” or randomly scattered on the floor, walls, furniture – in 2023 it will be relevant anywhere. The main thing is not to overdo it 🙂

PS In my opinion, interior fashion 2023 continues the trends of last year. The apartment has finally ceased to be just a “place to sleep”, its functional responsibilities have expanded many times over. Now it is both a “working room”, and a “spa”, and a “restaurant”, and a “cinema”. Actually, it seems to me that it is these new-old functions that interior fashion displays.

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