The most popular interior colors in 2025


The most popular interior colors in 2025 Trends in the design industry are constantly changing, although not radically. Designers keep up to date and will be happy to tell you which interior colors in 2025 you can use to decorate your apartment in the New Year so that it looks stylish.

Trendy interior colors 2025The most popular interior colors in 2025

Trends in interior design are not only set by well-known designers and renowned magazines, but also by life itself.

The main color of the year is traditionally announced by the world expert in this field – Pantone. In 2025 they chose rich gray and bright yellow, and this year periwinkle is the hottest color.

They are not chosen by chance: the color tone can reflect world events, the vector of society’s development or new perspectives. In Pantone’s own words, for example, the Color of the Year 2025 “depicts a joyful attitude and dynamic presence that encourages bold creativity and self-expression.”

What was fashionable last year:

  • natural materials for interior decoration, especially stone and wood
  • Combination of natural texture and high-tech
  • warm pastel tones and contrasts between light and dark tones
  • Minimalism and thoughtful storage space

All of these trends will continue into the new year and will only gain momentum.

What interior colors will be fashionable in 2025?The most popular interior colors in 2025

Pantone has already named the color that will be the main color in 2024: carmine red with a violet undertone.

Compared to the 2024 color, this one is deeper, calmer and more natural. The color of Viva Magenta is a nod to cochineal, one of the most valuable and vibrant dyes.

The fashion for deep, muted colors is associated with a general design concept that brings people closer to nature year after year. This trend will only increase in the coming year.

The advantage of natural tones is that they do not go out of fashion and are not disruptive. You can choose any number of colors from the natural palette and with a high probability they will be combined. Here are some basic combinations in natural colors.

Try on different natural tones in the virtual dressing room and see how they look in your home.

This is my personal trick: choose a landscape you like and borrow five colors from there. It can be a photo from the internet or your vacation photo, it doesn’t matter. This is exactly what I did in one of my last projects.

Use the most neutral color as a base – paint the walls with it. Leave wood or sand for the floor – usually in apartments they make a laminate of such shades. Let the third color be an accent – you can paint part of the wall or use it on furniture. Distribute the remaining two colors across textiles (curtains, upholstered furniture), accessories and decorations. There is an unspoken rule that the lightest color should be taken less, but rules are made to be broken.

General design concepts in 2025

Natural tones will be trendy in 2025 and go well with current interior design concepts.

soft minimalismThe most popular interior colors in 2025

Soft minimalism is fashionable, softer and more comfortable than classic. This was initially reflected in the color palette. The bleached cool tones have been replaced by a warm palette with beige and brown tones. They can be diluted with muted yellow or red or shaded with any achromatic color.

But even in the concept of minimalism, it is not necessary to paint all the walls in one color. Designers have been experimenting for a long time, combining different shades and it looks very harmonious.

Sharp furniture corners and clear geometries give way to slimmer, rounded shapes, and cold metal gives way to wood and warm textiles.

In the new year, minimalism becomes more creative and theatrical. Designers give official approval to bold decor, unusual lamps, art and unusual lighting. All this will add even more comfort and individuality to minimalism, because the interior should reflect the character of the apartment owner.

How to add elements of softness and minimalism to the interior:

  • Choose a base color for the interior and stick to it throughout your decor. You can add 1-2 accent colors: in decor, furniture and curtains.
  • Don’t use a lot of colored textiles. Against the background of a simple sofa or bright upholstery of an armchair in the living room, a few multi-colored pillows will do.
  • Smooth the corners. In the truest sense of the word: the walls in the apartment can be made semicircular with drywall or simply plastered.
  • Paint the baseboard the same color as the wall. This will make the room appear taller and remove unnecessary borders.
  • Paint the cornice the same color as the wall so it blends in and isn’t distracting.
  • Hide the joint between the stretch ceiling and the wall at the stage of its installation. You can create a floating ceiling with LED strips around the entire perimeter or a shadow profile.
  • When renovating bathrooms, choose large format tiles or porcelain, definitely not smaller than 120×60 cm. Lay the cladding seamlessly, cutting the edges of the tiles at a 45 degree angle to beautifully decorate the outer corners.

Today, to save money, many people only tile wet areas and paint the rest of the walls. This is convenient because repainting a wall is easier than replacing tiles. In the New Year it will be fashionable to paint bathrooms in natural pastel colors.

Respect for the environment and naturalness.The most popular interior colors in 2025

Paying attention to the environment – ​​separating waste, not throwing away water in vain and going shopping with your own bag – has already become a habit for many. Interior design can only obey this idea and therefore also reflects respect for nature. Natural textures and tones are fashionable. The finishing materials are dominated by wood, stone, concrete and metal. It is permissible to use high-quality imitations of these materials, e.g. B. Porcelain stoneware with a marble pattern or decorative concrete-like plaster.

Natural colors in the interior help to slow down, reduce stress and feel confident. Terracotta, beige and other pastel colors, but also deep blues and greens do a great job here.

How to add naturalness to the interior:

  • Replace plastic skirting boards with wooden skirting boards, even if they already imitate wood: This usually looks unnatural and makes the furnishings more expensive.
  • Get rid of the plastic shower enclosure. In modern interiors, the shower is slightly raised above the floor, the walls are made of tiled aqua panels, and a transparent glass door is installed.
  • Use the texture of the stone in the decoration of the bathroom. This can be porcelain stoneware that imitates different types of stone, porcelain stoneware for concrete or embossed porcelain stoneware.
  • Use the texture of concrete in furniture or decorations: for example, install a concrete-look countertop in the kitchen or make planters out of cement.
  • Choose metal fittings and plumbing fixtures made of brass or bronze – the interior looks more expensive, and golden shades perfectly complement the natural colors of the finish.
  • Zone the room with wooden partitions. It is advisable not to paint them, but to varnish or stain them so that the pattern of the wood is visible.

Rail partitions are no longer as relevant as they used to be, so I would suggest making wooden partitions in unusual geometric shapes.

comfortable and smart houseThe most popular interior colors in 2025

The modern interior design is well thought out. Designers create a floor plan based on the owners’ lifestyle and arrange the zones so that everyone feels comfortable in the apartment. They pay special attention to little things: think in advance where the sockets will be, allocate storage space in all rooms, use built-in furniture and household appliances to free up space. You can do all of this in the planning phase.

As part of the concept of combining nature and high-tech, modern household appliances are very trendy. It’s not just a dishwasher and a 4K TV: modern homes are equipped with smart home elements that make life more comfortable. As a starter kit, the designers recommend:

  • Smart plug. Connect your devices and control them via the app. For example, turn the humidifier on or off with a timer, or let the kettle heat the water while you wash your face.
  • Smart lamp. Control the lamp with a remote control or an app on your smartphone and change the atmosphere of the apartment. Use cool or neutral light to focus on work, warm light to relax, and bright colors for a party.
  • Smart speaker. The voice assistant plays your favorite music and tells you what the weather is like outside. And all smart home devices can be combined into one system and controlled via the column.

How to make an apartment more comfortable:

  • Choose an open floor plan during the project phase. It is not necessary to completely remove non-load-bearing walls, but some rooms can be combined with each other, such as: B. a living room with a hallway or a living room with a kitchen. So the apartment will have more space and fewer doors, and that’s practical.
  • Replace traditional swing doors with sliding doors. Doors without frames, frames and hinges have a minimalist appearance and are more comfortable to use.
  • At the design stage, calculate how many outlets you need and where to place them. You can install them on the countertop, on the window sills and even on the floor next to the sofa.
  • If you have a narrow and long room, remove the closet and allocate part of the room to a dressing room. Yes, there will be a little less space in the bedroom, but it will be free.

You can remove some of the shelves or open shelves to free up space. They are not very practical in terms of cleaning, which is why many people prefer closed storage systems and even place the decorations behind glass.

How to renovate your interior without remodelingThe most popular interior colors in 2025

We share ideas that can be implemented easily and quickly, even if you don’t plan a global renovation in 2025:

  • Repaint walls.
  • Repaint furniture or age it artificially: a retro touch is always popular.
  • Install moldings in the living room or bedroom. Long vertical panels visually stretch the room and raise the ceiling. This creates the illusion of free space.
  • Install tall mirrors. In addition to the same vertical effect, they reflect part of the room and visually enlarge it.
  • Add lights in different areas of the room. First, place a floor lamp next to the sofa or install an LED strip behind the TV. It’s best to think about the placement of the light when planning and use as many different light sources as possible to change the situation.
  • Hang new curtains. Thick opaque fabric is now in fashion. If you don’t like these, you can choose roller blinds made of bamboo, jute and other natural materials.


You don’t have to renew every year to be stylish. Most interiors can be refreshed with paint, decoration, or a small furniture rearrangement. In the new season, opt for natural tones, soft lines and comfort in everything.

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