Apartment Interior Design Trends 2024

Apartment Interior Design Trends 2024 In order for apartment interior design in 2024 to be stylish and fashionable, it is not necessary to be in the trend of the latest innovations, it is enough to understand what you want in order to choose your own style. Each direction has certain features that you need to know about.

Top trends for apartment interiors in 2024Apartment Interior Design Trends 2024

The main design concept in 2024 is closeness to nature and comfort. To realize these ideas, the most unexpected solutions are applied.

Translucent or transparent glass screens from floor to ceiling are in fashion now. This design should not be afraid, even if it is glass, it will still provide good sound insulation. To separate the living room from the kitchen area, you can make screens. They fit perfectly into the interior, are inserted from floor to ceiling in a horizontal or vertical direction.

In a modern interior, closeness to nature becomes especially relevant. This is expressed in the choice of materials for decoration from natural materials, high-quality and environmentally friendly. They are available in different price segments, both expensive and budget. Flowers and plants will also create a feeling of unity with nature.

The most relevant solution is to dilute the room with large flower pots. If opportunities allow, you can go even further – create a mini-winter garden.

Popular apartment interior styles of 2024

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular interior styles in 2024.

MinimalismApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

The main criteria of this style are practicality and convenience. An important feature of this style is a small set of interior items. With the help of decor, you can visually enlarge the windows, create additional openings or remove partitions – these are the techniques of this style.

Minimalism uses natural colors and natural materials. The windows are large, chandeliers of simple shapes. All deprivation has been removed, only those items that emphasize the individuality of the house are in sight.

The interior of this style is functional, reflects the mood of the owner and improves his lifestyle.

EcostyleApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

Ecostyle is love for nature. Here, as well as in minimalism, it is important to use more sources of natural light, light comfortable furniture, and indoor plants. Finishing materials are chosen from stone, concrete or bamboo. Decor elements are appropriate: earthenware, silk or linen textiles and stone coasters.

NeoclassicApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

Classic refined lines always remain in the trend. Compared to classic design, neoclassic is more concise and restrained. Such an interior has a luxury with a small amount of decor and furniture. The design is suitable for large houses with an abundance of natural light. The color scheme is calm, not bright. Noble materials are used for decoration.

HippieApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

If you are tired of minimalism, then feel free to choose interior design in the hippie style. It is characterized by bright colors and objects of unusual shape.

For some, this is crazy, but this design definitely emphasizes your character.

KitschApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

Yes, this interior design is also popular, although not widely used. It is dominated by bright colors that are rarely used in everyday life. Design suggests a combination of inconsistency. For example, you can use bright posters in combination with classics.

LoftApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

This interior design will be combined with classic or Scandinavian style. Repairs must be done carefully, because in order to achieve a modern style in the interior, it is important to adhere to natural textures. An interesting solution would be to design one wall under a brick, and paint the rest in gray shades. Gray sofas and metal lamps on pendants will organically fit into the interior of the apartment and emphasize the brutality of the owner.

High techApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

This is the most technological style in the interior. In other words, minimalism achieved to perfection. Features of this style:

  1. New technologies. Especially often this can be observed in the kitchen, as there are a lot of different appliances.
  2. Monochromatic finish. These are white or black.
  3. Lots of metal elements.
  4. Lots of mirrors and lighting, which makes the apartment visually larger.

Art DecoApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

Features of this style are bright shades, a combination of white with black or black with gold. Strict furniture geometry, when straight lines smoothly turn into interesting compositions. Lots of luxury. These are glass, glossy granite, marble, black lacquer, wood, gilded metal and genuine leather.

Retro styleApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

This style has the following features:

  • rich colors that harmoniously combine with each other;
  • geometric prints;
  • furniture is minimalistic, interesting shape.

Unusual shapes can be sofas, armchairs, tables, cabinets. If you add rugs and carpets to the interior, then this will definitely not be superfluous. The combination of green, red, blue and orange colors will be original.

Pop ArtApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

This style is considered provocative, which has the following features:

  • white wall, background;
  • contrasting combinations;
  • round compact furniture

The decor can be diluted with posters, photographs of idols. Such an interior is especially loved by energetic individuals.

Boho styleApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

This style is characterized by textiles in the decor, with soft pastel colors, a large number of indoor plants, handmade decor. This style is comfortable and harmonious.

You can dilute the interior with paintings, small figurines, toys.

VintageApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

The main thing here is to properly use interior items that are already out of fashion. Key points:

  • unobtrusive calm shades;
  • warm color;
  • antique style furniture

A rocking chair, a sideboard, a rare chest of drawers will fit into the interior. Antiques will help convey the atmosphere of romance and comfort.

ClassicApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

Classics in fashion from year to year. It is luxurious and expensive. It is usually decorated in pastel colors: white, beige. Pictures will help to complement the interior.

ProvenceApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

Features of this style:

  • fabrics from natural materials;
  • antique wood furniture;
  • floral motifs

The floor is usually finished with boards, and this is an obligatory detail of the interior. The windows are massive with snow-white frames.

EthnicApartment Interior Design Trends 2024

Ethnic style creates a colorful corner of your beloved country. This direction is quite popular, as it was formed on the basis of the cultural traditions of numerous peoples of the world.

Imitation of a certain nationality is the essence of this style.

Important details of this style:

  • natural materials;
  • natural and natural colors;
  • decor of a certain theme;
  • soft lighting.

Apartment room design trends 2024Apartment Interior Design Trends 2024

To add more comfort, interior design trends evolve from year to year. Use comfortable furniture made of natural materials and a palette of pastel shades.

Now personalization is relevant for designers, and the design of an apartment in the same style fades into the background, so the use of several styles will immediately make the interior not only more diverse, but also allows you to combine all the desires to the fullest. At the same time, it should be noted that the proposed variations in the design of the premises associate several identical characteristics, namely:

  1. Environmental friendliness. This is the use of natural materials, both in wall decoration and in decor and textiles.
  2. Minimalism. It can be in every detail – furniture, surface cladding, decor and accessories. Even if the interior has great accents on luxury, in any case it should be in moderation.
  3. Comfort. It is manifested in the simplicity, functionality and attractiveness of each component of the interior detail.

Usually, when choosing the style of an apartment, designers reflect the character and lifestyle of the customer.

Trendy apartment interior colors in 2024Apartment Interior Design Trends 2024

First of all, these are shades that convey calmness.

  • blue;
  • dark blue;
  • dark green;
  • beige;
  • white;
  • grey;
  • earth tones;
  • pastel shades;
  • mint green

This year, the shade “Winter Square” is popular, according to Coral, a paint brand in Brazil. It is associated with the morning sky and harmony, which gives a feeling of peace. This versatile and soothing color is perfect for absolutely any room in the house.

Eucatex, another paint brand, has chosen “Modernismo” as the trend color for this season. This is a light pink shade. It reflects tenderness, prosperity and improves well-being.

  • Blue is the sensation of this year. He gained popularity not only in the interior, but also in clothing. Classic blue is reminiscent of the sky at dusk. It is simple and stable. Lovers of this shade feel confident and calm.
  • The dark blue hue is compared with the night sky or the depths of the sea.
  • The dark green shade will fit into any interior and is often used for painting facades. But you need to be careful not to overdo it, because there is a risk of making it too dark.
  • Beige and white colors. Most of these shades are associated with minimalism. In addition, pastel colors are a win-win combination with any decorative objects, furniture and lighting.
  • Gray color is popular in 2024. It is neutral and easily combined with other shades. For lovers of interesting combinations, a good option would be to add an accent of bright colors.
  • Earth colors are associated with the earth, and this is a light brown or mustard shade.
  • The current color of 2024 is mint green. Delicate pastel, it will add freshness to the interior.
  • A combination of color and metal is also considered an actual solution. For example, blue and silver or blue and gold.

Expert designer often offers his customers to stick to pastel shades, so the apartment will be more homely and cozy. Some customers keep vintage finds from year to year, and this is a great decoration.

Today, designers are inspired by the natural world and are advised to take a closer look at eco-style, but in any case, the choice of apartment design always remains with the customer. Remember that trends change from year to year, and when choosing a style, you should focus on your preferences.

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