Trends 2021: what’s relevant in this year’s interior design?

Home is the most important place in the life of any person. Here we relax, work, gain strength, spend time with loved ones and raise our children. Of course, when arranging such a significant space, you should first of all be guided by your tastes and preferences. However, if you, like us, are inspired by beautiful things, like changes and are ready for them – welcome. To facilitate your task in creating the perfect interior, we have put together all the style trends of 2021.

In harmony with natureRelevant interior design trends 2021

For many years now, natural materials have not lost their relevance. Wood, glass, stone and metal still squeeze out environmentally-friendly plastic from the interiors, and synthetic fabrics in upholstery and decor are replaced with natural ones. Particularly popular this season is unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, living plants, ceramics and wicker furniture.

Decorative elements and prints also gravitate to nature. Images of animals, birds, leaves and flowers are increasingly appearing in modern urban interiors. Vivid tropical motifs and an intense floral print, which are not going to leave the walls and decor elements in the current year, became the unconditional hit of 2020.

Power of colorRelevant interior design trends 2021

One of the main trends in color is the emphasis on bright palettes and rich colors in the design of furniture, lamps, accessories. Pastel shades, inspired by the Scandinavian style, go by the wayside. No wonder the Pantone color institute chose Ultra Violet as the main color of 2021.

Violet is a complex, dominant color that is unlikely to become widespread, since it is more like a bohemian one. For lovers of more restrained tones, the interior also has recommendations for the current colors of the current year: powdery pink, terracotta, honey yellow, mustard, green and Oceanside (or blue-gray-green).

All facets of metalRelevant interior design trends 2021

Metal in the interior is not only practical, but also a stylish technique. If earlier this material was found mainly in the bathroom and in the kitchen, now it is used everywhere. Warm metals like brass, bronze and copper are still very popular among designers. Metal lamps combine perfectly with marble, glass and concrete, and coffee tables and tables will look advantageously surrounded by velvet furniture and dark brown wood.

All kinds of black metal coatings are rapidly becoming stylish. Strict and elegant, this color fits perfectly into any interior and gives the room a sculptural graphic.

Textured wallsRelevant interior design trends 2021

Another common trend in apartment design is the complexity of the interior wall architecture with additional elements. Wallpaper and decorative plaster give way to expensive fabric upholstery. Also at the peak of popularity are a variety of wall panels, especially from precious wood. Their textured surface reminds of proximity to nature and creates additional heat and sound insulation in the room.

The charm of luxuryRelevant interior design trends 2021

The so-called modern style in the interior is gradually changing. The trends of 2021 refer us to elegant luxury with elements of art deco of the 20s of the last century. Individual elements of the style gain a second wind: symmetrical organization of space, gilded details, noble colors, plenty of mirrors. The sophistication of the 20s coexists comfortably with the classics, contrasts perfectly with the minimalism of the Scandinavian style and emphasizes the brutality of the loft.

Again at the peak of popularity, expensive fabrics, marble, precious woods and metals. As for the upholstery, there is an undeniable leadership behind velvet. Many furniture designers this season have included velvet upholstery in their tops, especially in the color of precious stones such as sapphire, citrine, emerald and amethyst. Hence the new round of style for vintage furniture.

Individualization courseRelevant interior design trends 2021

Oddly enough, but the most important trend of 2021 in design calls for just to ignore these very trends, to personalize the space and adjust the interior primarily for yourself. In this individual approach to design, everything that is dear to residents is concentrated, their interests and tastes are taken into account. The interior is no longer limited to the framework of one style, but follows primarily the needs and preferences of the owners.

In the light of this course towards individualization, designer furniture is gaining more and more popularity. Famous style designers, artists and sculptors become authors of armchairs, sofas and carpets. Collaborations come out in small series, emphasizing the elitism and uniqueness of the product. But even if you don’t have the opportunity to purchase unique designer furniture and decor elements, the mass market now also seeks to produce products that can be easily customized for yourself, just changing, for example, the location of lamps, shelves, modules.

But the most important thing – do not forget: the interior should be a comfortable space for its inhabitants, even when their ideas about beauty are contrary to style trends.

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