Interior decoration 2021: 14 Super Trends Of The Current Year

Interior decoration trends 2021 In 2020, we were pleased with a new look at home design and almost total gravitation towards minimalism. Interior decorating 2021 is the result of yet another rethinking of the design approach, aimed at improving our lives.

Some of last year’s trends are good and get along with us, while others have been bored.

What are the main innovations and trends in interior of 2021? They just want you! Read our article «Interior decoration 2021: 14 super trends of the current year»

Interior decoration 2021: sacrament of color

We can’t help but start with color, because 2021 interior decor is radically different from its predecessors due to color scheme. Even minimalism started showing off brilliantly!

1. More colorInterior decoration trends 2021

Here is main trend and postulate of new interior design! Is it possible to call it revolutionary, because the fashionable wind changes brought shine to our homes before? You can!

Saturated color combinations are now so organically chosen that there can be no question of bad taste.

If you, as well as designers, have been completely bored of white or completely beige interiors, get new trends!

2. Many saturated dark shadesInterior decoration trends 2021

Pay attention – saturated! For fashionable interior there will not be enough dark colors.

For example, typical concrete shade, dark gray, or pure brown if you’re already in shape, and then as a background for dramatic accents.

Saturated violet, dark green, complex terracotta, berry shades – this is what you need.

3. UltravioletInterior decoration trends 2021

Black Flame and Caliente are the colors of the year by Pantone, PPG and Benjamin Moor. What do these flowers have in common? One: they can’t be ripped off!

4. MonochromeInterior decoration trends 2021

It meets unconventional and unconventional decisions, often interwoven with fantasy style. Minimalist in 2021 it is difficult to call it.

Materials and surfaces: Interior decoration 2021

Everything is just as interesting and bright here: 2021 interior décor never fails to please the eyes.

Old forgotten materials and coatings are returned, however, updated in the spirit of the times. So what’s in it for us?

5. Glossy TerrazzoInterior decoration trends 2021

Terazzo is, in fact, a kind of mosaic floor. This dependable decorative floor with a long history was experiencing another flowering of popularity in the 1970s.

Venetian terrazzo often decorates floors of world-famous mansions, apartments and museums. However, now it began to shine with all colors of the spectrum and transformed from floor cover to ubiquitous.

Mosaic particles, as a rule, are larger.

Multicolor terrazzo now adorns not only floors and stairs, but also walls, furniture, decoration, dishes. Current (and quite expensive) coverage is optional, quality prints will create desired effect. Try it, it’s fun!

6.VelvetInterior decoration trends 2021

Conversely, trend can be called total velvety. Even modern concrete walls from afar look velvety, rather reminiscent of Venetian plaster.

Luxurious velvet material is appropriate everywhere: for upholstery, curtains, decorative elements, pillows.

And looking pompous Baroque is optional – straight, laconic, monochrome velvet curtains look no worse.

On trend and other coatings with a velvety effect: wallpaper, rugs, tablecloths.

7. Metallic

Again, we are talking not only about trendy interior metal tops, but also about their imitation.

In fashion and chrome, and matte metal surfaces. Bright options are great for small rooms.

8. TreeInterior decoration trends 2021

At first glance, interior decoration 2021 does not contribute anything new in terms of the abundant use of natural wood.

In fact, in new year there is extensive application of imitation wood texture (prints) on wallpaper and stretch ceilings.

Interior decoration 2021 and eco-trends

Eco-trends have completely changed interior decoration 2021, and our understanding of the home design concept.

Fashion for natural materials is not new, although it is experiencing urgency of urgency. What surprises did 2021 prepare?

9. Salt roomsInterior decoration trends 2021

His creation is not yet widespread, but it is gathering momentum. Salt rooms are very healthy, they also look great.

This cave cave trend – a dream for any fan of healthy lifestyles, and not only.

Fine salt crystals sparkle in light, soon caught the eye of professional interior designers.

Therefore, they are increasingly decorated with LED ribbons. Room has organic design on light wood furniture. You can combine with the pool.

10. Furniture for 2 and 4 bedsInterior decoration trends 2021

In the homes of our younger brothers’ owners, sooner or later there is furniture for animals. Rethinking it and in particular Ikea tried to do this.

Fashionable furniture for your 4-nd friend should look like or match human. Small cat cribs look cute and elegant, and animals themselves, as a practical display, fall in love.

Playground for animal can perfectly fit together with your wardrobe. Also in trend of joint furniture, for example, rocking chairs with a cozy place for pets.

Furniture and style: Interior 2021

And again, 2021 interior decor stretches boundaries. It seems that comfort is the only standard in furniture design. And, in principle, this is correct and convenient. Extravagantly cozy, so you can characterize latest models.

11. Wicker furnitureInterior decoration trends 2021

Most likely, we all feature woven vine furniture. It is also very relevant. Such furniture is a direct hit on ecological trends. But designers think even more broadly.

Interweave everything: textile packages, metal bars. The most successful version of this trend, in our opinion, is Edra’s incredibly cozy Boa sofa.

12. ChairsInterior decoration trends 2021

It seems that Rhubarb London has come up with this idea especially to animate in style! Armchairs dressed in tails, jackets, hussar uniform and military coat will bring animation to the most demanding interior. Get inspired: such an idea can be done by ourselves. I wonder how your chair will fit. Share your creations in comments!

13. ModernInterior decoration trends 2021

Art Nouveau sneaks into general home design trends, but is most clearly manifested in furniture design.

Fine natural shapes of elongated leaves, shells, animal silhouettes return.

Influence of style on patterns is also reflected.

Interior decoration 2021 can abound in textiles (especially upholstery) and intricate large flower wallpaper. Even the symbolic color of the style – violet has a tone close to that of 2021 – ultraviolet.

14. CombinationInterior decoration trends 2021

A great trend in furniture design! It means multi-dimensional alignment.

For example, two functions in a piece of furniture, violation of expectations between combination of form and content.

In this case, such rule violations will necessarily entail positive consequences: mega-comfort and space saving. You can’t even speak of your own admiration and admiration for guests!

We hope our article is useful for you!

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