Curtain Design Trends For 2023

Curtain Design Trends For 2023 2023 has just begun, and new trends in interior design are already here. Curtains are an important component of any room with windows, and with the arrival of spring, the desire to bring fresh ideas into the interior becomes more and more powerful. The designers have come up with an ideal formula, the components of which will help diversify the interior and make it more interesting, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Curtain Design Trends 2023

Eco-themeCurtain Design Trends For 2023

In 2023, one cannot take and dismiss the environmental friendliness of literally everything that surrounds a person every day. This is a fix idea for all modern designers, so willy-nilly you have to pay attention to the composition, materials and properties of things. It is useless to believe that this will pass: the fashion for ecothematic lately has only been gaining momentum from year to year, and there are more and more people who want to live in harmony with nature.

And it is not at all surprising that even in the curtain industry there was a place for an eco-theme. The most fashionable are blackout  curtains in a modern style made of cotton. They do not fade, so you can safely depict any patterns and patterns on the fabric. “Silver” can be given to flax. Curtains made of this material are made deliberately rough and left in a natural color palette.

If you want luxury, you can use silk. It flows beautifully and has a natural, noble shine.

Do not forget about using natural colors. For example, floral images can be placed on curtains, leaves, blades of grass and whole natural landscapes will come in handy.

MinimalismCurtain Design Trends For 2023

The minimalism style, like the ecotrend, does not lose its positions and is even becoming more and more popular. Cutting off the unimportant, the designers seem to cleanse the interior of unnecessary trash, preventing it from penetrating into the life of a modern person, already overloaded with information and all sorts of things. In the space of the house, everything should lie in its place, so even the curtains are affected by the influence of minimalism.

Not all types of curtains correspond to the precepts of the “simplest” style, but there are also unconditional leaders. A common factor is installing blinds instead of fabric curtains.

Rolled. These lifting models are convenient and easy to install and in daily use. They can be hung in any room, from the living room to the kitchen, and everywhere they will add home comfort and minimalism to the interior. The curtains are not afraid of moisture, which will be a great plus in autumn.

Roman. These curtains are similar to the previous model in abundance of folds and simplicity of shapes. Even a child can handle them, which is an indisputable advantage over other models.

Standard. All of these babies have been met more than once in their offices. Such horizontal blinds can be made of wood, which will emphasize the status and prestige of their owner. If you want to decorate your kitchen interior or balcony with them, then you won’t find better polymer materials. They have the required moisture resistance. Vertical fabric slats will fit into the living room or bedroom space.

Plisse. The next type of blinds has gained fame in places where windows of non-standard shape are installed. They can even be mounted to ceilings or angled surfaces. Moreover, pleated panels can move from one to the opposite edge and from the center to the center of the window.

TransparencyCurtain Design Trends For 2023

If the room has small windows and, moreover, overlook the low-sun, north side, there is only one way out – transparent or translucent curtains. They can be sewn from organza, tulle or even veil fabric. Such models will ideally fit into the interior in the Scandinavian style and Provence.

In bedrooms, you cannot do without curtains that protect from light from the street, so you can combine transparent fabrics and dense roll systems.

Trendy curtain colors in 2023Curtain Design Trends For 2023

If you want to polish the world of curtains, then conforming to the fashionable shape is only half the battle. The rest falls on the tint palette. Don’t forget about the trendy colors of the Pantone Institute- “refreshing yellow” and “absolutely gray”, but not only on them the color wheel rests.

An excellent soft shade in the interior will be “dusty rose”. It will add romance to the whole room, and in combination with gray it will refresh the interior and harmoniously fit into a light and unobtrusive style.

Shades of green – mint and sage – will emphasize the environmental friendliness of the interior and help you relax after a hard day. They are ideal for any room, since green has a very positive effect on the human psyche.

Do not forget about the classic blue, recognized as the main color of 2020. He not only did not lose popularity, but also fell in love with modern designers. Such a deep shade will perfectly be written off in the bedroom and will play in contrast with the white walls in the Scandinavian style.

Curtains 2023 for the kitchenCurtain Design Trends For 2023

This room loves practicality and functionality, so there will be no long curtains that risk falling on the hob. Blinds – roller blinds or roman blinds – and cafe curtains are ideal options. Lifting systems with curtain rods are also quite popular in the kitchen. Thanks to them, the window sill remains free – space is freed up for pots with plants.

Curtains 2023 for the living room

The semi-sheer fabric flowing to the floor does not lose popularity in this room. If there is a lot of light, then you can install two layers of curtains with curtains, and their color should differ by a couple of tones.

Curtains 2023 for the bedroomCurtain Design Trends For 2023

You can add coziness to the bedroom with draperies and other decorative lotions. Colors are usually muted or dark. Blackout fabrics and two-layer systems are appropriate here, where transparent and opaque stripes alternate. If such panels are gradually scrolled, then the degree of illumination in the room can be changed.

The curtains themselves will never go out of style, and their colors and shapes can change every season. Therefore, it is important to keep the middle ground between trends and your own preferences.

Window treatment trends 2023Window treatment trends 2023

Without curtains, the design of the room looks unfinished. They not only complement the interior, but also have a great functional significance: they hide your personal life from prying eyes, protect from bright sunlight. Beautiful design of windows gives the room harmony, a special aura, a feeling of comfort. In the 2023-2024 season, designers are advised to opt for simple but sophisticated curtains without complex designs, draperies, frills, etc. What is relevant in the current season? We offer you a selection of window treatment trends 2023.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains

Timeless classics will never go out of fashion and will always be in line with modern trends. When decorating windows with laconic curtains to the floor, you should not worry that in a few years they will become irrelevant. Such curtains look harmoniously with any design, suitable for any furniture.

A popular combination: floor-length curtains and airy, transparent tulle. No decor, ruffles, lace patterns. Minimalism at its finest. The laconic design of the window will not spoil the interior with unnecessary colors and shapes. The right curtain color will lighten or darken the room, depending on the result you want to achieve. Neutral colors – beige, gray, white – will fit into the interior and complement it harmoniously.

Roller blinds

A box is attached at the top of the frame, from which even strips of curtains emerge. When lifting, they gather and completely hide in the box. The length of the roller blinds reaches the window sill or the floor in the case of panoramic windows. In the 2023-2024 season, roller blinds are one of the most popular window design options.

Suitable for any room: living room, nursery, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, etc. Curtains are easy to clean, they do not collect as much dust as curtains, they do not steal free space in small rooms. The market offers a wide range of roller blinds of various textures and colors.

Roman curtains

By design, Roman blinds resemble roller blinds. Only their canvas is divided into several sections; when lifted, they do not hide, but gather into neat, beautiful folds. You cannot raise the curtains to the end, but only half, by adjusting the amount of sunlight.

The most popular fabric Roman blinds. They decorate windows in the bedroom, nursery, study. Curtains are also made from wicker, straw, bamboo. To add a “zest” to the window design, the lower edge of the canvas is decorated with a fringe, made curly.

Japanese curtains

This style came to our homes recently, but is steadily gaining popularity due to its unusualness and originality. Curtain panels move along horizontal guides, resembling vertical blinds. Each canvas is 1.5 meters wide.

Translucent curtains are suitable for the kitchen or living room. In the bedroom, children’s room, study, it is better to choose dense models, they will reliably protect from sunlight. Curtains are attached to cornices, which can be equipped with an automatic system. Thanks to this, the position of the canvases will be regulated by the remote control.


A classic that is relevant for styles such as hi-tech and minimalism. Curtains made of bamboo are suitable for boho, eclectic, eco-style styles. Often horizontal blinds are installed in living rooms, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, dressing rooms.

The main advantage of blinds is that they allow air to pass through, which cannot be said about dense fabric products. High-quality blinds made of environmentally friendly materials that do not harm human health. They do not absorb odors, are easy to clean, hypoallergenic.

Window treatment colors 2023

In rooms where there is little sunlight, it is worth hanging curtains in warm shades. Dark colors in this case will give the room gloom. It is better to opt for yellow, peach, coffee colors. These shades are fashionable in the current season, they make the room cozy, bright.

When decorating windows in living rooms and bedrooms, it is desirable that the color of the curtains be combined with other interior items: bedspreads, pillowcases, tablecloths, bedside rugs. Translucent curtains will visually expand the space. Give preference to naturalness and naturalness, as this is a fashion trend in 2023.

Curtain rod trends 2023Curtain rod trends 2023

Window decoration completes the arrangement of the interior windows. Most often, the windows are covered with curtains. For rooms of different purposes, curtains with different properties are required. If thick and heavy curtains are appropriate for the bedroom, but for the kitchen or study it is best to stand on light, well-transmitting curtains.

In addition to curtains, it is impossible to create a harmonious room design without a properly selected curtain rod. This element of window decoration carries not only a functional load, holding the curtains and facilitating their management. Modern curtain rods are also an element of decor. Therefore, it is desirable to select the appropriate option, taking into account both the type of curtains and the overall design solution of the room.

Curtain rods – as an interior element

Getting to the design of the window, first of all, it is worth deciding how the curtain will be fixed. To choose a curtain rod and not make a mistake, you should take into account the features of the curtains, as well as the height and width of the window opening. There are two ways to mount: to the ceiling or to the wall.

Ceiling models have the following advantages:

  • due to the flat body, they do not overload the interior. Visually, the room seems larger;
  • the material of manufacture can be anything: from aluminum, brass and alloys to PVC. Accordingly, such models are presented on the market in a huge variety;
  • the number of rows of curtains can be up to four.

Wall-mounted options also have their advantages: they are able to withstand curtains of any weight. Also, they do not need to prepare the ceiling.

The number of rows is selected from the characteristics of the curtains. In some cases, one row is enough, and sometimes four may be required. Models with two rows differ in practicality.

According to the control method, models with manual and mechanical (chain, cord) opening of curtains are distinguished. The best curtain rods are equipped with an electromechanical drive.

Popular models of curtain rods 2023 that have remained relevant in the new year: shapes, colors, materials, types

The modern market of accessories for window decoration is oversaturated with offers of variations of curtain rods. In the new season, many current models have migrated from the top trends of 2023. For classic fabric, Roman and roller blinds, curtain rods are offered in any style – from spectacular imitating stone, wood, exquisite forged to aluminum and metal in high-tech and minimalist style. Properly selected curtain rods will emphasize the integrity of the interior and eliminate dissonance in its style.

Which models of curtain rods were popular in 2023 and entered the trends of 2023

Steel and aluminum profile curtain rods were in great demand and have retained their popularity due to their style and practicality. They are suitable for flat and curved surfaces. They have a solid construction. Can be attached to the ceiling. Hooks move along the guide smoothly and silently.

Profile structures can be chosen absolutely for any layout. There are single-row and multi-row models for curtain compositions. Profiles for Roman blinds, roller blinds are equipped with control cords.

Manufacturers offer profile curtain rods in different shades and with coating effects. White classic, gold, silver, black with and without decor and other designs. In the segment of inexpensive profile curtain rods there are models made of aluminum. In the top of sales are aluminum curtain rods with D2-Premium profile. They look modern, suitable for large windows, even those located in a circle, with a bend.

One of the most popular are FLAT profile systems for Flat Line curtains. Such curtain rods are able to significantly transform the interior, focusing on their elegance. For classic interiors, a two-row Flat curtain rod with a Line Cross Antique profile is more often chosen.

Popular curtain rod colors in 2023

For the interiors of spacious rooms, it is not necessary to match the color of the curtain rod to match the curtains. The window composition looks much more interesting, in which the color of the curtain rod harmoniously contrasts with the shade of the curtains, wall decoration and furniture. Such a bold contrast is a highlight. That is why at the peak of popularity in 2023 there were black curtain rods and models in white gold.

Eaves with a spectacular sheen are perfectly combined with blue, pink, lilac shades. For example, the Verdi White Gold model of the metal curtain rod is in harmony with both pastel and more saturated colors of the curtains. Such a model will add exquisite brilliance to calm interiors.

For modern interiors, which are dominated by white-gray, purple, steel, red shades, black matte curtain rods with original decorative tips were more often chosen. Among the black options, the Virage model was the most popular.

The color of the curtain rod plays one of the key roles in shaping the correct proportions of the room. If the task is to select it for a small room, a kitchen with low ceilings, then the best option would be the most light models. Such curtain rods play for a visual increase in space, they merge with the color of the curtains, the ceiling and do not stand out in the general background of the interior. Therefore, white and beige plastic and aluminum curtain rods remain universal window classics.

When choosing a curtain rod, designers recommend taking into account the design of the room and their preferences more. This is the only way to get a harmonious window design, the design of which will be comfortable for personal perception.

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