Are carpets back in fashion?

The floors in apartments and houses are like people’s feet. They deserve more attention. Extensive and opulent carpets have a long tradition, which once signaled the prosperity of the household in question to guests and visitors. However, due to the modern surface coating of floors, this rite has increasingly been lost.

Apartment or house owners are also afraid of the horrendous prices that were incurred for cleaning the carpets. Vacuum cleaners competed against mops or robot mops, with the latter ultimately winning. The high level of exposure to allergens has also increasingly become a risk for owners of carpeted floor coverings because allergies to environmental toxins are increasing rapidly. People suffering from allergies were repeatedly advised not to use textile surfaces in their immediate living environment and, if this was unavoidable, to wash the fabrics regularly.

Carpets as a new living culture and feel-good factor

With a cuddly soft carpet you will feel coziness

The avoidance of a carpet in the household, be it because of allergens or because the householder has a pet and is afraid of the hair on the carpet, has declined in recent years. More and more people no longer want to miss the cozy, homely atmosphere in their home. Studies that showed that carpets do not contain more allergens and that hard floor coverings require more cleaning and care than a conventional carpet brought a boom to the carpet world and gave people back the cozy home they knew from their childhood. Statistics and trends show people’s renewed love for carpets.

Carpets that conjure up true art on the floor are increasingly available on the local market. Designers have also taken on this topic and are creating in their own unique way unusual carpets, also as unique pieces and custom-made items. The price range for purchasing a new carpet is very wide. The decisive factors here are the size of the new floor covering and the material from which it is made. The market offers consumers carpets for every budget and every need.

The care of high-quality carpets suitable for everyday use

Carpets need to be vacuumed weekly

The first step in cleaning a carpet is probably vacuuming. Used several times a week or even daily, the vacuum cleaner removes dirt particles, hair or crumbs from the carpet. This cleaning usually only offers a visual improvement, although if you vacuum the carpet daily, intensive and deep cleaning will be less necessary, which is why it contributes to the care and thus the longevity of the carpet. If necessary and in the case of spot contamination, carpet owners are also happy to use a cleaning foam from the drugstore, which can be used to spruce up the carpet in the short term and initially make it look clean and fresh again.

When there are pets and small children in the house, carpets need regular care

Depending on the material used, the size and the daily wear and tear of the particular floor covering, professional cleaning, such as that provided by the company, is necessary every one to two years DTR carpet cleaning offers, necessary.

This is the work of professionals who are familiar with every type of carpet and provide them with the appropriate cleaning and care. Using new and modern technologies, professionals can tackle any dirt on any carpet. Acceptance takes place via an appointment system. If the carpet is of monstrous proportions, it can also be picked up by the carpet cleaner after consultation.

Modern materials reduce allergen levels and are pet-friendly

Modern materials for carpets are suitable for pets and allergy sufferers

While natural materials such as wool or linen were used in earlier times, when grandmothers still made carpets themselves, today fibers for carpets are also produced synthetically. But good old wool is also increasingly being used for carpets in modern households. Thanks to its warming function, it is particularly useful for homeowners to regulate the living temperature. Carpets made of wool or mixed fibers with wool insulate the floor and do not let the cold from a cellar, driveway or passage that is not heated and serves as a vestibule into the apartment through the floor. The disadvantage here is that the wool is not considered easy to care for and requires special cleaning.

Light-flooded room in Scandinavian style with natural fiber carpet

Carpets made from other natural fibers and from plant sources, such as linen, bamboo or sisal, are extremely durable, which is why they are for dog owners or suitable for use in households with other pets. If desired, the manufacturer can add a protective layer to the natural fiber or apply it after production, which protects against contamination. Thanks to modern dyeing techniques, colors can now be chosen individually so that linen no longer appears so colorless. The color particles can also be of natural origin or they can be developed using chemical processes in the laboratory. In the latter case, the variety of color schemes is now huge and meets the needs of almost every customer.

Relaxing roof terrace with patterned carpet

For the outdoor area of ​​the apartment or house, such as on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden, where the pool area is often covered with textile floor coverings, natural fibers are rather disadvantageous because they are not weather-resistant. Synthetic fibers are recommended here, which do not absorb rainwater but allow it to flow away. These coverings are also available in different sizes, qualities, designs and colors. These carpets impress with their low maintenance requirements. Here it is usually enough to tap the fiber to remove dirt. This is made possible by high-quality impregnation, which additionally protects the synthetic fabric, which is already very durable and dirt- and water-repellent. This also prevents colors and patterns from fading. In the case of stubborn dirt, such as that which can occur at a barbecue party, these outdoor textiles can also be rubbed or scrubbed with a sponge.

Outdoor carpet gives the terrace coziness

High-quality outdoor carpets can also be walked on barefoot without shoes without causing any discomfort to the feet. Thanks to the high-quality impregnation, no germs or pathogens stick, which is particularly important in the pool area – especially when several people walk on the surface without shoes. An important aspect for health and unadulterated bathing fun.

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