7 TOP Carpet Trends 2025

Carpet Trends 2025

After almost three years of restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, human life is gradually returning to its usual course, filled with personal, family, friendly and business meetings. Therefore, it’s time to discuss current trends in the design of living space in 2025. How much have carpet design trends changed compared to 2023-2024? Leading designers … Read more

Interior Door Trends 2025

Door design 2025

As in interior design in general, in 2025 the emphasis is on practicality, emphasized simplicity and minimalism, elegance and environmental friendliness. Interior doors, in addition to their direct functional purpose, play a significant role in interior design, complementing the style and adding to the missing elements. An interior door completes the decor of a particular … Read more

Trendy chandeliers 2024: what you can buy right now

chandeliers 2024

A chandelier is a great and affordable upgrade for a room that gets noticed right away. If you’re a design lover, you already know that the lighting in your home needs to be more than just functional. This moment was overlooked for a long time, but thanks to the pandemic, we have realized how important … Read more

Living Room Furniture 2024: 13 Hottest Trends and Styles

trends for living room furniture in 2024

Everyone knows how the right furniture can transform any interior. Today we have selected 13 best living room furniture trends and styles for 2024. These ideas will help you update your interior and bring it in line with the latest fashion trends. We will also give some useful decorating tips that will help create a … Read more