Modern Interior Decoration Trends in 2024 and 2025

Modern Interior Decoration Trends 2020 In decoration as in fashion, trends evolve with the seasons. To have a trendy decoration, you must be on the lookout for novelties. Things look set for 2024 and 2025, years full of promise in terms of interior design trends. Here’s what to remember.

Decoration trend: The color of the wall, the key element of a successful decor in 2024/2025

The color of the wall has always played a very important role in interior design because it can completely change the mood of a room. White to have brightness and a piece of colored wall for peps.

For 2024, many painting leaders are launching new colors. Moreover, the colors are announced on FFKWEH and the modern interior decoration in 2024 and 2025.

In honor, the “Heart Wood” which is actually an old rose with purple nuances. This color is more appropriate as a summer color as well as deep purple and spicy yellow curry.

To continue in the range of daring colors, green is emerging as one of the hot trends of the coming years. The mint green is inviting inside after being the star of outdoor decoration, including garden furniture.

The gray shades bring neutrality in all this effusion of colors. At PPG Paints, the color of the year 2024 is the Black Flame. This color is a black that draws on deep indigo tones that changes from classic black. The Black Frame brings a sense of calm in the room.

Authentic materials and decor for 2024 and 2025

After the wall, place furniture and decorative elements. All indications are that 2024 will be the year of natural materials. The decor with white wood had announced the colors from summer 2017. So bet on  solid wood for your floor or natural rattan for your carpet.

For your kitchen furniture, the imitation wood will be all the rage while the plywood will give way to wood for the ceiling. Although artificial quartz is very popular, for 2024 and 2025, natural quartz will be the star.

To highlight these natural materials, handmade accessories will be on the scene. It will no longer be a question of serial objects, but rather of handcrafted objects designed as a single piece. The pottery and glass blowing find a new energy to the interior decoration in 2024 and 2025.

Modern interior decoration in 2024 and 2025: The living room

The living room that is the living room usually meets a lot of people. It can be friendly or, on the contrary, intimate for some. It is therefore according to you and your environment that will be the decoration of this show. It will also take into account the configuration of places to make your decoration. Indeed, if the dining room or the kitchen are open to the living room, it will adapt your decoration.

First of all, you have to talk about the main element in your living room: the sofa. He is the one who will make your moments unique, which will gather your family or your friends around a coffee. This is why we must not neglect the choice of the latter. You will need to consider:

  1. The surface of your living room
  2. The number of places you want for your sofa
  3. The materials used (your choice will be determined by whether you have children, animals, etc.)
  4. If you think of an extra bed, a convertible sofa
  5. Finally, to think if you want to optimize the space, storage integrated into the sofa, often present in the corner sofas.

Modern Interior Decoration Trends 2020 A beautiful convertible sofa for your living room

It will then be interesting to choose the coffee table that will accompany your sofa. The trend is now turning to minimalist tables to help you move. The best is to choose a table positioned on one or more carpets that will dress the space. A table with simple curves or straight and clean lines will do the trick.

In addition, you can add on the sofa some printed cushions symmetrical patterns, which will give a new touch of modernity in your living room. But television is also an important element since it is placed on a piece of furniture, encrusted in it, hung on the wall or hidden in a mirror, it remains a main element.

Atmosphere and Interior Deco 2025: how to decorate or decorate your living room?

Depending on your desires, different atmospheres exist to make the living room its reception room or an intimate place. Be careful not to embarrass your guests by making the mistake of making this space a more intimate place than friendly. Then make a Scandinavian living room in which a warm atmosphere will bring gaiety and life in your home. On the contrary, if you prefer to be alone in your stay, to read for example, an intimate atmosphere will play very well its role. Thus, it is necessary to take several criteria into account for the layout of a modern living room:

  1. The light
  2. The minimum of furniture
  3. Objects with clean lines
  4. The tables

This is how you will succeed in making your living room modern. First, let the light circulate in the room. Windows, ceiling lights, streetlights are used to ensure the lighting of the room since it is the main characteristic of a modern decoration. We must also minimize everything that is in the order of furniture and choose natural materials to create the desired atmosphere. However, it will be necessary to contrast or put objects forward by reducing their quantity to value them, as the use of a single table for example.

The dining room: what will be the decoration trend in 2025?

Center of the house and regular meeting place of the family, the dining room to it also right to its decoration. Whether as a place of work, rest or meal, its main function, it is an important place to evoke conviviality. That’s why your dining room aims to look like you. Indeed, its decoration is not random and will change according to the personality that made it.

As a result, the dining room is often juxtaposed with the kitchen and living room of your home. So it will sometimes be smart to put the living room and the dining room together to bind the atmosphere but while distinguishing them. We can then differentiate the color of the walls or use a piece of furniture, adjustable for example, as a partition between the two spaces.

But for the decoration, it is up to you the choice of the table and furniture. However, privilege the friendly spirit since it is first of all this spirit that dominates this space. Choosing a dining table that is neither too big nor too small is essential. However, if the preference of meals is intimately, opt for an extending table would be a good idea to save space. Indeed, whatever the shape of the table, you will have to leave enough space for traffic to flow smoothly.

How to give light and clarity to your dining room?

It is necessary then that the dining room is a rather aerial and minimalist room. What makes a dining room modern is especially its functional and friendly side in a warm atmosphere. But we must pay attention to the choice of colors. Using more than three colors in a dining room would be a mistake. But you can easily add curtains that match the color present. You should also keep one of the light colored walls to benefit from the light.Modern Interior Decoration Trends 2020

A bright dining room…

Indeed, light is an essential element in this space. It offers brightness, essential to well-being. But once night falls, artificial lighting is a solution. You can then choose a soft light to soften the atmosphere and create a real atmosphere. But a directional lighting pendant would also be important to see what is on the dining table. Finally, opt for an extra lighting arranged on a console for example, offers a plus to your atmosphere.

Thus results a small guide for the decoration of a dining room.

  1. Identify the type of need: friendly or intimate spirit?
  2. Organize colors: no more than 3
  3. Then make the choice of the dining table and furniture, always in a minimalist spirit
  4. Study the needs in terms of brightness to bring warmth into the room
  5. Bring your personal touch, this is what will make the charm and originality of your modern decoration of this dining room

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