14 Outdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

Outdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023 Summer is synonymous with good weather and enjoying the outdoors. If you have a garden, terrace or balcony, it’s time to update them. Our interior design experts reveal the 2023 outdoor decoration trends that will triumph this summer. Do you want a little sneak peek? From now on, the design of your living room can also be reflected outside. Be inspired by the most beautiful trends and the best tips for decorating your home for this season.

Decoration of terraces and balconies

This year we have realized the importance of having a comfortable and cozy home since we have spent many hours in it. But also, we have discovered the importance of our outdoor spaces in the house. We tell you what the 2023 outdoor decoration trends are so that you have a terrace or balcony to the last and perfect for the summer months. Discover them below!

Outdoor loungeOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

One of the outdoor decoration trends 2023 is to have an outdoor living room. In summer we want to spend as many hours as possible outside. So we recommend investing in good outdoor furniture, comfortable chairs and a large table to dine with the whole family.

Modern, luxurious and at the same time super comfortable: a wooden or rattan lounge on the terrace combines with a wide range of accessories in different materials and colors. You will create a space that invites you to relax in the sun.

A cozy style that will take place this summer in outdoor decoration is the boho style. Perfect for relaxing and chatting with friends. With a bohemian and casual style, our outdoor lounge will give off an Ibizan summer atmosphere.

Tip : Terracotta also works great in combination with natural boho style. Put, for example, different sizes of terracotta pots with plants in one corner. Place some pots on raised stands and others on the ground. By playing with the difference in height, you will create a fun and tropical space.

Natural livingOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

The sustainability and ecology have never been as hot as now issues. We see it in the way of designing outdoor spaces, but above all in the choice of materials.

The untreated wood, the bamboo, the rattan and stone have never been so popular. In addition to the design and choice of materials, this trend also pays attention to the use of color. Natural tones, such as terracotta and beige, also make their way outside.

Original chairsOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

You may already know that in a small space it is better to opt for a few larger items than to fill the entire space with smaller ones. The same goes for the balconies.

If you don’t have that much space on your balcony, you don’t have to do without a cozy seating area. The Acapulco chair style is still very popular, it is a true classic. Not only on the inside, but also on the outside, the Mexico chair looks great. This stylish all-rounder has a timeless design and will turn heads anywhere.

But not only the Acapulco Chair is perfect for sitting on the balcony. New models in modern style will also attract attention. The seating areas with furniture made of natural materials such as wood, rattan or polyrattan, as well as bamboo, invite you to spend hours and hours relaxing on our terrace.

Colorful accessoriesOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

Create a very summery atmosphere on the terrace with cheerful decorative accessories. Choose colored cushions that remind you of the holidays and that enhance your mood. You can choose colors like turquoise, fuchsia pink, lemon yellow or coral. The more the merrier!

In addition to bright summer colors such as orange, yellow, pink and green, summer motifs and tropical and floral prints add a lighthearted touch to the outdoors. And if you like the boho style, add fringed or tasseled cushions made of cotton and linen. They are perfect for trendy boho style chairs!

The carpets exterior colors have also come to stay. Last year we saw them in jute, but this year there are more materials. You will create an elegant, modern and practical look, because with an outdoor mat you will have a soft and pleasant surface for your feet outside.

The best of this outdoor decoration trend? It’s easy to change accessories depending on the occasion and adapt them to your mood.

Terraces full of plantsOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

In 2023 we want to have a real connection with nature. That is why terrace gardens are succeeding this year. Therefore, it is not surprising that this summer one of the outdoor decoration trends 2023 is outdoor plants.

A terrace with plants and flowers provides naturalness and privacy, perfect for the prying eyes of neighbors or passersby. Add exotic plants to transport you to other places and you can travel from your own home.

While pampas grass, holly and bamboo are well suited for a sunny terrace, trendy plants that are ideal for large terraces and even gardens are: boxwood, cherry laurel, thuja, firethorn, azalea, wintergreen and common ivy.

To avoid having to do without the colorful flowers in the warm months, we recommend a cheerful mix of evergreen plants with the classic balcony plants. If, on the other hand, gardening is not your thing, a few natural-looking artificial plants are perfect for the balcony.

Our advice : when choosing plants for your terrace, think about the number of hours of sun and shade. Some plants do very well in the shade, while others need several hours of sun a day.

Garden decoration trends 2023

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, we present you the 2023 outdoor decoration trends that you need to incorporate into your garden. Keep reading!

Order in the gardenOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

Just as keeping order is important for the interior of your home, it is also important for the exterior. This will make it much easier to have your garden utensils and tools located. In addition, storage accessories such as rustic trunks are a perfect option for storing garden furniture cushions. The best thing is that you can also use it as a garden bench. Outdoor shelves made of metal, which can be decorated with outdoor plants, are also a very good idea.

Front Yard DesignOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

Sometimes we forget the front garden, since it is the front area of the house and we tend to use it less than the main garden. But this does not mean that we do not take care of it or decorate it. Luckily, one of the trends in 2023 gardens is that of a well-kept front garden, since it is much more welcoming if we add colorful plants. Or what do you think? Paved walkways and indirect light sources also create a cozy atmosphere and illuminate the way to your home for your guests.

Tip : Discover even more garden design ideas !

Outdoor Living Room and KitchenOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

For a long time it has been impossible to draw a clear line between inside and outside. This is mainly because the transition between indoor and outdoor areas is now much more seamless. Living outdoors is not just a trend, but a true attitude.

Create an outdoor living room in 4 steps:

Define the chill-out area: Separate a rest area from the rest of the garden. The best way to do this is with a rug and chill area.

Learn to lie down: In a living room you must be able to lie down, for this we need the feeling of a sofa. In the garden, for example, it works with armchairs and poufs. And very important: outdoor cushions for snuggling.

Points of light: The most magical moment begins after sunset. Light sources such as candles, flexible table and floor lamps or fire bowls now make their grand entrance.

Snacks and drinks: Outdoor life with the right food and drinks is even more fun. Do not forget to include a lot of storage space in the form of side tables, and stools, so you will have everything at hand.

Garden with birdsOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

The environment and animals is an important issue that should not be neglected. An especially decorative idea in this context is the design of a garden for birds. Whether it’s a huge marble birdbath or a pretty wooden house, take care of the animals in your garden and provide them with a refuge.

Natural gardenOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

Pure nature: that should not be absent in the home garden either! Because it is precisely this aspect that makes the outdoor area something special. At the moment, almost pristine natural gardens are absolutely all the rage. The colorful meadows with wildflowers also smell wonderful and look just plain cool.

Tip: Raised beds are a great idea to spend some relaxing time enjoying nature, even in small gardens.

Bonfire at homeOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

Make a bonfire at home! And you don’t even need that much equipment. Quite the opposite. With a sturdy fire bowl, modern lights, bamboo lanterns, numerous candles, and beautiful garden furniture, you can create a romantic atmosphere in no time. Of course, the sliced bread and the appetizers to make the fire are essential.

Farmhouse Garden StyleOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

The natural gardens are not just a garden style popular in 2023, but the gardens farm – style cottage garden also have an unusual charm. In vivid colors, create a wonderful idyll on your doorstep. Metal tables and chairs and all kinds of decorative accessories decorate the outdoor area and invite you to a luxurious snack.

Zen spaceOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

A flow of positive energy never hurts in the garden. Keyword: Green Balance. In the best of cases, your garden provides a good feeling of well-being and creates a place of relaxation. If your goal is to spend the holidays in the garden, a Far Eastern design according to Feng Shui is highly recommended. A staple of the Feng Shui garden is the so-called Zen place. It is created with patches of gravel, stones, and shaped bushes. In this case, less is more.

Sustainable gardeningOutdoor Decoration Trends That Will Triumph In 2023

Fresh air and physical work in the garden are a benefit to the soul. But it is even better if you can also reap the fruits of your labor. Following the motto “grow your own”, fruits, vegetables and herbs can be grown sustainably in almost any garden to be self-sufficient. And such a garden is really great, and above all very tasty! Here we have compiled numerous gardening tips for beginners.

Summer decoration trends 2023

At Indecortrends we have created a video with the essential accessories to decorate your home in summer.

We hope our 2023 outdoor decoration trends have inspired you. Register now in Indecortrends and do not miss any exclusive offer to decorate your garden with the latest trends, colors and accessories. We wish you a good summer!

Outdoor furniture trends 2023

Outdoor furniture trends 2023
An array of modern wicker garden furniture on a patio in the home garden.

With each new year comes new ideas. Since the pandemic, homeowners have focused on transforming their outdoor spaces into everything from a home office to a living area to a place to safely host dinner parties and holiday gatherings. What are the outdoor furniture trends 2023? With this emphasis on backyards, following the best trends can be a fun and rewarding pastime. Whatever your tastes and preferences, there is a trend that will work to maximize and personalize your outdoor living space. Whether you decide to refresh your yard with a brand-new deck, opt for an on-trend style like Greek or terracotta, or opt for a durable design, there is a trend for every style and every outdoor need. Activate your imagination this year!

What are the major outdoor furniture trends for 2023?

There is one particular trend that, whatever your tastes and preferences, will help you make the most of your outdoor living space and give it a much more personal touch. It doesn’t matter if you want to give a second life to your rattan outdoor furniture, choosing a trendy style like Greek to embellish the outdoor space, or opting for a design that favors sustainability, there is a trend that adapts to all styles and all outdoor necessities. Keeping up with what’s trendy can be a fun and rewarding activity, especially given the current focus on outdoor living spaces such as backyards. Let’s look at the 3 big outdoor furniture trends 2023 that you can expect to see. Forget spending on unnecessary luxuries, spend more on good quality.

Trendy Greek-inspired touches

Everyone dreams of a Mediterranean vacation with this backyard theme. The Greek-inspired gardens offer a sense of romance and history. To achieve Greek dreams, opt for Greek statues, columns, formal hedges, archways, gravel gardens and stone walkways. Place your existing garden containers and urns on a Grecian-inspired platform. Although blue and white are the most traditional color choices, adding a pop of accent color in a predominantly white garden also works well. Plant olive trees, succulents, boxwood and white roses, and use plants to shade seats. The colored cushions in yellow and white, or other summer designs that you can find in the beautiful collections of Monoprix house are an excellent choice. Invest in a space that will make you travel!

Focus on curves

The era of outdoor furniture consisting of squared boxes and sharp angles is over. The year 2023 is above all about curves! Chairs with curved lines not only provide a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room, they are much more comfortable to sit on than chairs with straight backs. Look for curved lines in furniture if you want teak outdoor furniture that will really stand out from the crowd. The combination of pieces with straight lines and those with curved shapes generates more tension and drama. It may seem confronting, but in the context of an entertainment space, they offer a very strong point of difference and individuality. When you buy your rattan outdoor furniture, dare to use bold colours. The trend is no longer gray or all-black outdoor furniture. Bring a touch of pop art to your garden.

Outdoor furniture 2023: Trend of art and retro flourishes

You’re in luck if you’re passionate about collecting vintage or antique items. It is also expected that furniture with a vintage aesthetic will make a reappearance. It’s no surprise that things inspired by the past are becoming fashionable again given the growing popularity of mid-century modern design. The local antique store, car boot sale, flea market, and online marketplaces such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are all great places to hunt for gorgeous vintage items that won’t break the bank. Outdoor furniture trends 2023 is more influenced by designs from around the world than ever before. There is no shortage of international inspiration on the market today. It shows in everything,

Realize your own vision!

Whether you want to be trendy or make your own statement with your outdoor living space, you’ll need the space first. The key word for this year 2023 is freedom! To save time, consider finding a professional and working closely with you to provide the structure you can decorate your way. Who knows, when we write a new article on the subject next year, we might be looking at a trend YOU started!

Garden furniture trends 2023Garden furniture trends 2023

Interiors, landscape design, men’s and women’s wardrobe – all these and many other areas are subject to permanent changes. New fashion trends and trends are constantly emerging. And outdoor furniture is no exception. Designers are constantly working on creating new styles, mixing materials and colors.

The years 2023-2024 are quite interesting from this point of view, since furniture designers are striving to combine tradition with progressive trends.

In the garden year 2023, dreams will come true, holidays will be made at home and outdoor retreats will be created. Innovative materials, trendy designs and stylish garden accessories set the trends for the 2023 outdoor season. But well-known classics are also being reinterpreted or expanded to include new designs. There should be no limits to garden and balcony design in 2023, so that every garden becomes a personal feel-good place.

Rounded shapes

This trend has manifested itself quite strongly in interior furniture in 2022, and this year it also touched on garden sets. Outdoor sofas and armchairs have acquired a pronounced rounded shape. There are practically no sharp armrests and rectangular backs. At the same time, many brands began to pay attention to the traditional Scandinavian style.

Natural materials

This trend cannot be considered the newest, but, as before, outdoor furniture manufacturers focus on its environmental friendliness and unity with the environment. It is interesting that many brands are trying to use a large number of synthetic analogues of natural materials. Thanks to modern technologies, they look no worse than natural components, but at the same time are more resistant to atmospheric factors.

Tropical and earthy tones

Designers either use earthy, muted colors or emphasize bright colors that have always been associated with the exotic tropics. And although because of this it is impossible to trace a clear trend towards the use of certain tones, buyers of garden furniture have the opportunity to choose. And consumer orientation is a market trend of the last few decades.

Mixing materials

Today, the “more is better” approach is actively used. Manufacturers actively mix metals with natural wood, glass with textiles, composite alloys with rattan. This allows each collection of outdoor furniture to be endowed with original features.

Flexible sizes and transformations

Module sofas that can be folded and unfolded or turned into free-standing benches will not surprise anyone today. In addition, garden furniture began to be actively supplemented with various folding functional components. These are laptop stands that can change the size of the tabletop, various attachments that extend sofas, etc. All this can be called a pronounced trend in functionality. On the one hand, the buyer does not need to purchase additional furniture, and on the other hand, the kits remain compact and affordable for installation in various open spaces.

Multifunctional garden furniture

Multifunctional garden furniture is more in demand than ever, they combine the practical with the comfortable. These are particularly useful on smaller balconies. Does the term dining lounge mean anything to you? The seat height is higher in dining lounges, so they can be optimally combined with a garden table and still have the seating and lying comfort of a lounge.

Generous dining areas

The garden table is a central piece of furniture in your garden, where people celebrate, laugh and eat outdoors is simply cosy. The whole family and friends come together at a spacious garden table. Discover our varied selection of new garden tables.

The Montreal garden table is available in lengths of up to five meters. Created by a Belgian designer, this simple yet meaningful design creates an optimal connection to nature. There are no rough edges in this product line. The shape of the table top and frame is harmonious and rounded. This garden table is available in various sizes and designs.

Outdoor living room

Indoor design has long conquered terraces and gardens. This year’s collection presents models that can also be found inside the house, but thanks to the choice of weatherproof materials are completely suitable for outdoor use and enrich the open-air living room. Much more importance is now being attached to the home garden or balcony. In recent years, this has been rediscovered and expanded as additional living and working space. Lounge furniture is also more in demand than ever and is popular with people from small balconies to large terraces. Lounge furniture satisfies the longing for peace and relaxation at home outdoors. This is also reflected in the furniture trends 2023: even more homely, functional and unique.

Stainless steel with a new look

In the field of stainless steel garden furniture, a new material refinement has prevailed. With an additional powder coating, stainless steel gets a whole new look. The garden furniture collection offers various pieces of stainless steel furniture with high-quality surface treatment. Whether table frames, garden chairs or entire lounges – this material benefits from the advantages of V2A stainless steel and surprises with a new, matt finish.

High-quality rope braids

Rope braids for garden furniture are predominantly in demand. The hand-knotted, airy rope gives garden furniture its lightness and elegance. With new designs and colors, this outdoor furniture is an eye-catcher in every outdoor area. With skilful weaving, Rope is processed into extremely stable and weatherproof garden furniture and ensures a pleasant seating climate even on hot summer days.

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