Decorating Trends 2024: this is what you should know if you want to have a house to the last

Decorating Trends for 2019 We are already in 2024! That’s why we want you to take advantage of the energy that the change of year gives to give a return to the decoration of your house. That’s why house experts tell you what interior design trends will be in modern homes for the next 365 days.

Lighting FixturesDecorating Trends for 2019

  1. The opening / connection of the spaces, especially the dining room and the kitchen, implies giving visibility to a vital element in the decoration: the lamp. In this sense, we bet on the mixture of sizes and materials. For four or five years, the lamp is a differentiating sculptural element in the home.
  2. Cable also gains prominence, which becomes a decorative element in itself in the broadest sense of the word.
  3. Betting to incorporate indirect and warm light also gains prominence. In the kitchen, for example, the furniture illuminated inside gain followers: they help to illuminate in a functional as well as decorative way.

ColorDecorating Trends for 2019

  1. It seems evident that, choosing the green Greenery (the green that uses idealist), as the color of the year 2024, the Pantone Institute continues in the same line of 2023; that is, a fresh, relaxing, cheerful color that is easy to complement with other tonalities. Green Greenery sets a trend – in terms of color – towards more luminous and youthful spaces, perhaps as a counterpoint to more critical social and economic moments.
  2. In addition, we will find winks to yellows, oranges and fuchsias; again in search of daring and fun in living areas.

BedroomsDecorating Trends for 2019

  1. In 2024 also the range of gray will continue to be seen, from the palest tones to the darkest ones. It is a perfect color to use in environments of different decorative styles, whether traditional, Nordic, industrial, romantic, rustic, etc.
  2. Following the vintage trend, in the bedroom will have more and more prominence chester headboards, padded with buttons and upholstered in leather or warm colors fabrics, leaving behind the minimalist style or classic black and white duo.

KitchensDecorating Trends for 2019

  1. Warm and lived style: with that goal in mind, the carpets for the kitchen -washable and synthetic- will begin to find more and more room. For the dining area, instead of chairs, the upholstered armchairs will gain space in line with the colors of the kitchen.
  2. Materials – countertops, backsplashes, floors:
  • Recovery wood: The trend towards the vintage style is also a certain inclination to use metals, especially copper, bronze and steel. Regarding the soils, the preference is the use of mud.
  • Eye also to the contrast of materials: in particular, the mixture of marble and wood gains even more strength.
  • White and wood: white dominates furniture and kitchen countertops, according to the kitchen trends study conducted by To prevent a completely white design from becoming cold, individuals and designers are committed to introducing elements in the kitchen that help break down that visual aspect and provide the necessary warmth to the space.
  1. Spaces-distribution: The fashion of open kitchens is an unstoppable reality. The closed and isolated space of the rest of the house is over. The kitchen is a social environment whose incorporation into other spaces of the home is definitive and does not respond to anything other than a contemporary lifestyle in which everything is shared more.
  2. The washing areas: designing a space at home dedicated to washing and organizing clothes is among the priorities of the individuals. Gone are the old rooms without style. Incorporating elements and functionalities into the design that take advantage of natural light, provide more storage space and optimize washing and ironing times is a priority for individuals who have realized that if they have to spend a lot of time washing and ironing, at least Do it in a space where they feel comfortable.

Decorative elementsDecorating Trends for 2019

  1. Glass and steel doors: They are the ideal resource to compartmentalize spaces without losing luminosity. It will be increasingly common to find it in different spaces of the house beyond its use as a screen in the bathroom.
  2. Nature in the prints: the floral print sneaks into the decoration, especially the tropical and floral type floral motives, but without neglecting the animals.
  3. Geometry: Tendency towards the incorporation of geometric shapes, both in the furniture -simple and wide pieces-, as in the lighting and furniture -the round tables are back in fashion-, to create environments or compositions of retro-pop style. Geometric shapes are also squeezed into children’s rooms: geometric designs will tend to be on paper, textiles, carpets and even toys themselves.
  4. Copper in decorative complements: This trend will continue next year without a doubt. The soft pink color of the copper is complemented by the shine of the metal, giving an elegant and chic touch with just one object.

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