5 Color Trends to Decorate Your House In 2025

Meet the popular paint colors and interior design trends to renew the decoration of your home in 2025.house color decor trends 2020

New Year New Life; and new trends and fashions to decorate your home. In this opportunity I want to show you the range of colors trend for this year inspired by the most outstanding interior designers. For all those who want to give a new touch to your home or highlight more different areas of the house. Also those who seek to highlight the furniture, or simply give it a new air of freshness to start the year with renewed energy. We have the latest trends for your house in 2025!

Many will wonder if really the colors of the walls can make a noticeable change in the home.  Those who have risked renewing and redecorating have realized the power of transformation of the different shades. Behind each color combination there is a bit of psychology. For example, in the case of food chains and franchises, these tend to choose ranges of warm and intense colors.

The ranges of intense red, scarlet, yellow, and orange manage to attract attention, and are colors that are related to the stimulation of appetite, love and passion. However, these colors tend to cause fatigue in the eyes quickly, and that is exactly why chains like McDonald’s, Wendy’s and KFC incorporate these combinations both in their logos and in the decoration of their restaurants.

Like painting and graphic arts, colors have the ability to arouse different emotions in their viewers. Applying this simple logic, and with a little help and advice from interior design experts, we can turn a dreary house into a dream home for the whole family. For this mission, the most important thing is to maintain a balance between the combinations of colors, the dimensions of the house, the furniture, and the decorations of the home. The purpose is to achieve a comforting aesthetic balance.

The fashion and design industry annually renews the colors that set trends throughout the year. Pantone, the leading corporation in areas of color, for 2025 proposes a year of rejuvenation and freshness with its choice of a summer green that conveys cheerfulness and vitality.

The Greenery and the Poised Taupe: two colors that you have to learn by heart

Pantone baptized this shade of green as ” Greenery “, a vibrant color that brings luminosity to a neutral or sober room. It may be daring for those who prefer shades of gray and beige, but in reality Greenery serves as the basis for a large number of combinations and contrasts. If you’re not too sure you want to take a risk with Greenery on your walls, designers advise starting by incorporating color into pillows, cushions or upholstery. Even adding a striking plant that brings more naturalness to the space.

And for the walls?You are wondering… Well, Sherwin-Williams brings this year the ” Poised Taupe “, a safe choice for the most conventional, a more neutral color but capable of providing warmth and versatility. The Poised Taupe is a modern approach to a tone that perfectly blends the versatility of gray and the warmth of brown. It is perfect to highlight furniture, chairs, tables and countertops white or very light colors, giving a more cozy and elegant. It can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, halls, or living rooms. The Poised Taupe looks like gray, which has been trending since 2016, and is still booming in interior design. Various scales of blue are other classic options that do not go out of style.

Another 5 colors to keep in mind to decorate your house

  1. Among other base colors that have been highlighted as current trend, we find the “Stone White” or white stone, designed for dim areas where it is necessary to emphasize the brightness of the space.
  2. If on the contrary you have large windows that provide enough light, you can opt for darker shades such as “Shadow” or “Black Chiffon”, stronger gray scales that highlight leather and wood furnishings. Combine them with ornaments in golds and oranges and you will triumph!
  3. For more feminine touches, light violet tones are in vogue, offering a great palette of contrasts and combinations with different colors.

In interior decoration we must also take care of adding touches of luminosity or “Inner Glow”, which contrast and highlight the style of our home.

  1. Yellow is the brightest color, from pale tones to yellow mustard. They are being used more and more to highlight the light of space: columns, details on the walls, lamps and upholstery. Similarly, in the case of greens, both the Greenery and other shades of apple green and green grass are perfect to contrast with base colors.
  2. Finally, if you are looking for a more luxurious style, the details in metallic colors and pearly tones are for you. They are perfect to stand out in spaces with dark tones, some ornaments in gold, copper, bronze or pearl will mark the difference between a little luminous space and a glamorous room. In kitchens and bathrooms, the marble countertops, whether in white or black tones, will provide a sumptuous, elegant and clean style.

These are the trends that are expected for 2025 in interior design, base colors and luminous colors more used. Surely combining them properly will achieve balance and contrast in your home. Always remember that small details can define the style and make a difference in your home.

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