Fashionable curtains 2022. What to choose without the help of a designer and not to lose

Fashionable curtains 2022 Any room will not look cozy, complete without curtains. When choosing them, you need to take into account not only the style of interior decoration, but also fashion trends. Hurry up to find out which curtains will be relevant in 2022!

Curtains on windows fulfill not only aesthetic but also practical function. They protect the house from the sun, dust. That is why their choice must be approached responsibly. For curtains to become a confirmation of your good taste, be sure to consider fashion trends.

In the 2022 season, the trend of minimalism dominates the world of curtains. If the interior style does not require this, you should abandon complex and pompous structures. Designers prefer laconic curtains without an abundance of prints, ruffles and draperies.

The peak of popularity was reached by Japanese, Scandinavian, and Roman blinds, two-tone solutions. French and Austrian curtain models will add romantics in Provence styles.

Speaking about the fashionable material of curtains, it is worth noting the multivariance. Today it will be possible to find light weightless canvases and heavy dense curtains. When choosing, you need to be guided by the style and degree of illumination of the room.

Fashion curtains 2022. Options

Blackout curtains for the bedroomFashionable curtains 2022

This model is the leader in bedrooms and children’s rooms. You can choose a thick fabric, or you can attach a special lining to the usual one, which completely darkens the room.

Curtains on eyeletsFashionable curtains 2022

This is a sophisticated option for decorating a large and bright room, such as a living room. Such curtains combine sophistication and luxury at the same time. It is fashionable to use washed linen for sewing them today.

Linen fabric is characterized by uneven weaving, so it lets in daylight, but at the same time closes it from prying eyes. The room creates coziness and comfortable lighting. IKEA

Such curtains will perfectly fit into the interior, decorated in a classic way. We recommend using a neutral color scheme.

Roman style modelsFashionable curtains 2022

  • This model got its name because of the similarity with warehouses on the toga – outerwear once worn in great Rome.
  • Semicircular folds are formed on the cloth thanks to the dense cords that go through the fabric.
  • With the help of them, the curtains can be raised up by picking up the canvas or lowered down.
  • As a rule, Roman curtains are made short, no more than half the window. The fabric for sewing should be light, silky.

Roller shuttersFashionable curtains 2022

The fashion for minimalism has not passed and the decor of window openings. In 2022, laconic fabric roller blinds took one of the leading positions.

  • Such a curtain is a dense canvas, which, with the help of a special mechanism, unwinds and turns from a narrow roll located at the top of the window into an elegant curtain.
  • Roller blinds can be made not only from fabric. So, for example, bamboo is best suited for the kitchen.
  • Dense and opaque, it will perfectly protect you from bright rays in the kitchen on a sunny summer day.
  • You can choose floral print, geometric pattern and much more for roller blinds. A practical solution is day / night roller blinds.

Curtains drapesFashionable curtains 2022

Curtains mean thick curtains made of heavy fabrics that do not allow light to pass through. It is especially appropriate to design a bedroom in this way. Together with massive curtains, weightless curtains made of transparent tulle are hung on the window opening.

Curtains are usually floor-length. Towards the end, they are intercepted with a satin ribbon or tassels, which are attached to the walls. If there is a need to dim the lighting in the room, the curtains are spread across the entire width. Otherwise, collect on the sides.

The color of the curtains should be calm and discreet. It is better to choose a fabric without a large pattern.

Curtains in the color of the wallsFashionable curtains 2022

Doubting the choice of textiles for window decoration, you can always resort to one of the most common and absolutely win-win solutions – choose curtains in the color of the walls. This trendy design move does not lose its advantage over the years.

GradientFashionable curtains 2022

There is a smooth color transition on the fabric. The design of the room looks new.

Printed curtainsFashionable curtains 2022

Do you want to highlight your windows? Use a good old design trick – printed curtains.

Models with a botanical bias look especially stylish. They are the ones who are able to “revive” any room in which mostly monochromatic elements are involved. Ideal for large spaces.

Curtains 2022 in the ceiling nicheFashionable curtains 2022

The abundance of fabric streaming from the ceiling gives the impression of a real curtain.

This technique is often used when decorating a stylish interior. In this case, the curtains can be thin and weightless, or they can be dense canvases that protect the room from light.

Scandinavian curtainsFashionable curtains 2022

This original light style implies the use of fabrics of light colors of flowing type. Designers combine cotton and linen curtains with chiffon or tulle tulle.

Decorating with Scandinavian curtains is appropriate for small living rooms, since they transmit light well, and, accordingly, visually expand the room.

Tulle and sheer curtainsFashionable curtains 2022

Simple sheer curtains create the feeling of being in an oriental fairy tale. Remember that simple décor makes the room feel more comfortable and does not obstruct air infiltration.

Such curtains fit into any interior, white and black are considered especially fashionable. Tulle can be used alone or together with classic fabrics.

Japanese curtainsFashionable curtains 2022

In the list of popular trends for fashionable curtains, oriental motives used in interior design do not lose their relevance. That is why Japanese curtains are very popular.

In appearance, the canvases resemble a screen, and therefore such curtain structures are called panel curtains.

The characteristic features of this style are minimalist design and restrained laconic lines, creating elegance and a certain severity.

The design of a Japanese curtain is a multi-layer cornice with several curtain sheets of the same size attached to it. As a rule, such models are made from natural fabrics: plain linen or cotton or with prints made in oriental style.

Given the design features, this type of curtain is suitable for rooms with large and high windows. To see how trends have changed in one year, take a look at what the 2020 fashion curtains were like .

Bright curtainsFashionable curtains 2022

This year is rather an exception, but if this is your style, then choose boldly!

What curtain trends 2022 options do you like?

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