Fashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022

Fashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls What wallpapers are in vogue now?

Wallpaper in the rating of finishing materials does not lose its leading position, thanks to the constant improvement of quality, taking into account fashion trends in the field of interior design. The 2022 season maintains established trends and offers original trends to look out for. This article will talk about: which popular wallpaper trends 2022 are the most modern this year.

Knitted wallpaper – warmth and comfort in every centimeterFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

The trendy wallpaper of 2022 with a pattern stylized as a knitted fabric creates a unique atmosphere. This solution finds particular relevance when creating an interior with elements of Scandinavian style .

It is recommended to decorate the seating area in the living room with wallpaper with an expressive retro print. A warm knitted blanket thrown over a sofa or armchair will serve as a harmonious addition.

The wallpapers, created with elements of the popular French style Toile de jouy, are distinguished by exquisite graceful lines. Exquisite monochrome patterns, scattered over a monochromatic cream, beige, white canvas, add a unique charm.

Thin lines resemble a pen. The main plot is the image of landscapes. Scenes of hunting, with shepherds, from peasant life are often found. Idyllic pastorals, curly lambs, girls picking fruits, walks in a shady garden – the plots on modern wallpaper have practically not changed. This design perfectly emphasizes the elements of the Provence style.

3D wallpaper – stylish interior with a three-dimensional imageFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

3D printing, used in the production of modern decoration materials, gives incredible effects to wallpapers with large format images.

Volumetric imitation of flowers, animalistic subjects, geometric shapes, abstract compositions creates a realistic enchanting atmosphere in the surrounding space. You can choose from a range of fluorescent flicker or backlit options. With 3D wallpaper, you can set a certain mood for any room.

A fantasy 3D sounding wallpaper instantly transforms any room, filling it with dynamism and modern sophistication, but it’s important to decorate one accent wall with it. The rest of the surfaces are recommended to be performed in the same tone, choosing a single color palette.

Textile wallpaper – trend of 2022Fashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

Among the variety of finishing materials focused on wall decoration, comfortable, cozy fabrics made of felt, silk, jute, velor, synthetics, cotton, and linen stand out. The basis of these types of wallpaper is vinyl or non-woven, which provides good thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Among the advantages of textile wallpaper, one can also note an exquisite decor, environmental safety, resistance to temperature extremes. They don’t fade.

Textile wallpaper is a favorite material for wall decoration for most designers. Silk varieties look rich and prestigious in any room. Walls in this design do not lose their magnificent decor for a long time.

Linen wallpaper not only provides reliable protection against external noise, but also has antibacterial properties.

Soft felt surfaces are pleasant to the touch. They perfectly mask minor flaws in the surface of the walls. Jute varieties give an expressive natural texture, bringing an atmosphere of tranquility, coziness and comfort.

Liquid wallpaperFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

In the season of 2022, liquid wallpaper in the interior remains in demand. Their popularity is due to their ease of use on walls that do not require precise alignment. The texture of the viscous material allows you to close small potholes, cracks, level out small differences in height.

An extensive assortment allows you to choose the right shade. If necessary, it is easy to change the saturation of the tone or add a color accent in accordance with the overall design of the room.

Using liquid wallpaper on the wall, you can create amazingly beautiful landscapes. Among the advantages of liquid wallpaper, the possibility of obtaining a surface of different textures without seams is noted. Often during the mixing process, sparkles appear, giving a mysterious shimmer.

Wallpaper with plants – a corner of wildlife in your homeFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

The hot topic of ecology can be traced in the increased popularity of fashionable wallpapers of 2022 with natural prints. In modern design, tropical motifs with lush greenery are considered fashionable.

More often, such combinations highlight a certain area in the living room, for example, near the fireplace. The rest of the walls are done in calm colors. You can ennoble the rest area with pacifying herbal compositions, where a fluffy green rug will additionally lay on the floor near the sofa or armchair. Also, don’t forget about real plants. For example, the money tree fits perfectly into any interior.

WallpaperFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

Interest in photowall-paper, which received a completely different sound, flared up again. Compositional solutions that give perspective even in a limited space are in trend. Expands the volume of the image of the road leaving the horizon, the view from the window with a charming landscape behind it, the sea or space.

Drawings become fashionable, filling even the humble living room with a sense of luxury. It can be an image of shelves with books in bindings with rich decor, stylized as a majestic fireplace. Over the past few years, hypertrophied juicy flowers, butterflies, exotic landscapes on the walls have enjoyed unprecedented success.

Ethno wallpaper – timeless classicFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

In the trendy interior with beautiful wallpaper of 2022, modern color canvases with ethnographic themes occupy a special place. Exotic motifs always look bold, original and distinctive, provided the uniform style and impeccable sense of proportion are maintained.

African entourageFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

If desired, you can bring into the room a fantastic feeling of African settlements, Indian identity, majestic Egyptian style, sophisticated Arabic sound.

Among the dominant features that make it possible to highlight African energetic motifs among the variety of wallpapers, the following features can be called:

  • expressiveness;
  • dynamics;
  • coloring;
  • expressive contrast.

In addition to the fashionable wallpaper of 2022, other elements of the surrounding entourage should also serve. The general idea can be supported by pillows with imitation of the skin of African animals, carpets stylized as sultry sand dunes, paintings with lush tropical vegetation.

The prevailing shades also create the feeling of the scorching sun, hot sand, dried grass. Sandy, juicy yellow, brown, fiery orange color is used more often.

The introduction of Egyptian-sounding wallpaper into the interior fills the space with a sense of refined luxury. You can highlight a similar style with the following features:

  • the image on the wallpaper of majestic graceful frescoes;
  • variety of pure colors;
  • complementing the wall decoration with colorful carpets and rich curtains.

Basic shades are sunny yellow, ocher, noble beige, ivory.

The Egyptian ornament on the wallpaper should dominate a certain area of ​​the living room, contrasting with the monochromatic finish of the rest of the surfaces.

Wallpaper depicting mountains is a rather fashionable and popular solution for decorating walls in a living room.

Indian motivesFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

The Indian sound in the interior involves the use of wallpaper imitating rich textiles. On the wallpaper, which allows you to reflect the variety of blue, burgundy, emerald colors typical for Arab countries, you can see images of arabesques, ornaments from oriental fairy tales.

Eco wallpaper – being close to nature is so easyFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

The popularity of the eco-direction is increasing the attention of consumers to natural finishing materials, which will remain in trend in 2022.

Eco-wallpaper is made not only from traditional paper. The raw material can be bamboo as well as cork. The latter option is especially relevant in rooms where high sound insulation is required.

Connoisseurs of luxury use leather wallpaper, but this option is relevant only for spacious rooms and should not be found on all surfaces.

A sense of richness allows you to create durable fiberglass wallpapers. They are usually combined with a pastel plain basic room solution, highlighting one zone most advantageously.

Sorts of textiles are in demand, which are paper canvases, the composition of which has been improved by adding fibers – flax, cotton, silk, viscose. Such wallpapers fit perfectly, masking small irregularities on the walls. They preserve the decor for a long period of time.

Wall decoration materials based on natural non-woven fabric are still popular . Due to the inclusion in the composition of cellulose fibers, such wallpapers do not emit toxic compounds. They are hygroscopic, so no mold builds up on the walls.

Geographic maps – explore the world at homeFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

Amazing canvases on the walls, depicting various geographical maps, have become a bright highlight of the interior of recent years.

The stylization of old card drawings with scuffs and blurred monochrome outlines is especially attractive. This decor brings a special atmosphere to any interior. The images impress not only with their unusual decor, but also with the opportunity to gain new knowledge.

AbstractionFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

Abstract patterns remain in fashion. Beautiful 2022 wallpaper with spots of various configurations is often present in modern design projects.

Memphis style wallpaperFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

Once again, at the peak of incredible popularity, the bold, unusual, flamboyant design style of Memphis in the eighties of the XX century. It originated at the intersection of Art Deco, Kitsch, Pop Art. A distinctive feature of the Memphis style is the usegeometric shapes, luscious neon and pastel colors, repeating bold elements of the pattern in the images…

Fashion 2022 wallpaper for living roomFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

Innovative trends in the field of mass production of wallpaper amaze with a variety of materials, textures, patterns. The following options remain valid:

A blurry, low-contrast light geometric, landscape, or floral pattern is ideal for a wide variety of styles. The general compositional solution is designed in pastel colors – light coffee, bluish, noble gray, beige.

Gradient wallpapers create a modern flawless tone. When used, an atmosphere of dynamics arises, thanks to the unusual soft color transitions.

The optimal solution for small living rooms is modern wallpaper of 2022 with a beautiful design and clear geometry of the pattern. They look compositionally from different angles. The figures can be in strict order, and they can also be randomly arranged on the canvas, creating, respectively, a static or dynamic atmosphere in the surrounding space.

On a note! In modern versions, metallized or mirrored inserts act as a complement, which makes it possible to use a similar wallpaper design 2022 to form a bright accent element that attracts attention in the overall monochrome space.

In 2022, the influence of bright design solutions for fashionable interiors is noticeable. Exclusive interiors, in which bright colors reign, become a sign of modernity. They are used for decoration with a universal white background, on which rich colors are located in fancy weaves. Their intersection gives the impression of randomness when applying strokes.

The trend is 2022 wallpaper with a beautiful design and a veiled blurry pattern that visually feels hidden under a layer of transparent water. A room with a similar wall structure creates a comfortable, peaceful atmosphere. Wallpaper does not lose its popularity, balancing the space with ornamental motifs – geometric (zigzags, honeycombs, rhombuses, etc.), plant, animalistic.

The vertical stripe remains relevant, especially for rooms with low ceilings. More often they use a pattern with alternating lines of different thickness or color. This solution avoids monotony.

Black and white wallpapers will always be in fashion, 2022 is no exception. Light wallpaper does not catch the eye and does not hurt the eyes.

Connoisseurs of exoticism pay attention to fashionable wallpapers of 2022 with animalistic drawings. Modern options for such a design acquire a sophisticated decorative effect, easily fit into a modern interior, making it stylish and extraordinary.

When choosing wallpaper, fashionable tones in the design of the walls are taken into account in order to bring modernity to the space. Among the favorites remains the deep classic blue color scheme , which is especially relevant when decorating rooms facing south.

Also, designers choose noble shades from a list of universal tones that are combined with almost the entire color range. These include white, gray , cream, sand color. Light beige , delicate cream, lavender, pinkish, mint color does not lose its relevance.

Wallpaper with golden flowers on a white background will change the interior of the room for the better. Wallpaper and decor items play an important role in the interior design of an apartment.

Wall Decoration Ideas – 2022 Fashion WallpaperFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

In the living room, in addition to decorating all the walls in a single key, designers allow different options for combining wallpaper . For example, they select canvases with the same pattern, but in different shades. It is possible to use wallpaper of the same color, but with a different pattern.

With sufficient experience, an excellent result is demonstrated by combining different textures into a single composition. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the general style solution of all objects in the room.

Pop art trendy 2022 wallpaperFashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

According to its color scheme, the wallpaper on the wall should correspond to the general style of the room.

When finishing with different types of finishes, the walls are divided horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or create a composition. Exclusive bright wallpaper is often used to decorate an accent wall or part of it. Such canvases help to zone the space of the room .

Expensive handmade wallpapers are glued into the molding, for example, they decorate a section of the wall next to a green corner, a fireplace or a cozy armchair. Among the novelties of the 2022 season, we can mention wallpaper for a prestigious interior with elements of neoclassicism. If desired, you can purchase a variety of textured coatings with noble gilding, graceful floral patterns, bearing notes of aristocracy and nobility.

Natural motives in the interior – the trend of the season 2022Fashionable Interior Wallpaper Trends In 2022 For Walls

Brave young people will love the wallpaper with dynamic high-tech elements. These motifs are reflected in the technical finish and in the dynamic metallic effect on the glossy surfaces that are created.

Well-known manufacturers offer a variety of wallpaper stylized as stone, rough brickwork, wood, leather, crumbling plaster – materials that create an atmosphere of rebellious loft style. Against the background of such finishes, modern glamorous furniture looks unexpectedly organic.

Choosing wallpaper 2022 for the purpose of interior decoration, taking into account modern fashion trends, you should pay attention not only to their ornamental and color scheme, but above all, it is necessary to correctly determine the overall harmony of the room.

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