Kid’s Room 2023 – The Best Interior Decoration Design

Kid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design In the right interior of the nursery 2023, every detail is important. Parents need to try to create the most comfortable space where their beloved child will feel good and enjoy spending time. It should always be remembered that the child uses the nursery not only for entertainment, but also for sleep, rest, learning, therefore, all the necessary zones should be provided in the design project.

Kid’s room 2023 – fashionable ideas for a stylish interior (photo)Kid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

It is important that the furniture in this room is strong and has enough space to accommodate toys. Depending on the gender and age of kid, different requirements may be imposed on such rooms. For this reason, it is necessary to meet the needs of kid and instead of buying new furniture every five years, choose one that can be used multifunctionally (for example, transformer furniture).

On a note! The interests of kid are changing faster than those of adults, so no matter how fashionable and modern the interior of the kid’s room in 2023 is, its design will have to be periodically changed.

Limited color paletteKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

Toys, books, various decorative elements usually have rich colors. In order not to overdo it with a bright palette, the walls of the 2023 kid’s room should be painted with restraint and concise.

White is a classic. However, it is very sensitive to staining. Therefore, if the lower third of the height of the wall is not covered by a cabinet, this area can be painted with protective acrylic paint, which does not leave traces of small dirty hands or scratches.

Carpet for kid’s roomKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

Toy cars run best on parquet or laminate flooring, and the various structures on such floors are more stable. However, there should be a woven, wicker, or dried carpet at the center of the trendy 2023 kids’ room. It not only keeps the child warm while playing, but also creates a beautiful accent on the floor, not to mention the fact that its pattern, for example, can be a great race track.

Lockers help your child become more organizedKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

Large wooden or plastic containers are ideal for the nursery, in which you can easily stack toys, store cars, cubes, teddy bears and dolls in them.

It is better to refuse to buy too cheap and low-quality bookcases with small shelves, drawers and glass inserts. An excellent solution is chairs, tables and beds that change size with a few simple movements. Adapted to the growth of the child, they can serve for a long time. This is both practical and sensible.

Modular furnitureKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

One of the most important rules: the simpler a separate element is designed, the more varied its use in the nursery. Then the table or stool in a moment turns into a house or a cave.

Modular wooden sections of different sizes, which can be varnished or painted in any color, can be freely combined, stimulating the imagination of the little user.

Replaceable decorative elementsKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

Cartoon characters (princesses, unicorns, smeshariki, fixies), fascinating kid, are endless and constantly changing. To keep up with your child in this stream of ideas, there is one method: limit your child to things and topics that are appropriate for his age. Alternatively, use textiles or paintings instead of wallpaper.

Hand finishing furnitureKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

Glossy lacquered furnishings meet the expectations of many adults in terms of order and aesthetics, but for kid it can be a little boring. Painted wood furniture in fun colors will look much prettier in a 2023 kid’s room with a modern design. In this process, you can go even further: simply remove the cabinet doors from the hinges. Space will be saved and everyone will be happy.

LED string lights provide soft light at nightKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

In the nursery, warm, cozy lighting is much more important than in other rooms. This mainly refers to the evening before bedtime, when total darkness causes fear in kid.

An excellent solution for soft diffused lighting are string lights with spectacular plastic or fabric caps and energy-saving LED lamps that can be used as a backlight for a long time.

Every child has their own favorite colorKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

When two kids share the same room, things get a little more complicated. Everyone needs their own corner. In this case, the arrangement of individual zones must fit into a single whole. It’s good that cabinets, shelves and shelves are now completely different colors.

Justice will prevail if one child has a blue wardrobe and the other a green one, and both are the same size. In mirror image, two-tone furniture looks good.

White walls visually provide order in the nursery, but many kid have their own preferences (some like pink, others like blue). In this case, too bright shades should be excluded. It is best to choose a color that suits him with the child, which will not dominate the entire room, but will give it the desired character.

The creative kid’s room 2023, painted by the child with his own hand, will become a source of pride for the little inhabitant, and at the same time will give him real comfort.

A blackboard used as a wallKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

An interesting and very popular technique for decorating a modern and fashionable interior design for a kid’s room 2023 is the use of a drawing board. It stimulates self-realization, allows you to turn fragments of walls and furniture into creative zones.

The presented wall, on which you can paint as you wish and actively explore the world around you, enchants both small and large. In addition, the paints for these walls are no longer uniform (black or dark green). Thus, the overwhelming influence of heavy tones on the mood of the little person can be avoided.

Kid’s room interior design 2023 – selection of materials and furnitureKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

At first glance, it seems that buying new furniture for a kid’s room 2023 is very easy and simple. You walk around, admire the bright lockers and adorable cribs, and then choose a suitable option from a huge assortment.

But attractive appearance is not the only advantage of good kid’s furniture. It should be functional, as comfortable and safe as possible for the child. Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the material, the absence of traumatic elements (protruding accessories, glass inserts, sharp corners).

It should be remembered that the environment in the nursery affects the psychological development of the baby. If your child has already formed his own tastes and preferences, it is better to choose furniture according to his wishes. Then he will feel cozy and comfortable on his territory.

When buying kid’s furniture, you must adhere to the rules listed below.

Choose the most suitable colorKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

The child spends a lot of time in his room: sleeping, playing, drawing, doing homework. Therefore, it is important to choose furniture of such a color for the interior of the kid’s room 2023 so that the surrounding environment does not irritate or tire him. The age of the child is of great importance. Anything that suits a toddler under three years old will be completely out of place in a teen’s room.

The situation with older kid is simpler – they will be happy to help develop a fashionable design for the nursery 2023. But what about the little ones who cannot yet say anything about this?

In this case, you can use the advice of child psychologists. They found that the color scheme in the room should be selected depending on the temperament of the child.

So, blue, blue or green furniture is most suitable for little choleric people. For sanguine people – purple. Young phlegmatic people will become more lively if certain details of their furniture are in red or orange colors. For melancholic people, it is better to choose calm pastel colors, and use brighter colors in textiles and accessories.

In any case, a beautiful and modern kids room 2023 should look brighter and more fabulous than the rest of the room. However, it is important to observe the measure here so as not to turn the child’s room into a mess of flowers. It has a bad effect on the psyche.

The gender of the child also matters in choosing the color of the furniture. You can pay tribute to the well-established traditions: for a girl to buy a pink, orange, peach or yellow set of furniture, for a boy – blue, purple, green. If the room is intended for two kid of different sexes, a good solution would be to choose the same furniture for them, but in different colors.

With white furnishings, the 2023 kids room design seems lighter and more spacious. This color is neutral, therefore it is often used in the production of furniture sets for kid. If you like this option, you will need to add bright color accents to the decor: a picture, funny curtains, canopies.

Multi-colored curtains are versatile. They not only give the room warmth and comfort, but also darken it in the evenings, and allow it to be divided into zones. Not to mention, they can hide a little clutter in the room. The colors and patterns of the curtains are easily combined with the interior of the room and can be changed if necessary.

Consider the size of the room and the age of the kidKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

Kid’s furniture should perform all the necessary functions without cluttering the room. You need to measure everything in advance, draw a plan for the nursery, and then – pieces of furniture on the same scale. This will help you choose the right kit and place it successfully.

Depending on the age of the child, his room is furnished in different ways. The kid needs a crib with a crate, a playpen, a small wardrobe for toys. To make it easier for mom to take care of him in the first months of life, a changing table is needed.

An older child needs to buy a baby bed with a small handrail, a larger wardrobe with shelves for toys and books, a kid’s table with a chair for modeling and drawing. The student will need a more “serious” table for studying and working at the computer, an additional closet for school clothes, tables for textbooks and office supplies.

It is very pleasant to equip the stylish interior of the nursery 2023 for a preschooler or junior schoolchild. Here you can give free rein to your fantasies. For example, instead of a box for storing toys, put a “pirate” chest, decorate the interior with images of the heroes of your favorite fairy tales, and build curtains in the form of a sail.

Furniture for a teenager is selected entirely according to his taste. As a rule, this is an ordinary bed, a wardrobe, a computer desk, and many comfortable shelves. You can also buy a dressing table with a mirror in the girl’s room.

At this age, friends often come to kid, and for this it is necessary to provide places where they could comfortably sit: a small sofa, a couple of armchairs or poufs.

So, you realized that as the child grows, the furniture in his room will have to be changed. And more than once. But there is also an alternative – buy furniture that grows and changes with your kid. European manufacturers have been producing such kits for a long time. In these models, you can adjust the height of tables and chairs, the angle of the tabletops, the length of the beds. Comfortable, practical and suitable for both 5 year olds and 16 year olds.

But such versatile furniture is quite expensive. Its purchase is profitable only if it is able to replace two or three sets of ordinary furniture.

Choose good materialKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

Kid’s furniture is made of wood, chipboard, MDF, plastic, rattan, vine. Wooden furniture is beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly. Hardwood furniture is considered the best for a nursery.

When creating a modern design project for the nursery 2023, one should pay attention not only to fashion trends and trends in design, but also to the quality of finishing materials. Prefer water-based varnishes. The only drawback of wooden furniture is its high price.

Chipboard furniture is much cheaper, but it is not very reliable: it can delaminate, break with intensive use. In addition, it constantly releases harmful substances.

However, there are also responsible manufacturers offering high-quality chipboard furniture. In any case, you need to check all the accompanying documentation. Remember that for kid’s rooms, as for all living quarters, you can only use furniture of at least E1 class, in which the formaldehyde content is minimal.

In addition, you need to carefully inspect all the edges and ends of chipboard furniture. They must be well sealed to prevent injury to the child.

MDF furniture is durable and safe for health. From above, the material is pasted over with films, veneer and decorative panels, which ensures easy maintenance of such furniture. Its price is quite high, but this is offset by good quality, strength and durability. When the child grows up, this furniture can be sold or inherited. She will be in good shape.

Plastic kid’s furniture is brightly colored tables and chairs. They are lightweight, the child can easily rearrange them from place to place. European manufacturers use expensive and harmless plastic for them. Wicker furniture made from natural materials – bamboo, rattan and vines, can successfully complement the interior.

When choosing upholstered furniture for a kid’s room, give preference to upholstery made from natural fabrics. It breathes, it is pleasant to the touch, the body does not sweat when it comes into contact with it. The mattress on the bed must be orthopedic. It supports the spine well, contributes to the formation of correct posture.

Buy furniture for your child’s parametersKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

For a son or daughter to feel comfortable in the kid’s room 2023, furniture must match their physical capabilities and parameters. However, many parents, wanting to save money, buy furniture “for growth.”

As a result, babies cannot neatly arrange toys in a high cabinet, they put everything in the lower compartment in one heap. This is how kid become prone to disorder. They do not reach the upper shelves on the wall to take the desired item. This could result in serious injury.

Ideally, the furniture should be such that any items in his room are available to a more or less independent child. Ergonomists recommend buying wardrobes no higher than 1.8 m and no deeper than 50-55 cm in the nursery.


  • A child who is 90 cm tall should have a chair with a floor-to-seat height of 22 cm.
  • The height of the table for him should be 40 cm.With the growth of 120 cm, the height of the chair is already 30 cm, and the height of the table is 52 cm.
  • When a child grows up to 140 cm, the furniture “grows up” too: a chair – 37 cm, a table – 62 cm.

Correspondence of the size of the table and chair to the parameters of the child is the guarantee of his health and correct posture.

Think about a sports cornerKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

New trends in the design of modern interiors of children’s rooms 2023 – they say that sports should start from early childhood. After all, children, especially young ones, find it difficult to sit still. All of them, without exception, love outdoor games. If the area of ​​the room allows, you should try to place a sports corner with stairs, ropes, rings, a punching bag, a horizontal bar, a wall bars in the children’s room.

In the case when the berth is located in the upper part of the cabinet furniture (for example, above the closet), it should be equipped with a convenient ladder. Some sets also include slides, along which kids will gladly slide down.

When decorating a fashionable interior with a kid 2023, it is advisable to think over every little thing. For example, provide an area for games, where there will be open lockers for toys, a small house or an Indian’s hut, a puppet theater, and other structures. They must be durable and safe for the child.

Plan your space wiselyKid's Room 2023 - The Best Interior Decoration Design

Adults have bedrooms, offices, living rooms for relaxation and reception, kitchens. Children’s room 2023 – combines all these functions. In it, children sleep, play, do their homework, little girls “cook dinner” for the dolls. The sleeping area, the place for games and activities should be clearly defined.

It is more difficult to arrange a beautiful 2023 nursery if you have two children, especially if they are of different genders and the room is not too big. But still, each child should have a separate bed and, if possible, a separate work desk. If there is a shortage of space, a bunk bed will be the best choice, and the play area can be made common.

There are compact children’s corners on sale, which can accommodate a table for classes, a sleeping place, and a locker for clothes and toys. Everything in them is thought out to the centimeter, such furniture does not take up much space. It is necessary to furnish the children’s room so that as much free space as possible remains in it.

What is the best way to arrange furniture in a kid’s room 2023? The bed should not be placed near a window or near heating radiators. But the desktop should be in the brightest place in the room. It should be placed closer to the window, given that the sunlight should fall from the left. Most people are right-handed. But if your child is left-handed, then the light from the window on his table should be directed to the right.

It is also necessary to take care of artificial light sources, main and additional. In addition to a chandelier or LED lamps on the ceiling, you need wall lamps near the bed and in the play area, a table lamp. To liven up a room, do not forget about accessories: textiles, cushions, rugs.

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