Kitchen Design Trends 2024

Kitchen Design Trends 2024 Kitchen design trends 2024: the latest materials, smart fronts and thin worktops, backsplash wall panels, new fittings and the latest kitchen furniture layouts. Planning to order a new kitchen? Our review will be useful for you!

At the end of each year, we compile a list of kitchen interior design trends that will be popular next year. New cabinets, countertops, fittings, actual colors of furniture and interior design in general, as well as the appearance of kitchen furniture and materials used. So, kitchen design 2024 – what will it be?

Are you planning to order or buy a stylish and trendy kitchen in 2024? Then our advice is for you! It is worth noting that we are considering the main trends that will be in demand for a single year. After all, good kitchen furniture will last at least 10 years. These are the kitchens we make.

We recommend to all our customers to focus on the long term relevance of the kitchen set and the materials for its manufacture. But the decor and other furniture can change and complement the kitchen with stylish gizmos, which over time can be easily replaced with new, more modern ones. These are textiles, dishes, decor, dining area furniture, lighting.

Kitchen design trends 2024Kitchen Design Trends 2024

2020 surprised us very much in many areas of life. Therefore, the stability in the interior design of the kitchen is even pleasing. There were no cardinal stylistic changes. Fashionable and stylish kitchen 2024 can be described as follows: minimalistic, concise, functional, in natural shades, using high-tech materials and modern household appliances.

Kitchen cabinets 2024Kitchen Design Trends 2024

The world is increasingly captivated by the idea of reasonable consumption. Most likely, this trend affects the preferred choice of high-tech materials for the manufacture of the kitchen, which will last as long as possible. And as a result, manufacturers of materials for cabinets, countertops and wall panels offer more and more interesting designs that are not only durable, but also look fantastically beautiful. And there is plenty to choose from even the most demanding customers.

Smart Cabinets Fenix (Phoenix) of the Italian company Arpa Industriale have already been called the cabinets of the future. For a new kitchen in 2024 – this is what you need! This is not a new variation of HPL plastic, it is a completely new nanotech material. Cabinets with memory! If the front of the kitchen receives a small scratch that breaks this memory, the material can be restored by heating the surface. As a result, the facade will acquire its original appearance. The cabinets have a matte and pleasant to the touch surface and are made in beautiful natural shades.

Matte and super matte cabinets are not losing their popularity in 2024, and most likely this trend will linger for a long time.

However, high-tech cabinets can be not only matte. For example, the innovative material l glass laminate Rehau (Rehau) very harmoniously combined the beauty of glass and the strength of the polymer. This material is used in the manufacture of furniture cabinets for the kitchen and wall panels. A kitchen with glass fronts will be filled with reflected rays of light, which will create an incredible feeling of spaciousness even in a small room.

And what happens if you combine high technology and the desire to recreate an eco-friendly atmosphere with natural colors, textures of wood and stone? Incredibly beautiful and durable Italian cabinets and CLEAF wall panels will turn out.

These cabinets very accurately convey the visual and tactile sensations of wood, natural stone and industrial-style stone surfaces: concrete, plaster, cement and even rusty metal for loft connoisseurs.

Kitchen countertop 2024Kitchen Design Trends 2024

Perhaps the main trend of 2024, which will really revolutionize our understanding of kitchen furniture, will be thin countertops! The assertion that the thickness of the countertop indicates high wear-resistant characteristics turns into a myth.

And yet again, thanks to high technology. We ask you to love and favor – 12 mm thick compact laminate countertops are durable, thin, elegant and very stylish.

Worktops made of compact panels have become a real trend at world furniture exhibitions. Most likely, thin countertops will linger for a long time, and maybe they will completely replace the good old faithful 40 mm countertops. According to their characteristics, compact panels are comparable to artificial and natural stone.

If in 2024 you are not yet ready to take such a radical approach to changing the appearance of the countertop, then the choice remains the same – a countertop made of chipboard with a laminated surface, artificial stone, or natural stone and wood. Popular options for a modern kitchen are the textures of wood, stone, industrial-style surfaces: concrete, decorative plaster.

And with what it is fashionable to combine the countertop in 2024, we have already considered in our article WITH WHAT TO COMBINE THE COLOR OF THE WORKTOP IN THE KITCHEN INTERIOR.

Kitchen fittings 2024Kitchen Design Trends 2024

No major changes have taken place in this area either. Fittings and filling the kitchen should make it as functional and ergonomic as possible. “Kitchens without handles” are becoming more and more popular. Hidden behind the cabinets, a smart system for opening drawers and cabinets, working by pressing, will allow you to cook easily and quickly. Such kitchens look as minimalistic as possible, which is the main trend of recent years.

Kitchen backsplash 2024Kitchen Trends 2024

Our favorite tile kitchen aprons, of course, have not gone away from the current options for 2024. The shapes of the tiles are changing, the layout options are changing, the textures are changing, but the ceramic tiles for the backsplash are still relevant and in demand. However, the competing material, which is increasingly preferred in such styles as modern, eco-style and high-tech, has firmly established itself among the design options for the apron. These are wall panels.

Manufacturers of both facade materials and countertop materials offer a rich variety of wall panels. To choose an apron design, you just need to decide what the wall panel will be combined with or create a single whole – with a countertop or with cabinets. Both options will look stylish, the choice is yours.

The appearance and layout of the kitchen 2024Kitchen Trends 2024

Fortunately, there is no single trend that would oblige us to one or another appearance of a fashionable kitchen. There are many options, to name just a few.

Kitchen with 2 rows of upper cabinets

This version of the kitchen became popular two years ago: the upper cabinets of the kitchen are decorated in 2 rows, while they can be of different depths. Stylish, practical and very modern. Such a kitchen will harmoniously look both in monochrome and with cabinets made of two types of materials. Very often a companion to matte cabinets are cabinets in the color and texture of natural wood. And in this version of the kitchen set, you definitely cannot do without a wall panel.

Kitchen-living room

If the area of an apartment or house allows you to combine the kitchen and living room into a single space, then people are increasingly resorting to this option. This means that the kitchen is not just a kitchen with pots, a dining room and a working area, it is a part of the living space, which should be made in the same style. In such a kitchen, all small household appliances and utensils should be hidden, be sure to provide convenient storage places for this.

A significant advantage of such a combination of living and kitchen areas will be the ability to complement the kitchen with a separate island.

Kitchen to the ceiling or with narrow upper cabinets

There are no restrictions on the height of the upper cabinets. In the style of minimalism, kitchens are most often performed as high as the ceiling. But in all other fashionable styles in the interior of the kitchen (modern, eco-style, loft, hi-tech), upper cabinets can be low, and capacious pencil cases and vertical cabinets are used to store numerous kitchen utensils and supplies. In terms of convenience and functionality, this is the most preferred option. Agree, using the upper shelves is very, very difficult. And the pencil case can be equipped with a modern storage system with drawers.

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