Modern Balcony 2021 – TOP Collection of Design and Decor Ideas

2021 balcony design ideas We will offer you a selection of photos of the best 2021 balcony design ideas, so you can find inspiration for creating your beautiful additional space. This collection and tips for designing a beautiful and functional balcony will help make balconies a favorite place to relax or work. You want to create a small arrangement of your balcony to spend more time in the sun during the summer and in a little more special. For those looking to replace the time they spend on the terraces of outdoor cafes with something safer, away from the risk of Covid 19 disease contamination, here are ideas.

Complaining about the small space and the narrow rooms, it never occurred to him that it could be enlarged, arranged or even made another room on the balcony. As it happened, over the years balconies and terraces served as warehouses for unnecessary things, but in the modern world everything is different.

The refined repairs and alterations affected not only the rooms in his house, but also reached the space that we always leave for the last moment. Today, anyone can create an original balcony design or an interesting loggia interior, and our advice will help you with this.

Small terrace design in the heart of the city2021 balcony design ideas

Drinking coffee or spending time outdoors on the small terrace is what will interest us in this article. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, many people have worked remotely and continue to do so. They remain locked up during the day to do their work from home. During the lunch break and during any other break, if they have a small terrace, they will spend their free time there.

Some obvious advantages of having a balcony at home2021 balcony design ideas

Balcony gardens are the essential touch of greenery in the modern concrete jungle. A garden on your balcony is something very pleasing to the eye. It offers incredible benefits for apartment residents. Below are some advantages of having a garden with a balcony in an apartment.

Connection or reconnection with nature2021 balcony design ideas

The balcony garden is for those who love the feeling of nature at home. From vertical gardens to potted plants, from climbing plants to hanging plants, there are many options to establish a perfect balcony garden and to relax and unwind in the company of nature.

Using a balcony as an additional room becomes a feasible idea if you first isolate them and install reliable glazing. It should be noted that the most reliable design that allows you to install functional furniture, but for the balcony you need to choose the lightest options.

The main criterion for the selection of materials and variations in the design of a balcony is the need to create an interior space in your apartment. It is up to you to decide which room to equip on the balcony.

Healthy environment and lifestyle on urban balconies2021 balcony design ideas

A touch of greenery in your apartment makes the interiors very attractive and also induces a feeling of freshness. Not to mention, having flowering plants or green plants adds magical charm. A garden with a balcony acts as a filter for the stale and polluted air that enters the apartment and promotes the circulation of fresh air, which benefits a healthy life.

Fresh produce and gardening on modern balconies2021 balcony design ideas

Growing a garden on the balcony will give access to fresh produce even in small quantities. It can be the essential source of herbs and vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc. For those who consider gardening their favorite pastime, a balcony garden is the perfect option to encourage their green thumb. For those who do not have a green place, the balcony garden will be a true revelation.

With exclusive balcony gardens, valid for all apartments, most plant and flower companies have iconic projects to uphold the principle of living with nature in the heart of the city.

Enjoying the scenery is fantastic but when you have other buildings in front of you it is difficult. With the opportunity to see far, everyone in the big cities dream. A balcony gives you private access. Balconies are a must for anyone who wants to spend memorable private moments in their apartment or house.

In some cases, balconies can be expensive, but it’s a good payment. People who neglected to choose a balcony for their apartments end up regretting their choices when they realize that they are losing a lot. The views, sounds, and air from your balcony surpass any other excursion you will get for the same price.

The enviable possibility of having a small balcony design2021 balcony design ideas

They are like additional rooms when you have guests at home. You can have a quick private conversation on your balcony when the rest of the house is full. The space is also ideal for reading, having a drink or just relaxing. This is especially true when you want to stay outside but don’t want to go outside.

In a way, the small space allows you to witness everything that happens outside, without exposing yourself too much to cause trouble. If you have children, you can have them play on a safe balcony during the day so they can get a good supply of vitamin D from the sun. They will be close to you while you are in the house, and calling them inside will not require you to go upstairs or the elevator.

The design of the urban balconies is an investment!2021 balcony design ideas

Most backyard homes cost a fortune. So the only affordable alternative for many is an apartment with a small terrace. Buying a home to resell works well as an investment option for buying a city apartment with a balcony. The market is sometimes full of houses. However, it is still possible, although difficult, to find a home.

Some people are likely to pay more for balcony access, even when the rest of the apartment is not as attractive as having outside space is important to many. A balcony gives the impression of space, wealth and independence. In fact, it allows homeowners to stay outside without necessarily interacting with neighbors. It is an alternative backyard. People who cannot get a balcony can take advantage of and share the rear pario with the neighbors.

If you are adopting an inexpensive lifestyle, such as saving electricity bills by air drying your clothes, you have the biggest advantage of having a balcony. You can also have a garden patio in the same space. It will allow you to discover the beauty of plants while giving you small pleasures when watering and taking care of them in general.

Height security and privacy on urban balconies2021 balcony design ideas

In addition to the sun, a source that offers vitamin D, the additional space gives you a lot. In fact, the small terrace offers some privacy. By obtaining it, you also benefit from the high point of view that offers security advantages. You can simply check if everything is fine by having an overview of outdoor events from your balcony.

There are many ideas to transform your balcony into an irresistible place2021 balcony design ideas

On glorious hot sunny days and relaxing summer nights, a well-loved balcony of any size is a unique treasure. So if you are currently using yours as a lounging area or as a garden for your green or flowering plants, you know what we are talking about. What furniture should you provide for this urban bird?

There are dozens of great ideas for transforming an outdoor space. If you are not using the full potential of your balcony, know and never forget that it can be an irresistible gathering place to relax and have fun.

The typical balcony of the apartment has a concrete floor with no personality. Fortunately, you can fix a boring tile with nested patio tiles. They are very easy to install. You just have to put the pieces together. And if you are a tenant, know that they are very easy to eliminate.

Floor balcony to customize it2021 balcony design ideas

Furniture giant IKEA offers hardwood floors. The inexpensive offers of IKEA balcony floor covering will appeal to everyone. The IKEA balcony floor tiles are called RUNNEN. For 20 or 30 euros, you can cover one square meter.

What furniture to install on your balcony?2021 balcony design ideas

We hope there are many decorating ideas to take from this collection of images and other articles on the same theme. Small benches or furniture covered with cushions for sitting and storing. Even better, it can be large enough to accommodate two people. If you’re setting up a small dining table, consider grabbing one that folds to create more legroom.

Small lights for more design and practicality2021 balcony design ideas

Who doesn’t love simple DIY projects that add function and style to spaces? An example is the idea of a super affordable privacy screen. But also, bamboo and light garlands. In the evenings, they will light up. They will provide a romantic and designer touch.

Urban oisis with interesting architecture2021 balcony design ideas

Don’t be afraid to turn your little concrete balcony into a little urban oasis. First, add a little architectural interest by installing a white ledge over the walls of existing balconies. The feature has created space for potted plants and various decorative accessories. Then give your outdoor corner a tropical touch with a cane fence.

When there are buildings in front of your urban paradise2021 balcony design ideas

When your balcony faces other buildings, you can install white trellis panels for privacy. If the balcony architecture itself doesn’t allow it, just turn your back on prying eyes. It is better to preserve your green and aesthetic outer corner.

Balcony that looks like a comfortable outdoor room2021 balcony design ideas

The decoration of a balcony and its arrangement of a small terrace that forms an exterior room is the idea of those who wish to have a place to dine or read outdoors. Therefore, the goal is to create a space that looks like an extension of the interior of the house. Beautiful weatherproof pieces will do the trick. An outdoor mat with a vibrant scroll pattern covered the concrete floor.

A synthetic wicker sofa and a sturdy polypropylene coffee table will provide comfort from the inside out. A folding teak chair will add one more place to sit.

Furniture ideas and professional ideas2021 balcony design ideas

Beneath is a wooden pallet-style sofa with weather-resistant cushions. Rustic thatched-floor poufs would add extra seating. An outdoor mat would provide something soft underfoot while serving as a picnic blanket.

An attractive privacy screen encloses this nice little balcony. To better organize your small outdoor space, you can always turn to an interior design and architecture firm. Potted plants would add hints of nature. Wicker furniture would enliven the space with energizing shades of yellow and orange.

Browse the Internet for more ideas from professional sites, bloggers, etc2021 balcony design ideas

All the intelligence in the decoration of a balcony is in the love with which you decorate. The will to make it your little cocoon is what matters. If, of course, you do not know what furniture to put there, what floor, what textiles, there are ideas from specialists. Plants play an extremely important role. The general idea of this urban inactivity is to invite nature to it.

Comfort is also essential. It comes thanks to the comfortable furniture and privacy. Screen or insulation away from the eyes of the neighbors is essential to feel relaxed, Zen. This insulation sometimes requires significant costs, but what you get in return will be invaluable.

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