The 9 Essentials In Interior Decoration Trends 2023

Today in our blog of indecortrends, we bring you almost a dozen proposals in decoration that come stomping for 2023 and that will prove infallible if you have in mind to update spaces in your home.

Keep in mind that the key is not to consider decorative trends as absolute laws, but rather to choose the ones that you like the most, reinterpret them and adapt them to your style and spaces. In the end your house is your house, and you have to adapt the decoration to your life and style. Here we go!

1. Gray, gray, grayessential home interior decoration design trends 2019

The most influential decoration magazines and interior designers have already crowned gray as the color of the year, regardless of the Greenery color designated by Pantone.

Triumphs as a base or background to add color brushstrokes through the decoration. It is already said that gray is the new target, although we doubt that the snowy goes out of fashion.

What is certain is that the decoration for 2023 will be marked by gray in its most neutral ranges: from pearl gray to an almost bluish tone. It triumphs because it sticks with everything, gives elegance to any space and is the perfect ally of the fashionable decorative styles: the Nordic and the industrial.

2. Hello, we are here and we are the colorsessential home interior decoration design trends 2019

As gray is doing with the chromatic hegemony in the world of decoration, the rest of the colors follow closely their steps and seem to want to vindicate their possibilities. There are, of course, some more fashionable than others such as green (Greenery), blue Serenity, violet, mustard or earthy brown. Write down this list because from now on the colors are going to be responsible for stealing all the prominence to your home.

We advise not to combine them in excess in the same room but to bet on a suitable tonality that will allow you to create atmospheres with character and personality.

3. In materials: cork, marble, terrazzo and terracottaessential home interior decoration design trends 2019

There is a decorative style, called kinfolk, which claims organic and natural decoration. A return to our origins that connects with the latest trends in materials. Hence, cork reigns, an economical and insulating material that returns with a more refined appearance. And that we will see, for example, in headboards.

The terracotta also comes back stomping. It has always worked very well in rural environments but is willing to be part of the most cosmopolitan and urban environments. On the other hand, the terrazzo, which horrifies many for being a floor tile, is once again fashionable and will be used to cover walls, kitchen countertops and bathroom furniture.

And finally, marble, cataloged as cold and too sober, is another material that has been timidly introduced into our homes. It will appear on crockery, low tables and even lamps.

4. Velvet, ‘tweed’ and natural fabricsessential home interior decoration design trends 2019

The trends in decoration usually connect at many points with fashion catwalks. It’s something that happens when we talk about fabrics, and this is the reason why Velvet has triumphed in garments and homes this year, a practical option to bring elegance and comfort.

Thus, sofas and armchairs will be covered with amelocotanadas textures. The same thing will happen with the classic ‘tweed’ that we recommend you use if you have to fit an armchair, pouffe or headboard.

On the opposite side of such elegant fabrics are natural fabrics such as wicker, linen, rattan, raffia, jute or sisal, which are also trend. They will be omnipresent in carpets, curtains, bedspreads, lamps or baskets. As we said, the natural returns!

5. Finishes in metal, brass, black mae and copperessential home interior decoration design trends 2019

In case you had any doubt, the metals will remain very present during 2023. This season, brass and matt black will be seen, to the detriment of copper, which will still be very fashionable. We advise you to bet on these finishes in both taps and lighting and incorporate them also in decorative details and, why not, in the furniture.

6. Upholstered headboardsessential home interior decoration design trends 2019

In this of the headboards has been very common to find cold materials such as metal that are unappetizing to lie down. The bed, if something has to be, is cozy and this 2023 the trends have become aware of them and will appear the headboards upholstered with velvety textures. As for shapes, get a headboard in capitoné, French style or with buttons and you will become the star complement of your bedroom.

7. Vintage styleessential home interior decoration design trends 2019

As for styles, vintage is a classic that never dies. It triumphs because who does not like that nostalgic air in the home and also because it offers a wide range of possibilities. It fits with all the fashionable styles: the Nordic, the industrial and the rustic. And also, it encompasses all periods and styles.

It takes, for example, the Victorian but, what is your favorite?

8. Plantsessential home interior decoration design trends 2019

That plants are life is unquestionable. That is why we can not understand the era in which the vegetation of homes was banished. But that is water and nature lovers are lucky: putting plants at home is one of the most remarkable trends this year. The ‘tropical jungle’ season is maintained with colonial tints.

Bet on a large and leafy house plants, as well as create compositions with cactus and other small species. They fit in any corner! And if you want to know more, see our article on how to decorate your house with plants.

9. A corner for relaxationessential home interior decoration design trends 2019

Sometimes we forget that the house is a place for leisure. Our frantic pace of life seems to have turned our homes into a place of passage or worse, into a kind of pension. Conscious of this reality, we can fight against it creating in our homes personal spaces made to our measure. If we like to read, create a bright corner for reading. If we like to sew, have a small workshop. If we like, play on the floor with our children, create a space with asalvajado cushions lying on the floor where the only rule is to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

And if you want to know EVERYTHING about furniture and decoration, we invite you to any of our stores, where they will inform you of everything you need for your home. We will wait for you!!

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