Essential Pieces for Decoration Trends 2023

A few days ago, when autumn arrived, we told you about the most outstanding decorative trends for this season. Today we are going to tell you which are the decorative pieces that can NOT be missing in a house, and less in your usual decoration shop.

And is that if you want your house look the latest, these decorative pieces are essential. Take good note, and if you do not have any of them, you are already slow to go to your decoration store.

1. Sun mirrorsDecoration Trends 2019

The natural, and everything that has to do with nature is fashionable. So in your store decoration, you can not miss a sun shaped mirror. These complements, in the past reviled, and only used to decorate in more hippies and bohemian environments, have become a fundamental piece of any décor of self-respecting trend.

These decorative pieces will be the center of attention of all eyes, wherever you put it. So valid to decorate rooms, as bedrooms or receivers.

Also, these mirrors are not worth any color… the trend color is gold, and so you have to look for them in your decoration shop.

2. Pineapples and cactusDecoration Trends 2019

Another symbol of the decorative trend of the moment, is undoubtedly the pineapples and the cactus. You will easily find these pieces in your decoration shop, since they have become very fashionable, and it seems that they have come to stay.

We thought that, as it happens with flamenco, these elements would disappear from the decorative tendencies, after the summer… But it has not been like that.

As natural, and everything that has to do with nature is more fashionable than ever, when decorating, these pieces have managed to win the love of many of you.

A small green touch that makes a difference and finds its place in any space of the house.

Simplicity and nature at the service of trend decoration.

3. MapsDecoration Trends 2019

A few years ago we began to see how the maps jutted as a decorative element within certain decorative trends, such as hipster or vintage.

Now, they jump to all the decorative trends of the moment, and it’s easy to find all kinds of maps, world maps, color maps or vinyl maps in your decoration shop.

Undoubtedly, the decoration with maps can be interesting when it comes to highlighting a wall of our home. Whether with hanging maps, or with a wallpaper that simulates a map, will give our house a special and unique personality.

4. Geometric printsDecoration Trends 2019

It was not difficult to find out that this tendency would come to expand in a general way, as it has happened. And we can see how in your store decoration, and all the rest, the windows are full of geometric prints.

The fault of all this, has the Nordic or Scandinavian style. And why, you ask? Well, because this decorative style continues at the head of decorative trends, and geometric elements are part of its most intrinsic essence.

These decorative three-dimensional effects that are achieved with the geometric print, create a design environment, which turn the room where they are, into a magazine house.

5. Designer lampsDecoration Trends 2019

If you are a follower of ours and of our blog, you will have “tired” of hearing us say that: Lighting is everything in decoration.

Well, once again, that’s right… But not only that, but the lamps, their designs and how to use them, are more trending than ever. If you walk by your usual decoration shop, you will realize this.

The lamps, more and more, have a fundamental role when it comes to setting any room, whatever the style.

Spherical, metal, with geometric structure and transparent. So are some of the ceiling lamps, standing or desktop that triumph in today’s interior design. Pieces that, without needing to be lit, triumph on their own as art sculptures.

6. Carpets and kilimsDecoration Trends 2019

With the arrival of autumn, carpets are essential to adequately decorate our home.

That’s why, in your decoration shop, you’ll see a lot of them now that the cold has arrived, or that is about to arrive

But yes, to follow the trends in decoration, any carpet is not worth.

They have to be patterned carpets of oriental aesthetics, another interesting option is the kilim type carpets. Geometric patterns and bold colors are the key to the success of these pieces. An exotic touch that adapts to many decorative styles and all kinds of environments.

And is that whenever you want to know what are the decorative pieces that are worn at the moment, or more trend are currently… you just have to follow us through our blog.


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