Latest Interior Decoration Trends for the Year 2022

Latest Interior Decoration Trends for the Year 2022 Every year, in our studio, we get together to analyze the new and latest trends in interior decoration, with the aim of creating new sensations for the next projects that we carry out.

Each year has different trends based on studies carried out during the previous year, both in color, materials, essences, etc.

That is why we have come to reveal to you the trends that we will build on some projects this year.

It is important to note that these trends will not apply to all the projects that we carry out, since for these styles or colors to fit in a space, they need a prior compatibility study based on the style of the person / as residing there or spend most of the time.

Interior design trends based on different aspectsLatest Interior Decoration Trends for the Year 2022

Based on our analysis of the latest trends in interior decoration for this 2022, we are going to number a series of the most important ones, extracted based on our experience and according to the opinion of some media and other interior decorators.

In 2022, a lot will be bet on much more neutral interiors; a trend based on shades marked by the need to create a feeling of well-being in our homes.

Here we reflect what aspects we are going to comment on latest trends :

  • Color palettes
  • Types of decoration style
  • Geometry and stroke used
  • Trend materials
  • Typology of smells and essences

Color palettesLatest Interior Decoration Trends for the Year 2022

The first thing to analyze as a trend in 2022 are the color palettes that will have a great role this year. This has been announced by Pantone and many media outlets, and the trend colors for this year are PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647.

“The combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 reinforces the spirit and highlights our need to be seen, to be recognized, and to have our voices heard above all else. A combination of colors whose links with ideas, innovation and intuition, as well as respect for wisdom, experience and intelligence, inspire a feeling of regeneration and project us towards new ways of thinking and conceptualizing ”emphasizes Pantone in his guide on new color trends 2022.

Although we have analyzed these two color palettes, it does not mean that they are the only two colors to try when carrying out a project, since each space and essence to be transmitted must be linked to a specific and appropriate color palette.

As trend colors, we also have color palettes such as “olive green, soft and delicate” “white that never fails” or soft palettes such as “beige that provides comfort” and “blue in all its variants”

Trends in decorating styleLatest Interior Decoration Trends for the Year 2022

Among the decorative trends for this 2022, we bet strongly between a Japanese philosophy that has created something unique for interior decoration, the so-called “Wabi Sabi”, according to the blog “El Mueble”

This trend tries to refer to a Japanese trend where the creation of spaces is carried out from the use of simple objects with marks of the presence of time and naturalness in them.

This decorative philosophy is committed to natural materials and objects, especially wood, fibers and ceramics and handcrafted pieces with their imperfections. This trend seeks to highlight the beauty of the imperfect, of the handcrafted, of the natural, through soft color palettes that give you tranquility, comfort, intimacy and serenity. The ideals are those that imitate the tones of nature, such as: snow white, sand, stone gray, olive green, turquoise blue

A summary on this trend:

  • Simplified decoration
  • Natural details with markings
  • Fabrics of nature
  • Bet on the beauty of the passage of time
  • Old wood
  • Bet on roughness
  • Neutral colorful
  • Tranquility and comfort


As we have seen throughout the post, this year we are betting a lot on colors, textures and materials that reveal the identity of nature and the passage of time, and in terms of geometry and line it would be no less.

Another trend that you cannot miss to decorate your space is the use of different geometric elements for your interior design project.

This graphic trend has encompassed everything from vases to lamps, through cushions and walls, and it does not seem that they will end any time soon.

Interior magazine assures that these trends have been used by the great lady of interior design in her  hotel, and some of latest creations also make an interesting and novel use of the geometric pattern, which has always used with looseness.

Trend materialsLatest Interior Decoration Trends for the Year 2022

Regarding the use of materials that will generate the greatest trend is the use of handmade and natural materials, with notable marks of the passage of time, without forgetting those noble and natural materials that have been and will always be a trend and that contain a Unique natural feature: marble, wood, terracotta latticework, handmade ceramic tiles etc…

That these types of materials are a decorative trend for 2022 is related to wanting to create and transmit a feeling based on the past, thanks to objects and materials that show their imperfections and therefore, their exclusivity.

Crafts can convey the feeling and emotion of the handmade, showing its imperfection and exclusivity; Through each part, you can see the story behind it. To add value to the crafts, we try to create a unique space for you to enjoy perfect imperfections.

Typology of smells and essencesLatest Interior Decoration Trends for the Year 2022

When creating a space, it is not enough just to carry out a specific type of decoration, but you must also take care of the type of aroma that will go according to the previously created decoration.

This time we leave you a sample of the olfactory trend for decoration that can come in handy, since they will help your space to reinforce it with comfort.

The use of candles can help us emphasize the comfort of the house, which will help us to be more comfortable.

With them, in addition to giving us warmth, we can also configure the perfect aroma for each moment, they are ideal companions to relax at night or after work.

We recommend that you use woody aromas to create a more personalized and floral atmosphere, thus providing greater freshness.

These Are The Trends In Interior Decor For This 2022Latest Interior Decoration Trends for the Year 2022

Each project is unique, and it does not mean that these points should always be met, but rather that the case should be studied in depth and know which style trend fits best.

Although it is true that many trends in 2021 will be repeated in this new year 2022, the way we have lived our houses  during this pandemic  has left its mark on us and  has given rise to a new form of design, and this year ago it has taught to spend more time at home and to know what is necessary to have a comfortable space that gives us peace, comfort and tranquility until the worst days.

If you want to continue reading about decoration, do not hesitate to continue reading on our interior design blog.

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