10 Types Of Decoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

Even if you do not want to admit it, you’ve grown older. If you already have more than 30, you have experienced that feeling of getting bigger and you may have already been banned from some kind of zumba or similar. And like your years, your apartment has also had or has to undergo changes in decoration if you have not done them yet.

That’s why today in indecortrends, we want to make you understand, that just like you, your house has to change as you are getting older. No student or bachelor floor decoration is finished, everything has its time. At 30, what touches is to reinvent yourself, not only you, but also the decoration of your home. Do not you think?

That’s why today we explain 10 things that you can not have at home if you are over thirty. Take note!

1. Windows without curtainsDecoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

What lack of intimacy is that? The curtains not only dress your house, but help to regulate the light and most importantly, provide privacy. If you have not installed one yet, there is no excuse. There are many types and it is impossible that you do not like any. You have two options, ask that the s confection to your liking, or bet directly for those that are already made and ready to hang. You only have to sew the bass to not drag them, and that’s it!

2. Sad light bulbs instead of lampsDecoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

Having light bulbs in the open is not a receipt. Surely it’s something you’ve been thinking about putting a solution for a long time. But you have been leaving it aside and that can not be. Most of our stores have a wide catalog and samples to choose the most appropriate, in addition to personalized advice. In less than 48 hours you can have covered all those naked bulbs that give the feeling of having a neglected home. If you do not know where to start, see our article on how to decorate with lamps.

3. Shower curtain: it’s time to put a screenDecoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

Do you still have a shower curtain? Surely you have lived many uncomfortable situations. Puddles on the floor of the bathroom, the plastic attached to your body… The time has come to say goodbye forever to the curtain and get a screen. You will gain safety, comfort and practicality. In addition, they are much more hygienic and there is a wide variety of materials to choose from. Glass, aluminum, steel…

4. Clothing stored in any wayDecoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

You may have lived in a mess of clothing and disorganization so far. But the time has come to put an end to it. Your closet can no longer be the space in which all your clothes are piled up. You have to arm yourself with value and organizational material to show off an adult person’s wardrobe. The drawers will help you distribute the different accessories. In one you can keep your underwear, in another pajamas, in shelves jerseys… There are a thousand ways to maintain order. Use small baskets to store scarves and scarves and welcome order.

5. A bare sofa (without a single cushion)Decoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

We need to find a balance. Having the sofa empty is not pretty, but having it so full of cushions that you do not even know where to sit is worse. You have to know how to choose, both the size, colors and shape of the cushions. The ideal is to place a cushion more than the number of seats that have the sofa and choose them proportional to their dimensions.

6. Enough of stacked booksDecoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

Do not you still have a good library? It is not comfortable to have to flank mountains of books in the living room every time you want to go to rest. Maybe until now, those piles have served you as an improvised table, but the time has come for them to have their space. If you do not have much space in your room, you do not have to worry. There are plenty of bookstores in the market and I’m sure that one fits with what you need. A column type library can be more than enough. But if you are looking for inspiration, enter our product gallery, surely you will fall in love with some.

7. A terrace as a storage room. Free it and enjoy it!Decoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

We understand that when you are a student, it is inevitable to use the storage room terrace. But really, it’s an unused space that you can get a lot out of. Choose a day of the week in which you feel full of energy and recover it. First, cleanse and get rid of all that you have taking dust and then clean thoroughly and without mercy. E l next step is to decorate the terrace to your liking. Put some plants, a couple of chairs and a small table and start using it, especially now that the good weather is here. If you still think that you lack space at home, it may be convenient to rent a small storage room.

8. Disorder in the kitchen: organize your gadgetsDecoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

Surely in your first years living alone you had enough with a couple of knives and the regulation cutlery. But as time goes on and you grow, so do your cooking utensils and you will have found the lack of space to put them. Today there are many gadgets and small appliances that no longer fit in the kitchen. They are either them or you. But the best thing is to find a way to organize. Look for drawers or cabinets and use trays or boxes of different sizes in which you can store all this utensils. If you still fall short, you can install accessory bars on the walls.

9. Do not forget the natural touch: adopt a plant… or many!Decoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

Having plants at home is not only a decorative decision, it also implies health. Plants help regulate humidity, purify the air and even enhance concentration. If you are going to start in this world, start with the aromatic plants in the kitchen, they are undemanding and will provide a good smell. Gradually dare to new ones, such as orchids. Take advantage of seasonality to fill some corner with bouquets with seasonal flowers. In addition, now more than ever, they are trend decoration!

10. Plastic cups or different dishes on the tableDecoration That You Can Not Have At Home After 30

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to make a bottle in your house, so the rubbers are no longer worth, nor the plastic cups, nor plates each one of a color. It is not just an aesthetic question, which also, but practical and even ecological. When storing the crockery it will be easier to stack and will occupy less a set of dishes equal to one unpaired. Choose a table game that you like and that you can put in the dishwasher without problem.

And is that the 30 are no longer to walk decorating your home in any way, or to be loading furniture and mounting them yourself. At that age, what you need is a team of experts to help you find the ideal decoration for you and your home, and offer you the best service and guaranteed price. Therefore, discover your nearest online store, and let us help you to live your home

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