Millennial Decoration Trends 2023: Essential Keys To Your Home

There are many types of decoration, and always in our blog, we try to talk about all of them, but today, we want to talk not only about Millennial decoration, but also about their lifestyle, their concerns, and how they adapt them to their home..

Sometimes you may have heard about the Millennial generation, but you do not know very well what it refers to or what its differences are with respect to other generations such as the Baby Boom, or Generation X.

Today we tell you everything you need to know about Millennials, and about Millennial decoration. A whole decorative tendency in height, since the Millennials will inherit the world

Aim all well, because if you are reading this, you may be one of them:

What is the Millennial generation?2019 Millennial Decoration

Millennial generation is called, those born between 1981 and 1995. This very special generation, became adults at the turn of the millennium.

The profile of the Millennial consumer is that of an impatient, egomaniacal and very well prepared young man, although mistreated by the labor market.

It is the first generation that has grown almost with technology. Demanding young people, lovers of low cost trends and design.

All this makes the Millennial decoration, nothing has to do with the decoration of their parents. They attend to other types of needs, as we will see below.

Open space house2019 Millennial Decoration

The Millennial generation has grown up watching American series as “Friends”, where open spaces prevail in general, making the house become a more functional concept than before.

In addition, the Millennial decoration has had to adapt to current economic / social circumstances, and therefore, they know that their floors will never be as large as those of their parents.

This is not a problem for them, because their distribution is different. They do not mind throwing partitions and sharing the kitchen with the living room. Moreover, they are attracted by the idea of being able to do it to turn their house into a multifunctional space.

This generation is used to working and living in a group, in a team, and they like that their house allows them to do it.

The ideal of Millennial decoration for a house is a space without limits, without cabinets, without doors and full of light.

Millennial decorative style2019 Millennial Decoration

The Millennial decoration, drink very specific as Scandinavian decor, some vintage minimalist and decorative fountains.

One of the fundamental premises when facing a Millennial decoration, is that: How many things you have at home, the better.

The Millennial generation seeks to have a clear house, with very select furniture, and without feeling overwhelmed.

Another characteristic feature of Millennial decoration is its disdain for paintings. They do not like to decorate the walls of their houses with pictures. They prefer alternatives such as vinyl, printed sheets, photo murals made by themselves from their trips or from friends… Anything, before a traditional painting.

Another fundamental characteristic of the Millennial decoration is the decoration of its spaces, with its means of transport: The bicycle.

The sustainable means of transport par excellence for the Millennial is the bicycle. This can be parked in the hallway, in the office or in the dining room, and can even serve as a decorative object, for example, on the sofa as if it were a work of art. It is fundamental within the Millennial decoration, to look for a space for the bicycle.

Last, but not least, for Millennial decoration is decorating your home, with memories of the past. With those things that make you remember when you were a child. This generation does not forget its origins, and likes to have them present.

Work zone2019 Millennial Decoration

This point, within the Millennial decoration, is essential for a home. Many of the Millennial generation have seen as with the arrival of the crisis, those expectations created from the school where they told you: Study, get a career, and you will find work… They have not been fulfilled. In contrast, they have had to establish themselves as self-employed, and often, working from home.

Others, not seeing their work expectations fulfilled, have continued to study or have resumed their studies in search of more opportunities.

In any case, the study area becomes an office that must be open and accessible almost 24 hours a day.

A working area, organized and creative, where the timeless and discreet beauty of the Scandinavian style is usually the preferred bet of the Millennial decoration.

Ojo !!, in any Millennial decoration that boasts a working area, you can not miss the winks to superheroes, comic characters or articles that remind them of their childhood.

Another fundamental thing to keep in mind is that the Millenial generation was born and raised in the Internet era, so their homes must be perfectly connected and adapted to new technologies.

The more sustainable the better2019 Millennial Decoration

The Millennial decoration, first of all, must be sustainable. Wood, natural materials such as cotton, linen or plants are fundamental for this generation.

Therefore, within a Millennial home, it is not uncommon to find urban gardens and plants that refresh and brighten the decoration.

Eco-friendly decoration, without knowing it thoroughly or worrying about this trend, for them is fundamental and comes out innate.

Functional furniture2019 Millennial Decoration

If the Millennial generation has anything, it is their pleasure to meet with friends, and to house “their people” at home, whatever they may be. Therefore, the Millennial decoration, you have to foresee this. So, in a Millennial house, you can never miss the sofa / bed for visitors.

When you have studied abroad and have traveled a lot around the world, you know that even if you can not have a guest room, you need a sofa or a sofa bed to receive and offer accommodation to friends who are passing through your city and who come from any part of the planet.

And if you want to continue to know trends and the latest developments in the furniture and decoration market… just follow us. We will wait for you!!


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