7 Key Interior Design Trends in 2022

Key Interior Design Trends in 2022 We will tell you what factors influenced the development of interior design trends in 2022, and what you should pay attention to: colors, shapes and layouts of current projects.

There are two groups of interior design trends in 2022. The first one is long-playing, they are with us not the first season. And they are unlikely to lose their relevance in the next few years. The second group is microtrends. They arose under the influence of 2021, or rather, a pandemic. Whatever one may say, such a global event could not pass unnoticed for all spheres of life, including the interior.

7 trends in interior design 2022

1. Basic colors in the interior as a trend in 2022Key Interior Design Trends in 2022

There are two factors in choosing a color. The main trend until 2021 was “naturalness,” and the pandemic only exacerbated it. We began to spend much more time at home, and the bright details in the environment began to annoy many.

From home today everyone expects calm and relaxation, multiplied by comfort. Therefore, many people liked the neutral palette of natural shades. This, first of all, includes the basic colors: these are achromats in the form of black, white and shades of gray, as well as muted tones. The latter can supplement and diversify the base.

Beige is the most relevant color as a base, both in cold and warm shades. Paint brand Dulux has named Brave Ground the Color of the Year 2022.

There are also micro-trends in colors. Classic blue was the 2021 favorite. It can be assumed that it will remain in the trendy color palette for the 2022 interior. But not only the classic shade is relevant, but the whole palette of blue. For example, the equally well-known paint brand Benjamin Moore in 2022 prefers the shade Aegean Teal – a dusty mixture of blue and green with gray notes.

2. Rounded shapesKey Interior Design Trends in 2022

Softness and feminine forms are at their peak today: this applies to architectural solutions, and the choice of furniture, and decor. This is not a new trend, but it was formed not so long ago. Today, strict lines and layouts are softened by furniture without corners.

Pay attention to tables, lamps, poufs and sofas – almost all designer furniture loses right angles, they are rounded. Even the chairs and stools have a softened body, rather than a rigid, straight structure.

In the mass market, you can also find a reflection of the trend: chairs and coffee tables, vases and candlesticks.

In architectural terms, arched forms are relevant. We are not talking about doorways as such, but about niches,  large wall mirrors – large elements.

3. MinimalismKey Interior Design Trends in 2022

Minimalist is recognized as the fashionable interior of 2022. This is another global direction, reinforced by the 2021 situation. During the pandemic, many tried to get rid of old non-functional things. And this affected not only the wardrobe, but also at home.

We are not talking about complete minimalism, as in the pictures of magazines – these are rather experimental projects. But about minimal decoration and furniture use. The presence of air and free space is the main requirement for an apartment.

Form is a key element in minimalism. This is the style that requires modern, relevant solutions. It is desirable that at least one thing in the interior be created by a designer. If the budget does not allow, you can limit yourself to analogues. But it is important that they have an interesting shape. Otherwise, the design will look unfinished and too simple.

Another point: minimalism is directly related to color. A soft palette in beige and gray is very relevant today in such rooms.

The principle of reasonable consumption reinforces the trend. This is mindful shopping : the desire to avoid waste and impulse purchases. It is not necessary to decorate all the walls, it is enough to mark one wall with an accent: with paint or with the help of paintings and other accessories. Less is More is more relevant than ever.

4. Inspiration from natureKey Interior Design Trends in 2022

One of the main trends in the interior of 2021-2022. And in the future he will definitely not give up positions. Insulation in your home has proven how important it is to surround yourself with natural materials and textures. This applies to everything: decoration, furniture, and decor.

The most popular textures are stone: onyx, marble, granite and wood. The last one is in light colors. The materials are used in decoration and furniture. They are especially good as accents. It can be wood paneling on the wall or floor with a natural stone effect.

Light wood furniture is also at its peak. She “insulates” the design and adds coziness. Coffee tables with a stone top, a solid stone kitchen island or an apron will be the accents in the kitchen area.

Textiles will complement the overall picture: linen and cotton, as well as ceramics. Note the muted, unpolished vases.

5. Combined spaces with privacyKey Interior Design Trends in 2022

This trend has combined as many as two. The first is the alignment of space. A separate kitchen and living room are not popular today. Many designers are trying to combine rooms, turning the hall into a kitchen-living-dining room on the principle of a loft.

Pandemic and isolation have proven that in this case, attention should be paid to functionality and ergonomics. The closure of restaurants and cafes forced people to cook on their own. And this is a request for a well-organized kitchen: at least a well-thought-out work area, a comfortable table for the whole family. Saving space in favor of a small headset is now unlikely to be in demand.

At the same time, another point cannot be ignored. During the pandemic, the apartment became more than just a house. It has become a gym, work space, recreation and hobby area. That is, the functionality of the premises has expanded, and the main load in almost all cases fell on the living room.

There is a tendency here – even in the combined rooms, privacy should be preserved. Especially if the family has more than two people, and not everyone has a job. In this case, partitions are a cool way to implement the idea of creating private areas. They allow you to transform the room at any time. These can be both analogs of glass and metal doors, and simpler elements in the form of thick curtains or even separate structures.

6. Equipped workplaceKey Interior Design Trends in 2022

A point that follows from the previous one. The pandemic has shown that working at the kitchen table or on the sofa is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous to health. At a time when the majority of employees switched to remote work, the question of equipping a comfortable home office becomes acute.

If no renovation is planned soon, try to start by rearranging the furniture. Surely somewhere there is a corner for a small desk and chair. You can even find small models of tables up to 100 cm wide.

It is important that the place is well lit. This is not necessarily natural light from a window, artificial lighting is also possible.

The space of the windowsill can be considered as potential places: in the bedroom or in the living room – it depends on the layout, free corners or niches.

You can equip a small table by the kitchen island. But here it is important to correctly determine the height of the desk.

Options on the balcony look very cool. The plus is that it is easy to retire here, the space is already private. True, if the balcony is not insulated and not glazed, repairs will require investments.

If there is no room at all, a folding table is a good solution. It is, of course, not as functional as its full-fledged counterpart, you should not experiment with weight and load. But it will be a good temporary measure.

7. Home gardenKey Interior Design Trends in 2022

The latest interior design trend in 2022 is home gardening. This is a global trend combined with a micro trend that emerged under quarantine conditions. The first was due to the development of the theme of eco and closeness to nature. The second is much simpler: most are much more comfortable in a space with indoor plants. This was acutely felt during the period of isolation, when we all began to sharply miss walks, greenery and fresh air. Caring for potted plants has ceased to be a hobby for certain circles, but has become a mass activity, and even acquired several names: plant parenting and urban jungle (urban jungle).

The implementation of this trend is not easy. First, the plants really need attention. But this is easy to cope with simply by picking up non-capricious specimens such as sansevieria, monstera or ficus elastica.

Second point: the abundance of plants is not always beautiful. When there are too many of them, the atmosphere loses its coziness. The room becomes like a greenhouse. And if at the same time the greens are not grouped, and the pots are not matched to the style of the room, then the “greenhouse” also looks unkempt.

Begin your landscaping by identifying flower spots in the room. Let it be two or three copies, placed at different points, and not focused on the windowsill. For this, it is also important to analyze the place itself: lighting in winter and summer, humidity and traffic. And already based on these parameters, select a flower “friend”.

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