7 Microtrends In The Interior Of 2024

Microtrends In The Interior Of 2024 There are global trends that demonstrate changes in ecology, technology, culture and society. These include, for example, responsible consumption – a trend that is trying to cover all areas of human activity. There are trends of a lower rank, they can be conditionally called macrotrends, not so comprehensive, but influential. Macrotrends include the love of paint brands for natural shades or the wave of fashion for the 70s that swept interior design. Macrotrends live long, evolve and adapt. And there are very small trends, which are usually called microtrends. It is difficult to predict the timing of their life, but it is also difficult not to notice them. We have compiled a fashion guide for the most remarkable microtrends 2024.

Colored glassMicrotrends In The Interior Of 2024

Dishes, vases, sculptures, lamp shades, coffee table bases, room dividers – all this in 2024 can be made of colored glass. Since the trend is mainly about decor, it is very easy to integrate it into the interior.

Understanding trends is only half the battle, you also need to know where to find them. We have compiled a mini-guide to the hot interior hits of 2020, which can be found in the Lanskoy mall stores.

The name of the new style comes from the French word “rocaille”, which can literally be translated as “pebble” or “stone fragment”. Initially, this was the name given to bizarre stucco decorations using pebbles and shells that could be seen on the walls of “grottoes” – pavilions of French palace parks. The interiors of the cool pavilions were stylized as caves, where ladies and gentlemen hid from the heat on summer evenings. Later, rocaille began to be called a stucco ornament resembling the shape of a curl of a sea shell. This element has become the main hallmark of Rococo.

Not only color novelties from the collections of fashion brands, but also vintage relics look relevant. So feel free to put your grandmother’s glasses of colored glass on the table.

It is difficult to say how long the trend will live, for example, the fashion for colored mirrors was fleeting, and did not take root at all in Russian interiors.

Architectural motifsMicrotrends In The Interior Of 2024

The boundaries between art, fashion, architecture and interior design have always been blurred. The trend for architectural motifs that has taken off this year is additional confirmation of this.

Arches, stucco, columns, statues, caryatids and facades of city buildings appear on carpets, textiles and wallpaper. Both hyperrealistic and conditional images are relevant.

Kitchen in bright colorsMicrotrends In The Interior Of 2024

Among the kitchen macrotrends, the most noticeable was the tendency to turn the kitchen into a continuation of the living room, “taking away” traditional kitchen elements from it: panels, handles, aprons and showcases.

The mimicry of the kitchen with the living area is still relevant. But the headset does not necessarily strive for invisibility, merging with the walls. In the wake of the popularity of color blocking, designers are experimenting with kitchen modules in rich, complex shades.

An important point: a bright kitchen is fashionable, but only if it is not glossy.

Mixing metalsMicrotrends In The Interior Of 2024

Previously, we tried to ensure that fittings, lamps, faucets and other metal elements were presented in one shade. If brass, then only brass. If bronze, then the bronze age in the whole apartment. The designers decided to go the other way and assume that mixing different metals in one space is not only possible, but also fashionable. Agree, such microtrends make life easier.

Vertical tilingMicrotrends In The Interior Of 2024

So you can lay a fashionable narrow tile or a traditional “boar”. Designers claim that this technique allows you to visually raise the ceiling and stretch the walls. Or maybe they just got a little bored with the classic horizontal styling.

Wallpaper in the bathroomMicrotrends In The Interior Of 2024

Bathrooms, like kitchens, are less and less like technical rooms and more like living rooms. In modern design projects in bathrooms, you can find chandeliers, dining chairs, chests of drawers, carpets, indoor plants, paintings and wallpaper . Least of all, the Russian customer is trusted by the latter. You want to make repairs once and for all, and wallpaper in a wet area definitely does not seem like a durable choice.

In fact, if the wall does not directly interact with water, you can safely glue waterproof wallpaper, which can survive a collision with small splashes and condensation.

If you’re not mentally prepared for classic wallpaper in the bathroom, try extra-washable fiberglass wallpaper. They can definitely be trusted.

Low sofasMicrotrends In The Interior Of 2024

At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned nostalgia for the 70s of the last century, which for a long time cannot let go of modern designers. This trend has spawned many microtrends. One of the most interesting is low modular sofas.


The trend is eclecticism, individualization of space and bold experiments. It’s all about Memphis style. We will find out where it came from, how it looks and what it is “eaten” with in modern interiors.

Some microtrends live for several seasons, others make their way to the hearts of consumers and stay with us for a long time (remember the palm leaves on the wallpaper), and some even become the starting point for macrotrends. Who is who – time will tell. But durability is not the main thing in fashion. The main thing is that trends cheer you up.

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